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Iris Lark "If you keep running off, I'm going to have a belled collar soldered to your neck." Iris remarks, walking out of the back room with Vuk in tow. She kindly leads him over to an exam table and prods him gently in the ribs. "Now get settled in and let me look at your bandages." She moves away from the table and gathers a few things from the supply shelves, bandages, herbs and her mortar and pestle.
Vuk Vuk didn't try to run off this time, honestly he didn't! "I didn't! I was just outside and you accuse me of running off Doc." Though he hardly seems upset by it, if any thing, it seems this is just -normal- for how he expects her to talk. "When I can see again, you'll still tell me I can't go any where..afraid your beau might get shot."
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, comes wandering in the front door, something or another in his hands as he'd look it over quite distracted. That odd click of metal and boot marking his steps across the room. He'd pause just before going into his room as he realizes Iris and Vuk are out there. Pocketing whatever it was for now, he'd walk over towards them. "Ah.. hi Doc, Vuk.. Want help?"
Iris Lark "Call me Iris, please." Iris says absently as she sets up things on a table. She smiles at Qwillis when he walks in and she shrugs. "You're welcome to hold him down if he squirms." She focuses her gaze back on Vuk and smirks. "If you're not where I left you, then you ran off." She shakes her head and rolls her eyes towards Qwillis. "You'd think he didn't want to be healthy."
Vuk Vuk scowls a bit when Iris makes up a new definition of running off. "You know, she just likes it when I'm blind. Because she can claim I'm helpless. Even though I killed a giant bug and some one made stew out of it. I think. Well, some one put it some where." he explains and reaches out to gently touch Iris' hand..assuming he can find it. Or is he misbehaving and trying to squeeze her bottom?
Iris Lark "I do *not* like it when you're helpless." Iris mutters as she puts herbs, a dash of water and iodine into the mortar. "In fact, I'd be quite happy if you were doing better because I'm damned worried about your eyes." She unwraps the bandages and leans in, squinting at them. "Do you see anything? Lights, shapes..anyt..Vuk, I swear by whatever God you hold dear if you grab my ass again I'm going to sew your hands together."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head with a slight chuckle and would reach out with flesh and metal hand to hold Vuk still as he'd reach for the wrong point. "Better you just sit still.." He'd smile to Iris with a small nod. "Iris.. uhm.. well, I can keep researching that eye information you gave me. Try to create something for him too, I guess? It'll take some work.."
Vuk Vuk still doesn't seem -to -detered from trying to cop a feel on Iris, but Qwilis is there to get in the way of this plan! "But Iris, you love me, don't you? I wouldn't -really- do that.." he says, in a light hearted voice. "Eh? My eyes will be fine. Every one must trust me on this. The nerves will regenerate in time. I simply over loaded some things." He insists, he seems like he believes it. "It doesn't help the leg I almost lost when she left me to die in a store."
Iris Lark "I didn't leave you to *die*." Iris snarls, and takes her anger out by nearly obliterating the herbs in the mortar. Seems that one person, at least, can chip at the veneer of serenity that Iris usually covers herself in. "You went out on your own, with a SHOTGUN for a cane, trying to find your way home - blind." She shakes her head and blinks, glancing at Qwillis as a blush makes its way to her cheeks. "I mean, if you think it will help." Her shoulders slump a bit, and Qwillis might be able to see just how distraught she actually is.
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes Vuk at his talking and how it gets to Iris. He'd sigh softly and continue to hold Vuk still as Iris studies him. "Trust me. I've been in the position of losing a leg. I doubt that Iris would ever willingly put anyone she cares about in danger, Vuk. I don't know if it will help or not.. but I'll continue studying. If his eyes don't recooperate within a month or so, at least shapes and light and dark, then we'll have to look at replacement."
Vuk Vuk seems mostly amused, be's as always, driving Iris nuts. "Well, it was a good cane. I shot a giant bug with it. It must be a good cane. You didn't leave me with my preferred minigun and all." He points out. "Tell her to leave me with the minigun next time, so I have that as a cane, yes?"
Iris Lark "The minigun wouldn't make a good cane." Iris says, her eyes on Vuk and a frown on her face. "Vuk, please..I'm being serious now, can you really not see anything. Nothing has changed?" She sounds worried, but as she speaks her hands are getting the new bandages together. The poultice is applied and she pauses before wrapping his e yes again to hear his answer.
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, then shakes his head. "No.. I think Iris probably wants to keep the potential of mass murder down, Vuk. Sorry.. A shotgun is bad enough." He'd watch Iris as she'd continue to examine Vuk, all while Qwillis makes sure he doesn't go grabbing the wrong things with Iris.
Vuk Vuk has plenty of guns hidden places, but he won't let them know it. "There is a difference in light levels, but as I said. I temporarily overloaded my optic nerves. You worry to much Iris." he says and listens to Qwillis. "It's alright. I'm pretty sure every one got out of the way when I was shooting at the giant bugs."
Iris Lark "Well you're not going out again until this is a lot better." Iris mutters, shaking her head slowly. She rewraps the bandages and then gathers up her tools and takes them to wash and put them away. "So get used to the clinic because if I can't escort you where you want to go, you're staying in it." She lightly stands on a shelf or two, putting things in their place.
Qwillis     Qwillis studies Vuk, letting go finally as Iris finishes up with her bandaging. He'd step back thoughtfully, looking to Iris. "Iris? Would you trust me to be able to escort him as necessary too?"
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive gesture when people seem to think he needs an escort. "I do just find as a blind man. I just need to be more careful when trying to disarm land mines is all." He says and tries to capture Iris around the waist. Some one sure is fond of her "At least make Alice's dog come visit then. Bacon isn't going to play fetch unless I have food." Should he even be trying to play fetch when blind, in a clinic?
Iris Lark "I don't *want* you going out alone, it's dangerous and damn it, you're going to listen to me." Iris says as she's snagged and pulled towards the table. "Speaking of Alice, we need to go see her, soon. She's been gone for the last few days and that's not like her." She glances towards the backroom and as if summoned, Bacon trots through the curtain looking very smug about something. "Is that why he hasn't been eating the food I give him?" She swears quietly.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances between Vuk and Iris, frowning slightly but he simply shakes his head and looks away. He'd smile to Bacon as the piglet comes out, then goes to organize some of the tools for when Iris will need them again. Undoubtably someone will show up so they need it again.
Vuk Vuk looks -innocent- about this one. "Only like, stuff that I wasn't gonna eat, and it ensures I'm entertained, with out trying to climb out a window. Or spending all day sitting in your bed, waiting for you to come back and let me out of my chains." He says and tries to draw Iris right into his lap. "It's what she does you know. She only unchains me to make people think she's not experimenting on her patients."
Iris Lark Iris stares out into space and gently, sort of, slaps at Vuk's hands. "You need to behave, I have work to do." She says, pulling away with a soft laugh. "Especially if you want to eat at any point in the near future." She kneels briefly and scoops Bacon into her arms. "If you go over to the dark side, Bacon, I'm gonna give you to the Caboose." She mock threatens, moving to take inventory on a few things. "I'm going to need to wash bandages, looks like."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at Vuk curiously. "You say that like it's a bad thing. Can't expand science without subjects. And since you're not exactly safe.. to yourself or anyone else with how you talk.. That sounds like a community service to keep you here." He'd shrug slightly, glancing to Iris with a small smile, then looks at his right hand. "I need to figure out how to water proof this.."
Vuk Vuk -scowls- when people don't agree with him, and he seems quite upset that Iris is leaving him so quickly. "You know, I can always tell Bacon if he leads me to the market, I'll just buy him food too if you try to starve me into behaving. Sides, if all else, I'll just eat the other patients or some thing horrible!"
Iris Lark Iris snickers quietly and leans in to give Bacon a kiss on his head. "Bacon is smart, he stays in the clinic." She says, walking briefly in the back to check on lunch. When she comes back out she pats Vuk gently on the shoulder as she passes his bed. "I have a few places to go today, you're welcome to come with me if you're getting cabin fever."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Vuk, then to Iris. "I need to go find someone with the Militia I think.. I also have someone I want to visit." He'd smile with a small shrug. "I'll stay with you, if you want help dealing with him?" He'd motion to Vuk with a slight chuckle.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Qwillis and shakes her head. "Oh I can handle Vuk, no worries. Let me know though if you need some help with your MIlitia thing." She says, gathering a bundle of bandages. "I'm going to wash some stuff and clean around here."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris with a small nod. "I'm actually just donating to the cause. The cause of them keeping me safe." He'd chuckle slightly. "I'll be back around. I'll see you later Iris."