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Saeko It was a space that had been used before, even if it had been with another. Around the back of the noodle shop owned by another asian appreciater of 'older traditions'. While Hanzhou didn't seem to be home, he had left permission for Saeko to make use of the spot. That and the noodles were pretty good too. She'd invited Kasumi out to the space, a gentle practice and a chance for them to find each other's pace. The 'Kunoichi' had discarded her cloak, her weapons lay neatly nearby as she moved with speed and practice, working through simple defencive drills with the other woman, each of them having been given a short practice-blade.
Kasumi     Saeko would get to see Kasumi in something a bit more pratical. She has a custom armor on, with the character, Bishiemonton on the back of it. Those who know their history know that that is the family mark of only one clan. A clan of warriors whose founder was considered one of the greatest fighters and tacticans in the history of Japan.

    Kasumi smiles a little bit, as she holds onto a slightly longer blade. "I am ready once you are.", she says to the woman.
Saeko A nod, perhaps the slightest quirk of a smile, then Saeko was rushing forwards, attacking with a rapid-fire series of strikes. Her preference was, in reality, to strike from concealment and disappear before she could be located again, but sometimes one didn't always have that option. Her practice weapon was a little shorter than her prefered Katana, but that didn't bother her much as she pressed the attack, intending to see if she could get the other woman on the back foot from the start.
Kasumi     Saeko would be quick to notice that as soon as she charges, Kasumi's eyes change. She's ready for combat. The odd thing about how Kasumi defends is that she's not defending against the weapon. She's stepping into the attacks, but going for the arm. Kasumi's nonweapon arm tries to block the attacks by stopping the source.
Saeko It's an effective stratergy, likely one from the woman's military background, but it seems that Saeko wasn't entirely unprepared for such a movement. An arm to hold Kasumi's own weapon and another to try and remove Saeko's leaves none to defend her from the 'Kunoichi's other limbs. Her own free hand lashes out with a targeted strike, trying to hit the other woman in the joints between her custom armor. Her leg snaps out, clearly targeting to deaden the other woman's limb. She didn't need to overpower Kasumi after all, she just had to stalemate her with the weapons while 'stinging' her into submission with the smaller strikes.
Kasumi     Kasumi switches how she holds her blade, using it more like a shield. She keeps the flat of the blade against her forearm, and the 'edge' towards Saeko. The woman keeps a pretty fair guard up. One of the most underlooked things though is footwork, and the use of legs. Kasumi starts to angle herself, more towards the trapped blade, and further away from that lashing hand. She throws a few push kicks towards Saeko's stomach, looking to try to take some wind out of the other girl.
Saeko As good as Saeko is with a blade, which is pretty damn good, she's pretty close to it when it comes to unarmed combat too. Her footwork keeps in step, matching rythm with Kasumi's own while a smile creeps onto her lips. That first push kick makes contact, but the woman rolls her body with the motion, bringing her blade around with one arm and trying to snare and sweep with her other. Saeko had the shorter weapon, with Kasumi trying to push inwards the younger woman slides her blade along Kasumi's own and lashes out with her elbow, stopping short before she actually can make contact with the other woman's face, successful or not.
Kasumi     Kasumi squeaks a little bit. She sees the blade slide, and push it up and away, while she spins around in a dance. The elbow comes close, though it stopped. Its not clear if it would hit or now. Kasumi nods her head a little a little bit as she spins around once more getting into a ready stance. "I'll concede that point cause it was too close for me to tell.", she says. Kasumi feels both old and rusty. And this girl is very good. Maybe a little better then her with a blade. The woman takes a moment to consider her options a little bit.
Saeko "I am almost as confident with a fist as I am a sword," Saeko says lightly, stepping back and raising her weapon, once more returned to a ready stance. "Were this a gunfight however, I am sure you would have me at your mercy. That is why I try not to let things become a gunfight." A wink to the other woman, Saeko seems to be taking on a more defencive position now, intending to see how Kasumi acts when she's on the attack rather than defending.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head, and then rattles her free arm a little bit. A silver bracelet comes out. Kasumi had recently been shining it a little bit. The light coming off of the bracelet seems to be a bit brighter, almost distracting and blinding in a sense. While Saeko is more gifted physically, Kasumi hopefully is more crafty. The woman moves to her left side, the side that Saeko is having trouble with case of the bracelet. She rushes in, going into a graceful series of sword strikes.
Saeko      The 'shine' is a good trick, if only for a moment, it does have her forced to defend rather then intercept as she had intended. She parries, she twists, she dances and simply does her best to stay out of the way of getting hit until either there's an opening, or Kasumi's arm gets tired. Crafty is a good thing in combat, and someone whom emulates a culture of 'Ninja' would definately appreciate. She actually seems to be smiling as she continues to duck and weave while one hand slips into her belt behind her back, searching for something.
Kasumi     Kasumi isn't built to last long, so its not very long before her arm tires itself out a little bit, and Kasumi has to back away. Its clear that during hte attack, she wanted to push in, and then back out to draw her gun. The woman is breathing a bit more harshly.
Saeko And now Saeko slinks back, rather than forward, but it wasn't to flee as one might expect. A sudden rolling twist of her body and the woman hurls something likely rather unexpected towards Kasumi: bolas. The flying snare is aimed for the other woman's legs and the Kunoichi surges forwards. Tangled or not, it's clear she intends to use the moment to effectively pounce and 'pin' the other woman, her weapon swiping to knock Kasumi's aside lest she impale herself and push the other woman down, trapped, to the ground.
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a little bit as she suddenly finds her legs ensnared. It causes her to fall to the ground as she's tackled, and suddenly she's finding herself scrambling to keep Saeko from getting into position on her. Kasumi dropped her blade to post up on Saeko's elbows, mostly to keep from getting caught.
Saeko Saeko was actually suprisingly strong for someone of her size, but the slender woman doesn't try to turn it into a contest of strength none the less. Effectively positioning herself into a 'mount' she brings one leg forward, trying to pin the other woman in place before she can really get into position. Using the bola was probably cheating, but who really plays fair in the wasteland? Dropping her body to try and press Kasumi into the ground she tries to maneuver a hand onto the other woman's throat. She's pretty damn flexible, but that doesn't mean the struggle is any easier. Of course, not having your legs trapped together helps! "Shall we.." Saeko grunts as she tries to force Kasumi down into a position where she has her properly pinned, "call this a draw...?" Was there actually humor in the woman's voice? Was Saeko making a joke? Who'd believe it!
Kasumi     As Saeko reaches for the throat, Kasumi tries to catch the wrist and elbow. Her arm sneaks up towards the shoulder, and then tries to drive Saeko down towards the ground, hard. The woman twists her body afterwards, attempting to lock the arm up in a submission while rolling the other off her. If Kasumi isn't careful though, she might give up her back to the other woman.
Saeko      Odds are Kasumi was the better wrestler, Saeko focused on combat via strikes, blades and making use of her flexibility...but even so, Saeko has more than a few tricks up her sleave. She's rolled, allowing Kasumi to take her arm and offer her back to her, but her free hand? Another bola is plucked from her belt and suddenly looped around, clearly miming a wrapping around the other woman's throat. She only pulls the cords for half a second, just long enough to make it clear she could do so, before her hand releases the two metal orbs that make up the weighted ends of the cords and she relaxes, no longer struggling and clearly signalling her intention to stop. "That was...impressive." she speaks, breathing a little laboured.
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit, breathing pretty heavily as she flops over. The woman gives Saeko a small peck on the cheek. "Hai. Its been a very long time since I've exercised like that. It reminds me of how much I really need to practice. And how rusty I've become.", she says. There's a bit of a blush on Kasumi's face as she's sweating pretty good.
Saeko "Do not be so hard on yourself," Saeko comments as she pulls herself up from where she lays, coming to a sitting position and begining the task of re-curling those bolas up so that they might be ready to be thrown once more. "You are more than capable of defending yourself."
Kasumi     Kasumi stretches a little bit, and feels each joint popping a little bit after such exercise. "I just feel awkward and slow after spending so much time asleep.", she tells. The woman rolls her neck a little bit.
Saeko      "How long was it?" Saeko asks after a moment, securing her snares away properly and rolling her shoulders while she looks at the woman laying beside her. Saeko's gear might lean a little more towards popular memory then true Kunoichi equipment, but there was no denying it was effective. "How long were you asleep? How recently did you wake up?"
Kasumi     Kasumi smiles lightly. "It was 2077 I think the year was when I went to sleep. And I only woke up a week or two ago. Old skills are creeping back up to the surface, but it feels like it takes forever.", she tells. The woman kicks her legs over her head as she's laying down. She snaps then down to roll up to her feet.
Saeko A nod, a tilt of her head, the younger asian woman listens quietly before lifting herself to the feet. No fast movement, just fluid crossing and standing with minimal effort before she shrugs her shoulders. "Few things survive a century as well as you have Kasumi."
Kasumi     Kasumi snerks a little bit. "I wonder if I'm considered an old maid now? I mean, I am in my 100s...Thanks to being frozen. And I don't know. I've been exploring, and a lot of things look to have made themselves comfortable...", she says.
Saeko "Old maid?" Saeko repeats, tilting her head to the other side. Yep, she'd not heard that one before. "I would say you have yourself a unique perspective. I have heard of 'Ghouls' whom come from before the war, something about their condition kept them alive, but thankfully you have managed to remain prettier then an ghoul has for their time."
Kasumi     Kasumi blushes, and then laughs a little. She pauses a moment. She's heard of the mutants, but ghouls? "Can you explain a ghoul? During my time, a ghoul was a creature from movies, a zombie.", she says.
Saeko "They are human...except when they are not." Not all that helpful an explination, but one continued as Saeko retrieves her sword. "They are changed by the radiation. Their bodies rot, but many are perfectly normal people just disfigured. There are those whom the rot has touched their brain. They become 'feral', monsters that kill and eat human beings if they can. You will no the difference within moments of seeing them."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit, and then smiles a little bit. "Living dead! You people have zombies! Well, radioactive zombies, but still!", she says. The woman grins a little bit. "Sorry, just there's always stories about zombies! Like the Cheerleaders who save the world, using chainsaws against them!"
Saeko      "I have heard them called Zombies," Saeko nods, adjusting her sword lightly as she re-secures it onto her belt. "By some, and usuall in anger...but I've never heard of a 'cheerleader'. Are they some sort of warrior that boosts moral?"
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a litle bit. "You havn't heard of a cheerleader?", she asks. The woman shakes her head a little bit before adjusting her clothing. "Do you know what a b rated movie is?"
Saeko A blink, another, nope. It doesn't look like it. It might be a product of the times, or it might simply be the case that living away in a hidden settlement training in interpretations of old history and a little popcultured pollution to become assassins had kept her from being exposed to a few things. "You mean like a holodisk?"
Kasumi     Kasumi rubs her chin a little bit. "Something like that. Oh, we really should go exploring and see if we can find some b rated moves hidden away! Seriously!
Saeko Saeko seems to consider this for a moment before she shrugs her shoulders, nodding a little. "We can keep an eye out for them. But in the mean time? I think that a meal would be the best."