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Owner Pose
Lucky The uniqueness that is the scrap forest was a sight of beauty and wonder. Every little bit of the forest was crafted from various types of metal with careful precision design. Everything - from the leaves, to the branches, trunk and yes, even the metal squirrel was designed to match its real counterpart.

It was designed so well, that the metallic chime and rustling could be heard floating over the air as the occasional northern wind blew through the forest. The chiming and rustling were made a metallic tune that sounded peaceful instead of harsh against the ears.

The sun shines through the fluffy, varying sizes of clouds hung and move high above. The varies branches and leaves create cooling shade for those seeking shelter from the reasonably warm day.
Iris Lark Iris sits under one of the trees, leaning back against the thick trunk. She's clean, cleaner than usual, no dirt blemishing her skin and her hair is shiny and the red is really shining in the sun. Bacon runs around at her feet, enjoying the uniqueness of the area.
Lucky The wonderment that was the scrap forest caught another observer, Lucky. His eyes widen at the sight, a smile crossing his lips as he crosses over the threshold and into the metal like forest. The eyes sparkle with delight and curiosity as his scarred right hand reaches up to touch the leaves that were just low enough for the five foot five kid to touch.

He wore no markings for the Desert Ranger, having leave the jacket and equipment someplace else. The only protection he had was the trust pistol in the holster.

"This place.. is beautiful." The kid murmurs as he walks.
Iris Lark Iris spots Lucky and she glances away, picking up her piglet and holding him close. She cringes behind the tree, hoping she won't be spotted by Lucky and he'll move on.
Lucky Lucky fascination with the scarp forest took him close and nearly past Iris. Had she not made the move for Bacon, he'd probably never notice her. He pauses in his footfall, eyes shifting to look at her.

His cheeks tint, a reddish color of embarrassment as he watches her cringe up behind the tree; a sigh escaping his lips as he looks away in shame. Silence befalls the two as his hands shove into his pockets and words that are at the tip of his tongue do not speak as he fumbles to say something right away.
Iris Lark Iris doesn't realize that she was spotted, so she sits still, keeping her arms around Bacon. Then he starts to squeal, wanting to be down on the ground. Iris sighs and shakes her head slowly. "Lucky, what can I help you with?"
Lucky "I uh, well.. hum." Lucky sighs, raising his right hand to the nape of his neck and rubs. "I.. look, could we talk?" He asks, eyes that once were looking to the ground now lift to Iris. "I'll even let you hit me with one of the metal branches prior." He adds, a shy smile crossing his lips, right hand lowering against to his side.
Iris Lark "We *are* talking, and I don't hit people." Iris responds, her eyes on Bacon as he trots around the area. "What can I help you with?" She repeats, offering the man a wan smile.
Lucky "Well, I suppose we are, aren't we?" Lucky replies, the smile brightening just a tad. Moving over to her, he slides down to the ground, butt touching earth while his knees raise upward. His arms settle on top of the knees, crossing over one another as a soft sigh escapes his lips.

"I want to apologize, Iris. What I said.. It wasn't right and truthfully, I.. didn't mean it the way it came out." He says looking over to her.
Iris Lark "It's fine, Lucky." Iris responds, her chin resting on her knees. "People keep making jokes about it late, someone even started a rumor. I can't even get pregnant, so.." She trails off and exhales out a sigh. "Just don't worry about it." She says quietly.
Lucky His eyes blink and then look away suddenly, cheeks reddening. The words added new meaning as she spoke, and he looks away again. "Oh.. I.. damn." He mutters as the weight of her words take hold, shoulder sinking slightly.

Letting out a breath in a sigh, eyes looking back to her. In the silence, he impulsively reaches over to hug and hold her slightly, squeezing a bit as he does this.
Iris Lark Iris pulls away, and she gets to her feet, moving to gather up Bacon. "It's fine Lucky, it's just..fine. My life is good right now, I'm happy.'s.." She turns away and sighs softly.
Lucky Pushing off the tree, Lucky stands and walks over to her "It's just what?" He asks politely, a hint of empathy in his voice as he looks to her.
Iris Lark "I suffer from something that most people suffer from. They think nobody understands them." Iris remarks, a wan smile aimed towards Lucky. "But truly, the last few days have brought me a peace."
Lucky Lucky tilts his head slightly; a slow nod being given as he listens to her. "Well, I'm glad the last few days have brought you peace, Iris." Eyes looking down for a second "May I ask what it is that you alongside others suffer from?" He inquires, looking back to her.
Iris Lark "No, you may not." Iris says, sighing softly. "I'm sorry, Lucky. I don't know you well enough to talk about what I've been through. I'm sorry. I'm going to go.." She murmurs, picking up the piglet and tucking him into her cloak.
Lucky "Alright, I understand.. but you really do not have to go." Lucky replies kindly, moving to follow her quietly, hands shoving into his pockets once more.
Iris Lark "I don't have to go, you're right, but I really want to. Thanks for apologizing, I'll see you later." Iris remarks, offering Lucky a smile. "You have a good night, okay?"
Lucky Lucky nods, deciding to stay back "Alright.. well, take care." He replies, offering a small smile in return.