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Lucky It was a lazy day outside today; the cloud lazily blew from the northwest to the southeast bringing in the chance of rain on this cool day.

Inside Hanzhou's Noodle House, Lucky found a place to sit and eats noodles quietly. he had been told about the infamous location and how the noodles was good. Plus, Hanzhou was a vaulter teammate, so all the more reason to eat here!
Eden Eden comes in and waves at Lucky. "so, I guess they sell... noodles and more noodles?" She laughs and takes a seat. "Who is Hanzhou? should I know him? with being part of the shop next door and all?"
Lucky Pausing in mid-eating, Lucky waves and smiles... noodles hang from his mouth before he slurps them into his mouth, chews swallows and chuckles. "Sorry.. Hanzhou makes the best noodles. I've heard of him in the team but afraid I haven't met him either. They say he is a master wielder of swords and master chef of noodles You should try some! They are delicious!" He said with a laugh.
Eden Eden is hungry. She goes to the counter and gets herself a bowl. Once received she goes back to Lucky and starts curling up one long noodle around a fork. "So- what's the plan? Do we just waltz in? I don't think you seem worried enough for some reason."
Lucky "Well we could lock arms and skip up to Dunwich; it'd be fun and something I haven't tried before." Lucky replies with a wide, cheery smile; obviously he was teasing the girl and being funny.

"But seriously, I really think it's something practical and not mystical. I mean, come on.. ghosts? Haunted equipment and vehicles?" He shakes his head, wrapping up some noodles with a fork.

"I'm telling you, you either bonked that cute noggin of yours; or someone is playing tricks with robotics or something." He pauses, taking the noddles into his mouth, chews and swallows.

"But, if it is haunting and ghosts, I'll .. wear whatever you want me to wear for a week. Skirt, dress.. name it."
Eden Eden laughs, then pretends to be serious "well if you like to wear dresses, there is no shame in that. You wear whatever makes you happy." nodding seriously. "If you need an excuse, that's fine though." Eden can't hold the straight face much longer and starts to laugh again. "Anyway- no bet. if it is ghosts, jut help me not die, ok?"
Lucky Lucky face screws up as he laughs "No, no I don't like wearing dresses.. Just a example, ya know." He says chuckling. His head nods slightly as he smiles "Promise Eden that I won't let anything happen."
Eden The pangs of pain through her chest let Eden know that maybe laughing too hard is not the best idea yet. "Well I want something to happen- just not being maimed or killed. I'm not so sure the haunting is completely impossible. Never been one for mystical stuff, but there was definitely something wrong in that place in a very creepy way. So. If it's Robotics then how do we find out who made them and why? Or- if it's haunted what the hell do we do then?"
Lucky "Well, we just check around. Look at the car, see if there could be something mechanical controlling the vehicle. Also just look around the town itself; see if something stands out." Lucky replies quietly with a shrug. "We could bring that one girl along.. Kaelyn I think is her name. Maybe she can be of assistance with finding this stuff." He notes with a shrug.

"Hey, I saw that wince, you okay?"
Eden "Good idea, she was with us last night in the mine. she's really nice, almost accidentally shot me, but still, really nice." Eden remembers to NOT laugh this time. "Yeah, i'm mostly ok. There was not medics around earlier to fix me up. I think the creature down in the mines broke my rib. It really hurts, especially if I laugh. So- don't be funny, got it?"
Lucky Lucky smirks "Oh your taking all the fun out of this now." He states with a fake little pout. "But seriously, we can always take the food to go.. You should get that rib checked out before it infects something internally." He notes calmly.
Eden Eden says "Well there was nobody around earlier to ask. I looked. so, am just waiting till someone is free." Eden looks out the window at the sky. "Maybe they'd be back soon." The girl pauses for a moment. "And I can be fun. I'm very fun. I totally have tons of fun. Especially in a workshop." The pain is growing and Eden is nearly 3/4 of the way done with noodle. "I probably should go soon though." Eden's face turns actually serious. I don't mean to insult you in anyway- but after my past 2 times out I have a little more healthy fear in my. I am no fighter. I have a gun or 3, but am not an expert. Or even good. I got myself snacthed up by a monster thing last night and it took big old Ashur to drag me out of the tentacles. I just mean to say- you really do got this? Cause I am useless at the fighting part. Apprently not so bad with explosives, but not fighting."
Lucky Leaning forward, a hand reaches out and gentle touches her. "Hey, I am pretty good with a gun. Grant it, I'm no tank walking around like some of these folks I've seen; but I can hold my own pretty good." He tells her kindly.

"I'll make sure we get out of Dunwich without an issue. May get a tad banged up probably; but.. that is why it's called and adventure, ain't it? To go out, have fun exploring and maybe get a few bumps, scrapes in the process?"

He squeezes that hand before leaning away; eyes just looking at her now with kindness, compassion and understanding.
Eden Eden squeezes his hand back. "Thanks. I really do want the adventure. and don't mind a few boo boos. But, this week has been completely crazy and there IS one thing I see that I have to learn. Don't just jump, and temper my curiosity with a good dose of 'don't be an idiot'"
Lucky "Now your sounding like me." Lucky says with a wink. "Curiosity can be good and bad when scavenging." He says, glancing to his pip-boy "Have I ever told you how I found this little gadget?" He inquires, looking back to her.
Eden "Nope" Eden replies. "I've always wanted one though. two actually. one to take apart and one to use. So tell me the story?"
Lucky "Well, it's kind of a silly .. dangerous thing really." Lucky replies, leaning forward a bit, eyes looking to the pip-boy. "I was doing some scavenging out in the Mojave desert in a very old town out near mountain region. During my scavenging, the ground gave way and I fell inside a cave that was set just below this gas station. It was a large cave and I fell a good twenty feet."

He chuckles, head shaking. "There wasn't much light, but I did happen across a Skelton of a vaulter with this thing on his wrist. So, I took it. As I put it on, and activated it, the light showed me where I was."

He looks to her now, smiling faintly "I was in a Deathclaw den with three of them waking up due to the cave in. I managed to find the tunnel leading out. The ceiling collapsed in on those Deathclaws, killing them as I made my way out... Luckiest thing that has ever happened to me.."