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Qwillis     Qwillis is in the main room of the clinic with Kellyn who's resting on a cot. After having just got Kellyn some whiskey, Qwillis is checking him over while looking around for where the radaway might be at. "He's actually someone who hired me for it. There's a holodisk in it for me if I make it.. It's slow. It took me two years to get my arm and leg back and tendons are easy compared to nerves of the eye.."
Iris Lark Iris walks into the clinic from Shantytown, a happy smile on her face. She's clean, the kind of squeaky clean that doesn't come from a bath or a swim. She spots Kellyn and Qwillis and she makes her way to them. "You don't look so great, Kellyn, what happened?"
Kellyn "I can only imagine what a fuckin' piss-all job it's gotta be. Easier to retire a man out the military than to get him a new eye, from my experience, so you've got your work cut out," Kellyn nods slightly, and then he looks nauseous. He pauses to cough, cough, and dry retch a little, and then after a moment's pause he rolls to his side and continues. "But I mean that in an encouraging way. You're fighting the good fight. Known more than one or two in my past that could've used someone trying to fix them instead of giving up." When Iris speaks, the former ranger gives her a wan sort of smile. "Tried dancing with some glowing ferals in Roswell. Some mean sumbitches."
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head slightly. "I don't give up. Two years of working on my own.. one handed for most of it. I refuse to give up. I think the only time someone should give up is when they're dead." Looking to Iris, Qwillis pauses, then smiles slightly. "Radiation sickness I believe. By him dealing with glowers as he said."
Iris Lark Iris nods absently and after another pause she turns and lithely steps up on a shelf and pulls down some RadAway. "This'll take the edge off, but you're gonna need to rest for a day, maybe two." She says, making her way back towards the pair. "Any other injuries besides that?" She asks, setting up an infusion kit so she can administer the bagged liquid.
Kellyn "Got beat up a little. You should see the other guys," Kellyn cracks, before wincing a little at the wave of nausea that hits. "I mean, they're splattered on the street, but you get the gist." He grins at Qwillis suddenly. "Keep that attitude, buddy. That's the kind of shit that'll keep people living in this wasteland."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles slightly and taps his right hand. "This is my proof of it. Why I'm continuing to expand my knowledge of science. I'm going to try and set up a lab soon so I can get even further into the research.. But I think if people band together, we can make something of this place. We may not recover to the nations of the past.. but we don't have to be savages beating on each other either.."
Iris Lark "From your mouth.." Iris says, smiling over at Qwillis as she checks Kellyn for injuries. She finds a few scrapes and bruises and she quietly treats them as the RadAway makes it into his system. "We didn't have any of this until a few days ago." She says, gesturing towards the bag that's hooked up to Kellyn. "I've been trying to get the chemical composition right on this and a few other things the last few days. I think I'm getting better at it though, managed to make some mentats too."
Kellyn "I don't feel like dyin," Kellyn offers encouragement as the probably-RadAway-and-not-poison enters his bloodstream. He holds off on talking for a moment to make sure he's doing well, and then leans over to vomit into a trash receptable by the cot. Radiation poisoning! It's a while before he can speak up again. "Shoot, that's... That's some shit. And you not leanin' towards NCR or something, then?" The last to Qwillis.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses thoughtfully as he'd look at the bag Iris put up. Glancing over to Kellyn, he'd raise his brows. "Hmm? Oh.. Well, I have a lot of respect for the NCR.. but I'm not exactly a fighter." He'd shake his head, tapping that metal left leg. "I'm not fast. My study has always been more into mechanics, than physical confrontations.. While I know how to shoot a gun.. I'd rather work on cybernetics and robotics to help everyone with a better life."
Iris Lark Iris keeps her mouth shut when the talk turns to the NCR and as she finishes tending the scraps that Kellyn, the bag attached to his arm empties and she gently removes the infusion kit. "You should be okay now, there will be some lingering nausea and general body malaise. You feel anything beyond general aches and pains, come back and see me." She says, as she moves to put away her supplies. "That will be ten caps." She looks uncomfortable, her gaze on her feet as she says the last.
Kellyn Kellyn glances between the two, dutifully fishing out ten caps with shaking, irradiated hands, and handing them over to Iris. He pauses a long time before gesturing at his folded duster, eyes going between the two. "I didn't mean to bring up politics. I just like to think I was right, in stoppin' here and joining the militia, and that El Dorado is an indepdent town where one can live for a while and not be pressed into service." He shrugs, slightly, coughing three times into a fist. "Blame the rads for shitty conversation skills."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Kellyn. "Iris.. has her reasons. As for me, no, there's no one pressing anyone into service. While I travelled the wasteland, returning home... NCR were helpful to me. I respect what they do. But I'm no fighter. I'll support those who can.. you included, hmm?" He'd chuckle softly and move to stop near Iris, touching her shoulder. "Supplies take caps. People understand.. don't feel bad asking for it.. ok?"
Iris Lark Iris gives Qwillis a grateful smile and nods, gazing from him to Kellyn before she wrinkles her nose. "I don't have anything against the NCR, it's the Legion I hate. I just..everyone fights, all the time, and I think somewhere along the way most of us lost the reasons why and now just fight." She awkwardly shrugs and tugs at the hem of her shirt. "I'm all for violence when it has a good reason, but lately the reasons never seem good."
Kellyn "Seen some dark sides of both, miss, and been there for some of them, too," Kellyn admits, a little out of it and overly-talkative today due to Rad-Away and injuries. His voice is a bit thick from the drugs. He nods at Qwillis, "And nothing's free, is it? People will come to offer alms in a building they feel safe in; they'll feel safe 'cause I helped clear out some ferals, and got paid for it; I got injured, so I pass some caps to you for keeping me alive. Way of the world." He coughs again. "I dinnae if the reasons for violence ever seem real good, unless you're on one side to begin with, or the winning side at the end."
Qwillis     Qwillis sighs softly. "Only the winner writes the history books." He'd smile to Iris, then looks to Kellyn with a small nod. "I.. wield a gun to defend myself. Otherwise? I'm searching for knowledge. Information. To be able to help everyone. I want to build robots so that we can have their help like in the past." He'd pause, looking to Iris thoughtfully. "I heard a rumor.. that there use to be a big cache of robots around here.. They were stored due to damage."
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and nods towards Qwillis. "Under Vault Town, sort of.. Vault Team Six is clearing out some of the sealed off areas of the Vault to use as a base." She rubs a hand along her arm and sighs. "Now we're going to do it so we can find a replacement for Alice. Her robot? I called him Deathbot, but..she found him down there and reprogrammed him, and he was..he did well by us." Her gaze moves to Kellyn and she leans in, checking him for fever. "You did good then, helping people be safe. Not too many can say that anymore, they're out for themselves or for power."
Kellyn With Iris checking him for fever, Kellyn closes his eyes briefly and kind of frowns. He's silent a moment.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles lightly to Iris. "I know I'm not part of the team.. but I would like to help with that. If I can. If I can get my hands even on a broken robot.. it will help my research a lot." He'd muse, then, watching Kellyn for a moment. "Should maybe let him sleep in one of the rooms?"
Vera Vera finds her way into the clinic, slipping quietly into the building. She lets her eyes drift about a moment as she makes note of the place. "Not bad, seems like it should be able to handle most things."
Iris Lark "He can sleep out here where I can keep two eyes on him." Iris murmurs, pulling a blanket from beneath the bed and covering him with it. She gives Qwillis a look and she nods. "I'll speak to Alice about it, I doubt she'll turn away aid, because we could use it." When Vera walks in, Iris raises her chin and walks over to the woman with a welcoming smile. "Good afternoon, welcome to the Shantytown Clinic, do you need some help?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles towards Iris with a small nod, then looks over to Vera as she'd talk. He'd turn to face her, watching Iris talk to her as he'd shift that right arm behind his back slightly self conciously. He'd not comment, simply shift on his feet slightly with the small shuffling noise of metal on wood.
Vera Vera gives a nod of her head, "Afternoon...well, yes and no would be the answer to that question, Sort of a mixed bag I guess you could call it. The yes part would be..the trip to El Dorado was a bit tough, so a bit out of sorta. The no part, well when I get to a new town..I like to know where things are. I mean sure, the milita has its own facilities...but its nice to know where other ones are, if times is of the know?"
Iris Lark Iris cants her head slightly, nodding along with Vera, a smile on her face. "Oh, absolutely." She agrees, and then she gestures to an empty examination table. "If you've got wounds, I can treat them for you while we get to know one another, perhaps?" She shifts on her feet and adds. "That's up to you, of course, I wouldn't presume to step on a militia medic's toes."
Vera Vera eyes the table, "oh, its nothing serious...just what happens on the trail. No bullet holes or things like that." As she moves over, "But nothing wrong with looking and getting know those around."
Iris Lark "You are quite right." Iris agrees, taking a step back so Vera could sit on the table if she decided to. Her cheeks go pink and she looks embarassed. "Where are my manners, Iris Lark." She holds out a hand to shake and offers Vera a smile. "I help run the Clinic here, and can usually be found around Shantytown if needed."
Vera Vera shakes the offered hand, "Vera O'shay...recent arrival...still don't even have all my gear yet. Here to lend a hand, if things start getting too bad out there...heard you had a bit of trouble recently, thought I could be useful."
Iris Lark "There is always trouble around here, if we're honest." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder as she chuckles softly. "Not *in* the clinic, mind you. I try to keep people from shooting or hitting each other here, at least." She wrinkles her nose and smiles at Vera. "So, tell me about these injuries from the trail, and I'll see what I can do to help."
Qwillis     Qwillis kind of keeps off to the side of course, as they'd talk. When Iris is setting up to tend Vera, he'd move to help her get set up. Qwillis smiles over to Vera with a small nod. "I'm Qwillis, by the way. tinkerer and.. uh.. Doctor aide, I guess?" He'd shrug slightly with that chuckle. "It's good to see another Militia in town.."
Vera Vera nods, "Well, this is trouble thats coming in like a storm...this boss solomon seems intent on taking over all of new mexico, putting together some kind of family to help him with it. Don't reckon I like that idea." She nods, "Oh, you know..scuffs and abrasions mostly..a bit of sunburn..I forgot my hat." She looks to Qwillis, "I try to help when I can."
Iris Lark "Scuffs and abrasions are easy enough to deal with." Iris replies, moving to get some salve and bandages. "That storm that's coming is going to break here soon. I don't think people are as aware as they should be, or preparing enough for it." She sighs softly and sets down her supplies. "This won't take but a few minutes."
Qwillis     Qwillis would help as he can, although he's polite and turns his back if it gets to risque for where Iris has to help Vera. Looking out the door, he'd frown slightly. "I'm glad I'm not on the streets anymore. With such trouble coming.. Shanty-town is going to get hit first. It's going to be hard.. and I need to learn some of the medical abilities so I can help suppliment Iris, I think."
Vera Vera nods, "yeah, I have to agree...nice place, but if they come sweeping through here like I think they might." She just lets it hang there, "Thats why I'm here, to do what I can...well, if it gets too bad, I'm sure we can move people into the city proper." As the treatment starts she relaxes a bit.
Vuk Wham Bam, Cling Clang. That would be Vuk smacking into the door as he comes out from the back where Iris has been -trying- to make him stay as to not get him self killed. "Stop seeing eye pig." He says, like it is entirely Bacon's fault he can't see. "He stole the bread, I swear. I didn't throw it for him to chase." He says, assault rifle as a cane, prodding along with the muzzle.
Iris Lark "This place is ..more sound than some of the other structures around here." Iris replies, her nose wrinkling a bit. "But yes, it would..." She glances towards the back room and smirks. "Stop subverting my piglet, it's not his job to take care of you." She laughs, shoving Vuk semi-gently onto an examination table.
Kaelyn A synthesized sultry, yet matronly voice can be heard "See, this is where they said the Clinic was." To which another female voice mutters "Yah, I gathered that, hence we found the place.. By the way your map was wrong, and now I'm going to have to find a way to get some of these bruises and cuts taken care of..." At that point the door opens and in walks a site, a 5'10" dark skinned 'elf'? The woman scans the entry room, crimson eye scan the room as the synthesized woman-voice can be heard again, probably coming from the pip-boy like device on the woman's left forearm "I bet these people here won't try to beat on you with a bat..." Kae lifts her arm and looks at the device now, eyes squinting as her eartips lower slightly and back "You're the one who called that big balled fellow an 8-ball... He didn't even know what you were talking about and still took offense, CORA."

CORA the device now sounds defensive, well a little bit. "I was just joking around! How was I supposed to know he'd get al upset and try to beat on you with a baseball bat..." Kae then glances up from her argument with her wrist computer and blinks, before offering a bit of a wave and a slight embarrassed smile.. "Hehehe.. Umm, Hi?"
Vuk Vuk is being man handled, the crime! The Crime! Well, he doesn't seem to mind, given before she can fully push him around, he'll try to steal a playful kiss from Iris. "I thought he was? What else am I feeding him for?" He asks, settling in the standard poke, prod, threaten with a needle. "So is it true Iris? Twins? Congratulations!"
Kellyn Kellyn shifts a little. He's on a cot, on his side, with his armour piled up next to him; the former ranger looks a little pale. He coughs once, then tries to sit up, having let the Rad-Away really get hitting in his system. "Shit. Dozed off." He latches onto something in the conversation, nodding at Iris belatedly. "Travelers I've talked to, helped escort through the territory, any of 'em from down south tell the same story. There's some shit coming this way." He wobbles a little, eyes flicking to take in the various newcomers.
Vera Vera looks back and forth as suddenly there are two very distinct and different new arrivals. "Ok, this place surly does get my attention..quite an unusual crown you get here."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly and glances to Vuk as he'd come out the back. Sighing softly with a small shake of his head. "You're going to get yourself hurt, you keep trying to do that sort of thing, Vuk.." He'd muse as Kellyn stirs and Qwillis goes to check on him. "Easy.. keep it easy. The stuff takes time to work.." When Kaelyn and her.. pipgirl? Come in the door, Qwillis stands and looks towards them. "Hello. Welcome to the clinic. If you just take a seat, the doctor can see you in a moment." He'd move closer, click of metal counterpoint to boot as he'd smile with a motion to a chair. "Anything specific you need help with?"
Iris Lark Iris deftly evades the kiss and eyes the blind man on the exam table. "If it wasn't cruel and unethical, I would sew your mouth shut." She states, turning to smile at Kaelyn, Qwillis speaks up though so she doesn't say anything, just offers the newcomer a polite smile. She moves towards Kellyn, checking over him before she nods. "Looks like you're improving." Stepping away towards Vera she shifts on her feet and treats and dresses her wounds, her fingers moving quickly over the minor wounds. "If you'd like Miss Vera, I can give you some salve to take with you - in case some of these bruises stick."
Vuk Vuk will dismissively wave off words of sewing his mouth shut. "Remember when I can see again, I can commission a printer to run out some cards about your pending twins, we can take bets on the due date even Iris. I'll get rich." He says, patiently waiting to possibly be murdered, even as he listens to others. "Did she tell you all about the time she left me to die in the Wastes?"
Vera Vera stretches her arms, "No, no..I appreciate it...but it should be fine." As she looks over to Vuk, "I'm sure she had a vaild reason." Before turning back, "Actually I must be going, so I'll leave you to your other paitents." She gives a nod of her head, as she leaves.
Kellyn Kellyn winces slightly, before standing up to his feet. He's wobbly, sure, but he's got places to be! He takes the pack of Rad-Away and stashes it under an arm. "I'll be back shortly, missus. Lemme know if anyone's botherin' you enough to put a hole through 'em." He glances at the blind man briefly before - shakily! - making his way out the door. 50/50 on probably passing out and dying somewhere in the street.
Kaelyn Kae looks to Qwillis curiously, then nods, her long tapered ears flicking a bit as she moves to the side and occupies a seat. CORA, her pip-girl as it were speaks out "See these people are quite nice, Kaelyn!" Kae blinks and looks down at her wrist again, ears drooping a bit as she rolls her eyes and leans back in her seat, slumping tiredly there while she waits. The odd-looking woman then hits a button on her... CORA who then mutters "Still like that game?" Kae sighs "Do I have very much choice." To which CORA replies "Not really." Before Kae begins busying her self with a Tetris like game.

After playing a bit and being told just how bad she is at it by CORA, Kae looks up and gives a wry smile.. "Umm sorry, CORA is umm mouthy." She says and grins a bit at the indignant "Humph" Comming from her wrist.
Iris Lark Iris gives Vuk a strange look, gazes down at her flat torso and then shrugs. She gestures for Kaelyn to come closer and points to an exam table. "Have a seat over here, and tell me about your injuries." She murmurs, gathering some basic supplies on a wheeled table. The piglet mentioned several times trots out from the back, his smug gait showing that he's quite comfortable in the Clinic. He briefly glances at the crowd and continues until he's at his food bowl. He turns up his nose to the food inside and moves towards Vuk, squealing softly.
Vuk Vuk has clearly corrupted the piglet, see? "Not right now Bacon..see, Iris doesn't know I'm trying to train you to bust me out of this place with scraps.." he says, all like Iris -isn't- aware he's been ruining Bacon. "Also..I don't have any food. Maybe if you go and annoy the lady with the Pipboy she can convince Iris to give you a treat." Apparently, if Iris isn't spending time with him, he's taken to talking to Bacon.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at Kaelyn curiously. "I.. could fix that for you. I'm actually kind of good with computers." He'd shrug as Iris would see to Kaelyn. Moving over to Vuk himself, he'd try to guide the blind man to a table with that metal hand. "Come sit. I can prep you for examination.. and.. Iris isn't pregnant. So, what, exactly, are you talking about Vuk?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks, stands, and makes her way over to the examination table. "Bruises, a few scrapes and cuts, wear and tear of the wasteland too.." She suggests as she sits there, feet kicking idly... CORA then speaks up. "Keep in mind, her physiology differs from a normal human's, she's highly geneticly modified..." Kae then blinks and looks at her wrist again "Like they can't tell just by looking... " Kae's ears back a bit as she looks to Iris and smiles sheepishly "Pardon CORA, she's been without a physical aperature for quite some time and gets chatty..." CORA then mutters "I miss having physical bodies to actually manipulate things...."

Kae looks to Qwillis curiously and adds "CORA is a full on A.I. To fix her would be to alter her fundamental programming and I imagine she wouldn't like that..." Kae says and shrugs.. CORA then meekly adds "Yes, I would rather you didn't reprogram me..." Suddenly Kae then grins and adds "Besides if I get really annoyed I can just turn her volume down..." CORA then calls out "Heey!!!" Kae then winks toward Qwillis, and looks to Iris curiously now.
Iris Lark Iris smiles back at Kaelyn and gives her Pip-Boy an interested look as she begins to search out and treat the scrapes and cuts. "I'll be careful, CORA." Iris promises as she works quietly. "I think your A.I. is charming, I wish mine could talk." She adds, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. "When did you get in town?"
Vuk Vuk settles in where Qwi moves him. "Oh, I'm only saying that because she didn't give me any kisses today. She also won't say yes or no when I ask her to be my steady." He explains, starting to shift a bit, he's remarkably well adapted to well, Being Blind.
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, not that Vuk can see it, glancing over to Iris, then back to Vuk. "You.. do realize.. she had someone.. and they left.. right? It's not exactly a good time to be pushing like you had anyways, Vuk." He'd keep his voice low, letting Iris deal with Kaelyn while Qwillis got Vuk's eyes unwrapped. He could at least check basic responses right?
Kaelyn Kae nods and CORA points out "See! I'm charming!" Kae then smirks and mentions "Yep cept till you upset '8-ball' who then attacks me with a bat." Kae suggests, then She tugs her leather armor off, and removes her duster. Then she tugs off her sleevless shirt. Underneath is a skin tight suit seemingly made of some stretchy material in a hex weave. Oddly enough though, considering the amount of wear and tear she should have put on the material, it seems undamaged... "I can get the skinsuit off too if need be." Kae offers, and not at all shy....

Of course CORA poinst out "I don't think the good doc requires you strip naked kiddo.." Kae shrugs and looks at the Doctor and then mentions "CORA? How is she supposed to get at all the bruises and scrapes, the fabric heals its self..." Kae then looks back at Iris curiously...
Iris Lark "Only if you've wounds that need to be tendned there." Iris responds, her hands busy. She grirns at Kaelyn's pip boy, charmed by the voice. "Who attacked you with a bat?" She asks, her brow furrowing slightly. She smoothes salve over Kaelyn's exposed scrapes. "Because that's not very polite."
Vuk Vuk will chime in when a bat is mentioned. "Just point me in the right direction and I can make sure they don't do -that- again." He says and listens to Qwi. "I know, but if you didn't realize, me and her -do- get along..and she keeps trying to find ways to tie me up in the clinic. I gotta read into that some how.."
Kaelyn CORA chimes in "Some bald fellow was being a bit of a pig when Kaelyn asked directions..." Kae interrupts "Yes, when I asked directions a fellow was wanting to be a bit grabby, CORA then called the fellow 8-ball. He didn't know what an 8-ball was, but got upset, and came at me with a bat." Kae says and shrugs slowly "I got away.. Didn't want to waist ammo on him, so did a bit of a run and hide... Evaded em and got here." Kae says and smiles, then sighs, before she reaches around behind her back, and tugs a zipper down. Next she starts peeling her self out of the odd fabric. Underneath is a sports bra made of the same fabric however, so the girl isn't completely bare.

Oddly enough, Kae shows no sign of tan lines, nothing, her skin is that super dark olive color throughout, like she's got a permanent perfect dark tan, or that's just her skin hue. Kae then looks to the Doctor and adds "CORA can give you a complete readout of my modifications if you like, that way in the future you can better tend to medical needs... Or does that matter?"
Iris Lark "I wouldn't mind reading it." Iris responds, putting aside her supplies and taking a step back. "I think I got them all, stand up and take a stretch and tell me how you feel." She requests, folding her arms loosely over her chest. "I'm sorry someone was cruel to you, if that happens again, come straight here and if I catch sight of them, I'll talk to them."
Qwillis     Good thing Vuk is blind. Qwillis firmly keeps his back to the stripping girl as he'd go through the typical routine tests on Vuk for his eyes responding, hoping to see them actually react to outside stimuli.
Kaelyn Kae laughs and nods... "Am sure I can take care of it when I'm completely better and have a better grasp on this place." She says, then the incredibly feminine girl begins working her way back into that skin suit. "So, how long have you had this place open?" she asks, now looking to start some small talk up. CORA meanwhile chims in "If you have a printer I can give you Kae's specifications. Measurements are.." At that point Kae covers the speaker and frowns, though for those close, they can pick up 40-24-34... Kae frowns and looks down at CORA and sighs "Really? You gotta give out my measurements, specifications, all the other details to everyone?" To which CORA responds "Well not -everyone- but your Doctor should know..." Kae then mutters "You just like to brag..."
Iris Lark "A few months only." Iris responds, and then she tilts her head, eyes wide at the word printer. " that?" She asks, her voice hushed. "I've got paper, and some ink..somewhere." She glances back towards Qwillis, both eyebrows quirked a bit. "Is she always so.." Iris pauses a moment and then decides on a word. "Opinionated?" She giggles softly and leans in to look at the Pip closer.
Vuk Vuk is still just listening, because some one decided to leave him to his -fate- again. At least this time he isn't in some forgotten store though.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly, noting down what he sees with Vuk, then glances over at the mention of printer. "Oh.. it's.. I think I've heard of that. Something that can take pip-boy data and make it show up on paper? I've read about it once I feel like at least.."
Lucky Open goes the door to the medical clinic, a soft creaking noise as its swung open by the recipient on the other side. The hand on the handle belongs to none other than Lucky; Vault Team 6's Desert Ranger group member.

A pleasant, charming smile is on his face as he happily gazes past the doorway and into the clinic. Stepping on past the threshold, he turns ever so slightly and closes the door behind him with barely a sound.

Looking back once more the young kid looks around quietly, taking in the who all is around.
Iris Lark Iris turns and, spotting Lucky, waves him in. "Hey, did you get home all right last night?" She moves towards Vuk and leans in to squint at his eyes. "Still no change huh?" She mutters, gathering herbs and her mortar to -once again- make another poultice. "I hope this stuff is actually working, at the very least it's keeping infection from settling in."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over as the door opens and a smile is sent Lucky's way. "Hello Lucky. Did you get lucky to not run into any bearded individuals today?" He'd chuckle softly and step away from Vuk, a glance stolen towards Iris and Kaelyn as he'd approach Lucky. "Are you hurt, or just coming to visit?"
Vuk Vuk -scowls- when Iris still seems to never remember what he is about to repeat. "I keep telling you..I'll be fine. I am aware of the damage and my body will correct it in time. Now my leg, that it can not repair quite the same way." He says and listens to Iris working. "At least you aren't making me eat it..are you? Bacon? Is she making me eat this stuff?"
Iris Lark Bacon gives a soft squeal and settles down under the bed that Vuk is occupying. "You don't eat a poultice, goof." Iris chides gently, and then the frowns, glancing back towards the back room. "Shit, I wasn't here this morning and I didn't get anything started for lunch or dinner." She runs a hand through her hair and moves towards the larder, peeking inside to see what she has to work with."
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously, and then look to Iris before she holds up her 'pip' Actually instead of pip-boy it says in big letters CORA, the wrist computer is quite obviously different from most pip boys. Odds are, it's highly modified or customized. OR maybe just loosely based on the normal pip... CORA then chimes in. "If you like, I can possibly send you Kae's specifications to your Pip Boy..." She offers, then Kae blinks and looks at CORA "You can do that?" she asks, having not ever seen CORA do that kind of thing... CORA then chimes in. "Of course, how do you think I downloaded my self in this before the lab's generators finally died?"

Kae nods, mouth qwirking to the side "Touche." She says quietly
Vuk Vuk will hold up a finger to his lips when Iris turns away, removing any bandages she just put in place, a faint shimmer of -some thing- in his eyes before he moves suddenly to try and pick her up in a hug from behind. "I told you, they'd repair them selves." he says, confidence that he was never in danger of not seeing again. Chances are? He doesn't fully grasp his own cybernetics!
Lucky looking to Iris, his mouth opens to speak only for a sigh to come out. Looking to Qwillis, he shakes his head. "I am pleased to report that all bearded woman in Acme and I have a truce." He tells him with a smirk before looking back to Iris once more.

"I got stopped by Eden and we chatted for a little while. Suppose to head with her to Dunwich to resolve something in the next few days. Should be fun." He says with a bright, cheerful smile, eyes closing a bit as he gives it. He then glances to Vuk; then to a small ball like object on the table.

Then back to Vuk goes the eyes, then to the ball. He decidedly shakes his head, figuring that would be too cruel on the blind friend. However, he watches the man carefully as he undoes the bandages and gives Iris a hug. Well, at least his friend wasn't blind anymore, he thinks thoughtfully.

And in a second, all that is forgotten as he looks to Kaelyn. His eyes blink, once then twice. "Your ears.. Are soo cool!" he exclaims, giving her a wave and adds "Hi! I'm Lucky."
Iris Lark Iris is swept up in a hug and she's confused at first, but when she sees who is hugging her she turns to hug back. Then she steps back and squints at Vuk. "How long could you see?" She reaches out to touch his eyes and then remembers herself. "Also, now that you can see, it's no longer impolite to throw sharp things at you if you keep telling people I'm pregnant. Keep that in mind." She mutters quietly.
Kaelyn Kae looks to Lucky now, the girl blinking at the cool ear remark... She then bows slightly, her crimson eyes now locked on Lucky now out of curiosity as those long pointed ears of hers perk up... "Umm, thanks?" she says and shrugs slowly. "I get lotsa comments about the ears, the eyes, other attributes... sometimes my hair." Then CORA suddenly calls out, the sensual voice that flies from Kae's wrist com. "And me! I get tons of comments!" Kae blinks and glances down...

"You make tons of comments too." Kae responds and grins as CORA sputters a bit, Yay, the Elf-girl got her A.I.!!! Kae looks to Iris, then to Vuk curiously, glancing frm one to the other.... "What's this about pregnant?"
Qwillis     Qwillis glances between Iris and Vuk. Frowning slightly as he'd shake his head. Glancing over to Kaelyn, Lucky and Cora, he'd shrug. "CORA.. I'll let you know when I have my lab going. I'd be happy to talk with you further. Maybe get a copy for my pip-boy 5000.."
Lucky Blinking, Lucky smiles bashfully a hand going to the nape of the neck "How embarrassing.. I mean, I really should have known you'd get a tone of comments. Ehehe.." He says, eyes closing a bit before looking away as his cheeks flush harder.

Coughing, he blinks and looks over to Iris "If Iris pregnant, the pigs are flying." He spouts out quickly before his mind could pause to think.
Iris Lark "Nothing about pregnant, nobody here is pregnant." Iris says firmly, turning to clean up the clinic. She moves closer to Kaelyn and holds out her arm with her Pip-Boy on it. "Sure CORA, go ahead and give me the information here, what I can't read, I'll get help with." She flushes pink and then eyes Lucky as he moves into the clinic. "You're taking her back there? She almost died!" Then he speaks and she looks as if she's been punched in the gut. She moves quickly away from Kaelyn, scoops up Bacon and leans close to the piglet. "Hear that Bacon?" Before she walks right out the exit.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and glances to Qwillis now... "Well, if CORA doesn't have a problem, least she can probably give you the archetecture to make another AI enhanced wrist computer." She also connects a small cable from CORA to Iris' pip, CORA makes a few comments about storage capacity on the pip boys, but puts the file into Iris computer concering Kae's genetic modifications for future clinical treatment if need be. Then Iris leaves? Kae blinks a few times and stares "Ummmm...." she say sand frowns.... "Nothing I did I hope?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head slightly, watching Iris go. He'd eye Vuk, then look to Kaelyn with a small shrug. "It wasn't you. Thank you for the offer. I'm going to be building robots.. I hope. or repairing them. So I'll see if the AI outline can help me with getting them restored."
Lucky Lucky's cheeks flush hard, a sigh escaping his lips as he turns for the door to leave. Upon hearing Kaelyn, he shakes his head, stating "I think that was my fault; poor choice of words to be honest." He notes quietly, opening the door, stepping outside and closes it behind him.