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Willow Caine Once upon a time there was a woman named Willow Caine...well fuck, this isn't a fairy tail, it's probably one of those cheesy romance novel stories. Yeah, the younger twin of Abigale Caine is reading a romance novel. Oh how Gale would love that..

Because of the big gathering in Shantytown, the Saloon is on a downswing for the evening. A few of the die hards sit on stools, nursing their beer, eyeing the hookers. Leering at the blonde behind the bar. Something sizzles from the kitchen and a brief flame flares bright before it dies down again. Nope, that doesn't even budge Willow from her book. Must be a good one.
Sammy     Time was, there was a series of trash romance novels where you'd see the hunky guy with his shirt in some stage of being undone, with long flowing hair draped across the cover. There's a definite hint of that, and Sammy's working on the hair part, it's gettting longer, not wrapped up and tucke as helmet padding, it's held out of his face by his bandanna but it spills around his shoulders just slightly. He slips from his room, with Lilly in tow, conspiratorially whispering, "I don't know but I got a whiff of it and it smelled like pie. So there might be some left if we're really lucky." and he's slinking to the railing and investigating the bar, and making his way down, grin about a mile wide.
    For the whole Fabio look though, his fatigues are okay, the buttons are one-off from being fastened properly, and his boot laces are undone, but that doesn't make him any less super-sneaky.
Konno     Sleepily sauntering his way down the stairs is a Konno. Figures he's waking up from a nap a few hours past sundown and making his way into the Saloon with a little bit less of his usual charisma. Perching on the bar and settling in at his usual spot with a quiet yawn stifled.
Kellyn It's hard to tell if he won or lost, but Kellyn was definitely rolling dice back in the Silver Dollar. He has a grin on his lips as he makes his way to the bar, lazily nodding at those he passes. Sammy, Konno, the Caines, all get a chin wag before he takes a stool. "Howdy, folks. Something smells good in here."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sorta follows, sorta streams behind Sammy as she's lead down. Not graceful by any imagination, but more a streamer after the force of nature that is Sammy.
Willow Caine Willow glances back towards the kitchen and drags her eyes away from her book to fix on Kellyn. "Some sort of brahmin jumbalaya." She says, quirking a brow. "You want some? I can get a girl out here with a plate for you." She says, her eyes drifting back down towards her book.
Sammy     Has done the sneaky-sneaky parts, a little bit, and manages to wrap around the shadows just a little, but with the comedy of the situation there's no way the two aren't gonna get noticed as such. His huge grin might just give him away as-is, there's just too much light near the entrance of the kitchen, more for the safety of the kitchen crew than the potential security blanket for potential pie-rustlers.
    Strategy Sammy! Rethink it! He does, and saunters up a little bit into the light with Lilly in tow, "I could have sworn I smelled something like pie earlier." he states more aloud, "Would there by any chance, be enough left, we wrenched up a wee bit of an appetite." he shepishly grins, a red-rag from his pocket is pulled, and indeed, layers of grease and grit are wiped off his hands before he proffers the rag to Lilly to clean up a little.
Kellyn "Wouldnae pass it up, darlin," Kellyn responds back to Willow, and as ever his Irish accent mixes oddly with his Western drawl. "Tables were being fickle in the back. Same with cards." He raises eyebrows at the book, canting his head to the side a bit. "You read a lot?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya enters quietly, leaning on her staff for a moment and taking stock of the room before venturing further in.
Konno     Konno shifts a little, leaning in to peer at what Willow was reading if he can while listening quietly while all else continues on, life as usual. But he does take note of the mentions of pie.
Willow Caine Willow gazes up from her book and nods at Kellyn. "Yeah, books are a nice temporary escape." She snaps a finger and a young looking woman looks out from the kitchen. Soon after she comes out with a bowl of jumbalaya and sets it before Kellyn. She glances over at Sammy and Lilly and she closes her book, setting it down under the bar. "Yeah, you two can have some some pie, have a seat, and I'll ask someone to bring it out." She gets to her feet, makes her way down the bar to Shreya and smiles. "What can I get you darlin'?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine drags sammy over to a particular stool marked 'out of order'. Lilly tosses the sign off it, settles down on it and sets Sammy beside her. "and two nuka's", she pipes up.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes her seat slowly. "A more reliable mercenary. If your fresh out of those....I'll take something to eat. What do you have?" She smiles as she looks up at Willow but there is some skepticism in her eyes now. "Water would be nice also."
Sammy     With a broad grin, Sammy sees Lilly lay claim to her favorite stool, and he sidles up beside her, doing that thing with hooking one leg over, one leg under the lower brass rail of the bar, so he can lean a little bit to Lilly, more conspiratorial whispering, this time with hand gestures, brief descriptors of mechanisms, and gears. Clutches. Gear ratios. Synchronizers, and all that fun stuff. He eagerly awaits the forthcoming of the pie, peering down at the mention of Mercinaries.
Willow Caine Willow busies herself behind the bar but she lets the kitchen know what has been requested. She sets two Nuka Cola's in front of Lilly and Sammy and follows up soon after with pie. She grabs up a second plate of brahmin jumbalya and sets it before Shreya along with some water. "The cook is trying some new stuff, see if this whets your appetite." She grabs a bottle from beneath the bar, pours herself a few fingers in a tumbler, and then retakes her seat.
Kellyn "What sort of work you needin' a reliable mercenary for?" Kellyn focuses on Shreya, procuring a glass of whiskey off a passing server and taking the drink down.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles and rests her arms on the table, waiting of her meal to come and spending this time looking at the other people in the saloon, when Kellyn speaks up. "Well. I want to clear out a place in a nearby town and I need someone who is familiar with fighting the forsaken of Atom...the ferals as they are commonly referred too. I have an NCR Ranger who has agreed to the task but she is busy with some investigation, meanwhile I come to prepare the way for those who come after and right now, I have nothing to offer them when they arrive."
Willow Caine Willow glances up as the girl brings out Shreya's jumbalaya and she keeps her eyes on the woman, waiting to see her reaction to the dish. She takes a slow sip of her whiskey as she waits and leans back, enjoying the semi-silence that a slow night at a bar can bring. The quiet conversation was like a low hum in the background.
Sammy     With a Nuka in front of him, and a Lilly by his side, Sammy's in good spirits, the flick of a wrist, and the bottlecap flips off, and he raises the bottle, toasting Lilly's with a clink of the glass, tiliting his head to Shreya when he hears the word 'Ranger' that'd be what he does, when he's on duty. But a bit much of the heavy handedness, and he's earned a night or two of downtime. He takes a sip and leans back, looking towards the curiosity that is the jaumbalaya. Never ask what's in the stew. That's a recipe for nightmare fuel above and beyond what he's found in Dunwich. Just eat it and pray for positive results. No seriously. Getting enough to eat and enough sleep is pretty well a formula for happiness. He takes his pip-boy from his pocket, and sets ito nthe table, pouring over the schematics with Lilly.
Kellyn That's piqued his interest. Kellyn reaches over to pat one of the pistols at his side, his other hand moving up to give Shreya a tip of his hat. "Well, shit, then. I'm Kellyn Darkwater, and it's a damned fine coincidence that I just happen to be an expert at shootin' ghouls. Thieves, too, and sometimes a Legionnaire or three." He grins quickly and shrugs his shoulders, picking up his glass again. He swirls the liquor, eyes on the Zealot.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow seeming impressed by this bit of bravado. "Well good because I may need all three. We seem to have one of those legion types here and...he seems...unstable." Yes the Children of Atom just labeled someone /else/ as unstable. That just happened. I have a plan and I have this." She pats the sniper rifle slung over her shoulder. "I am not much in a fight but my parents taught me to shoot before....well anyway I can shoot a rifle so...if you can lure them out, I can do some overwatch yes? I will pay. I dont expect you to do it for the sheer joy."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Sammy, sipping her own Nuka. She looks attentively, making comments here and there, pausing to belch noisily and proudly. One of the main reasons you get a nuka is for the burps. She pulls out her own pip-boy and makes a few notes, pulling up schematics of her own, though some of hers look more like parts from an aircraft.
Willow Caine Willow picks up her book again and starts to read, keeping an eye on things going on in the bar. Pie is brought out to Sammy and Lilly and several more people walk in and take a seat at the bar. The bots are taking care of the minor orders while the blonde continues to read.
Sammy     Sammy nods, "I figure, there's sixty percent of the pieces good so far, to get it started anyway." he considers, "The question is, if we put it this way, it's a motorcycle with a sidecar. I don't think what I found is a trike, though there's 3 wheels. See how the drive shaft goes all the way across the back?"
Kellyn Interest still on Shreya for now, the former Ranger finishes off his whiskey and then flashes a quick, lopsided grin. "Sounds like a deal, then. All we have left to do is agree upon a price. Barring anything crazy, y'can count me in."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods. 'too bad cant tie it directly with a rod to the back. like the drive shaft to the engine here..", poitning to vtol inductor schematics, "then is all power, all day.. and no chains to break or linkage suckin' power cuz it cant handle the toque."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods as she chews her jambalaya. Swallowing before making a reply. "Well I have done some recon and each place has got between ten and twenty forsaken touched by the glow. What would your price be? Way I see it; the forsaken dont have much in the way of smarts. We could get a ladder. You draw them out. I provide covering fire while you run to the ladder and pull it up. Their hunger should keep them in the open while we send them on to division."
Sammy     Sammy grins, "I think so, but well, this fairing doesn't ... " he takes a piece of the diagram, and turns it upside down, and the whole picture starts to make a lot more sense, coming together, definitely a motorcycle in shape and function.
    As the pie is brought out he grins, and gives Willow a sheepish grin and a fistfull of caps, and practically inhales the pie, setting a short stack of caps on the bar, and as he waits for Lilly to do the same, he finishes the last of his Nuka Cola, because, yes, another night of making progress on that project, indeed. "G'night Willow." he leans back over his shoulder, gives a wave to Zealot Shreya and Kellyn, "Best of luck to you with sweep & clear."
Kellyn "Unknown muties runnin' around slinging rads all over." Kellyn purses his lips, thinking a moment. "Bullets alone is gonna cost me a bit, if there's that many. Tell you what, float me a hundred caps per house we're clearing out and cover my ammo, and I'll put bullets in as many fuckers as you can point at, and draw 'em all out as well."
Willow Caine Willow lets the novel take her attention again, letting the bots do their work. Every so often she glances up to keep an eye on theh patrons at the bar. She listens to Kellyn as he offers help and then briefly glances at the Zealot to see her response.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grins. "Wonderful. We will start with two...mainly because thats what I can afford. We will see how tired we are after one." There is a disturbing gleam in her eyes as it seems she has found one who may just live up to his own arrogance. "How fortunate that Atom sends you here tonight."
Kellyn A few chips land on the bar, and Kellyn Darkwater reaches out for his glass after the bartender's refilled it. He lifts the glass over at the zealot, teeth flashing. "To Atom, then, and a horde of dead glowers." He takes the shot, puts the glass down, and then stands up to his feet. "You've got yourself a deal. Just work out the time, and I'm there. Outta curiousity -- and you don't have to tell me, it ain't that big of a deal -- what're we clearing out houses for?"
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet and closes her book, tucking it in her purse. "I hope your venture is blessed." She says, walking towards the casino with a sway in her step. "Evening folks, don't make a mess while I'm busy."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Well I thought I had made it clear. I come to clear the way for the Children. We are seeking a place to call ours. A place where we can live in peace without the fear and mistrust. Thats where you come in. Get me a house or two, from there the Children can set up a base of operations, and eventually, the entirety of the village for my people. So it isnt just greed, but destiny and the will of Atom. You shall be blessed by his glow pilgrim."
Kellyn "Welllll..." Kellyn trails off, before standing up to his feet. "Good to be making a difference for some folk, ain't it? And damned fine meeting you, as well."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles. "Then I shall see you tomorrow at dawn. Atom Keep you."