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Manuelito White puffy clouds hung above in the sky, floating so easily up above as they move along a wind current that blew in from the northwest; pushing the clouds to the southeast. The clouds slowly amass above, some darkening while others stay the every so bright, cheery white. Rain could be on its way judging by the way the clouds continue to gather and darken.

The air was cooler than normal for the current time of year; another indication of possible low front coming in with chances of rain.

It was a Friday, the fifth of August in the year 2282. The group of people have been travelling for a few days now, heading further west than most have travelled; the direction to the north of the former township known as Lordsburg, now more commonly known as New Rome. The town was to the southeast, close to the former Mexican and Arizona border of the four states on the old I-10 road line.

The group had followed the same caravan line that would've taken them to New Rome, except they broke off on a smaller, abandon road known formerly as 180. The road bent, curved and twisted to Gila National forest outskirts; to a town known as Mule Creek.

Word along the caravan route had spoken of a gravely wound lady who made it to New Rome seeking help. She spoke of the Legion that had crossed through Gila National Forest and attacked there village. There local defense force was small, unable to handle the large force that attacked. Most of the township scatted to safe zones built in the forest, but others were captured.

She managed to escape the prison, but was wounded in the process. On her dying breath, she spoke of others currently detained in the town and of how the Legion was going to use it as a foothold.

Word eventually gotten back down the caravan line to the local Militia. From there, a group was rallied together consisting of Joe Caine, Fiona and Vera. Along the way Abe, Apostle, Winston and Kaelyn joined up.

The group was now just outside the township and they could see that it was not fortified as of yet and several legion could be seen just on the outskirts patrol; it was hard to tell how many were further inside.

What one could tell is that the town was fairly small, consisting of only a dozen or so buildings along the road known as 180 and several rivers snaked along the eastern side; the water low for this time of year. A road broke off in the middle of the town, heading to the northeast. The area was somewhat flat, but at the distance you were at the patrols haven't seen you yet. This was not going to be a long range battle it would seem.
Abe     It was hard being stealthy in the Tin Can. You couldn't step light, you could scarcly bend... but Abe was doing his best to keep his beat-up rust bucket out of sight. The trip to the mines had taken more out of her than he thought but even so, he was going to give her another trot... the long trip helped put some ease in her knees. He'd have her in some kind of shape soon enough.

He was kneeling down behind some brush, regretting that coffee he had had before the offset of the journey with every breath... Maybe he could dig up some old can of altoids somewhere leave a bit of the dust in the helmet, help with the smell

For a bit of fresh air, he pried off the bucket and left it resting on his knee. "Doesn't look like they're dug in just yet..." he claimed to anyone bothering to listen, fiddling with his flask and tipping it to his mouth. The burn helped, it helped in ways that other things would help better. "So... I'm just along as part of my civic duty." he opined, craning his neck around to regard the tall native, "How're we doing this?"
Apostle     For Apostle's part, she doesn't seem entirely interested in why they're here, only that there might be something to salvage from the situation. She remains near to Abe, as though to remind him that the reaper is never far behind, glaring at him from behind the shadow of her drawn cowl.
Winston Winston watches the patrols crouched down in some brush, observing the movements of their watch. "Mightn be able to take the two out along the river side of town. A couple of us can flank the troops as they come out tha town. Or recon the place first."
Joe Caine Sergeant Caine had been on a high peek overlooking the entire scenario. He'd been gone for what seemed like a lifetime, before he suddenly pops up near his men, "Alrighty, I been checkin' out the geography, and I've deduced the probability of patrol route, within' like.. give or take a few minutes.." He pauses, "I bet there's two just on the other side of the entrance.." He points towards the river, "I Say we sneak in from the east, and launch a surprise attack. I can snipe the two targets from here once y'all are in place.." He pauses, looking around with a skeptical eye, "Unless anyone else has a better plan.."
Kaelyn Aint Kaelyn the busy body of late! She's new to the town, and allready going on any and every mission she can get her self into it seems. This time though, she's on a definate military type mission. As Kae moves along with the others, she idly checks her rifle, making sure a round is chambered by tugging the charging handle back slightly, then nodding as she gently eases it down. She then settles the weapon into the crook of her arm as she tries to move with everyone else as silently as she possibly can for now. SHe doesn't have much in the way of equipment, so Kae has to make up for that with guile and the ability to hide. Kae glances down as CORA, her oddly made pip-machine mutters to her "Don't like this..." Kae then replies, without glancing "Means to an end, we need the caps." She says with a slight smile "And a safe place to live." Whispers CORA.

Then suddenly Kae looks up and comes to a quick stop, as she looks for a bit of hidden cover to get into... "I dunno, I can sneek around pretty good, but outside this gun I'm not much with combat." she admits and sighs, glancing ahead "I Can maybe grab their flank, though I havn't a radio."
Vera Vera cradles her rifle in her arms, as she looks down at the town. "Well, they have some common sense...there working in pairs, so they can watch out for each other." She nods her head, "best to work on one of the sides, so to speak...course interest on the side will draw in the next closest pair..might be able to get a shot off in there backs, when they turn to help the others."
Manuelito While the Power Armor Abe wears does not give away the position, it is the gathering that Patrol 2 (the one on the western side) appears to see; but isn't sure. The two-man group head away from their patrol, moving carefully toward them. The guards at the post see this and summon the other patrol along the eastern side to go investigate.

Four Legionnaires are now heading toward our friendly little group.
Fiona Fiona follows along with the troop, lingering back a tiny bit to watch for a trap. And she nearly killed a broc flower. It really looked ominious. Nevermind, no body saw it. Apparently she needs a scope. She drags up to the group a little late. Slow and careful.
Winston Winston lays prone on the ground to stabalize the shot that will come. Peering down the sights of his rifle, taking aim on the lead Roman soldier, he holds his fire until he can see the whites of legionaire's eyes.
Kellyn Kellyn has been meandering along with the group, the former Ranger quiet and stand-offish for about the entire trip. Despite being part of the militia, he doesn't seem to want to chat a lot, until they're near the Legion encampment and talk starts picking up about how to approach this. "So, straight in and start shooting, no chance to talk or give 'em the benefit of diplomacy?" comes his drawling voice, as he slides a pistol out into his left hand and a revolver into his right. "Sounds good to me."

When Winston goes to ground and starts to take the sneaky route, Kellyn tugs at his cowboy hat and steps out of some brush, flipping a 12.7mm pistol into his right hand and an NCR Ranger's revolver into his left. "G'afternoon, folks!" BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM. He lets lead fly.
Abe     Right, no marshal but there is Death, beautiful death, her every breath a strange rasp. Abreham starts. he would jump but the T-45 is too slow to answer the invuluntary muscle spasm. It holds him, he might have a bruise somewhere. "Well... arn't you just-" no time for that, sounds like they were about to be engaged. Kellyn starts them off with two barrels blazing. Abe pops the bucket back on his head and brings the T-45 to her feet!

The right arm swings low and pulls the pistol from the straps that had it held to his thigh. "Alright, keep cool for me, you little beauty..." he whispers to himself as he levels the gun at the second troop and fires, reflexes from his previous pistol carrying over as he works the hair trigger and puts two, angry, red bolts of science down range.
Apostle     Hssk.
    Hot breath from her rebreather billows over those in her general vicinity, Apostle's unique pattern of idling something that keeps her from the idea of stealth, golden eyes glaring from Abe to the Legionnaires and back to Abe, as though this were all his fault. Her pistol is already in one calloused, grimy hand, flecked with dirt, rust and oil from her earlier adventures. Behind the larger man in the power armour, the tinny, somehow softened words are recited to herself, carrying all the haunting sway of campfire horror stories, barely enough to reach the ears of those immediately close. "Wintering over geraniums with their pale green gingko leaves; they have not died, and neither has she, but the blooms are gone... and every part of her," Hssk, "Longs... for red."
    Whatever that means.
    In cadence, her murmurs begin.
    "Red is the colour of blood,"
    "Red is death, before it is life,"
    "Red is the colour of sweet roses in bloom..."
    This goes on, even as she's bringing her pistol up to fire, keen eye staring down its ridgeless spine to focus in on one of the guards in Patrol 1, the telltale of the laser weapon humming to life unmistakable to those in the know.
    "Red is the colour of vengeance..."
    She exhales with a long-drawn hssssk, silence, and then the shots are loosed, scoring the flesh and tearing through the armour of the guard with a sharp crack.
Joe Caine Joe had his VATs strapped to his arm, a bit awkwardly, with belts and straps, but it worked. Unfortunately, both his shots go wide, and the giant solder grunts, "Oh horse shit." He kneels down, prepping his rifle against a tree, ready to fire again.
Vera Vera blinks once, as the shots begin to ring out..."I suppose this means that we are starting the ruckus...well, ok then..." as she brings her rifle up, and lets loose a pair of shots at the patrol coming towards them.
Fiona Fiona drops to a kneel position, scanning the target. The is a faint lift of her lips, a wicked smile as shee squeezes the trigger on the first careful shot. Then she pulls the trigger in quick succession to obliderate the legion scum.
Kaelyn Kae watches the others go down, her position was kind of up front. She glances over her cover, staring a moment before taking a deep breath. She then rolls over, siting down the barrel of her rifle as she steadies her aim, then 4 rapid shots rain out, amazingly, each one aimed as she sends a pair of double-taps down range, a quartet of bullet bullet holes suddenly springing from her target, all nicely placed, center mass. Kae then calmly climbs to a kneeling position, keeping her rifle held down range as she slides slightly back to cover yet again. CORA then says, though volume was low. "Nice shooting Kae, though I will say, your second pair of rounds was slightly off to the side from where the first two hit." Kae blinks and shrugs "It worked didn't it?" Before CORA adds "My job is to see you constantly improve hon, you won't get better if I don't note these things." Kae blinks and stares at her wrist com now, then idly starts muttering about her smart-allecked A.I.
Manuelito In the first battle for Cliff (Not Mule Creek), two patrols are taken down quickly be the unsung heroes that have arrived to help the town. This would be good news had it not been for the Guards at the town's edge who've summoned for more assistance.

Out comes eight more legionnaires, moving quickly toward the group. They form three rows as they move; a front row with firearms, a second defensive row and a third row banging swords against shields in an attempt to send fear to the enemy.
Winston Winston remains prone as cover, firing upon the new group of legionaires marching out of the town. Nice of them to come out to us to play. His bullets fly wide and high, missing the front lines, and the side of the barn behind them.
Kellyn Legions everywhere! The bullets now flying at them instead of solely away from the group, Kellyn takes a dive to the left, both guns up and firing. He doesn't let up, casings flying from the 12.7mm pistol and flame shooting out of the Ranger's revolver. Boom! Boom! "Say hello to my li'l friends," he calls out.
Joe Caine Joe lets loose a barrage of bullets that inflict both rows. The damage isn't massive, and Joe looks a bit disappointed that more people didn't die! But what could he do. He just centers his focus, his eyes peering down the iron sights of his large FN Fal battle rifle.
Vera Vera watches the first batch go down, then a new batch comes storming out of the town.."Oh, now these guys have it going on..." she pulls back on the trigger of her rifle a couple times. "Nice of them to line up like that."
Fiona Fiona sights in her rifle and a bullet puts a burn mark against the side of the hat. Later that will be deemed kinda cool, give it character and Fiona a story. Now? Now she is really angery, she squeezes off a near shot, adjusts and puts the next four, two center mass and two in the knee, likely not cause she wanted it to hurt more, "Light them up guys."
Apostle     Hssk.
    Those sunset golden eyes watch as the carnage unfolds, her mind calculating the threat she poses, the danger they represent, that they -all- represent. It's hard for her to tell which are her enemies and which are her foes, something that makes her a unique sort of uncertainty on the field of battle. Still, she seems to have a handle on it for now.
    "What passing bells for these who die as cattle?"
    "Only the monstrous anger of the guns."
    "Only the stuttering rifle's rapid rattle,"
    "Can patter out their hasty orisons."

    Is she quoting poetry now?

    "No mockeries now for them; no prayers, nor bells,"
    "Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,"
    "The shrill demented choirs of wailing shells,"
    "And bugles calling for them from sad shires."
    "What candles may be held to speed them all?"
    "Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyes,"
    "Shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes."
    It's then that her pistol is leveled anew at a target she's chosen, likely one that's trying to rattle shots off the holy bastion of power armour, drawing her fitful ire. Eyes squint, but do not close as the trigger is squeezed twice, loosing that arcing bolt toward the second row, boring into the chest of one, but firing wide the second. Her gun slowly lowers, her head canting to one side.
    Hssk. Hssk. So calm, so even. In, and out.
    "The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall,"
    "Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,"
    "And each, slow dusk a drawing down of blinds."
Abe     He expected this, he wasn't enjoying it but he expected it!

Rounds bounce and ricochet off of the armor, testing and wearing down the T-45's thick hull. He waits for the sound of something to break, for the onboard systems to warn him of one failure or another as the model is so infamous for... but it doesn't come. Even as they struggle against his steel hide, it holds up.

"That's a girl!" he croons to his tin can, a smile splitting his face open as he adjusts his aim and opens fire.

More lasers spring down range as he moves forward, almost feeling invulnerable... He forgot to take care of the heat. He skirted the first time with just two shots. Three was over the line. The weapon grows hot, hot enough for the heat to transfer through the metal of the armor and sear his hand, incased in metal, he just has to accept the burn, gritting his teeth as he holds the arm controls firmly, feeling his skin start to blister... those will be a joy to deal with later!
Kaelyn And now Kae rolls back out of her cover, the girl popping to a kneeling position before snapping off two shots at one of the leading line, then without looking to see what the outcome was fires another pair of rounds at the other lead guy in row 2. She sees those rounds hit. Kae doesn't admire it though. She drops back into cover, checking her magazine quietly as CORA tells her "First two rounds were a bit low sweety, second two caught the man in the left Leg." Kae nods and frowns "Ok so I needed to stabilize my shot a bit better. Will do so next time, thanks CORA." Her Pip-CORA then chuckles "It's what I'm here for.." Kae then glances around and asks "How many more you think?"
Kellyn Kellyn spins his pistols after taking his last shots, smoke rising from the guns as he scans the horizon for more Legionaires.
Abe     From the Velocity emerges Abe... in somewhat rough shape. Arm in a sling... and that's as best can be told in polite company.

Not that anything is wrong in a intimate fashion!

It's just... well, clothes.

With a pistol tucked into his belt, he adjusts the helmet atop his head slightly for comfort and cause. Peering out past the visor he marvels quietly at the endurence of the structures... Simple yet sustaining. Impressive.

His hand dips behind him, pulling his flask out of his back pocket... a slight shake finds it empty.

Yes, yes today would be a special kind of fun.