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Derk It's nearing evening on a hot summer's day when the clinic door is gingerly pushed open and Derk limps through the door. He's dressed in all his combat gear with weapons hanging off him and limping heavily with the aid of a hastily fastened crutch made from an old fence board. Bandages are wrapped around his thigh and leg, but they are already saturated and dark crimson suggesting that the wounds beneath them are not entirely pretty. Stumbling through the door he makes his way towards the first available exam room and calls out, "Yeah, medic is gonna need a medic," and there's a lighteness to his tone, the sort that comes from barely being on the good side of shock.

Once he achieves the room he drops himself onto the table and starts to go through the motions of removing his armor and gear, letting it fall to the floor with clangs and rattles, it's something to keep himself occupied despite the stationary state of his body. With a grunt, he heaves the chestplate over his head and drops it on the floor with the rest of his pack, before gritting his teeth as he throws his leg up on the table and starts to lay down, near passing out and sitting up agan rather rapidly. A few self administered slaps to the face keep him coherent until a doc can arrive.
Iris Lark Iris walks in, hearing that someone in the exam room needed assistance. She takes in the scene before her and she automatically starts to gather supplies. "So what happened?" She asks, a slight frown on her face. Her fingers examine the wound, wincing at the damage she finds.
Derk "Cannibals," Derk tells Iris when he sees who it is and she asks him. He attempts to make a smile, but he can't, "The cut's been cleaned and all that, but it's the bone; there's teeth lodged in it and I'm sure they cracked something in there. I can't put any weight on it without it going out..." he tells her. "If you need anything else, I'm sure I've got extras of things in my kit..." he tells her as he starts to fade in and out of consciousness. The long walk having clearly started to catch up with him. He blinks again, but lays back, staring at the ceiling while trying to maintain as much consciousness as he can for any other questions she may have.
Iris Lark Iris exhales and she shakes her head, first going in to reclean the wound and find the teeth that Derk said were inside. It's tedious and careful work, and she takes her time, being careful to get everything that she can.
Derk As Iris gets through the bandages and starts to go to work on the wound, Derk clenches his teeth shut for just a moment until he can see his vision narrowing, "Alright, well, thank you..." he tells her, "I'm going to pass out now," and he does, with a soft bang of his head against the table. He'll remain so through her operation and eventually will wake up when she's done, and perhaps even a little while later.
Iris Lark Iris blinks up at Derk as he passes out and she shakes her head and continues to work. Cleaning, stitching and dressing in the quiet of the clinic. When she's finished she lets her patient rest, moving to clean up and put away her supplies for the next person to arrive.