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Ashur The slot machines' toll like church bells; as levers are pulled and wealth exchanged, a heady mixture of smoke, alcohol, and desperation permeates the air inside like the pregnant storm clouds outside. The day's been marked by intermittent sprinkles, cool showers that offer great relief to the otherwise warm winds that engulf El Dorado. It drives the children to play and the adults indoors-- many of them to the local saloon, which provides all manner of earthly pleasure and recreation.

Ashur, himself, has come not to partake in the degeneracy of gambling, but to avoid a spot of rain. He has a parcel he does not wish to get wet; it is nestled against his chest, snug in the heavy folds of his chalk-whitened toga, curled in the warmth of wool and hair and burning man-vigor.

He stands, with mild curiosity, beneath a large sign that has an old caricature of a tribal chieftain. The feathers of the symbol's headdress are red and white, and the weathered visage is smiling bright, hands open-- beneath, it says SILVER DOLLAR in stylized lettering.

A woman with a Nuka Cola wanders past, sidles up alongside Ashur, puts in her chips and tugs down the slot. Ring-ding-ding go the sinful church bells, and she watches with rapt attention as two laughing Indians and an orange line up.
Kaelyn So, she's finally come to this city, having heard well it was safe, and after her last fiasco with a caravan, coming to a safe walled in city was probably the best way to go. The lushly figured, and rather athletic Kaelyn can be seen sitting at a table playing low-stakes black-jack. Sometimes she wins, some time she looses, she's really just trying to blow off a little steam. Sometimes a sensual, if motherly voice (if you can put the two together) can be heard talking to her "This isn't the best way to make money you know..." to which Kae replies. "Noo, I'm looking to pass a little time and blow off some steam.."

The matronly, mechanical voice then adds "Well I know it wasn't your fault your caravan came under attack... " Kae sighs and shrugs "I dunno if it was anyone's, I was lucky to be able to escape after capture, I just wished I could have salvaged most of my gear... The pistol was one thing, but I really liked my M4-carbine..." She adds and grumbles "Nice gun too..." And now the synthesized voice chims in. "Yes, the picatiny rail, the fore-grip, the ballast, green lazer, silencer, and night vision adaptable long relief scope really made that gun sing..."

The long eared-Kae Perks herears up, the tips of the long tapered appendages twitching before drooping again as she size "Yes yes, remind me of it, least the damned thing was DNA locked... Nobody's really gonna be able to use it, but loosing it was bad..." She then flips over her cards, she has two jacks... Of course the dealer flips over a King and an Ace, and Kae grumbles "Figures..."
Ashur A most curious vision manifests in Ashur's honeyed eyes-- a woman, that much is apparent, from the generous swell of breast to the delicacy of the visage; from the hourglass shape to the voice she speaks in.. a woman hunched over a table, no doubt.

But what sort of woman is that? The behemoth Ashur lurches into motion! A push away from the glassy-eyed harlot of the slot machine, away from the mocking smile of the chieftain, and toward the shadowskinned vixen grumbling over cards. His gaze turns severe, and sweeps over her once, twice, from an angle as he approaches-- shaking the ground, rattling the cards and tables, in motion more akin to a bull than a man. His left arm folds across his abdomen, fingers curled inward, while the right is flexed behind the small of his back. His shoulders are drawn down and back, his spine straight-- it's a militaristic posture, dignified. It suits the queer clothing he wears. Most would not recognize it, but perhaps Kaelyn's education has imprinted upon her the nature of a Toga.

He rumbles, looming high as a mountain over her, and just as broad. "... What are you?"
Kaelyn Kae was quizical as the cards shook... She blinks and looks down curiously, and without looking up answer simply. "Broke..." She adds, the Dealer actually laughs a bit. But CORA speaks up, the voice seemingly coming from the pip-boy like device worn on the woman's arm. "She is an E.L.F. Enhanced Life Form." Kae blinks and stares at her arm a moment... "You really like telling folks that don't you..." She says, and is responded to by CORA "Of course! I perfected your design, much better than that idiot scientist who had different plans. You would be wise to remember that.." Kae sighs and mutters "Yes mother...." Is she sarcastic or serious, maybe both?

Kae turns around and looks -up- she stares a moment, her ears drooping a bit as those crimson eyes study the giant.. "Fee Fii Fo Fum, what beanstalk did you fall from...." She mutters, blinking. CORA immediately admonishes "That's not nice Kaelyn..." Kae sighs and umms looking up at the giant curiously. "As you can guess I'm Kaelyn..." She then motions to her wrist comp.. "That's CORA... My A.I."
Ashur There is a moment where Ashur is not quite sure what he's witnessing; the proud man, for once in his life, doubts the veracity of his senses. "An enhanced lifeform," he repeats, voice a blunt growl. There's no rage in the voice-- it's just how he speaks, the big lug. "A perfected design.. an idiot scientist?"

His lips curl downward in a sneer, a flash of teeth, and the bull snorts, nostrils flaring.

"You are some Vault experiment, then? One of the wasteland's countless deviations." His arm unfolds, and with no small amount of presumption he reaches for the tip of one of those drooping ears. "Or is it costume? Well-done prosthetics, if so." The words are punctuated by rough, thick fingertips caressing the pointed end of the ear, with all the curious delicacy of a man touching the leaf blade of a spear.

"You merely look like a well-fed woman with strange ears. What is enhanced about you?"
Kaelyn The affected ear twitches and Kae moves a bit to the side. "It's not prosthetics, and I didn't come from a Vault..." She says and tilts her head curiously "You allways grab at a lady's ears?" she asks curiously, watching the big fellow for a bit before she shrugs and casually reaches for a card, it's out of her reach, yet somehow the card lifts off the table and lights gently in her hand. She holds it up between two fingers. "For better or worse, I'm a artificially created Psy... A telekinetic, though my Tk hasn't manifested in such a profound way for me to do much more than what you just saw..."

CORA interjects at this point "Oh it will, It will." The Mad scientist laugh is probably left out, but this would be a good place for that... CORA then adds "Physical attributes such as agility, and toughness were also enhanced, as well as her hearing and visual prowess." CORA then goes over a mind numbing list of genetic modifications done to the girl, intentionally leaving out other modifications, or at the very least just not describing them in layman's terms, but honestly, Ashur probably doesn't need to know...

"Aaaand there you go again, bragging... seriously Not everyone needs to know every little genome resequence..." Kae says and sighs, when CORA Adds "Kaelyn here is litterally as close to what she was before her complete genetic rewrite, as you are sir!" Kae then head-desks and sighs... "Stop Braaaagiiiiing." Kae adds and glances to Ashur "Sorry, CORA likes to droll on about how extensively rewritten I am..."
Ashur The ear twitches and Ashur withdraws his hand. That heavy brow furrows, his eyes drifting down Kaelyn's figure; they linger, with a certain blatant appreciation, on her more womanly assets, though the movement of that intense gaze indicates he isn't merely scoping her out. When at last it returns to her face, the narrowing of his eyes, the sternness of his mouth-- all combines to give the muscle-bound Roman barbarian an oppressive focus, his golden skin flush with tension.

"When I was a boy, I found a book; a recounting of ancient history, done in pictures. It was stored in a cubby in an abandoned treehouse. Within its pages, I saw the story of a great warrior, whose skin could not be cut, and who could slay any foe; he met a woman like you in a city deep beneath the earth, where a glittering people worshipped spiders."

This sounds more like a comic book than an actual historical journal.

"I do not understand what your computer says," he gripes, looking down at it. "You do not look so impressive to me; a beautiful example of a woman, as if carved from dark stone, to be sure-- bloody-eyed and moon-kissed. But these.. enhancements you speak of. I doubt."
Kaelyn Kaelyn says, "@emit Currently a person that has to resemble something out of a fairy tail is talking to a giant in a toga. The woman resembles closely a drow, or an elf of some sort, from the crimson eyes, the white hair, all the way to the very dark-toned skin. She glances up to Ashur after he says something, and Kae tilts her head and looks back at the giant curiously, then grins "You speak of the Drow... Yah, the 'crazed' scientist CORA spoke of was the one who made sure I would look this way." she adds and then shrugs. "It's something I have come to terms with, and I live with it as such things are unchangeable at the moment." She then tilts her head curiously at his comments and shrugs.

Kae then hmms... "Proof is in the look I guess? How many folks have you seen like me? And why would you doubt the other suggested modifications, when you can plainly see I exist?" She asks again curious to see the Giant's reaction to her statement. CORA, then calls out, the voice coming from her forearm. "She may not look like much now, but she is built for dexterity, nimblness and charisma, not to be a hulking pile of brute strength." The synthesized female voice then piles down as Kae sighs, and then reaches out to pick up her drink and take a pull on it."
Ashur "Drow." The titan tests the word; tastes it upon his tongue, clicking the roof of his mouth and dropping his chin on the second syllable. It is the first time in his life he has ever heard the word or said it; it delights him like some exotic candy. "You are the creation of a scientist to make a drow; a race of dark-skinned and silver-haired women from beneath the earth." Those golden eyes linger on Kae's face as she speaks and he considers, the unblinking weight of his gaze never breaking contact with the bloody mirrors of the woman-- indeed, he rather likes how he seems twisted in those clear orbs, painted red like a tyrant of war.

"Are there more like you? I would enjoy seeing this city of drow; I would add one to my brides, and learn their ways. In the annal I read, they seemed to know magical secrets, and could command the Earth itself to obey them. I would take a shaman of theirs as wife, and she could help me purge the accursed land of Dunwich."

Yes, the barbarian rather likes the idea of learning elf-magic after a quest and cleansing the evil of Dunwich.

The computer's sass is mostly ignored. "A woman does not need brute strength," he agrees. Sort of? It's not -really- what CORA was suggesting.
Abe     It's not a long ride to Acme.'Not a long ride back either. It's a hot one, however. Anything you do in New Mexico in the tail-end of the summer is bound to be hot.

It's not what drew Abe past the bar and into the casino but it helped, helped him walk right in and eye up the usual suspects, some unusual suspects as well. Halted in his tracks, Abe reaches out to stop a Handy server as well, trading a coin or two for a mug that it had on a serving trey, "Hey, quick favor. Big guy over there, he's sitting with someone, right?" hovering on it's jet of flame, the Mr. Handy turned one of it's several eyes towards the table in question. It's sensor focusing and unfocusing. "Why yes, Sir. It does appear that he is!" replied the ever jovial machine, it's canned, british accent sounding in reply.

"Good... good." Abe assured himself... He couldn't be sure these days. He wasn't sleeping well. With a appreciative pat to the side of the Handy's chassis, Abe carried on, intruding. He claimed a seat at the card table, and laid out a few caps for his wagers, "The hell'd you find, Ashur?" he wondered of the giant. Kaelyn got the looking... that she'd be accustomed too, piqued curiosity and mild confusion... He asked because, although he was sure someone was there, he was not sure it was as he was seeing.
Kaelyn "Well that is what I was made to -look like-." Kae says and blinks for a moment as things go into race that lives under the ground and finally shamanistic magics? Her jaw drops, revealing those elongated incisors of hers briefly as she just kind of stares at the giant curiously. "Umm sir? I'm a Psyker, and good with sneeking around and shooting things with guns at great distance... I also have an ok science background..." She says and tilts her head "Earth magic, and elemental control like you speak of is well beyond my range. If I am lucky, sometime in the future I'll be able to hurl things as big as vehicles with my mind, but that's it." She adds. Then she glances to Abe curiously, those crimson eyes of hers focussing on him.

At this point CORA pipes in "Hallo so! What Ashur has found is Kaelyn! She is an E.L.F. An Enhanced Life Form, a fully customized..." Kae promptly puts her hand over the speeker, muffling CORA at this point "I said don't just go around telling everyone like some kind of commercial, it's not like you can sell more of me." she says with a sigh... Kae then glances at Abe curiously and nods "Uh yah, I'm Kaelyn... How're you?"
Ashur With a lingering hnn, the brutish Ashur continues to stare down at Kae. She's pretty enough, and he's nakedly chauvinistic enough, that ogling her doesn't bother him-- but everything about her is just so damn strange that he can't even relax into his libido. She's a drow? She's just in a drow costume? She was made by a mad scientist and isn't magical, but can totally perform magical tricks with her brain?

He shakes his head. "Girl," he decides, "come with me to the church tomorrow. Or Dunwich. Perhaps the sweet Sister will know more of your nature; she is a wise woman, and from her Good Book she knows much of the old world. And Dunwich.. whatever witchcraft lingers in your black blood must surely resonate with such an evil place. Perhaps you can help me slay the spirits that have tormented me."

It's not said as an offer so much as an order, with an unspoken 'do this or else' in the gravelly bass tones.

As for Abe's question? The giant pivots on a heel and affixes him with a dreadfully earnest look. "She is an experiment from beneath the earth by a man of science to create drow. Drow are beautiful women who live underground."
Abe     Red eyes meet brown, deep-set and a little bleary, the underside hung with dark circles that can just barely be made out through the heavy rims of his glasses. Her arm speaks and his attention shifts. His doesn't do that...

He's likely happy that it does not. "Uh huh." it is not so much speaking as open-mouthed grunting that is meant to convey some sense of understanding... Between her, her arm, and Ashur... Abe gives up. Sure, elfs, right. Makes as much sense as-

'spirits that have tormented me.'

Abe blanches, stills. His attention shifts, lifts... higher. Yup, there he goes. It's comforting to know he wasn't the only soul not getting a good night's sleep because of that place... even if Samhain had done what sahe could.

"Right... right." The Scribe answered Ashur, head bobbing absently, his shoulders shifting in a weak shrug, "I mostly just called those Vault Girls."

"Abe." he offered her, stretching his far-hand across his body and over to her in offer, "Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald if you want the whole damn thing." he explained. His grip would be firm, a slight squeeze, a pump or two and then he'd let it go, his hand slipping back to the table and turning to the handle of his mug, bringing it to his lips for a moment, "Tired... and sober. I am having more luck with one than the other at the moment." he confesses, "Welcome to El Dorado. You make as much or as little sense as a lot of other things around here."
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Ashur, staring a moment, jaw now slack as her left eye twitches. And yah the enlarged canines she has are visible again as she stares at the Giant... Of course arguing with 400+pounds of human being is a bad idea... "Ummm sure?" she says, voice showing she is very much so not sure about what Ashur just said.

An actual giggle can be heard, though muffled from Kae's wrist as CORA laughs at Kae's situation, evidently the A.I. finds this whole thing funny. Kae's attention goes back to Abe, then the Vault Girl comment, and Kae now snickers a little bit at the joke, then takes Abe's hand, the girl's grip is pretty firm, she's no power-house but she isn't at all a weakling. "Ummm, Yah, well thanks for the welcome. After my last mishap, I had to come here and all, in need of a good set of firearms and some new armor as mine was stolen."

Kae sighs agan "And I had such a nice customized M4 Carbine too..." she says "And a good 1911 Mark II..." she adds and shrugs. "Ah well, maybe I'll find them again or get better."
Ashur "Ere the break of dawn tomorrow, I will meet you outside this saloon," the giant rumbles, looming over the elf. "I will bring you a weapon; should you prove useful to me, consider it a gift for services rendered. But I do not think you will need it, little elf-- between your sorcery and my might, there is nothing that will withstand us!"

It is worth mentioning Ashur has not seen the woman perform any magic short of levitating a card, which any sort of huckster could do. The sheer oddity of her appearance is sufficient to convince him she is some sort of supernatural entity that can break curses or bless him like a hero of old; nothing is likely to convince the bull otherwise, judging by the stubborn set of his jaw.

His attention cuts back to Abe now and he nods. "I, too, thought she was from a Vault. But the Vault girls I have found do not perform tricks, nor are their ears," and at this he reaches out once more to tweak the arrow-tip of one of Kae's long ears, "are normal. Look! She can move hers; she is something different."

Like an animal in a cage at a zoo!

He then folds his arms behind his back again, straightening his back. "I can hear the rain relenting outside; it is time I bring my bride her present. Scribe, drow, vale."
He turns to leave.
Abe     "That right?" Abe wondered aloud... he was vaguely reminded about the game when the dealer cleared their throat. He moved some caps around as well as cards. He checked them briefly before turning his attention back towards Kae, "You'll get yourself sorted quickly, I imagine. Can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a gun. I've seen more guns than dead cats, in fact. Not a complaint, mind you." he prattled before taking another drink.

Ashur pipes.. no, pipes can't be used for Ashur, can it. booms or rumbles. Something like that, throaty like distant thunder. Ashur speaks as he speaks and Abe's gaze swingf around and up to him, then to her ears. His lips purse thoughtfully as the giant mentions her ears and gives them a tweek. Abe grunts, bemused. Bemused, a word with more meanings that tools on a simple swiss army knife. We'll say it's the thoughtful one here. "So she does."

With the giant's promise of departure, Abe offers his half-assed salute. Fore and middle finger to his brow, cocked away with a motion of his wrist. "Safe travels." he bade the man.

"Armor" he drew a breath, picking up the topic. Laying his glasses aside and dragging the palms of his hands down either side of his face, "Bit more difficult to find? The good stuff still has people in it. Shops have some but they know what they're doing with the prices..." he resets the glasses and fixes her with a weather eye. Shifting, he rocks back in his seat, trying to eyeball the width of her shoulders, the trim of her waist. His bleary eyes even twinke a bit as he considers other measurements. He grunts, hunching forward, arms braced on the card table. "I've got something. Might be able to let it go, not the best. I'd be wearing it otherwise, y'know?"
Kaelyn Kae twitches again as her ear is tweeked... But then again, one doesn't argue with 400 lb human gorillas, at least when you're not fully armed.. Kae nods and shrugs.. "I can do what I can I guess in helping you with this church... Fare the well Ashur" Cora then jumps in "Just say bye, and don't get sucked into that kinda talk you goofy girl!" Kae then mutters "Yes mum..." of course this gets a huff from the A.I. Kae then offers a wave as Ashur wanders out...

Kae's attention now focusses on Abe curiously as her ears perk, yah they twitch upward.. "Any help is appreciated..." She says with a smile.
Abe     Abe's head bobbed in answer, "Right, you stay put here." Abe informed her, tapping the table for minor emphasis as he pushed back from the table and stood up. "I'll be back, see hwat I can't dig out of the mess." he explains... and just kind of wanders off with the stride of a man that knows his way around but is in no hurry to get there. He returns maybe ten minutes later, a heavy set of leathers folded over one arm and a rifle hanging from his shoulder by the strap. "Ashur might be able to fix you with something better.... but honest answer, I wouldn't roll into Dunwich with a tank if I had one." he confessed. He took a moment and eyed the table, features working into a considerate quirk. He slipped the dealer a few caps. They weren't going to be playing much. Not when Abe had to do a bit of work.

He laid the rifle across the table, a standard carbine, nothing fancy but in good condition.

"Alright, now try these on. I've got some spare leather, I can let it out and take it in here and there if you need me to."
Kaelyn Kae blinks as she stares at the assault carbine. Suddenly a -big- smile crosses the dark complected E.L.F. And she picks the rifle up. She disengages the magazine first, and pulls on the charging handle, looking down the breach, before she turns it around, spinning it as if she were in a military drill while checking the balance of the weapon. The girl then sites down the barrel while looking at one of the chandoliers here, and turns the weapon slightly sideways, still siting as iff peaking a corner. Her grin gets even bigger, before she nods quietly, and gently sets the firearm down. Yes evidently she wasn't joking when she said she knows her way around a gun.

CORA then pipes in "Oh thanks sir, this is right up our alley!" of course now that CORA has piped in Kae smiles and nods now "Definately many thanks." She adds, before she starts trying to work her way into the leathers, after of course removing her trench coat. It's obvious after a bit, that well it needs to probably be let out a little bit in the chest, as her designer was a bit of a pervert, and made the girl rather gifted, or cursed in that area...
Abe     Abe puts himself back in his chair and occupies himself with his beer for a few more moments. It dwindles as he seeks it's minor solace. He keeps a eye on her as she soldiers out the rifle, less so as she works on the armor. "Yeah, that'll be some work." he agreed with no one after a few moments. His attention settled on the table, he moved abandoned cards here and there with the tip of his finger.

"And seeing as how you didn't have any gear on account of robbery, I can't imagine you've got caps coming out of your ears to pay for it either..." he reasoned along, peering at her from the corner of his eye through that narrow gap that glasses do not cover. "What about room and board, do you have that covered already?"
Kaelyn Kae sighs and nods "Ayup, very much so a lack of money, 325 caps to my name, I havn't a place to stay yet.. I think I can afford a meal. I'm hoping to hunt up work, and now that I've the rifle, it should be easier." she says and grins "I can pay you back in time, I'm good for it." She adds again.. CORA pipes in "I'll make sure of that!" Kae then sighs and glances at the wrist com... "There's a time when A.I's should be quiet right?" CORA responds now. "In your dreams missy!" Kae then blinks and looks to Abe now, before glancing back at her wrist com...

"If I havn't introduced you, this is CORA." she says and motions to her highly modified PIP... "She's the A.I. that, I made sure I got the requisite programming and alteration to be able to survive this world while I was stuck in an underground incubation chamber..." CORA then pipes in "Oh and there is soooo much more programming and hidden knowledge in her that she just hasn't been able to access yet. she will though! She will!" Kae blinks at the ominous sound, she then points out "You know, you sound just like that Mad Scientist that started this whole mess..."
Abe     "So not a Vault Girl as much as a Vat Girl" he mused absently, bracing his elbow on the table and resting his chin against a upraised fist. A tasteless joke but taste had a way of wearing thin. He is tickled by his own turn of phrase, his lips lightly quirked. He listened as the pair exposited, interest twinkling in his eye... it looked like a base 3000 with some work done... to be able to work a self-aware AI into the memory was impressive... That could come in handy in a few days but it was worth a note now. "Pleasure to meet you." he replied, nodding along here and there. "So long as you've got your own, nagging concience there on your arm, I imagine we can talk numbers later. I'll say the armor's gratis. Pulled that off of some poor bastard that didn't need anymore. Should help until you find something better." he mused. "As far as room and board, the Caines know the importance of a good bed and clean sheets in the Gold Digger. Ain't tried the hotel down the way..." he mused, hand shifting from his chin to stroke thoughtfully at the bristle of his jaw, "I'd stay clear of shanty town... More because you need to conserve your ammo than any danger. 5mm rounds arn't expensive but that gun's not exactly on a diet."
Kaelyn Suddenly Kae yawns, then nods. The girl stands up.. "I'll grab me a room at the hotel I guess... I won't be hard to find and all.. and I'll avoid Shanty town.." Kae laughs a bit at the mention of diet with assault rifles... "Yaaah, you can put a lot of ammunition down range quick with one of these." she says and grins "It's a whole lot like my old M4... I love it, I'll make sure you're paid back." She adds and oh's "If ya ever need another gun for any reason, just give me a call, I'll help how I can... I'm pretty good at sneeking around and shooting things. Getting a better hand on the information that keeps popping into my head too, like hacking and working with technology..." she adds, CORA hmmms, and Kae puts a hand over her speeker again... A muffled "That doesn't really work you know." Can be heard coming from her forearm before Kae sighs... "Again, I thank you for your help. If you need me you know where to find me." She says as she stands. THe girl now shouldering the rifle, before she makes her way toward the door....
Abe     Seems they both arrived at about the same idea. Abe rose from his seat. Not quite to see her off but it seemed like he was being gentlemanly rather than just being ready to seek out his own bunk. "I'll keep you in mind the next time I'm out looking for trouble." he promised, giving her that very same, half-assed salute. "In the mean time, keep yourself in as few pieces as possible... and steer clear of Dunwich by yourself." he warned.