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Iris Lark Iris sits near the cooler in the back, her knees bent and a tiny piglet in her arms. The backdoor is wide open and while it is hot outside, it's not humid. The sunlight bathes everything near the door in light, including the Healer and her pet.
Qwillis     That steady cadance of click and boot step would reveal Qwillis' approach. It'd be hard pressed for anyone to replicate it as he'd head inside for that store. Slowing as he'd look about, there's a small smile given to Iris with a nod. "Iris.. Bacon. I was actually just coming to see what else might be available here."
Iris Lark "Just the usual, if you're thirsty though, feel free to grab a drink out of the cooler." Iris replies, holding Bacon so he doesn't go skittering off towards Qwillis. "How was the walk here? It's hot outside, isn't it?"
Lucky Stepping inside the establishment known as Acme General Store, which so happens to be owned and operated by fellow teammates of VT6, is Lucky. He carries with himself a fancy little spear, about as tall as himself, who is only 5 feet 5 inches tall.

"Hey Iris!" He calls out as the door opens and swing shut behind him "I was hoping to sell thi-"


A current of electricity jolts through the Rangers body as his left hand slips, activating the electrical current that his right hand is touch. "Eezzzzzowza!" he shrieks, fling himself back against the wall, the spear dropping to the ground.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris and nods his thanks, going to get a drink. He'd pause as Lucky comes in, looking to the teen curiously, then raising both brows as he'd set off the spear. The drink left behind for the moment, he'd walk over to check on Lucky. "Hey.. are.. are you ok?"
Iris Lark Iris pushes to her feet and sets Bacon down. The piglet goes skittering towards the spear, sniffing at it before he turns his nose up and heads towards the back room, and the food. The Healer walks towards Lucky, a slight frown on her face. "I can see why you want to sell that." She mentions, before kneeling down near Qwillis to check on Lucky.
Lucky The teens hair stood on end as he laid on his butt, knees in the air. He sighs out smoke as he looks to the two. Giving a quirky smile, his right hand lifts up giving a thumbs up. "Perfect." He states choking slightly as he moves to stand up. "Only third time I've done that this week." He notes, eyes peering down toward the spear with a small frown. "If it wasn't so bulky and lengthy, I honestly would keep it." He adds in thought.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, nodding to Lucky as he'd turn out to be ok and looks to the spear. Kneeling on metal knee, he'd look over the spear then reach out and try to click off that power source. That done, he'd pick it up with the metal hand and turn to Lucky, offering it back. "You drain the battery if you leave it on all the time. I thought I might be able to make it telescopic.. but that wouldn't work so well for a stabbing device."
Iris Lark "We can put it up for sale if you want." Iris says, getting to her feet as well as she continues to check on Lucky's vitals. "Just put it in storage and ask Jude to add it to the inventory list." She says, giving him a brief smile. She glances around, looking for Bacon and then shrugs, moving back to her quiet spot where she sinks back down to sit against the wall. "Where did you find that?"
Lucky "I had the same thoughts on the telescopic with automatic locking mechanism to keep the pole stable during a battle.." Lucky replies to Qwillis, a wide smile on his face as he takes spear.

Looking to Iris, he nods slightly "Yeah, probably best I think. Knowing my luck, I'd sooner shock myself then defeat an enemy." He replies chuckling as he stows the spear away before coming back out.

"Oh, out near Avalon, at a construction site." Lucky pauses "Oh!" he exclaims, shuffling through pockets on his duster, mumbling "where'd I put it" a pause, eyes going wide "here It is!" He says, pulling out a holodisk and giving it to Iris "Something about energy weapons; thought it'd be better for you and your pip-boy." He says with a bright smile. "I also found that out at Avalon."
Iris Lark "Seems you've been busy out there." Iris notes, accepting the holodisc with an appreciative smile. "Thank you, I'll put this to good use." She murmurs, stowing the disc in her cache. She slips another disc from her bag and hands it to lucky. "Maybe you can use this, in fair trade, and if not - know someone who can."
Lucky Taking the holodisk with appreciation, Lucky smile widens as he looks over it. "Sweet!" He exclaims, stowing it away "I'll have Jude install it later." He adds, chuckling as a hand rubs the back of his head "A bit. I've been scavenging that western area as well as Avalon." He pauses, brows furrowing a bit as he looks to Qwillis, then to Iris "I found a few pieces to something. Anyone in the team found any map related articles?" He asks just above a whisper.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches curiously, looking almost longingly at the holodisk, but doesn't really ask about it. Instead he'd just stay quiet for the moment, pause, then nod to Lucky. "I could probably install it for you right now, if you want? I'm pretty handy with tech.."
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, glancing between Lucky and Iris, before smiling with a shrug. "I can step away.. I.. know I'm not really part of the team.. or anything. Let you two talk?"
Iris Lark "No no, Qwillis, stay. I don't think this is a..Vault related inquiry, is it Lucky?" Iris asks, her head turning up to gaze at both of them. "I have found a few pieces of something, but several people have been wanting to buy it. I have..absolutely no clue why." She fishes in her bag and pulls out the item in question. "I ..can only read certain things." She admits, an embarassed look on her face before she turns to gaze back out of the door.
Lucky "Oh, no, no! Stay -" He glances to Iris as she speaks before glancing back to Qwillis "-Qwillis is it? Stay, not really a vaulty thing.. Just, well your new and I don't know you." A beat "But, I suppose if Iris trusts you.."

He shrugs and follows Iris quietly. "Not really sure myself, but the pieces I found appear to be a map; I think." Looking to Qwillis, he adds "As for the Pip-boy, sure why-" He pause "-What was that?" He walks off from the two to the window, then blinks "Ruffians are mugging a woman! I shall be back."

Annnd out the door went Lucky, running past the window shouting "Halt I say!"
Qwillis     "I.." He'd pause, watching Lucky run off. Shaking his head, Qwillis shrugs, then looks to Iris, moving to step close to her. "May I see it? I'm.. quite good at sorting most things out." He'd smile slightly then to Iris with a small shrug. "I.. could teach you. Too. If you wish."
Iris Lark Iris reaches up, handing the map fragment to Qwillis. "Here, tell me what you make of it." She says quietly, making an attempt to smile. "The Pip-Boy tries to teach me when I have time for it, but I admit that I use it mostly for listening to music." She says, her cheeks still pink. "I couldn't ask you to do more than you already are though. You do too much."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles with a small shake of his head. "Nonsense. It'd be my pleasure Iris. I'm happy to help.. and there's so many things I can't do with this.." He'd carefully take the map with that metal hand. "This at least is something I can easily do.." Musing, he'd look at the map itself then, frowning as he'd study it. "Hmm.. Would.. need more pieces. It's a small part."
Iris Lark "I will admit that I'm not sure why people want it." Iris says, one shoulder rising in a shrug. "You can keep it if you want it, I would only sell it to someone and..who knows what kind of person they would be." Bacon trots back to his mistress and he squeals quietly, climbing back into her lap. She cuddles him close and chuckles softly. "He always seems to know when I'm not at my best, and comes for cuddles."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles lightly to Iris and nods. "Alright.. I'll see if I can make anything of it." He'd put the map away, then smile as Bacon trots up. "Well.. I can say if this is leading to a vault, there's technology that might be available. Including tech that could get me real limbs, rather than this.." He'd shrug slightly. "Even if metal.. actual full replacements would be nice." Smiling then, Qwillis shakes his head. "I am happy to help. You don't know how much you've done for me.. so I'll always be glad to do such, Iris."
Iris Lark "You're very nice, too nice actually." Iris responds, her voice quiet as she looks away, out the back door. "Thank you for all that you've done and offer to do though. I do appreciate it." She bites down on her bottom lip and hugs Bacon. "Sorry, it's one of those days."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris, shrugs and gets a drink of water to enjoy. "Everyone has those kind of days, Iris. It's part of being human. Anyone who claims not to? Those are who you should be worried about.. In this world? We have to keep our humanity to survive.. to really survive."
Iris Lark "Well, thank you for being understanding. I should take a few days away from the Clinic and just..breathe, but I won't." Iris says, setting the small piglet on the floor. Bacon turns in a few circles and then falls on his side. "So you let me know if you find out anything interesting about that map."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris with a small nod. "A break could do you some good. I'm sure. I'll be able to handle anything that comes in if it's not too critical, Iris." He'd chuckle lightly as Bacon does his turn about, then nods to Iris. "Sure. Soon as I got a couple of pieces, I should be able to sort out what's what. At least get an idea."
Roy The door to the shop slowly creaks open, and it's a few moments before a foot steps inside. A tan gentleman, wearing a clerical outfit - a white collar donned above else on black clothing. He slowly shuts the door behind himself, his eyes trained on the doorknob. He finally looks up at the people inside, giving a stern nod. "Afternoon, everyone." Roy says, his lips curling upward into a smile. He starts to walk around looking at what's on display in the store, his eyes training on the pig on the floor after a moment.
Iris Lark Iris gazes up from her seat on the floor, and when Roy walks in, her look is slightly more curious than anything else. However, it's a customer so she pushes to her feet and smiles at the newcomer. "Welcome to Acme General Store, is there anything I can help you with today?" She asks, forcing a smile on her lips. "We've plenty of weapons armor and we offer a lot of different services."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over to Roy, studying him for a long moment. He'd take a drink of his water, smiling lightly to Iris and mostly stepping out of the way. Metal click counterpoint to that boot as he'd lean up against one of the blank walls to simply watch and listen.
Jude Dressed as one of the El Dorado Militia, Jude makes his way into the General Store. His eyes widen as he sees actual customers, but his grin isn't far behind. He waves to Roy and Qwillis, chirping brightly, "Afternoon, fellas."

He spies Iris then and crosses to where she is, reaching out to give her arm an affectionate squeeze. "Afternoon, Iris." Then he's facing the customers again, waiting to see if they want anything or are just browsing.
Roy Roy rolls his shoulders once before letting his arms rest back at his side, though his hands place themsleves on his hips. "Can't say I've ever been in here before." He licks the corner of his mouth absently before kneeling down infront of the pig, studying it. He places his knuckles down on the floor, looking at the pig from different angles by turning his head and leaning. "I'd like to know a bit about your services, if you don't mind." He slowly stands back up, continuing to stare at the pig.
Iris Lark Bacon likes to play so when he knows he's being watched he gets to his feet and trots in a small circle, squealing like he's singing. Iris gives the piglet a look and then shakes her head before she smiles at Roy. "Of course, Uhm..well. We have Healers, Mechanics and even a Blacksmith able to help. We can be hired as bodyguards, and name it and Vault Team Six will likely do it." She squeezes Jude back when he offers his greetings and then grins. "Anything else we offer, Jude?"
Lucky Lucky walks on past the window once more, rubbing his cheek. Opening the door, he steps inside his eyes wide as saucers. Hand still rubbing his left cheek, it is to be noted that his right eye was black; as if someone punched him.

"They." He pauses "They was not a ruffian men." He exclaims "They were bearded women escorting a woman through town."

He stands there a bit dumbfounded.
Jude Jude laughs and runs though his mental checklist. "Umm. Harlan does him some gunsmithin' too, I think." He beams then and announces, "And I can make furniture too! I think I finally got it all down. How to hide the joints and all." He gives a little shrug and laughs. "I think that's about everything though. Installin' holodisks and fixin' technology. I can... um... run a lab too, actually."

He ponders a moment before he glances up and sees Lucky. "The boy gets a once over and a quirk of concern at the black eye. His head cants as he wonders after the words, but then a smile blooms and spreads along his face. Then the chuckle comes, long and warm.
Roy Roy runs an open palm down his mouth, feeling the underside of his stubbly jaw. He shakes his head to himself, "Guns is a no-go, not my thing." He gives a hearty chuckle, lightly nudging the pig with the tip of his dusty shoe in a gentle manner. He examines Jude for a moment but his real attention is drawn to Lucky, squinting his eyes. He lowers his glasses onto the bridge of his nose and then back up to the top, "That's a shiner you have there, brother." He pauses a few moments, looking back to the Jude, "Ink and paper, if you have any in stock. Otherwise, I'm here for a friendly visit." He smiles warmly.
Iris Lark Iris sees that the man is going to deal with Jude so she slips over to Lucky, her eyes narrowed. "Let me take a look at this.." She murmurs, running a gentle finger over the bruise on his eye. "Did you try to grab them or something? Is that why they hit you?" She lets a little smile curve her lips and she adds in a teasing tone. "Or did you try to show them your spear?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles over at Jude as he'd list the abilities of those here. "Harlan. That's who I have working on my needler, actually. I'm glad to know he's part of this group." He'd speak up then. Although he couldn't help but chuckle at Lucky when he'd show up talking about the bearded women. Shaking his head slightly, Qwillis turns his attention to Roy. "I'm not part of their group.. so please don't look at this the wrong way associated with them.. What do you do, if not guns? The Wasteland kind of requires it."
Jude Jude laughs and shakes his head at Lucky's troubles, but leaves him to Iris's tender mercies. He flicks his attention to the minister and bobs his head. "We do at that, sir. How much paper you lookin' at wantin'? And loose leaf or bound in a book or somethin'?"

His attention strays to Qwillis and he nods at mention of the needler. "He's a fair sight better than I am at slugthrowers and needleguns. Lasers are more my bag." When Qwillis asks after Roy about what the wasteland requires, he offers, "I ain't ever used me a gun, sir. There are ways around the Wastes that ain't so violent. Ain't near as common though and takes a grit that most men dream of havin', but violence ain't a necessity."
Lucky Settling down in a chair, a small smirk crosses his face as he looks to Jude. Lucky winces though as the smirk rubs against the bruise cheek.

Looking up to Iris, a warm smile crosses his face. "Oh.. well yeah.. uhm." He hehe's, rubbing the nape of his neck and says:

"I chased after the two ruffian men and, well when I finally got up behind one of them, I yelled for to stop. And, you see, about that time I tripped coming off the boardwalk, stumbling forward as this 'man' turns around." He pauses, cheeks flushing.

"My hands fell upon his chest, only to find out they were boobs." He mutters embarrassingly.

The rest they can see by the end results.
Iris Lark Iris covers her mouth and glances between the people in the store before she quick walks back to the storage area. The sound of laughter can be heard from back there.
Roy Roy bops his head towards Jude before looking back at Qwillis, "I just don't look for anything, and it doesn't seem to look for me." .. "Trouble, that is." He licks his top row of teeth, inhaling the store air. "Looseleaf, I s'pose." He replies back to Jude without looking at him, still focused on Qwillis. "I'm the Senior Pastor of El Dorado Church, there's a few of those but I represent the Christian religion." He wipes his palms on the front of his shirt, before placing the side of his elbow on the counter. "Never put hands on a weapon, or considered using one."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Lucky with a soft chuckle, then nods slightly to Jude. Studying Roy as he'd talk, he'd sigh with a slight nod. "I see. Alright. Well, I was curious." He'd shrug then, shaking his head. "I.. had to make my own path. So I guess that's why I'm willing to take up a gun. It's.. easier than trying to talk past some.."
Jude Jude busies himself with fetchin some paper. He digs it from under the counter and he throws in a folder to hold it. He then heads to the back to dig out an ink well that's mostly full. He places them on the counter and waits for Roy and Qwillis to finish up so he can finish up the deal. His eyes flick back to Lucky and the story of the grope heard around the town. He looks a little mortified on behalf of his friend, shaking his head, offering, "I'd have blushed so hard my head'd popped."
Lucky Looking to Jude, he chuckles. "To tell you the truth, when they were pummel me.. I almost thought my head was about to pop off after that last good upper cut to the chin." His hand rubs the cheek again.

"Damn those women can hit hard." He mutters, glancing to the backroom as Iris laughter can be heard throughout the store. "First time I've heard her laugh in a while." He sighs, smiling "Can't even be mad that my precarious situation has made that little woman laugh."
Iris Lark Iris walks out of the back room, still chuckling softly as she scoops Bacon up into her arms. "Okay Lucky, come sit down, and we'll do something about that eye?" She says quietly, shaking her head still. "But no more groping women, you hear me?" She jokes, opening up her cache and peeking inside.
Roy Roy scrunches his face up a bit, hearing Lucky's story of being pummeled by macho women. He manages to heave a quiet chuckle, before grabbing hold of the folder of paper and ink well in his rough right palm, one after the other. He stuffs them into a rough cloth satchel draped over his right shoulder, letting top of the folder peek out of his small bag. "Right, how much do I owe you?" He pats himself over.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head, flashes a smile to Iris, then waves to those in the store in general. "I need to get going myself.. I'll see you guys around. I'll see you back at the clinic, Iris." He'd smile again, then would head out back into the wild.
Lucky A small smirk crosses his face as he looks at Iris, his tongue sticking out in a teasing fashion. Standing, he meanders on over to her.

"You're never going to let me hear the end of this, are you?" Lucky inquires, grinning at her as he sits down next to her.
Jude Jude winces a little as Lucky describes his beat down. "Oh damn, man. An uppercut? I can see a shiner, but damn, man."

He shifts his attention back to business. "That'll be two caps, sir," he says with warmth. "We keep a pretty good stock of that sort of thing. We also get the occasional pip-boy in, should you wanna keep journals and whatnot digitally." Qwillis gets a wave and called out, "Be safe out there!"
Iris Lark "I won't tease you anymore Lucky. I'm glad they didn't do more damage." Iris murmurs, dipping her thumb in some salve and gently applying it under his eye. "You need to be more careful though, that is twice in as many hours that you got injured. Be safer, okay?" She smiles at him and then caps the crock, stuffing it back into her bag. "Otherwise you'll end up like Vuk."
Roy Roy pats over his clothing again, checking to see where he stores his currency. He opens up the fold of his bag, peering inside. He scoops his hand inside, withdrawing two loose caps. "Two." He says aloud, before reaching inside to grab two more. "Four." He opens his hand, plopping four caps onto the countertop. "A gesture of good will, I like small business." He looks back inside of his bag again at his newley purchased ink well and folder of paper. "I do alot of reading and writing, so. I'll be sure to bring my business here for all my needs." He smiles, looking at all of them. He nods once to his own words sternly. "If you ever need anything either, you are always free to call upon me."
Jude Jude smiles with a look that can only be called grateful to Roy. "Thank you, sir." He pauses and gives a little glance at Lucky and Iris, then offers to Roy, "If you have regular need, I live in Vault Town. I could deliver if'n you ever want. It's a bit of a trek to get on up here. I don't mind since I go right on by the church near every day between here and patrols with the militia."
Lucky Touching her shoulder gently, Lucky says "I'm just teasing you Iris." in a kind tone of voice before letting go. "And I will, I promise."

There is a visible shudder regarding Vuk, his head shaking "I don't think my luck is near as bad as that guys At least I hope not." He murmurs.
Iris Lark Iris pats Lucky on the shoulder and takes a step back, nodding. She turns to Jude and waits until they seem to be done haggling with payment and speaks up. "Jude, I uhm, I have another holodisc that I need installed if you've time and also..I have a question, kind of a private one though." She peeks at Roy and then clears her throat, before Lucky puts his hand on her shoulder. She turns and chuckles at Lucky and shrugs. "I hope your luck is better as well."
Roy Roy nods towards Jude, looking at the cracks in his face. He reads his emotion, starting to walk towards the door. "Much appreciated, brother." He turns around mid-way on his heel, giving the crowd a single wave. "My manners." He shakes his head, chuckling. "Roy, by the way." ... "I'll see you all later, may the love of God be upon you." He swings the door to the general store open.
Jude Jude raises a hand to the departing Roy and offers, "And to you, Roy. Name's Jude if'n you ever need to find me."

Jude's gaze turns to Iris and Lucky then. He nods at Iris's question and says, "I always have time for ya, darlin'. It won't take but two shakes." He private question gets a blush and a slightly less confident, "Oh, s-sure. If'n you want, you can come on over tonight and we can jaw a while. I.." He glances at Lucky and blushes a little deeper before drawing his duster off and showing a laser blast that scorched through the combat armor he wears just below his lower left rib. White bandages peek out of the hole that goes through the armor, uniform, and Vault suit, pink peeking through the white where it's still obviously bleeding still. "Some folk tried to grab me the other day. Enclave if'n I saw right."
Lucky "Oh!" Lucky exclaims at the mention of holodisks. "I was going to have Qwillis do it, but he kind of up and left." He says, standing to look at Jude "I have another disk for install as well; hoping maybe you could do it after Iris is done." He inquires, smiling.

"Uh." He looks between the two quietly "Should I go to?" he inquires, index finger pointing at himself.
Roy Roy creaks open the door again, slipping outside. He starts to roll up his sleeves on his black shirt, looking up at the sky. He walks away from the view of the store, enroute back to his church with his new materials.
Iris Lark Iris steps forward and she takes a look at the bandages and nods to Jude. "Yeah, I can help with that." Before she blinks and glances towards Lucky. "Go where?" Then she blushes and frowns. "No, you don't understand. I just wanted to ask to use his shower again. It's a bit addicting." She says, her voice hushed.
Jude Jude bobs his head and smiles. "Sweet. We can two birds it later then. You can have a shower and maybe sew me on up." He pauses and laughs. "Maybe the other way around. Probably cleaner thataway." He pulls his toolkit out of his coat and breaks out the tools. "Come on over. I can take care of both of ya. I have me some skills," he says with a wink.
Lucky "Huh? Addicting shower?" Lucky asks, clearly confused by the idea. "What's a shower?" He adds on after a moment of pondering, turning and heads over toward Jude and Iris.

Withdrawing the holodisk, a smile crosses his face as he nods to Jude. "Thank-you very much Jude."
Iris Lark "It's water from above your head, like rain, but better." Iris replies, a dreamy look on her face as she hugs her arms. "I had one, and it was enough that now a bath just isn't cutting it." She shrugs and moves to pull some things from her rucksack.
Jude Jude smiles as Lucky approaches. He leans against the counter and takes Lucky's hand, drawing the arm forward so he can work. He takes his screwdriver and releases the safety latches, leaning down to blow gently to get some of the gunk out. He adds onto Iris's explaination, "It's somethin' the old world used ta do a lot of. Instead of a bath. It's rain falling from the ceiling and jets of water shootin' out from the sides. It's easier to wash yer hair and whatnots." He jerks his head towards El Dorado. "Pretty common down in Vault Town. I have me one in my apartment. I let folk use it that wanna."

He cradles Lucky's Pip and arm as he slides the holodisk in and goes through the scroll of screens to upload the information in a useable fashion. The whirrs and purrs and beeps make Jude smile, probably indicating it's all going smooth.
Lucky "Ohhh.. That sounds interesting." Lucky replies, calmly as Jude works on the Pip-boy and holodisk system. Glancing to Iris, then back to Jude, he asks "But, why not just do that when it rains? Set up a privacy booth with a open ceiling and shower that way? Seems a waste of metal to it indoors.."

A pause "Although, given how much rain we don't see." He shrugs.
Iris Lark "It's hot and ..there's soap." Iris looks embarassed as she tries to explain and soon she's gazing at her hands, fidgeting with her fingers. "Maybe I'm silly, I guess." She pulls out the disc from her bag and walks towards Jude.
Jude With a few last taps and button pushes, the upload takes and Jude gives a smile. He reattaches the safety latches and cover, giving it all a once over before he says, "All done." He thinks a moment, glancing at Iris's blush and says to Lucky, "No rad storms underground. Ya don't have ta worry about the rain makin' ya glow neither. The dirty water goes back into the system and is cleaned and purified. It also helps things heal a lot better too to get clean more often. An awful lot of benefits all said." He grins and nods to Iris then, whispering to Lucky, "And smell her hair tomorrow. That's reason enough right there.

When Iris closes in, he takes her hand and draws her closer, getting her in position, similarly to how he positioned Lucky.
Lucky "I suppose those are all good benefits." Lucky replies, brows furrowing in thought. His eyes watch Jude carefully as he works on the pip-boy, a wide warm smile crossing his face as he finishes. Stepping back, he allows Iris to take his spot and rubs the nape of his neck.

"I was raised above ground in the Mojave Desert. we took shelter in caves when rad storms came through and learned to purify dirty water through fire." A beat "We took bathes in lakes and tubs.." A pause "oh! and we did have hot springs in the Northern parts of the Mojave." He smiles gleefully at that.
Iris Lark Iris blushes as she's pulled closer to Jude and she glances up, smiling at him. At the mention of hot springs she turns to glance at Lucky. "What's a hot spring? Is it like a warm bath?"
Jude Jude listens to Lucky and nods some, looking a little wistful at the picture he paints. "I read them hot springs are real nice. Like a tub big enough for a dozen folks and had lots of stuff that's good for yer skin and whatnot." He bobs his head a little at Iris.

Jude takes the screwdriver and gets the port open and cleaned. He slips the holodisk in with a gentle shove. He starts to hit the buttons, as if rote, but this time the usual whirrs and beeps are replaced with a warning claxon and the sounds of angry grinding. "Oh shit," he whispers. He taps a few buttons and the "Oh shit," is decidedly louder. Some furious taps and swipes later, the loud noises finally stop and the holodisk pops back out. He hands it back to Iris and explains, "Ya can only have one of these here energy weapon holos, darlin'. It causes fatal errors as the two try to kung-fu fight on in the pip if you try to load more'n one." He smiles with a blush and winks. "Good thing my kung-fu was able to beat theirs or it might have dumped it all. Sorry. I shoulda checked before I put it in."
Lucky "Well, a hot spring is basically heated water by a passage of hot or molten rock; usually about ninety-eight degrees or so." Lucky replies softly.

His brow raises slightly as he looks between Iris and Jude quietly "Oh, shame Iris Well, keep hopefully you can sell off that disk for some caps." He says joyful tone of voice.
Iris Lark Iris looks away from Jude with some difficulty, turning to nod to Lucky before she puts the holodisc in her bag. "Yeah, I'll find a use for it." She says, strapping her Pip-Boy on her wrist. "It's okay."
Jude Jude grins at Lucky's enthusiasm. "Bet ya can get two or three hundred for it," he agrees. He thinks a moment and then says, "So, you wanna mosey on home with me, Iris? Sew me on up and take a shower? I'll rustle up some dinner too if'n you can eat." He grins brightly and whispers, "I still have the name of that there chef at the restaurant."
Lucky Smiling, Lucky was to Jude and Iris "Well, you to be safe then. Have a good one."
Iris Lark "I'd like that." Iris responds, nodding slowly as she picks up her rucksack and her piglet. "Can we drop Bacon at the Clinic?" She asks, leaning in to kiss the piglet on the head. "It will only take a moment to dish him out some chow." She adds, glancing around the shop. "We've been having more and more people stop by here, it's nice." Impulsively she reaches out and hugs Lucky. "No more groping women, you understand me?" She says, before she gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek.
Jude Jude bobs his head as he puts his stuff away, slotting the four whole caps into the cash register. It isn't much, but he earned it! It makes him beam wide until pulling the lever that makes it ring strains his wound and he yelps a little.

He smiles sheepishly and closes the drawer, drawing himself up a little straighter. He moves out from behind the counter and tries to pat Lucky on the shoulder before Iris grabs him. He offers, "If you ever wanna try the shower, let me know. I'm always happy to have company." He moves towards the door then, letting Iris and Lucky have their moment as he gazes out at Acme for the moment.
Lucky Smiling, Lucky was to Jude and Iris "Well, you to be safe then. Have a good one."

Chuckling, Lucky hugs Iris back, flushing slightly at the kiss on the cheek. "I promise Iris." He tells her, with a soft smile.