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Gorilla Not every day is about going around shooting raiders or saving caravans. Sometimes people actually have to do things like.. maintain a town.. or maintain things. They arn't the most glorious days but by god.. they are the ones that need to be done. So our intrepid adventurers have a simple task set before them today.

A few of the robots on Cowboy Lane are a bit on the fritz and need to be fixed. Some whisper of sabatoge, others think those prior folks are right insane and they probably just wore down with use. The militia however has hired a group of people with hopefully varied and useful skills to solve the problem and keep these incredibly valuable and limited resources running.

Cowboy Lane itself is the most wild-western part of town. With some of the robots on patrol, having fake-shoot outs and everything.

Lawbot Dusty, the most famous resident of the lane always on his patrol every hour on the hour, saying his famous lines and really.. this area is an Icon for the city.

Let's not fuck it up!
Ironface Jones From down the lane comes Ironface Jones. He's riding atop his mighty steed, First Horse Jones, and surveying all that surrounds him while only looking mildly uncomfortable in the saddle. Being one of the people sent here to try to fix the malfuntioning robots he's more than ready to do what needs to be done, likely the heavy lifting side of things. When he gets to where he's going he dismounts First Horse Jones and wraps his reins around around a handy hitching post before striding to catch up with the other robot repairmen and telling them, "I am here to help."
Decius Following Ironface at some distance is Decius, still sticking out like a sore thumb as allways. Not that he exactly knows what he is doing here, aside from likely being supposed to help out with the heavy lifting as well and keeping an eye open should anything take a turn for the worse while the robots get their maintenance.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows, moving a bit slower. Still nursing a gut wound, Lilly slips down gently. She pulls the hood of her cloak back, looking about. Lilly is here cuz, well, this is Home, and you fix stuff that's broke in your home. Specially if the broke stuff could decide you're a bag of juicy tater's what needs peeling at four in the morning cuz some radioactive gnat farted near the wrong bot. She checks her varmit-killin' pistol, grabs a few tools from Sprockets saddlebags and squints up the street
Scott Manson Scott Manson wishes he had a horse, at this point. Really he does. Who in the dickin's has EVER heard of someone trying to courier the mail around without SOME kind of transportation? Pony express? More like express trip to buy replacement boots OVER and OVER and....well, hello. Here's a gathering! Maybe he has something already destined for one of these folks. Only one way to find out until he gets a better sense of whom everyone is, where everything is, etc... He's wandering up on foot, offering a smile and a wave to the group. He's a friendly sort.
Gorilla "Howdy Pardners, you are just in time for the twelve O'clock showing!" Lawbot Dusty proclaims, the protectron's grilled face chhzting and distorted as it moves with that stopping, nearly stumbling gate towards the area. "This is Cowboy lane, the most dangerous part of El Dorado! Watch out for Sleezy Boto, I hear he is gonna make a move on the.." The bot cuts himself short, an eerie silence hanging in the air and then suddenly!

"Thats him! Stand back kids!" Dusty proclaims before moving to the center of town.. and several minutes pass by awkwardly before the Lawbot Dusty turns around. "That is why you don't mess with the law!" The Protectron offers before stumbling away to resume its patrols.

Nothing happened, there was no high-noon staredown and firefight. Just a robot shouting at nothing before pretending like nothing was the matter.
Ironface Jones "I think Dusty may be unwell," states the big tribal with a frown on his face. "His friend did not show up to fight him like he usually does, either." He looks over each person there with them in turn before fixing his eyes on Scott and furrowing his brow ever so slightly. He doesn't recognize this fellow, but that's okay because Ironface is a friendly guy, "I am Ironface Jones, explorer and hunter of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan."
Decius "Yes, seems like Dusty and his counterpart are both a bit screwed up. Wonder where the other one is though since he didn't show up." says the Legionnaire with a shrug before looking over to the other arrival he hasn't seen before. "Well, welcome to the robot fixing. Don't screw up or they will drive you in the ground unsharpened. I'm Decius Caecillius Metellus and likely the first to be so if that happens."
Nikki "Now now, Nikki doesn't know anyone or anything around here, and Nikki isn't sure if she should be bothering people..." Cause, the young woman with the teal hair and curious eyes was coming up on a small gathering of people. Course, she wouldn't just run into the group either, and instead she ducks behind the nearest chassis of a car and...oh hey is that something shiny? The robot which had been hovering over her shoulder makes a series of beeps and bloops, gaining a stern look - like one a 12 year old would give their scolding parent - and she shushes him again. "Nikki is fine! Nikki's just...watching." Behind the chassis of a burnt out car because that's totally not see through.
Scott Manson Scott Manson laughs just a bit, rubbing the back of his head. "Good to meetcha folks. Sorry for the abrupt interuptin' n' such. My name's Scott Manson. You can call me Scotty. Rhymes with hotty, don'tcha know? *grin, teeth sparkle* ... Alrighty." He shakes his head a bit, a little embarrassed and scans over his list for any of those names. (Your call if you're expecting mail of course n.n) "Hm. Lemme see if I got anythin' for either o' you fine folk..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks about. "Which is the bot we're supposed to be fixin?", she calls out. "That one or his Boto?" She pats the side of Sprocket's neck, her horse proceeding to paw at the ground and snort at the lack of anything nibble-able within reach.
Ironface Jones "I would like you to give me something, Scotty," Ironface very seriously tells the fellow who appears to be looking for things to hand out to folks. Not that he should anticipate receiving anything as he's not really much of a mail getting sort of guy. But there's also someone talking to a robot, maybe she knows robots as well, "Are you here to help make the robots better, Lady?" Then Lilly is talking and Ironface looks her way, "I think we need to fix all of the robots. Many of them are ill, I have been told."
Gorilla Cowboy Lane remains quiet and dusty. With Lawbot Dusty still making the rounds up and down the street, stumbling with that odd gate that protectrons are known for. Offering "Howdy Partner's" to everyone and anyone else in sight. What exactly is going on is not clear.. exept that something seems broken or missing.

What to do!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine calls out 'See if you can find a Robot Control terminal somewhere. If nothing else, we can get a list of which bots are active and which ones are reported as offline. Should be in one of these offices
Decius "Sounds like an idea. I'll be on my way, just don't expect me to make sense of it." With that said Decius begins to make his way down the lane to both check the buildings for a terminal and see where Boto ended up. Maybe.
Ironface Jones "Very well, Lilly Caine," Ironface tells the young lady before he goes to do as she instructed, walking alongside Decius until he gets to the buildings. His mode of searching is perhaps not the most elegant, simply walking up to each door and trying to open them to see what's behind them. "Lawbot Dusty," He suddenly stops searching and calls out. "Where is your Robot Control terminal?" Because maybe just talking to the thing will help somehow.
Nikki Nikki peeks from around the chassis she's been hiding behind and then moves to begin walking up towards the group now parting ways? She looks the robot in question up and down a little, then bites on her lower lip some. "Nikki...might be able to help? Nikki's good with robots! Just lookit Dink here!" The floating eyebot seems to tilt one way and then the other before making another series of beeps. "Shush! Nikki is trying to help! Tho, is the robot sick? Nikki will hug it better!"
Gorilla The good news is that Lawbot Dusty isn't taken aback by the hugs from a strange woman in a blue suit. Really the robot isn't aware of much at all.. but maybe.. just maybe somewhere deep in it's circuit boards there is a new warmth that wasn't there before.

Humans make for good insulation after all.

Decius on the other hand.. does manage to find some drag marks, maybe some sort of sign of the missing robot?

For the friendly tribal. "Sorry Partner, El Dorado rules and regulations state I am not allowed to offer that information to those not employeed by Wonderlust Resorts and Studios! Continued queries will be registered for possible legal prosecution!"

Lilly Caine has a much harder time finding the terminal which is supposed to be hidden away after all!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine calls out ot Nikki "Hug that one good and tight", moving over closer to Lawbot Dusty. She tries to wiggle around behind it and gain access to the control circuity. Maybe she can hack her way into some control program. Or, if nothing else, put it in an idle mode.
Decius Seeing nothing else out of the ordinary aside from a bunch of drag marks Decius simply follows them. Its not like the Legionnaire has anything else to go right now and maybe its going to lead him to... something. Maybe.
Ironface Jones Paying attention to Nikki once more, Ironface nods and explains things as he understands them, "He is sick and his friend seems to be missing. We need to find them to figure out what is wrong." Turning back to Dusty the big guy says, "That's okay, Lawbot Dusty. I shall find some other way to help you." He looks around and frowns a little bit, then returns to his systematic search of the area.
Nikki Nikki holds on to the robot, though she also tries to peek at what Lilly was doing. "Nikki's holding on! Nikki won't let go!" Laughing a little as she says this, hoping to continue giving the robot the warm fuzzies. Dink continues to beep but she stares the floating eye bot down again. "Nikki will do that later! Hush!"
Gorilla The robot is able to spew out enough data to be picked up via wahtever ingenious method that Nikki has that would lead her back to the recharging station and perhaps even the daily schedule and events for the robot as well. Where it might have a shootout with the bot's old archrival or the like... in a bar.. or a saloon.

Luckily for Decius that seems to be where he is going. The drag marks end at the door of a small saloon which has those double doors that can be brushed aside easily.

IN the corner is old Dirty Boto, the most criminally inclined robot in all El Dorado! The robot lays on it's side, leg clearly missing a hunk.. and perhaps other problems that need to be solved.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows behind the others, moving a bit slower as she's still recovering. She pauses to fetch Sprocket, taking a moment to loop the mare's reigns around a hitching post. She walks follows the others, looking back to Sprocket, and making a "chirp-Chirp" noise. She doesn't know why, just seemed a silly thing to do.
Ironface Jones As everyone else seems to be doing things that are useful, Ironface does a bunch of searching, not really finding anything until he stumbles in behind Decius and the others to the robot's charging station. He looks around for a few seconds, then stops and says, "I feel as though I know others who will be good at helping to cure Dusty and Boto." He looks the wounded Boto over and nods his head a few time, "Yes. I will return as soon as I can with more help!" And he heads back out the way he came in, untangles the reins from the hitching post and climbs onto First Horse Jones to ride out to wherever it is he's heading.
Nikki Nikki finds the robot, and it's really not looking well. "Nikki help!" Saying this much before rushing forward to look the robot over. And boy does she look it over with hmms and huhs coming from her and then she plops on her butt right next to the robot, looking to Dink a moment before glancing around to the others. "Nikki doesn't know why but the servo that's supposed to be inside the leg s'not there..." Saying this much before she turns towards the robot and pokes it with a finger. "Nikki also thinks the robot is broken on the just don't wanna work no more...but..." She glances around. "Nikki can try to fix?"
Decius Decius meanwhile just takes another look around the saloon while Nikki takes a look at the robot and shrugs. "Well, if you can get your hands on some parts. Also, I'm pretty sure someone deactivated him and salvaged a few parts since the damage is not from any weaponry... or just salvaged it when it broke down its own. Not sure."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine finds something amid one of the floorboards. "I.. think I got something here. gimme a hand getting it free. If nothing else, it's something to start with" She smiles to Nikki. "we'll get him fixed up soon enough", then to Decius. "over here. see if you can pull this board up"
Gorilla A small little servor or motor of some sort is in between some of the boards in the ground. No doubt lodged inside as the robot tripped. This was the problem with those old protectron models.. never were able to walk right or well. At the very least one problem could be easily fixed enough.
Decius A groan is Decius first reaction as he heads over and begins to help Lilly get the part out of between the boards. Trying being the word. "So... it tripped and then just broke down. Thats it? Thats underwhelming."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine helps decius, grabbing the part and slipping it out from the lifted board. "This'll be a start. maybe he got tripped. Maybe a sea of moke-rats swarmed through, chased by a deathclaw in real nead of a new hairdo."
Gorilla With the servo motor in hand, the repairs can start. The robot seems to be completley off and powered off, just waiting, laying on the ground.

WIth a bit of work and some tools the servo could go right back in!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine works on the leg, but discovers.. "Battery is toast. we're gonna need another one, Nikki.."
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking over to Lilly. "Nikki thinks she can help. Lemme see? Maybe Dink has the same battery.." The floating eye seems to make some incessent beeps, as if it doesn't like the idea. "Oh hush it, Dink. Nikki will make you all better, just need to borrow your parts..." Then she considers. "You really think it's busted? Nikki knows some batteries just die then Nikki plugs them into a box and they get all better." More beeping from the robot and Nikki's brows would furrow. "Well okay then, we can charge the dead one, but if you have the same battery then Nikki wants to borrow your battery to fix the other robot..please?"
Decius Decius meanwhile just sits down nearby and waits, knowing that he definitely should let the people who actually know what they are doing work in peace. Might just as well just keep an eye on it all instead.
Gorilla The Fission battery which weighs nearly thirty pounds is more than adequate and interchangable, though a protectron likley has more batteries then a small floating robot like Nikki's.. at the very least it will get the robot up and working lng enough to make the trip back to the charging station.

Question is? Will they do it!?
Nikki Nikki grabs Dink and takes out his fusion battery, exchanging his battery for the one in the robot's leg. At least getting the robot to limping and as it begins it's slow motion she beams. "Look! Nikki did it!"
Gorilla With that done, Dirty Boto is soon trying to push itself off the ground and starts to run through processes.

"Booting up, Robco industries model:17B, Personality Matrice:Dirty Pete."

A Pause then as the robot tries to compose itself. "Don't stand in my way.. pardner when I try and rob the bank here in a few hours. You best not tell that dirty ole Dusty either!"

Everything is right in the world. Nikki, Decius and Lilly saved the day. Yay!