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Owner Pose
Qwillis     Qwillis would head over for that HQ of the militia, looking around for someone who might be working within. That odd cadance of step, one metallic, the other a boot, would herald his heading there. He'd keep his coat close about him, the legendary club poking out the back. But it's a baton in his hands that he's actually carrying for them it seems.
Manuelito Manuelito was just leaving the headquarters, heading out into the courtyard and towards the gate in a slow, steady pace. His one good eye taking in everyone around him as he went.
Qwillis     Qwillis spots Manny on his way out and waves with that flesh hand. "Commander? I.. uh.. I was hoping to catch someone. I know the Militia probably has it's own armory and everything, but I thought this would be helpful.." He'd walk over towards Manuelito if he stops, offering that club. "Consider it a donation to aid in the service rendered?"
Manuelito Taking the club, Manuelito looks it over slowly before casting a glance to Qwillis "services rendered?" He inquires calmly. "May need to clarify on that." He adds with a small smile.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods, glad to give the club. "Simple. I know the Militia helps to keep the place safe. While I was gone a year, El Dorado still stands and I know in part that's due to the Militia. I'm hardly a fighter, Sir. But I respect those that are. When I was travelling, the NCR and the Militia I came across both rendered aid. Since I don't need it. I figured this can help someone be better equipped to deal with whatever."
Manuelito "I will see if anyone could use. Though.." He hmm slightly, looking over the club before glancing back to Qwillis "You sure you don't need it?"
Qwillis     Qwillis grins and pulls the club off his back to show Manuelito. "I have this, Sir. I also managed to find a hunting revolver.. although I'm not sure I'm strong enough for the kick.. Plus I have a needler being worked on by a gunsmith. So all in all, I'm fine. That's why I'm happy to offer it for the Militia."
Manuelito The Navajo bows his head slightly in thanks. "Thank-you Qwillis. I will see to it that it finds a good home."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiels to Manuelito and steps back. "I won't keep you from your business any longer then. If you do need my services.. just let me know, or let Iris know, she knows how to get ahold of me." With that, he'd nod and then turn to leave.
Manuelito Manuelito nods once more, stepping back and heads back to the headquarters for a moment to drop off the gift.