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Alice When Alice had arrived at the general store earlier, on foot, without her car cause fusion cells were too expensive to drive a car back and forth when you could walk in an hour..

The point is, when she arrived, there had been people here! Iris, and Vuk. Eden and Lucky. Then her and Vaultmeat both got distracted by what looked like something cool and when they got back, nobody was here.

Sitting outside of the store at present she was bouncing a ball over to Vaultmeat who seemed to intelligently or playfully depending on perspective hit the ball back to Alice with excited barks!
Apostle     There's an idle swagger to her meandering step, punctuated by the ever-present 'hssk' of her mask.
    It's like being heralded in by wheezing angels.
    Apostle approaches the store, a place she had been told she could find Alice. In her hand is a tattered list, stained with the filth of the roadway that she has spent the last week or two scouring as though she were going to find the lost city of Atlantis amidst sandy dune.
    She looks downward at the puppy playing, head cocked to the side as she observes it, brows idly creasing until her attention moves to the list. Her eyes then slowly pan up from beneath a bowed brow to stare levelly at Alice.
    "Imperial," Hssk, "Red paint."
    ... Hssk. Hssk.
    "This you shall provide, that Velocity might howl the wind." Sure. Whatever.
Abe     He found it. He had found IT!

Well, not FOUND it. This would already be a entirely different world if he had found it... or maybe just a world lacking one Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald.

He had found the general vicinity of it however. So he hunted through the town, above ground and below. It took him some time to hear that she had gone out a few hours ago, to Acme.

Saddling Boss, Abe set out up the highway to the nearby town.

He could have just waited for her... but the information seemed to burn in his mind.

So out he rode and rode he out. Soon enough, Boss' hoofs carried him into Acme and he sent the horse along to the general store, having heard that Alice's troop of... whatver you could call Vault Team 6, had adopted it as their own.

"Alice!" he piped as he rode up on the trio of The Woman, the pup, and the girl. "Uh, Ma'am..." he greeted Apostle... that look she had drilled into him at the gumbo get-together still hadn't quite worn off.
Alice Alice looked up at the approaching Apostle and replied with a grin, "Hey! It's you from the trip to Hope's Crossing. Let me get it for you, I got word from the Mayor I should give it to you. I found a whole bunch of it, I painted my room in it and I was gonna paint Over9000 in it but he didn't want me to and now.." She trailed off and returned with the paint and set it down in front of Apostle, looking cheerful once more, "Here ya go!"

"Oh Hi Abe!!!" Alice exclaimed as she looked over at the somewhat intimidating looking young man and smiled. Vaultmeat barked excitedly and ran over as Alice asked, "How are you today?"
Eden Eden walks in, slightly animated. Looks around at everyone "Hello all!" Then seh sees who she is looking for "Hey, Alice? When you get a sec, i got a question about the store"
Abe     Doffing his helmet, Abe BEAMED. "Fan-God-Damned-Tastic!" This was a lie, he had almost been killed by Super Mutants a few days ago... In the best of worst case scenarios, he would have been killed. He is not thinking about them right now, however. "I found it Alice, I found the bastard that i've been-!" he begins to prattle, a wary glance cast Apostle's way as he dismounts from Boss and leads the shabby horse over to the hitching post. He would have continued his explination but Dog.

All of a Dog. "Woah, hey, good boy, Hi, yes Hi, good boy. Down, does he know down?" he is accosted and thus, accosts back, rubbing his hands over every available inch of the dog that he could... and then came Eden. Abe was almost waltzing with the mutant mutt, "Ma'am." he greeted her.
Alice "Hey Eden!" Alice replied, "What's up?" Totally the Mistress of Multitasking she looked back to Abe and raised her eyebrows, "Who did you find???" She kneeded down to scratch Vaultmeat behind the ears as she waited for all of the replies ever.
Eden Eden realizes too late she almost ran right into someone in her hurry. "I'm so sorry, I just wasn't looking. Also- Hi!" turns to Alice "I really want to buy a thing but I have no money, can I sell scrap and leather here?" pauses "Or maybe sell the naughty thing I found?"
Abe     "Not who, What!" Abreham corrected her, voice straining as he downed Vault-meat himself. Fetching a bit of handy cloth from this pocket or pouch, he proceeded to wipe away the slobber that the Pup had so graciously donated. "Oh, no, you're fine, totally fine, all good!" he assured Eden before he offered a wave to Apostle. Her glower was like a hot knife hovering inches from his throat, the heat of it causing him to squirm. He would have continued, exposited his entire backstory... or the motivational parts at least... but then Eden went and got provocative. "Naughty thing?" he echoed, pinn ing her with the question as he wheeled around to regard her with rapt curiosity.
Apostle     Apostle continues to stare at Abe even as she moves to pick up the paint, squinting dubiously at his exclamation of being fantastic. There is some serious doubt there, and she hasn't the means to conceal it. Even though she's wearing a mask.
    She finally turns her attentions back to Alice as she goes bounding off and returns with the paint she asked for, and the story she didn't. Hssk. Golden eyes focus, her pupils growing fat with the denied excitement that snakes through her thoughts. "Red is the color of life. It's blood, passion, rage. Beginnings and violent end. Red is the color of love. Beating hearts and hungry lips. Roses, Valentines, cherries. Red is the color of shame. Crimson cheeks and spilled blood. Broken hearts, opened veins. A burning desire to return to white." That withering hiss from her mask draws out for long moments as she continues on, apparently utterly uninterested in Eden's arrival and what she's got to say.
    Because Apostle is an absolute bastard.
    "The color of fire and sunset. The colour of flamboyant flowers. If you are buried under a flamboyant tree, I said, your soul is lifted up when it flowers. Everyone wants that." Click. Hssk. Her eyes narrow vaguely, head bowing to look at the top on the paint can as though to check for the colour marker there.
    "Velocity's soul deserves that."
    It's only then that she looks at Eden, or rather through her, and then toward Abe as his interest finds a home. Her eyes roll in fashions exaggerated, and she seems to find the greater conversation is likely to be located Alice-ward.
    "We've only one more to find, one last organ to bind the remnants of the battered beast." She nods once, curtly, lifting her free hand to pull the lip of her hood lower.
    "I need only find the wayward flock."
    She turns and begins to pace away, as though she'd adequately explained everything.
Eden Eden blushes and says "It's this. I wasn't looking for it, but I just found it. I think people buy them still..." Eden timidly holds up the pre-war porno she found in a scrap pile. Very anxious at even being the one holding it. Stuff like this is still pretty new to her.
Alice "Oh! That's not really my sort of thing Eden. Gosh! Let me know how many caps you need though, I can help you out." Alice replied to her friendly neighbor vault dweller and teammate before staring back at Abe with her eyebrows raised, wishing she knew what the man was talking about.

"I hope you enjoy the paint, red makes stuff go faster to! Don't forget that!" Apostle's terrifyingly beautiful prose was mostly lost on her but she KNEW red would make anything go faster!
Abe     "Oh..." he almost sounded disappointed, the gleam of interest the shone in those brown eyes suddenly dwindling to the pall of failed expectations. "What's wrong with that, I've got a quarter-dozen" Three, you have three, Abe. Don't be fancy. "back at Miss Kitty's. Red-Heads and Robots has some surprisingly good articles."

He's a sucker for anything that RobCo sponsers.

Apostle arrests his attention for a moment. HJe had to pick through her words, rrotate them, adjust the tracking and say, Enhance several times in the CSI forensics lab of his brain before things clicked... A car bumper from Ashur, paint from Alice. "She's... she's building a car?" he wonders, attentiuon shifting back and forth between Alice and the departing apostle.

Dear lord, people were getting cars running in this po-dunk little back-water... They were all going to kill one another.

"Anyway, yes, the thing! I found it, Alice!" he reports, wheeling around on her once more, "Vault 30. I know whats inside of it. I've been looking for the bastard ever since I came to El Dorado and it's been under my feet this entire time!"
Apostle     "The fastest colour..." Apostle offers, nearly reverent, even as she's walking away from the gathering at hand, appreciative of Alice's keen knowledge of the speed of colours. Her form still sways as she walks, her tattered tails of bright crimson dragging in the dirt like twin serpents of rivers spilt of wounds forgotten, the only splash of colour against her drag and weathered clothes so immediately and fantastically visible.
    "...and she's thinking of rage..." The tinny, canned quality of her vocals rob her words of what humanity might have been found there in her near-there reverie; the excitement of knowing that the dogged journey is so near to an end, the emotion inherent in saving a loved one before they can be lost. "Like an ember or a burning acid swallowing up her knotted viscera. Blindness like the kind that leads men to perpetrate horrors, animal drunkennessss..." The word hisses out, as though it caught in the vents of her rebreather and refused to leave, setting the immediate area awash in the fragrance of her 'breath' -- the heady scent of spice and citrus expelled by a false lung's mechanical release. "Mm... the jungles of the mind..."
    The last trails off as she languidly departs, half in reference to the smut Eden was peddling, half a continuation of her obsession with the imperial paint she now carries, so consuming in its grip that she doesn't even seen to recognize the serious and potentially very lucrative plot that unfolds before her.
    "What beasts," HSSK, "We are."
    With that, she's gone.
Eden Eden says, "The color of fire and sunset. The colour of flamboyant flowers. If you are buried under a flamboyant tree, I said, your soul is lifted up when it flowers. Everyone wants that." Click. Hssk. Her eyes narrow vaguely, head bowing to look at the top on the paint can as though to check for the colour marker there."
Eden Eden says, "We've only one more to find, one last organ to bind the remnants of the battered beast." She nods once, curtly, lifting her free hand to pull the lip of her hood lower."
Eden Eden turns an even brighter red, between having no understanding of the poetic woman, and being caught red handed with this unwanted object. "I really thought to sell the leather and scrap I have. This was just... a thing I want to get rid of as quickly as possible! I am 65 short of buying the thing I wanted."
Alice Alice watched Apostle leave before counting out some caps for Eden, "Here you go." Then she turned back to Abe, "What's inside of Vault 30? And who is the bastard?" Alice was on the edge of her seat with suspense, even if she wasn't showing it!
Abe     Apostle could wrest a man from catatonia. Abe's head twist around on his neck and watched her vanish beyonf the threshold... He didn't know her name but in a very deep and intimate way he knew, "She scares the piss out of me." that she scared him.

He breathed his reservations in a whisper before wheeling his attention back on Alice. The chill that The Woman had instilled within him thawed, enthusiasm blooming across his features once more, "RobCo."

His hand made a small gesture in the air before him, as if wiping across a window to reveal what lay beyond. His features faulted and his gaze came back from that distant place to regard Alice once more, "Well, RobCo, the American Military Industrial Complex, and Vault-Tech... but yeah, RobCo."

He sn aps back, eyes alive behind those thick-rimmed glasses, "I've been crawling over every inch of New Mexico to try and find a hidden, underground RobCo facility since I blew into town. I found some shipping documents one day, they listed high-grade parts moving into the park. I also heard tale that there used to be more complex robots in the park that had to be quarentined somewhere. Then I got to thinking about YOUR robot... and it makes sense. Vault 30 has to be a joint operation between Vault-Tech, the Military, and RobCo to make advanced, highly sophisticated robotics!" he lays it all out, voice raised with excitement as he divulges the information.

"And... maybe there's some aliens in there somewhere? I don't know, that seemed sketchy... I mean there's that alien cult in town but there's a lot of cults and sometimes those are just scams to bilk idiots out of caps BUT STILL!" he prattles, side-tracking as he regards the less-researched leg of hi investigations before bringing it back to the magtter at hand with volume and fervor, smacking his hand down on a shelf for emphasis!
Eden Eden takes the caps from Alice with gratitude. But almost forgot what she was doing listening to abe's story. "What kind of robots? Could they be built into other machinery, like a car?"
Alice "Huh." Alice replied as she thought over what Abe had said, "Would explain why they had to run away I guess, but wouldn't they have just left Vault Town to instead of sealing off the lower levels where we found the robots? OH yeah, we went into it and fought some robots and Vuk went crazy and nearly had a heart attack. This sounds pretty cool though, maybe we'll find out more when we all go back to Lower Vault Town, hopefully you come this time.."
Abe     "YES!" he nearly lept upon her, eagerlyt accepting the offer, "So long as my heart does beat, YES!"

He recoils, allowing Alice her personal space while he paces through the store, hands sweeping back over his head, "All this time, right under my fet, I've been combing the wastelands for months..." he haults, fixing Eden with a screw-eyed look on incredulity,. "Robots into..." he uttered, echoing her, "Nonono, why would you want a robot that turns into a car? WAY too many things to go wrong, overcomplicates things. Might as well put computers in the things, add a distraction to the rolling, micro-nuke." he derides her, features worked into a crooked smile. "That's silly, you're silly. Hey, keep asking questions though, that's how we learn."
Eden "Just a different mystery i've been wondering about. Something strange I saw. It's ok, no one believes me anyway." Eden says, then remembers why she came in the first place and gathers up the caps adding them to her own. She wonders what kind of robots these are and what they could do. She will probably continue to wonder for a while. For the time being she had an items to purchase before they were all gone. "Ok- goodnight both of you, and thank you again Alice!"
Alice Alice nodded to Eden and watched her with a smile, "Night Eden, be safe." Looking back to Abe she seemed to be considering robots before asking, "So is that why you came to New Mexico? To find these robots for the Brotherhood of Steel?"
Abe     Wait, she saw, has she actually seen... His attention rests upon her, a obviuous interest or suspicion in his gaze, "Right... safe travels..." Was it something she'd seen on too many chems or an actual robot that could disguise itytself as a common place vehicle?! His lips grew thin as he watched her leave... He would have to check on her later. But later, for now there was still Alice.

"What, no, why would I-?!" he spoke to quickly, as if accused, he cut himself off, realization settling in. Steel, Abe. Steel, not steal...

Although, depending on who you ask... and the chapter.

"My mission is to find a functional facility that can still produce robots that could be used to safeguard the good people of this world." he claimed. "I can replace a Protectron's arm a lot more easily than a surgeon can reattache some poor bastards."
Alice "And you think handing over a robot army to some meathead like Caldwell but older is a good idea?" Alice looked at Abe with a puzzled expression, "Someone like Paladin Winchester with a robot army? Think about that for a second.."

"Not trying to kill your excitement, cause it is exciting but it's also scary. Mostly cause it just seems like the robots would turn on us again anyways. Robots are tricky things, Vuk thinks the robots down there are part of Satansoft."
Abe     "For what it's worth..." Abe objected, "Caldwell and Winchester are two different factions." he thinks. "You're right though, Caldwell is a idiot playing Paladin in some run-down service center. This is why I'm here talking to you and not writing it in bold letters across the walls of Outpost 01." he confesses. The Scribe Errant is very... Errant.

"Don't get me wrong. I lie El Dorado... I love El Dorado. If handing this over to East or West Brotherhood meant they'd come in with their jackboots, I'd sooner hand over my tags..." he confesses, some of the steam gone out of him.
Alice "Well, good to know that you're not blinded by loyalty to the Brotherhood or anything and also good to know that you love El Dorado, cause it's a good place. Not everyone really knows what they're doing, but they need people to look out for them." Alice replied thoughtfully before glancing down the road, "Whatever I can do to help, I will, just let me know. I want to figure out more before deciding anything though, who knows, these robots could be helpful against the mutants or something or might be more trouble than they're worth."
Abe     Abe's head bobs absently in agreement with several points. He feels conflicted when he is told he is not blindly loyal... Which he isn't! He hasn't told a soul in Steel about the discovery... then again, he's fairly certain they write him off as dead after every check-in. Whatever she can do to help? Abe's troubled features break into a smile, dingy teeth do not play badly against the warmth of the expression. He breaths a laugh and works a hand back over his hair, "I think that's supposed to be my line. You being Ms. Vault Team 6 and all." he mused. "You're right though... before the horde gets here, it would be handy to have them on hand... I can save my caps and bring the gunners in too but there's only so much even they can do if the size of this is everything we're having bad dreams about..."
Alice "You vastly overestimate my abilities, I just have lots of friends and good luck. To be honest, I've been kind of down since Achilles left. Iris and him were my two best friends and the first two people not from Vault Town that I ever met. It's just not the same without him, we really needed him in a fight to, he was strong and got up close to stuff." Alice sighed before looking back to Abe, "Maybe try to convince the gunners to help out just cause? I mean if they don't they'll probably just die if the mutants take El Dorado. I'm pretty sure the Militia could take them and if the mutants can take the militia, it means they can take the gunners."
Lucky A few minutes prior to Eden popping through the door and head inside Acme General Store, a familiar face amongst the Vault Team 6 crew had walked through - Lucky. Yes, he headed on past the talking group quietly, to the back room to check on a few personal items he had stowed back there.

And it was back there that he checked his stocks of items that he plans to have sold in the store; including his formidable opponent, the spear of Electricity. The shop dwindles down to just the two people, Alice and Abe while he is back there.

From the back comes a strange sound "Eezzzzzowza!" following quickly with the words "Damnit!" Afterword's, silence befalls the back room and as the two people continue to talk, out comes Lucky. His hair stood on end once more as he steps past the threshold and into the general store.

Giving a joyful smile despite his electrified appearance, Lucky face falters as the conversation switches to the mutants and horde. "Uh, oh take it your discussing about that horde in Mexico?" He inquires, catching the tail end of the conversation.
Abe     His mirth dimmed, lips twisting this way or that. "Maybe he'll come back?" Abe attempted weakly. "I know it's tough to have someone walk away though, I'm sorry to hear that."

She went on to speak of the Militia and it's prowess... He didn't doubt their prowess or bravery, but... "These are Super Mutants, they-" something, erupts, is that the right word? Something does something in the back and it is enough to make Abe shut up! He stops mid-sentence, lifting his head up and peering suspiciously towards the back room. Lucky arrives.. and it makes sense. Abe's shoulder's roll in a idle shrug before he answers the man's question woth a nod. "Pretty much." he replies.
Alice "You must have been through some 'hair rising' adventures in the storeroom." Alice said with a smirk towards the frazzled Lucky before nodding and looking back to Abe, "I know what they are, I fought them at Hope's Crossing to or should I say Hope's End." The sudden emoness was a departure for the young woman but she cheered up almost immediately, "We got this. We'll go check out Lower Vault Town in a day or two. By the way Abe, did you wanna join Vault Team Six? We'd be glad to have you as an actual Member."
Lucky Lucky gives a smirk back at Alice, his head shaking ever so slightly. Hands reach to his hair to smooth it down as he says "It's the spear I am selling. After much deliberation, I'm going to keep it and modify it to retract and extend. If it shocks me this good.. imagine what it'd do to an enemy or robot."

There is a sadden look on his face as Hope's Crossing is brought up. Indeed, Hope's end was an apt name, given the amount of life that was loss there; but also, because a robotic companion gave its life for several people.

Like Alice, he perks up with a cheerful smile at the mentioning of Lower Vault Town. "Sweet! I've been wanting to go back down there." He looks to Abe, waiting for his answer.

You are not allowed to make bad puns and then punch him in the gut like that, this is cheating. It is all cheating. I AM CALLING THE COPS

No, no I am not, I am posing.

The laugh was short lived, and likely his fault... He had missed that trip for one reason or another... it might not have been a bad thing. Abe breaths, steadying himself. He'll leave it be.

His head bobbed in answer, understanding, acknowledgement. "I could-" he begins but she isn't done talking. That's... pretty big, isn't it. "If... if you'll have me, of course!" he answers, "It's... not like I'm being kept busy by the New Mexico chapter." it was more like a foot note than a chapter. "I'm... I'm honored, thank you." he replies, extending a hand towards her.
Alice "Well, it's settled then! We'll let everyone know you're part of the team now." Alice replied with a handshake before Vaultmeat barked excitedly and also extended a paw for Abe! "If you wanna sell stuff at the store just let Jude and Iris know and they can help you out and in the meantime, get ready to kick some robot butt and maybe find parts for over9000 so he can be fixed up."
Lucky "sweet!" Lucky exclaims, smiling to Abe as he accepts the invitation. He pauses though and settles down, as Alice speaks regarding the store and O.V.E.R.; a somber look crossing his face as the robot companion is mentioned.

After a moment, he realizes that he hasn't formally met the New Mexican brotherhood of Steel member before now. "Names Lucky Strikes, Desert Ranger and scavenger of the wasteland." Lucky tells him jubilantly.

Right hand extending out to him, a smile crosses his lips as he looks fully to Abe. With the duster removed, one can see scar lines racing up from the wrist to the elbow; intersecting now and then with each other or stopping at white bullet size markings.

He glances to Alice, a hopeful smile crossing his face. "I really do hope we can get O.V.E.R. fixed. I miss that crazy little laser wielding, bad guy vaporizer." He tells her quietly.
Abe     A hand shake for allice, firm, a pump or two, same for Vault-meat, this one includes a tussle of Abe's hand atop the dog's head and a , "Good boy." spoken in that higher pitch that is reserved for, well, good boys. He's giving Alice the look and nod of acknowledgement, "Thanks, I appreciate it. I've got a few things I could put on a shelf." he confesses... Some things just arn't useful after a point.

Then it comes to Lucky. Hands meet, same as ever, firm, a pump or two and he returns the favor, "Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald." he lays out his full business card. "But Abe'll do."

Then it's official. At least he was asked to join this one. A smile warms his face as he regards the pair, "I've got a few odds and end laying around back at Miss Kitty's, is it just repair work he needs or a major rebuild?"
Alice "Not sure, his programming and stuff seems all fried. I can't even access any of it, think I need a better computer then a pip-boy or terminal to try and repair his memory and stuff. If I boot him up without doing that, it might wipe him and I don't wanna do that to over9000." Alice sighed and patted Vaultmeat, "Well, bring by whatever you like and see them, I'm sure Iris will be really happy you joined to. She thinks you're awesome, oh yeah and this is Lucky, he's a Dessert Ranger, I guess he travels around looking for cake and pie."
Lucky Returning the firm grip and shake Lucky lowers the scarred arm down to his side, hand sliding into his pocket as Abe speaks.

"Abel? Well, if that is what you wish." Lucky says, pausing and adds with a warm-hearted smile "A pleasure to meet you Abel."

Glancing to Alice, he blinks a bit as his face saddens "Oh that is terrible to hear." Then pauses as she reintroduces him to Abe.

"Desert!" Lucky exclaims with a laugh "As in sand.. lots and lots of sand." He adds, hand going to his head as he face palms and chuckles. Bringing the hand down, he thinks for a moment and then snaps his fingers. "Oh! Maybe CORA could help!?" He states quickly, then pauses. "Not sure where that Elf is staying though..." He mumbles. Pausing, he adds "Maybe Iris knows.."
Abe     "Cute." this is for both of you, his lip quirking upwards at the left side in a smirk. With the low down on Over9k given, Abe lapses into thought, lips pursing absently. "That.. could be a few things..." he didn't know what they were but he sounded right in so much as it could not be wrong.

"Kaelyn?" he supplies a name, "I see her around Miss Kitty's a lot." he claims, "The brothal, not City Hall."
Lucky "Well, if she had pointed ears that'd be her; I'm sure of it." Lucky replies to Abe; adding "Though, not sure what a brothel is." He notes.

Stepping back, a wave is given to the pair as he heads for the door. "I need to head out, meet a few people back in El Dorado." He says, smiling. "See you two sometime soon!" With that, he is out the door, heading down the boardwalk and out of town.
Alice "I'd rather not have strangers messing with over9000, it's kind of weird. Besides, I'd rather not have someone to blame if things go wrong, you know what I mean?" Alice said to Abe before shrugging her shoulders and looking off into the distance as Lucky left, "Cya Lucky."
Kaelyn The door to the place opens, and in wanders Kae. She's currently in her short-length duster, wearing leathers over her skin suit for now, and of course jeans.... She glances around the place, long tapered ears twitching as she studies the store.... She then notices Abe, and grins slightly before waving "You get around..." She says softly, the grin turning to a smirk. Cora then chimes in, the synthesized sultry voice from Kae's pip-computer "Hello Abe! Good to 'see' you again.. But I think my sensors detect someone else too.." Kae blinks and looks toward the other person, before giving a tip of her imaginary cap in greeting.
Abe     "The place with the people... that show you their fun bits for money." Abe explains in a stilted fashion, bewildered. How could you live in... Nope, nevermind that's fine. He bids the man fare well with a wave and a, "Take care."

"I can see that well enough... maybe we'll be able to find something with a little more Oomph when we take a trip down." he hopes even as the door allows in another soul. With that double-edged accusation, Abe can just offer a hapless shrug, "That's what the horse is for." a easy enough answer.
Alice "Hey, I've gotta take care of some stuff in the back now that the shop is unlocked but I'll see you when I'm done if you're still here." Alice said to Abe before looking towards Kaelyn and waving before she headed off into the store room to see what people had stored here.
Kaelyn Kae glances frm person to person curously, then Alice runs into the back. Kae then smiles slightly and ummms "Sooo what's available for sale here?" She asks curiously, the girl looking around as she rubs the nape of her neck with her left hand... CORA then pipes in "Use yer right next time, this makes me dizzy." Kae then absentmindely states "You -can't- get dizzy.." CORa then adds "Sorry, forgot." Kae sighs and rolls her eyes "Ya didn't do that either." Kae says, to a giggle that's emitted from her pip.
Abe     "Odds and ends, I imagine..." Abe proposes after a moment of thought. It's a unconventional shop, a few things line the shelves out here but otherwise the best is left in the back.

"Did you manage to get Sammy to the clinic alright?" Abe wonders aloud, turning his attention from the departed Alice and swinging it fully around to Kaelyn, leaning back against the counter. "His legs didn't look too good... With luck he might get to keep them!"
Kaelyn Kae peers at Abe, and nods "Yah, I got him to the clinic allright." she says and umms.. "Well maybe... still though, he should be allright I think... Maybe?" She adds and rubs the back of her neck... "I'm not an expert on these things though..." She adds and then glances around the place "It says weapons will be shown when asked for or something" she adds as she motions to the sign.
Abe     Abe nods along, his understanding, his acceptance. "I'm sure he'll be fine." he restates. She gestures to the sign and he follows her motion, craning his neck around to regard the sign as well. He grunts and nods, pushing himself away from the counter, "Yeah, loks like it!" he agrees, hands slipping into his pockets, "Makes sense, you don't want someone walking out with them... or figuring out if they're loaded." He hooks a thumb over his shoulder towards the door that Alice vanished into, "She should be able to help you when she gets back."
Kaelyn Kae nods and proceeds to lean against the wall now, the girl shifting her back some so the slung rifle doesn't get leaned on. She then tilts her head curiously and asks "So what brings you out here?" Kae's ears twitching upward as she stares at Abe quizzicly...
Abe     Abe's smile brightens a few lumens, his eyes narrowing pleasantly behind his thick-rimmed glasses, "Had some information I needed to pass on to Alice so that she could pass it on to her crew... Which I am now a part of (so that's handy.)" he prattles absently, head cocking to one side as he gives his idle aside, "Easier to get ahold of her here than in Vault Town, folks tend to give you dirty looks if it looks like you haven't bathed in a few hours but that's a entirely different matter." he side-tracks himself again, content to ramble. "But my message has been given and a mission looms! I think it's time for me to head back on to El Dorado and make sure my business is in order."
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods to Abe "Y'take care." She says cheerfully and the girl moves to allow Abe to get out of the building better as she glances around again. "Am thinking I'll probably wonder this town then head back to El Dorado... Maybe I can find some stuff to scavenge..."