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Qwillis     The rumors turned into actual word. A gang out in the Wasteland found something rather rare. There's already been word of this gang, the Eagle Gang, having to fight off three other gangs for it. Resulting in a scuffle of sorts. A group is being hired for some resources to gather together on the edge of Shanty-Town and go after this gang, recover the item so it doesn't stay in the wrong hands and figure out what's going on!
Iris Lark Iris heard the rumors and sets out to assist. She has several weapons strapped to her, on the off chance this turns into an actual fight. As she waits to see who else gathers to take care of the problem she pulls her hair back into a simple braid.
Roy Roy shuffles his way towards the outside of Shanty-Town, keeping aware of his surroundings. He looks over his shoulder and to his sides, trying to prevent from being a victim to something. He's unfamiliar with the area and hasn't traveled much farther than his Church and General Stores in the area. After assuming a position just on the edge of town, he folds his arms over his chest. "Tell me I ain't doing this alone-.." He still wears his ministeral garb, having just left the church to gather. He spots Iris, holding a hand up in the air towards her in attempt to gain her attention. "Yoo-hoo!" He exclaims, still a bit red in the face from his worry a few moments prior.
Ashram Though he's all geared up in a full-body riot armor, Ashram Wallace looks like he fits into the general temperament of Shantytown with a vigilante demeanor when he walks to the edge of the town to join the party. His left arm droops at his side, clearly injured under that armor, but he's got a revolver at his side and a rifle on his back. He's coming for a good fight and as a secondary matter this curious mystery.
Vuk Iris can be assured her loyal Vuk will be there with her, his minigun and M4 strapped to his sand scoured power armor. Whrr, stomp. Whrrr. Stomp. He was seemingly intent to get back into action as it were. Now that he can see. "It will be good to fight again." He says to Iris through his helmet.
Doomguy doomguy walks threw the area to meet up with everyone else his bfg attached securly to his back as he continues walking once with the group he asks "hows everyone today
Kaelyn And now the least outfitted of all the folks show up! It's poor, not-so-little Kaelyn! She has some leather armor on, a chest piece, and even that looks form fitting on the 'dark elf'. For those that have met her CORA seems amasingly silent for now as Kae walks up to the group, the girl carrying a carbine on a strap over her shoulder.

Kae glances around at folks curiously and then offers a bit of a wave "Hallo everyone..." CORA then calls out, the sound of an effiminate sultry voice coming from Kae's odd wrist comp... "Greetings beings!" She cals out, and Kae blinks curiously again before looking at her wrist "Really?" Kae comments and then looks around, nodding now to Iris "Hallo.. " Iris is someone she knows..
Roy Roy spectates everyone approaching, seeing some familiar faces but mostly pure strangers. "Hello, all of you." He nods in the direction of Kaelyn, and then Iris and Vuk, letting his eyes skim over his heavy weaponry and armor. He places his hands in the pockets of his black dress slacks, puffing out his chest a bit to make up for not wearing any armor or bringing weaponry.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at the gathered folks and offers a nod of greeting. "Afternoon all." She says, her hands laced in front of her. "Fine day for some action, yeah?"
Vuk Vuk will do his best to not crowd any one in, though he lets the Minigun's engine spool up a bit, experimentally, he hasn't gotten to use it in a way. "It is nice to see you again Miss Iris. Even if you won't give me a kiss. I need to be blind to be a hero, don't I?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shows up about the same as the rest, coming together with the group as they'd start meeting each other. Waving to the rest, he'd sigh. "Alright. So we find this gang.. get.. whatever it is. Then get back while figuring out what it is, right?" Shaking his head, he'd check the revolver on his hip and shrug. "Let's get going then. Anyone here know how to track?"
Roy Roy blinks, looking at Qwillis in an estranged manner after hearing the word 'tracking'. He shrugs his shoulders and looks at the rest of the group for somebody who has a talent for this 'tracking'.
Vuk Vuk blinks when some one mentions -tracking- of all things. "I can attempt this. My armor has some things that may offer some help..but no, not by profession, nor training. I believe some one else may wish to lead us. Just merely indicate my targets, yes?"
Ashram Ashram steps forward near Qwillis and practically swivels his eyes like a surveillance camera. Nothing goes beneath his notice. "I'll be your tracker. I'm not a *leader* but I can find people. It's kinda what I do."
Iris Lark "I can keep an eye out to see if something is coming, but..I know nothing about tracking someone, I'm sorry." Iris says, giving the group a brief glance before she starts to scan the horizon in the direction they're heading towards.
Kaelyn Kae umms... then smiles and speaks up. "I can be a scout." she says and adds "I'm fairly adept at moving unseen and quietly." She then tilts her head "Least I think I am..." She adds and smiles before watching the tracker fellows like go out and do things for now... She sidles up next to Lark curiously and mentions "NOt too used to working with a group, and new to y'all... I'll just hang here I guess and do what's told?"
Roy Roy licks the corner of his mouth, starting to walk beside Qwillis into the middle of the group as the others scout ahead and trail the clues. He takes his hands out of his pockets, keeping them at his side in a ready stance as he walks along. "A word of prayer might be in order." He says to the group, looking over his shoulder at the rear guard and then to his left and the front.
Kaelyn Kae has well, she's dissapeared! She slipped off to the side after unslinging her firearm, and is now on one of the group's flanks, slipping through shaddows and moving quietly for now as she tries to remain undetected while watching the flank... Kae runs a small earplug from CORA up under her skin-suit, then sets the phone in her ear so she can hear CORA without the A.I. giving away her position.
Iris Lark Iris keeps up the rear, her pistol in hand in case it's needed. When Roy mentions prayer, she gives him a slightly odd look, but doesn't comment. She is constantly moving, gazing behind and to the sides as they walk.
Qwillis     Qwillis has that rthymic step of every other step being metal impacting ground as they'd walk into the wilderness. He glances sidelong to Roy with a small frown. "Rather not." But just leaves it at that. As they get into wilderness proper, Qwillis draws that gun to be ready.

    Vuk is able to keep them out of most of the hazards of the wasteland easily enough. No rad pits, or random deathclaws are going to jump them at least. Ashram finds a trail too. The rumors about a scuffle seem true as the signs of an ever widening brawl appears here and there. Bullet shells, random bits of detris that's been blown up. It's all over the place as they move along.

About 20 minutes into their trip, those with 3 successes would notice: There's a low building almost built into the side of a dune. Or maybe the dune almost swallowed it? It's hard to see easily and the real thing that catches the attention is the glow *within* the building. Almost impossible to see against the sun's rays above.
Doomguy doomguy stays back as rear guard making sure no one sneeks up on his team mates keeping his head on a wivle and eye down the sights of his bfg
Roy Roy frowns a bit, seeing and hearing feedback over a pluralistic prayer. He rolls his shoulders, continuing to walk in the middle of the group. He watches the debris and chaos happen on his left and right, but his eyes are more or less focused on the dirt with his nerves on edge.
Ashram Ashram stomps alongside Qwillis and Vuk, his armor noisy and noticeable. He has little use for stealth, since he has heavy armor, a big gun and a hardened look. He points out the signs of fighting, bullet holes, pockmarks, panicked boot trails from fleeing fighters, and then squints and points out the bizarre glowing building in the distance. "What the hell is that? Crazy Vault tech? Must be what all this warring's been about."
Vuk Vuk never really opted for stealth tactics, other then when he had a good firing position for an Ambush. He's just following the tracks, taking notice of the apparent conflict, always ready to bodily stand between Iris, and Danger. "Eh? Glowing shit? Good be a glowing one nest." He comments to Ashram.
Kaelyn In Kae's ear CORA mutters "There it is!" As Kae tops a dune and is well looking at the glowy dune-engulfed building... "Yes tell me something I don't know." She mutters quietly.. "Least I think that's it..." Kae waves to get the group's attention, before motioning in the direction of the building in question "Building with glowy internals up ahead." She says quietly, hoping that got everyone's attention... Then Kae motions with her hand in the direction of the building, while still trying to maintain her 'stealth' as it were.

She then peeks the edge of the dune again, now watching the building curiously, trying to catch site of anyone moving around outside... Just in case they have to engage some gangers in the desert... "So what's the plan?"
Iris Lark Iris ducks her head and squints towards the horizon, she glancees around briefly to see if anyone else sees the building against the dune ahead. She shifts on her feet and then opens her mouth to say something, but then shuts it again. She fidgets, looking like she might burst if she doesn't speak up and then Ashram saves her from feeling silly. She nods in agreement and points toward the building to help others see it.
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, is trying to keep aware of things coming from the side. Want to make sure no one's caught off guard, afterall. As the group would generally point out the building ahead, he'd look that way, then look to the group with a shrug. "Ok. Are we going to check it out..?" He'd shake his head slightly. "I don't see anyone around. Do we think the gang went in there?"
Roy Roy doesn't pop his head up until hearing Qwillis's voice, he looks at the side of his face and then at the building, following the end of a finger to spot it.
Iris Lark "It seems to be the only place around here they could have gone to, yes?" Iris asks, her eyes on the building. "We should check it out to at least rule out that they're in there."
Ashram Ashram looks around with some practically cryptic and mysterious methods -- the ground, the surrounding dunes, the trajectory to the bizarre building -- then he stands back up and nods, pointing to small fragments of bone and blood and casings scattered around where they stand. "They've definitely went in there. I don't have a bead on how *many* there are but all of the tracks lead into that blasted building." He looks back at the main group. "I wonder if anybody's good at sneaking in or setting traps?"
Vuk Vuk will watch the building as they talk and then begins to stalk towards it, minigun spooling back up. "Let me go first, if there is suit will warn me, and we won't fry our selves." He says, almost directly at Iris.
Kaelyn Kae smiles cheerfully and volunteers "I can go up there and check it out. I can't set the traps, but I'm quiet..." Once away from everyone she again does her little dissapearing act, before peeking the top of the dune, and starting to move forward slightly. CORA meanwhile chats away in Kae's left ear.. Kae then shrugs and moves forward, eyes open as she looks for traps, and of course people, while listening to CORA just in case she may start to run into radiation or the like.
Roy Roy shakes his head, holding both of his hands up. "Wait a moment, wait a moment." He tries to reason with the group of another method of encounter. "We can't just go inside and start setting traps." .. "Inside there is another brother and sister of Christ, just like you and I." He raises his eyebrowss, speaking alot with his hands. He points his right index finger at the building, "Maybe anyone inside of there can be reasoned with, 'eh?"
Vuk Vuk listens to Roy before amping up his external speakers. "To those who dwell with in the glowing building! Show your self, this preacher of false prophets and misguided unbelievers wishes to speak with you!" He says, gesturing at Roy.
Iris Lark "We can certainly try to talk to them first, however, we would be wise to also be prepared for anything that might happen." Iris says as she gestures to the building. "I say we still stay armed, but ..just.." She trails off and glances away when Vuk speaks up, sighing as she shrugs. "Ah well.."
Kaelyn Kae had been talked out of sneeking her way in there, but she still prefers to stay off to the side and try to remain hidden... She stands away from the group and waits for the preacher to try and convince the hoolagans to come out and give up their goods and stuff as she sits next to an out-cropping with her rifle still in hand and watches the building for now. She's not much of a public speeker.. CORA on the other hand is currently talking in Kae's ear, telling her that this whole thing is a bad idea and that Kae's first directive is to make sure Kae remains in decent operating condition....
Roy Roy glares at Vuk, not really appreciating the sentiment and blasphemy. He folds his arms over his chest, looking back at the building after hearing the harsh words through an equally harsh external speaker. "If we can reason and there's no waste of ammunation or of life, then that's well and good."
Qwillis     After a few minutes, three men, rather bloodied and all around ripped to shreds, comes out of the building. They got assault rifles and eye the group warily. But.. they're not attacking? What obviously looks to be the Eagle Gang comes marching up to the group and eyes them. There's a small shuffle between the three along with low mutters, before one, seems to be the leader, finally speaks up. "A'right. Showed ourselves. Which onna bein this preacher type, eh?"

Qwillis eyed the group as they'd walk out, hand hovering at that revolver's handle. But.. so far, so good? He'd shuffle a little to the side, spreading out in case the gangers decide to open fire.
Vuk Vuk will gesture with his head towards Roy. "This one wishes to speak to you. I wish to know why you rest in a lair of Glowing Ones. The radiation, it must be nearly lethal to you." He says before putting him self between the armed men and Iris. Some one sure is protective!
Iris Lark Iris knocks on the power armor that is keeping her from seeing the battered men. "Ask them if they need medical aid." She says, holstering her pistol before she unshoulders her rucksack.
Roy Roy swallows hard, looking at the group as they exit. He interlaces his fingers infront of his abdomen, keeping a very straight and professional posture. "Pastor Collins of El Dorado, servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, blessed is His name." He steps a bit forwards, nodding back towards Vuk. "I wish to know the same of why you take occupancy in such a building." He looks over at Iris over his shoulder, and then back at the lot. "We also offer any medical care, provided you need it."
Ashram Ashram stands to the side, neither a good negotiator not a diplomat. He's staying *quiet* since the Eagle Gang in general knows his name and knows his role and he doesn't want to sabotage the preacher's proceedings unless it's necessary.
Roy Roy places his finger over his mouth, signaling the others to be quiet. He attempts to get everyone calmed down, not using fear as a tactic, but love and compassion.
Qwillis     The gangers are all sort of shuffling away from Ashram, standing on the other side of the leader type away from the guy as the leader listens to Roy. "Ehh.. Yeah.. we're pretty beat up. Could use a helpin hand. We weren't occupyin it. Front gate said ta insert pass. We put in the thing we found.. and it took it and didn't let us in. Not sure what's up now."

Qwillis frowns, then sighs softly, shaking his head as he'd look to the others. "They don't have it anymore.. Iris, I'll help you tend to them.. Does someone want to go into the building to try and get it back?"
Iris Lark Iris gingerly steps around the power armor and heads towards the gang. "Come here, and one at a time tell me what your injuries are. I'll try to assist you." She says, pulling supplies from her kit.
Vuk Vuk will stay right beside Iris, in case people get -ideas- about her, the whrrring mini gun should be a deterrent, yes? "Some one should go determine how they broke some thing, then fix it."
Ashram "Convince me." Ashram looks between the preacher and the three Eagle Gang members. "The *preacher* had me convinced to at least talk to you and I'm doing that now. But now I want *your* side of your gang and some persuading you aren't gonna rip into me when I'm not looking. I know you recognise me, your gang and me, we got history." He tilts his head toward the building. "It might help if you told me what the Hell happened to you in there and what's waiting for us when *we* go in. Because we are. It doesn't look like it went real well for you."
Kaelyn Kae is silent for now, standing off to the side a ways and trying to look like a target as little as possible.. Then as Ashram starts talking, she listens carefully, pointed ears perking as she watches the gangers... Suddenly she is all smiles, as she simply tries to slip away, heading in the direction of the door and the shiny bit....
Qwillis     "Woah woah woah!!" The gang would back up as one as Vuk lumbers towards them while Iris is trying to approach. All three scramble to get guns up. "We ain't lookin for a fight.. We ain't beat up by the buildin. This is what some other gang did, eh? They were wantin what we found out in the sand. We got inta it.. We won, Eagle Gang came out on top yo! But we got beat up some.." The leader would motion with his gun at Iris and Vuk. "You in the armor.. back off. Ifn the Missy wants ta treat us.. fine.. but we ain't trustin no one in no power suit! And you, Preacher boy! Ya keep that guy away from us.." The leader would wave vaguely in Ashram's direction. "He's pycho! Dunno why were even with em!!"
Roy Roy shakes his head towards the leader of the gang, pointing at Ashram. "Everything is fine, gentlemen." He steps infront of Ashram, trying to undo any toes that were stepped on. "We're not looking for a fight, either. But if you're withholding something from us, you better speak." He points up into the air, "He's witnessing, as are we." .. "Now, don't be pointing your guns at any of us, and just tell us what we'd like to hear and we'll be on our way."
Iris Lark Iris holds up a hand to keep Vuk from continuing to advance with her and she walks on alone, hands held up against the raise of the weaponry. "I'm not going to hurt any of you, put your weapons up and let me treat you." She says quietly. She slowly sets her rucksack on the ground and takes out bandages and salve.
Ashram "Psycho? Have you seen some of the chaos your gang has caused? The Eagle Gang has wreaked havoc up and down Shantytown and its outskirts." Ashram glowers at them, his hand on his pistol, but he isn't making a move to them. Friggin' preachers. "But I'm not here to make more enemies today, I'm here to help retrieve a mystery." He points at his eyes and then across at them. "Remember I'm keeping my eyes on you."
Vuk Vuk isn't Roy's charge, but he'll stop his advance towards them, for Iris indicated he should. The Minigun is still snarling away, ready to fire on short notice. "Iris, before you treat them, we should make sure they didn't pilfer what we came for. It would not do to let them live, only to discover they fled with what we were paid to find and secure."
Qwillis     The gangers glare at Ashram, but at least lower their guns, not putting them away as Iris is able to tend to their wounds. The leader just grunts with a shrug to Roy. "Toldja. We couldn't get in the front door, eh? There's this slot. has a sign, says 'insert ID'. So we inserted the thing. It didn't work. It didn't do nothin. We gave up and were 'bout to leave when we heard tin man hollarin, eh?"

Kaelyn is able to make her way into the building sneakily enough. It looks surprisingly well tended, maybe the same as the opening to a vault? Although it's not the same door at all. Either way, a few things to note: The door has been marred up. Heavily, by someone/thing trying to claw into it. There is a machine off to the side, that has a folded up plastic.. something.. jammed in a slot. The machine says 'Insert ID' with a lil blinky cursor at the end of the line.

DG, who's been watching their back this whole time, picks up what looks to be a dust cloud off to the south east. It's not the way you guys came from and it looks to be moving. Fast. Towards you.
Kaelyn Kae whispers down to CORA.... as she holds her forearm up to the terminal "Looks like a terminal..." She mutters quietly, then begins examining the slot curiously, before she tries to gently remove the folded up bit of plastec from said slot so as not to damage either. CORA then says to the girl "You study it, I will keep an ear out for possible problems." Of course CORA's words go into her earbud for now.
Doomguy doomguy makes his way to the big guy with a radio "hey vuk we have a sand storm rolling in got mabie a few mikes tops" he then moves his way back to his perch on overwatch
Iris Lark Iris hears the various conversations going on around her, but she's focused on taking care of her patients. She continues to treat and wrap wounds, her eyes occasionally gazing at the guns the gangers are holding.
Vuk Vuk will be paying attention to new things sighted and snarls over his external speakers. "Minions of Satansoft dare to approach! If these three have led us to ruination, end their lives. I stand ready to serve my beloved." He says, clearly, if the past has shown, he'll willingly give his life for Iris, and none other.
Roy Roy glances up at Vuk, raising both of his eyebrows. He steps a bit backwards, seeing that his middle-man work is seemingly over. He stands behind the rest, looking around over the treeline and the surrounding areas, keeping watch on things.
Doomguy doomguy sneaks into the building while the gangers are being treated
Qwillis     Kaelyn is able to get back out of the building with the map that CORA said it was. Meanwhile, Doomguy backs off after warning Vuk of the incoming dust storm to line up a shot... and laser Qwillis right through the shoulder. He'd stagger, dropping with a yelp of pain as he gets shot in the back! The metal plate he wears sizzles from where it got torched. The gangers freak out of course and scatter.. And.. we pause for next episode!!
Doomguy when doomguy hits qwillis he shakes his head must be depth perseption due to one eye then shoots more hitting the leader in the chest and head splattering gore all over iris and qwillis
Iris Lark Iris is carefully tending wounds when a laser shot suddenly rings out and takes Qwillis in the shoulder. Without any other thought she grabs him by the shirt, drags him to the ground and provides bodily cover for him. More shots ring out behind that and she keeps her head down while she tries to treat and bind the burn on Qwillis' shoulder. She isn't exactly sure where the first shot came from, as her back was turned.
Kaelyn She just managed to free the map, the girl pocketing the thing before she hears a shot? Then she moves toward the group of people only to see the lead ganger's head litterally explode.. "What in the hell.." She mutters, and now she moves in rapidly from behind, gun still held at the ready and as she gets close she starts shouting "Cease fire! Jeeze, stop!" She calls out, now looking to the gangers "Get flat on the ground, that's your safest bet!" she adds and looks for where the sniper had fired from before waving her hand and shouting again "Cease Fire!"
Qwillis     Qwillis hisses in pain as he's shot in the back. His armor did almost nothing to help when he was dropped and he'd work as he can to move with Iris, who helps to styme the blood loss through the hole in his shoulder. He'd stay low with her, looking around as best as he can at least. "Who the heck is shooting us??"
Vuk Vuk swivels in an instant when shots begin to ring out, his HUD is flooding with information, previously tagged possible friendly, disregarded, threat assessement commencing. Intending to kill those under his charge, and a beastial snarl washes his external speakers out as the Minigun kicks up, rounds raining down range. "Engage and kill the false brother! He seeks to kill those of us who came offering trust and friendship! Up! Kill the minion of Satansoft! Destroy the Avatar of Be'alza Gates!" He says, the casings spraying off into the sand. "Do not tell those he fires upon to lay still! Brothers in arms! Follow my righteous fury and rain death upon him!" Vuk barks out at the gangers. They can probably very well tell -where- to fire, there is a cascade of rounds impacting, and no doubt, blood flying.
Qwillis     The gangers, caught off guard by the sudden assault, first on Qwillis, then their leader's head turned into a fine puff of red mist, freak out. both men run off screaming in opposite directions, trying to get away from the group as FAST as they can!!
Doomguy after bearly survivling the burrage of bullets from vuk hicks screams "ok i give up scece fire
Kaelyn At seeing the hail of fire going out, Kae perses her lips, the girl looking a little angry, then the other gangers go running away, and she glances around, still holding her rifle. "Vuk, He's given' up, I think you more than equalled what he put out... Why don't you watch over the medics see that they're allright... Also.." Kae holds up the map with a slight grin now. "Got it." She adds, and motions to the building "The glow comes from a terminal by the way, I don't think the building's been opened.. And we have a storm on the way it seems... Sooooo... Instead of maybe shooting each other, maybe we can try go gain entrance into that building over there?"
Qwillis     Qwillis isn't bleeding out due to Iris' help at least. He'd get up, cradling that shoulder with his fleshy hand as he'd stare at Vuk and the amount of damage he just shot at DG. Don't.. piss off.. the guy with the big gun.. either of them.. Got it. Shaking his head, he'd look around to try and figure out what's going on.
Iris Lark "Kaelyn is right, we need to get inside." Iris remarks, her lips pressed together as she moves from Qwillis towards Doomguy to do a field dressing of his wounds. "Someone help me get him into the building, we can't leave him out here in this weather." She says, priming her stimpak.
Vuk Vuk will look at Iris and Qwi when they mention going inside and the like. "The peculiar one is right. We will gain entrance. He shall not come in. Let the storm take him." He says, Iris. "I do not know if this is meant to open a door. It does not look like an access card that the Ancients once used." he remarks to Kaelyn. It looks to flimsy to be an access card!
Kaelyn Kae frowns, she's not going to argue with Vuk, mostly because of the gatlin gun... She turns and starts making her way back to the building, the girl commenting to Vuk "No the thingie is what we're here for, but with sand like that coming on the distance, we need to get to a safer spot as fast as we can... I'm going to see if I can rig the door to open, CORA can help some..." She says and glances around before trotting back to the door. She lifts CORA up, and starts chatting with the A.I. "Ookay, CORA gonna need yer help here." To which CORA responds "IT's given, ..."
Iris Lark Iris walks up to Vuk, gazes up at the power armor and shakes her head. "If he doesn't come in with us, neither do I. I don't leave people to die." She turns then and walks back towards Doomguy, her intent to help him make it inside so he can be tended.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly to Kaelyn, then goes to help Iris, wounded arm and all. He'd grit his teeth against the pain as he'd haul the guy who just got shot down by Vuk's minigun towards the building. The storm looms larger, blotting out the entire horizion now as the group would scramble to get inside.
Kaelyn Kae was messing with the terminal for what seemed like maybe a few minutes. CORA and Kae both call out together "That should get it!" Then she blinks... "Didn't work." Kae says and frowns, CORA muttering "Should have!" Before they both sigh and Kae looks around... "Ummm might have to force the door..."
Qwillis     The group, with great reluctance from Vuk, would hold up in the building until the storm passes, then heads back to El Dorado. Qwillis with his new hole in his shoulder, Kaelyn and CORA with a place to return to, as well as the map to follow. And the rest each with their thoughts. The wasteland can be harsh for everyone and this particular time was no different.