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Owner Pose
Lucky Fluffy little white clouds dot the sky high above, shapes of varying degrees as they float across the sky. the sun dims at times as the clouds cross the path of the sunlight rays, the air itself was reasonably warm today. A steady wind blew in from the North, picking up the dust.

Acme was bustling with a few people walking the boardwalks for the shops; kids peeking through windows, women leading the men inside shops to try on clothes.

Lucky sat outside in a rocker, a piece of straw in his mouth as he rocks and enjoys the view. His arms were clasp over on his thighs, his duster and armor left behind inside. He wears a blue T-shirt that shows off the scars on his right arm.
Eden Eden walks up to the rocker next to Lucky. It's such a nice night, she thinks Lucky has the right idea to just sit back and enjoy it a little. "Hey, mind if I join you?" she says as she perches in the rocker next to him.
Lucky Glancing up to Eden, Lucky smiles quietly as he nods slightly. After a few minutes of peaceful bliss, he asks calmly "How are you?"
Eden Eden replies "All healed up, thanks to Iris. Also- bought a couple emergency supplies in case I get caught unawares again." She smiles a bit sheepishly, "I still want to find out about that car though. How did thye make it work? I won't go alone though. Learned my lesson there for sure!"
Lucky Raising his hands, he places them behind his head as he mulls the piece of weed between his teeth. "I still think it was a figment of your imagination, Eden." The kid tells her truthfully, giving her a soft smile.

"Cars don't just startup and drive on their own. I still think you just bunked that noggin on something and hallucinated the car coming to life." He adds in a calm, gentle tone of voice. It was the most rational explanation after all.

"But." He adds after a brief pause.

"If it will help, you and I can go back to Dunwich and see about this car. Hopefully put everything to rest." Lucky looks over to her calmly, brow quirking up as he awaits her answer.
Eden Trying not to squeel like a 12 year old, Eden grins and says "I would really appreciate that! This has been bugging me. I know I didn't imagine it. But I don't know how it's possible either. I just, kind of, really want to know. Mom always said I was going to die of curiosity." Eden frowns a little bit. :But it really did a number on me. Do you think just the 2 of us would be ok? We should at least let someone know where we are going, shouldn't we? Maybe Alice?"
Lucky Lucky chuckles at the motherly advice, his face turning to a small grin as he looks to her. "My mom always said my luck was going to run out and get me killed." He sighs and smiles.

"Couldn't hurt to let people know. Though, the two of us should be fine. As I said, it was probably the imagination gone wild. Dunwich looked abandoned when I came to your aid."
Eden "that's what I thought when I walked in. Never mind the creepies, just another abandoned place." Eden replies, shaking her head. "But even if the car was a hallucination, I didn't knock myself out and give myself those wounds." She notice the patient look to Lucky's smile. "Hey, don't 'yes mom. me" she laughs. "anyway, when do you want to go?"
Lucky "Well, if you bonked that noggin or ran into something hard enough it would cause those wounds." Lucky notes rationally. "Not sure, let me think on it? Possibly in a few days?"
Eden "I guess" Eden doesn't want to push the subject. She knows the only way to be sure is to go back. "in a few days sounds good. I'll be probably hanging around here. Well, mostly" Eden tilts her head and looks at Lucky carefully. "Everything ok over in Luckyland?"
Lucky "Mostly?" Lucky looks over to her briefly before looking away. "Yeah, everything is good here. Just kind of helping the team when needed and scavenging. Nothing to dire or dangerous." He notes.
Eden Eden laughs again "Well I think it's high time for just a little bit of dire and dangerous. Do you ever just want to get into mischief?"
Lucky Lucky glances to her, smirking "Sometimes.. though, I am sort of okay with just being relaxed and laid back." His eyes glance to his arm "especially after the minigun incident." He mutters, frowning.
Eden "Minigun incident?" Eden follows his eyes to his scars. "When was this? What happened? You seem ok... you are all healed, right?"
Lucky Silence is met with questions as Lucky sighs.

"Well, you see we got word that the former mayor known as Solomon was in Gohauq. A group of us headed over to the town to stop him." He finally says, breaking the silence.

"Guy turned the minigun on me and opened up I wasn't able to dodge in time. Damn thing tore in to my skin." He pauses, sighs. "Got lucky, Sparrow was able to stitch it up.. but not lucky enough to heal right." He notes.
Eden "Owwwww" Eden holds her own arm in sympathy. "Well, yeah, I can see wanted some quiet time after that." Not sure what else to say, Eden just looks out across the evening sky.
Lucky A small nod is given ever so slightly, his eyes look up to the horizon as a content sigh is given. "Though all this quiet time will eventually come to an end I suppose. Here soon, I'll be heading south to that facility." He glances to her "Will you be joining the team as we head down south?"
Eden Eden looks over at the facility then back to Lucky. "Sure, when are they going? I'm not any kind of fighter though, will they even need me?"
Lucky "Er, I don't know on either account actually." Lucky says, chuckling. "Though, I suppose asking Alice would be better." He adds, smiling.

"I should get back in to check on the wares... Maybe we can meet up before the Dunwich. I know of a noodle shop close by." He asks as he stands up out of the chair and heads for the door.
Eden Eden grins "Well who doesn't like noodles! Cool. I'll see you around then" The short girls stands up and give Lucky a little hug, then sits back down. "I think I'
Eden "will stay out here just a little longer. Have a good night" Eden finishes staring at the sky thoughtfully and pondering her eventful week. "See you soon Lucky- and thanks for being out there that day!"