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Owner Pose
    The sights and sounds of someone getting pummelled isn't really like what you see in the movies. There isn't as much 'loudness' with the hits. It's more dull thuds and grunts of pain as assailants unload upon the poor victim.
    That victim on this late afternoon is none other than Percy Cooke. Newly arrived Doctor. Overall nice guy.
    Opting to take a moment to explore the scrap forest, the blue eyed lean man had scarcely any time to defend himself! And even if he did, he was outnumbered three-to-one. With a cry out in pain as his arm is broken, the Doctor crumbles onto the ground and is kicked a bit more. He's then robbed, the attackers launching forth to grab notes from his pockets. Which, as strange as it sounds, is the most valuable stuff he has /on/ him. Including a pip-boy 3000 and a gun. Despite his struggling and efforts to fend them off, they take what they're after and disappear into the setting sun.
    Percy remains there. Motionless. The sharp, stinging pain of his arm. He feels a trickle of blood run from the top of his skull and down his cheek, pain and bruises aching and radiating over most parts of his body.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya takes a knee, she unslings her sniper rifle and aims in. There will be no more sunsets for these guys. She snuggs in her cheek to the stock. Breathe in, breathe out, praise be to Atom, relax, squeeze. The sound of the high powered rifle is deafening.
Iris Lark Iris hears the sound of a scuffle as she is near the clinic, when she runs in and sees Percy crumble on the ground she makes her way to him quickly and tries to ascertain how serious his injuries are. "Percy?" She calls out, shaking him gently at the shoulder. "Say something to me?"
Zealot Shreya The shot misses, sending a few splinters of concrete from a nearby wall into the air. The men will know they are being fired upon now. Shreya isnt exactly being covert about it. She takes a second shot.
Percy     Percy shuts his eyes tightly as the gun nearby goes off. "Christ," He mutters, ears ringing. "I'm fine, I'm fine." The man declares to Iris, sitting up slowly from his laid position. "Broken arm." He self-diagnoses with a mutter, looking at his right appendage. It looks mostly fine, really. But there must be a fracture somewhere in the bone.
    "Iris, what are you doing here?" He asks almost immediately, before turning to look over at Zealot and her big ol' gun. "And... who's that? I see you brought someone with some fire power." Not that his did much trick.
    The three bandits are long gone. The one shot had gotten near them causing them to duck out of reflex, but they are now safely out of range with many obstructions protecting them from a direct line of fire.
    "Damnit. They knew, Iris. They knew."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya curses and lowers her gun. "May the wasteland take your eyes." She stands and slings the rifle, keeping her gaze moving between Percy and the distant buildings in case they double back. She walks up to the man and woman, looking down critically at Percy. "He needs a doctor," she says without much inflection.
Iris Lark Iris runs gentle fingers along Percy's arm, a slight frown on her face. "I live here, you goof." She answers quietly before levelling a glance at Shreya. "I'm afraid I don't know her well, so maybe she came for you?" She glances between them for a moment and then she gives Percy a quick hug before she focuses on his arm. "What did they know?" When Shreya speaks up, Iris glances up and nods once, and then again before a slight grin curves her lips. "Yeah, I'm a"
Percy     "I am a Doctor." Percy mutters in reply to Zealot. "It's just a broken arm; a fracture at best. Nothing to worry about. I just need a splint and I should heal fine." His good hand waves to Zealot, before he shrugs. "I don't know who she is, but... oh well." A shrug. "This is Iris. I'm Percy. We're both medical practitioners." He explains to the lady with the rifle. "We both work at the Shantytown clinic."
    Slowly yet surely he makes his way to his feet. Painfully, given the winces that flash across his face. Any movement of that arm is painful!
    "They knew to look for my notes." He finally answers to Iris. "My notes on cutting edge R&D biotech. With them in the wrong hands, they could be sold and... well, enemies could gain superior military advantage. If they joined a few more dots."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow. "Doctors are you? We shall soon have need of doctors. We would prefer /our/ doctors but at present we are very small. This is your shop then?" She looks over toward the building. Biotech doesnt sound like a doctor to me. More like a researcher."
Iris Lark "Well..we'll just have to get them back then." Iris murmurs, and she moves to support Percy. "Come sit over here on this bench, I'll splint this. Walking to the clinic will be painful otherwise." She points towards where the gate can be seen. "We're..closer to the gate." She says faintly before she glances at Percy.
Percy     "Uh huh." Percy looks at Zealot a little quizzically at her statements, before shuffling over to the nearby bench and sitting down. Every movement he makes is done gently, as if to not further irritate the fractured bone. "It is research, yes." The man breathes, exhaling slowly. Welts and bruises are beginning to form on various parts of his body, but he doesn't seem to care too much. "Done in my own time. Highly experimental. But... yeah, what Iris said." A nod goes to his colleague. "We'll just have to find out who took them. And then get them back. Somehow."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya moves to help support Percy's other side as Iris moves him to a seat. "Well that will be a chore itself. Youll have to check local caravans and other doctors perhaps. What was the research for?" She sets him down carefully, then backing up to watch the buildings and let Iris work.
Iris Lark Iris pulls an old police club from her rucksack and braces it against Percy's arm. With a slight tilt of her head she measures how much attention Percy is paying to her before she grips his arm and makes a sharp movement, pulling the bone back into its proper place. Her hands are like vices on the arm in case the poor man tries to pull away in surprise.
Percy     "Biotech science is largely research, as you mentioned." Percy clarifies to Zealot as Iris starts to brace and treat his arm. "I'm looking into applied biotech sciences onto the human frame. Something that goes beyond cybernetics as we know it. True technological application that uses biological systems, living organisms, or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use." That is some hardcore smarts he's spieling about! And yet done so very casually, with only the occasional grunt made as Iris treats him. Even when she yanks the arm back into place! But he doesn't pull away. He knows the routine and what has to happen. But pain is written all over his face!
    "..thank-you, dear." The man gurgles, trying to control his breathing.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and there is an unwholesome gleam in her eye. "Cybernetics is it? I guess I dont completely understand what you are saying but we best move before your friends come back and shoot us from cover."
Iris Lark "If any of them come back, they'll regret it." Iris assures Shreya, but she is getting to her feet. The club has been tied at two points on Percy's forearm. "This will do until we put on a cast. We can go to the Clinic if you'd like?" She says, glancing between the pair.
Percy     "They got what they came for. I doubt they'll be back." Percy grumbles. "I'm researching the mutant genetic code and I'm close to finding a way to reverse that code back into human structure. So, in theory, reversing mutants into humans. Or, the notes on that could be used to transform people /into/ mutants. Possibly." Standing up regardless he sighs. "That information could be worth a lot of money to the right people, but... it would take a mind as keen as mine to complete the equation. Hopefully the bandits haven't got anyone like that either them."
    A gentle nod is made. "Let's go back to the clinic. I'll feel better there." His gaze shifts to Shreya. "What's your go, anyway? Not sure I've seen you around before."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya wrinkles her lip. "What has been made by the glow should not he unmade. This defies the will of Atom. You are a heretic. Mutants, radscorpions, two headed brahmin, all made new in his holy glow. It is well that those men took your notes away. I can only hope they die before passing such heretical filth too someone else. I am Zealot Shreya, servant of the Lord of the Glow. Perhaps this pain is a sign of Atom's displeasure. You would do well to repent. I will help you take revenge upon those who harmed you but only if you swear to destroy those blasphemous texts."
Iris Lark Iris blinks and gazes at the Zealot before she steps slightly behind Percy's form. "She sounds serious.." She murmurs quietly to Percy, She goes quiet, not wanting to argue with the woman, they aren't her texts.
Percy     "Oh no..." Percy groans, lifting his good hand to slap a palm into his face. While rolling his eyes back into his head. "Well, you certainly are a zealot. And you do the group very proud." He had heard of this group before, but this was the first time he had actually interacted with a Child of Atom! There seems to be new expressions of pain on his face as he lowers the hand, but it's unclear on whether it's because of the actual physical pain of his arm or the pain he has echoing down his ears.
    "Look... Uh, Shreya. You're welcome to help me if you want. But if I get my notes back I'm going to use them to help a /lot/ of people. And maybe even use them to help improve the lives of others suffering through other genetic mutations. Like cancer." He purses his lips, before turning on his foot.
    "Come on, Iris. I need some pain killers and a hot tea."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "I cannot offer you help as you are set on your course. You are fortunate that I wasted ammunition to scare your attackers. You are determined to propogate heresy. At present, I can only urge you to turn back, for if I ever find you doing these blasphemies, it would be my duty to send you on to division. I shall pray that I find your assailants before you do, fortunately your injury makes that more likely."
Iris Lark Iris furrows her brow and then she suddenly looks a bit angry. "You're not a nice person, and we'll find them first. Mark my words." She puffs up a bit and her hands fist on her hips. "Furthermore, if you try to hurt Percy, you'll have to deal with me, and nobody wants a doctor on their bad side, we know where to aim to make it hurt the worst!" She puts an arm around Percy and leads him towards the Clinic. "Tea it is, Percy."
Percy     Percy blinks a bit in surprise at Shreya, his eyes going over to Iris tiredly. "It's alright, Iris. She's allowed her beliefs and opinions. Though we are lucky she has run out of ammunition for the moment."
    Leaning on the female Doctor, Percy begins to hobble away. His legs were a bit sore from the beating, but fortunately with no structural damage he seems to be fine! Just a little bit of a limp.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sneers at Iris. "One, two, whats the difference? Look, I think it just that you live and they die for preying on our fellow man is against the will of Atom. Your husbands arm is broken for that reason, Atom offers an opportunity for penance. I suggest you take it, both of you. Now." She sniffs at the air. "I have work to do and those men must bleed. I wish you good fortune and time to contemplate your sins which fate hath taken away. I am not out of ammunition doctor." And with that she heads off in the direction the villains fled, though now her appearance of heroism is highly clouded by the more present zeal. The strange woman disappears from view in little time.