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Owner Pose
Salvatore Baby blue eyes make their gaze slide on over to the newcomer, and Salvatore reaches over to grab his whiskey and lift it in a greeting. He doesn't take a drink, though, putting it back to the countertop. "Mornin, doll. Someone trying to roll one over on you already? A bit early for that."
Alasa Alasa laughs and shakes her head, "Na, on the way back into town I stopped at the Lone Star shop. Heard something about new merchandise arriving...but the, be nice...but I'd have to find a gold mine for that." As she stretches her hands a bit.
Salvatore "So you're not interested in lending me about five thousand caps for some power armour? I promise, I'll be real swell and pay 'em back real quick," Sal flashes a bright white smile at Alasa, absently gesturing at the bartender and tossing down some caps with a motion to pour another drink, though for the Cherokee. "I made a stop in there, myself. Had some real gems, didn't it?"
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Not likely..yeah, some intereting things..but nothing I couldn't live with out. Sides, the fancier things are, the more often the break." Smiles as she takes the glass, and raises it up.."To finding things we need."
Salvatore "To finding ice, to making scratch, to glomming anything not under latch," Salvatore flashes bright white teeth again as he toasts in return, lifting his glass, then knocking it back. The empty is placed on the bar's top. "I did hear from someone that there's a cap mine outside town somewhere, actually. Not that I've ever taken to mining, myself, but it's the kind of thing that'd make me start. You been in El Dorado long?"
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, ", I'd have to pass on that...that seems like it would be some kind of job. I'm more into finding things..well that, and trying to break the bank in the casino." She shrugs a bit, "Long enough...I wander through now and then...though I often just stay out in the wasteland..I have this mansion, upstairs swimming pool, downstairs tennis know, little place."
Salvatore "Yeah? A swimming pool that doesn't irradiate you? Sounds swanky," Salvatore cocks an eyebrow, New Vegas accent as present as ever. "New to town, myself. Decided to stop and stay a while when I heard about the trouble with the Old Mayor. Seems like that bull's a bad apple, and I wanted to go say hello. He knew some friends of mine, and did wrong by them, too." He shrugs, very slightly. "So what kinda scratch you find? Besides huge mansions. You make a good living like that, I imagine, around here."
Alasa Alasa says, "I make enough to live...never hit anything really big out some leather recently. I do see a lot though...refugees coming up from mexico...odd creatures part man, part beast. Keeps things..interesting."
Salvatore "Most lucky find I've had since arriving was a nice, new, fresh chainmail vest. Probably sell it to someone in need," Sal replies, before shifting and canting his head to the side. "You hear anything about the former Mayor Solomon, ever?"
Alasa Alasa nods, "Oh, yeah...he was brought up at the townhall the other night...something about went north or something..but hes on the watchlist if someone can find him.
Salvatore "There'd be a good lick, eh?" Salvatore grins. "Missed the town hall meeting, myself, doll, so that's appreciated as a bit of hearsay, and you have my thanks." He pauses. "So, without giving me any of your professional secrets, where are the best spots to scavenge outside town?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Where theres no people, and it looks like no ones been the for a long time..really the farther you get away from town the better. I mean, what goods knowing underneath shantytown is a crate of rifles, if there are dozens of buildings in the way." She nods, "Or you could always try your luck at the tables in the casino...who knows, might win a buck.:"
Salvatore "Is there a crate of rifles under Shantytown?" the New Vegas legitimate businessman asks, though he nods easily at the last. "Casino's something I'm used to. Feels like home."
Alasa Alasa shrugs, "Who knows...can't remove a town to get to it. Sides, theres a whole vault down there...beneath things. Prolly all kind of wonders
Salvatore "Probably shouldn't," Sal's agreement is easy, before he stands up to his feet and offers a last, crooked smile her way. "Pleasure's all mine, miss, meeting you."
Alasa Alasa says, "Alasa...just like the state, but without the K for obvious reasons. I'm sure you'll see me around."