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Owner Pose
Ironface Jones The weapon shop isn't particularly busy today. There's really only one customer that's doing any shopping and that's Ironface Jones. Standing over by the limited selection of knives he has his chin in his hand as he studies the selection of weapons. Talking to himself he says, "This one looks good for stabbing, but this seems better for slashing..." Yeah, probably a normal day for the big tribal.
Decius The other customer who arrives happens to be Decius who actually bothers to take a look at the rifles, having been told to perhaps try to learn how to use them. Not that he is going to put much effort in it, but still. Of course with Ironface muttering to himself the Legionnaire briefly looks over to him and to the knives. "I suggest keeping an eye open for anything slightly longer than usuall and with a serated edge. Good for either and has practical uses as tool."
Ironface Jones "Yes, that is a good suggestion," Ironface replies before he looks up from the knives to see Decius standing there. "Usually I carry larger weapons, but if I can get a knife it would be handy to have around." When he notes that Decius seems to be looking at guns his head tilts slightly, "You are considering a gun purchase? I have recently donated all of mine to the Steel Brethren, but if I come across another we could trade for it or I could lend it to you."
Decius "Not exactly. I've made a bit of a deal, I teach someone the basics of melee combat and she teaches me how to use a gun. I'm just considering getting myself a gun or simply borrowing one for the lessons. That or I'll at least bring ammo along for the lesson." Decius quickly looks away from the rifles and approaches Ironface and the knives. "Honestly? I think I'm not going to spend my caps on a gun, there are better things to spend them on."
Ironface Jones "I feel as though you are correct. You and I are not meant for guns, there are many others who are better suited to them," offers Ironface with a nod as he moves over a little to let Decius have a better look at the blades. "Other people can shoot for me usually, especially now that I am a Brother of Steel, but if I need to I will use my bow. My great strength allows me to fire an arrow with greater force than some bullets."
Decius "Yes, bow and arrow might be a better idea for me as well. Got to admit though, you being part of what Caldwell tries to turn into a Brotherhood of Steel chapter will look by definition strange. The whole organisation he broke off from is as far as I remember all about collecting, studying and using advanced technology." Decius smirks slightly as he takes a closer look at the knives before instantly grinning even more and turning back to Ironface. "Nothing that can't be fixed with some salvaging though."
Ironface Jones "I am not against using technology, I just do not understand it and do not wish to spend the time needed to learn about it," Ironface admits. "I am good at collecting things, especially after battles. I like the idea of being part of a clan that helps people and does not steal. Those are the core beliefs of the Brotherhood here as Tinman has explained them to me." Ironface makes the attempt to return Decius' grin, but stops about partway through and returns his face to it's neutral position, "I should go scavenging again soon. Last time I went I found this, which I have a plan to examine later." With that he pulls a holodisk out from one of his belt pouches to show it off.
Decius Decius leans sligthly forward to get a better look at the holodisk before shrugging. "Well, you likely are going to need some help with that thing. Its called a disk or something, something used to record information if I remember correctly don't ask me how to use it though. Let someone tech-savy take a look at it."
Ironface Jones "I think I will have Skittles look at it for me. She seems to know what things are that I don't," The big guy replies as he goes to tuck his holodisk away again, carefully making sure it's not going to be smooshed against anything else in his gear. "Or Tinman. He also is knowledgeable about science things. In the Sand Lizard clan we didn't have many science things and had to trade for those we needed, like Radaway."
Decius "Same for the Legion, although they also raided for most of the things they needed if they didn't just ignore it for being too advanced." Having said that he returns to looking at the knives. "Hmm, probably should spend my caps on better armor soon. Weapons are nice and all, but I think my spear is enough for now. I mean, the old armor from the Legion I'm wearing is still good, but it can't keep up with what I know from the NCR and some of the better equipped raider groups I have seen."
Ironface Jones "We did not raid except in retaliation. There seemed to be fewer enemies there and the wastelanders got along because we provided spiritual herbs they did not know how to find," Ironface explains with a little bit of a nod. Then he turns to study Decius' armor and nods one more time, "Additionally, people would be want to stab or shoot you less often. I would like to get more armor that is the same as my helmet, but my new slugger was expensive." He taps his helmet first, then his baseball bat. "I just like to look at the weapons here sometimes."
Decius "Well, the chestpiece and helmet are forged iron and the rest is all leather. Thats all bound to not be able to keep up against some of the better weapons out there, the machinegun that was used against the tinman being proof of that. Got to replace it all sooner or later." Decius briefly taps against the chestpiece of his armor to show it off before slowly making his way to the exit again. "I'll be going though. Take care, yes?"