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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya and Kellyn are travelling toward the abandoned neighborhood. She goes over the plan with him as they near the area. We just have to get a ladder and get up on top of one of the houses. There are between 10 and 20 of the forsaken in each house. THe plan is that you will open the door and make a lot of noise at a house across from teh one we get on top of. Dont wait too long. I will be aimed in from across the street. You make haste to climb the ladder. The noise should keep the ferals out long enough for us to send them on to division, or at least get them to a more manageable amount to kill on the ground. Once your on the roof with me, pull the ladder up first thing. Any questions? Suggestions? You are the expert after all."
Kellyn Kellyn reaches down to leave his pistols ready to pull, unstrapping the holsters they're contained in. "Without grabbing a minigun from somewhere, I can't think of any improvements to the plan, darlin," he drawls back in response.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sets up her sniper position on the roof, aiming in on the door of the house across the street. She looks up once she has adjusted the scope for optimal view. "Well, now you know how to get up. I'll wait on you to rattle their cage mercenary. Atom guide you until we are all reunited in glorious division." She aims in again.
Kellyn Up he goes, scouting about a bit and making sure he notes a few spots that will be good for crouching and shooting ghouls in a barrel. Or, in the street. He nods once, tugging at the collar of his duster and then jumping down to the ground. Both pistols get drawn. "Alright." It's a long, drawled word; the hammer of his revolver is clicked and cocked. "So, I'll kick in the door, shoot a few rounds, and run like a fuckin' fire gecko back up there to waste 'em when they come out. Still soundin' good?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya doesnt remove her eye from the rifle now but she does reply. "Ill be covering your escape."
Kellyn And, true to plan, Kellyn drops down in front of the house. "Welll, shit. Here goes nothing." He twirls his pistol in his left hand, and revolver in the other, before kicking open the front door and leveling both guns inside. "Fuckin' glowing bastards, eat some lead!" And *CRACK CRACK* he lets loose with both weapons into the house, before turning quickly and trying to run to the side of the house, where his salvation lays in trying to climb up to the roof.
Ashur As the door is kicked in, the sound echoes through the house, immediately alerting the ghouls who lurked and wandered and slept aimlessly within it. They scramble to react and rush the door in a tangle of limbs, shoving each other out of the way. The three that get out first immediately chase Kellyn, trying to pounce him and bite him. He manages to avoid, though, and gets off a good shot! The others are still inside, and slower to come out.
Kellyn "Yee-haw, motherfuckers!" Kellyn shouts out, adrenalin kicking in hard. So hard that he trips a little as he's scrambling towards the side of the house, jerking to the side at the last moment as he decides it's more important to focus on the ghouls grabbing at him than climbing to safety. He swings a pistol about to try and shake away the nearest one, a weird, tight grin on his face as he faces death so close.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes her shot but only impacts the wall. She curses under her breath and works the bolt on her weapon for another shot.
Scarlet Scarlet had been exploring Roswell having made her way through the inhabited part of the city, it was different than the kind of settlements she had seen prior. All Ghouls? It kind of weirded her out just a little bit, so many memories, stretching so far back.

Reading those ghouls was like opening Pandora's box and that was why she headed towards what she thought was a more quiet area of the city.

She was wrong, she came across Zealot Shreya and Kellyn fighting for their lives against packs of glowing ones.

She could have run and saved her own skin but that wasn't the way her former companions had taught her to act. With lightning fast reflexes she aimed the SMG one handed towards the ghouls rushing after Kellyn and called out, "Sup?""

Scarlet didn't know these people but she could sense that they were ill-prepared for such a battle, so was she but it wouldn't stop her.

Rapid-fire death spat out of the 10mm SMG towards the ghouls even as some unseen force grabbed the ghoul known as Joline and flung her off into the distance through the window of an abandoned house and a blocked off alley, "Let's even the odds a little."
Ashur Lured by the cries of their companion, a gaggle of the Glowing Ones bodily hurl themselves out after Joline; even their rotten, mutant minds understand kinship, and saving her is more important than chasing the intruders. They too plummet yards down into the concrete and are blocked off from the battle, having to find an alternative route.

It was a stroke of good luck, but the group's still in trouble!
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks up as the ghoul is flung into a far off house in a shower of breaking glass. She doesnt assume telekinesis. "I am here master, I see you." She aims again, believing that her God has directly intervened on her behalf. Praise be to Atom.
Ashur The healthier swarm falls in with the wounded one and begins to scamper up the very same route Kellyn and Shreya used in hot pursuit. As much as they might look like colorful, bright zombies, they're not remotely as slow or clumsy! They claw at the man, they bite at him, and though they come within inches as he shimmies his way up, he's always just out of reach.

Henry, meanwhile, is very upset his ghoul wife was thrown out of a window, and he's decided to channel his aggression the only way he knows how: screaming loudly and running at the nearest enemy, which is Scarlet! But she is much too nimble for him.
Ashur A few of the Glowing Ones' tempers get the better of them; as their emotions run hot, the radiation contained within them rapidly expands in a wave of nauseating light and heat, scalding everyone close enough. Kellyn can feel the poison in his blood that makes him lightheaded immediately, but the adrenaline of the situation keeps him on his fight for now! And Scarlet? She manages to back out of the worst of it, and even avoid the newly-healed pair of Glowing Ones coming after her with Henry!
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes another shot. This was a lot easier firing at stationary targets. She doest impact the enemy but at least she doesnt hit Kellyn.
Kellyn Twist! Pull! Kellyn is all about that dodge and writing, kicking out with a booted heel toward the nearest ghoul. He swears at him and grins as he finally clambers up to where he can finally reach the top. "Ya dinnae think ya'd get me ya little shits," the Irish coming out more forcefully now. It's at that supreme level of confidence, when he's really flying high on adrenalin, that a Glowing One releases a burst of radiation. The light visibly slams into him and his eyes roll back into his head briefly; his fingers spasm; his legs kick. It's anyone's guess how he manages to pull himself up, sitting with his legs over the top of the roof. Two pistols pop off, one hitting, and then he's puking over the side of the house down at the ghouls. He's done talking shit for the moment.
Scarlet Scarlet dodged left and right as the ghouls charged her, smirking as she sidestepped another slash, "Is that the best you sorry excuses for former humans have? Sheesh. I've seen more fight from radroaches!"

The 10mm sent out a single burst followed by two individual shots at Henry as the clip emptied, "Well, apparently running out of bullets is a thing to. I bet this never happened in the pre-war holos."
Ashur With a roar, Henry, in his faded blue jeans and a wifebeater that's basically become one with his skin, flares with nuclear power and charges! It doesn't do much of anything to the spry Scarlet, but the two ghouls that were with him certainly appreciate it.
Ashur Things look grim! Though the group of radiant monsters has been thinned, the plucky band of heroes are wounded, poisoned, and in poor position to continue the fight! From their safe perch on the roof, Shreya and Kellys can only watch, helpless, as the slavering trio of shinies hobble their way up shingles and ivy and upper-floor balconies, using one another as footstools--

By Atom's holy light! Just as they're overcoming the roof's edge to attack and devour, he sees fit to DIVIDE THEM. Not with radiation or explosions, no, but with a power few realize he has!


They slip; they tumble. They spin in the air. And they smack, headfirst, into the concrete sidewalk and twitch.

All that remains are the two assaulting Scarlet. You can do it, heroes.. !
Scarlet Scarlet reloads another clip into her SMG and wouldn't admit it but she was sweating bullets between the heat, the radiation and how much ammo she had burned, "Well, it seems like Atom is on our side today." There's no enthusiasm in her voice at all as she unloads into Henry shredding the ghoul to fleshy-pulpy bits before turning her attention to the swarm and emptying the clip again.

So much for saving a few caps...
Kellyn No longer puking, Kellyn stops swaying and shots off his guns *CRACK POP BLAM BOOM* four times. One bullet hits. It's enough that he isn't being soaked in radiation, though. To Scarlet, "You come here often, darlin?" is called out as she decimates one of the ghouls.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands up as the glowing ones are scrambling up to reach the rooftop. If they do, they feast. She hurries to the edge and points her rifle over the edge. Its too close to use the scope so point and shoot is the order of the day. She shoots one of them in the leg, scrambling to work the bolt before blasting a hole in the chest of another. "Atom is with us! Who can stand?! No one!!!" Her screams are quite feverish. Her vulpine smile is a disturbing thing to behold.
Scarlet Scarlet swapped her SMG for her combat knife and slashed and kicked at the feral ghouls while the two up on the roof provided fire support. When the ghouls are done with she cleans her knife off and calls out, "Good luck! I'm getting out of here, I heard Jack's Town is nice this time of year!" She had no clue what was in Jack's Town but it HAD to be better than Roswell! Turning from the pair she began to walk away and head North.
Ashur The adventurer's wrath cannot be denied! There is death and destruction abounding, and a mess of bloodied carcasses who leak glowing trails of irradiated blood-- who knows, maybe Shreya will want to collect it and bathe in it, or drink it, like some sort of radiation vampire. And while there's some mild toxic radiation in the house's paint, and floors, and furniture, and everything else that can't be good for long-term health, right now, the day is won.

All those ghouls who got flung out the window? Well, they wandered off. They're feral. Their brains don't work good.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya waves to the mysterious stranger. "Fortune shines upon those who follow the glow. Farewell friend, Atom keep you." She looks down at Kellyn. "You lived. I expected you to die. Nevertheless, a promise is a promise." She hands the man a bag containing a hundred caps. "For your effort and your wounds. Now...We will need to get you to a doctor I think." She looks at Kellyn critically but there is no hint of sympathy there, more like a scientist studying an insect below glass.
Kellyn And combat is over, adrenalin has stopped kicking in, and Kellyn collapses because he's been heavily irradiated. He coughs violently before reaching out, gesturing Shreya to come closer, while also taking the bag. He hefts it, hefts it a little more, and then croaks. "Thirty..." He coughs, again. Will he survive? "Thirty... more." What? He looks like he might die right then, before his eyes flutter open lucidly. "Thiry eight more caps. To cover the ammo." He coughs again, wavering to his feet.