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Kurokumo Mibojin      There's one thing that the Wasteland never runs out of: Dust. It's everywhere, hiding in the wind and every nook and cranny. Kurokumo mutters to herself, the swishing of the broom always missing the tiniest piles in the hardest to reach places. Better than sitting around going crazy with boredom, she supposes.
Eden Eden walks into the clinic gingerly. She's been looking for a medic all day and is glad to finally see someone in the office. "Hi there. Can you possibly look at me? I think I might of cracked a rib"
Sammy     And in the wasteland there's another thing that is never run out of... hurting. This time, Sammy got smart, and his horse helped guide Kaelyn to drop him off at the Medical Center. He was in no shape to do much description of what happened, and has been resting, face down with a tiny smidegon of first aid applied to his legs to keep him from bleeding out across everywhere. He's really messed up, looks like some kind of bomb blast, from the bits of rock shrapnel that didn't just puncture his coat out right.
    His legs though, something, several somethings, tried to remove them with claws. And from the looks of it, they had lots of claws and some array of teeth.
Kurokumo Mibojin      The tall Asian woman looks up from her busywork. "Yeah, I can take a look." The broom is set against the wall, as the Doctor guides Eden over to sit in a chair. She acquires one of her pre-made trays, settling down herself as the other woman goes to pull up her own shirt for Kurokumo to examine. "If you're awake, Sammy, I'll get too you soon, ok buddy?" Fuck, he's been here so many times that he's a regular, now!
Eden Eden follow the doctor. Every movement hurting of course. Really hopes that this can be healed quickly. The pain is annoying, and she really wants to go on her trip tomorrow. Eden remembers something "Oh, and can you fill a stimpac=k? I have no idea how much money that would be"
Sammy     "Hrrrrrmff." he manages to respond, there's a lot of hurt there, but hearing his own name, from a familiar voice has Sammy starting to come out of unconciousness, he flutters his eyes a little, sucks in a breath. Immediately filling his lungs with pain and regret, coughing, it's a spasmic cough. Ohh, even coughing hurts.
    His brain recovers a little, enough to start the 'system check,wiggle a littl, and figure out where he's hurt worst. Neck, yeah that hurts but can feel it when you move your head, chest, well after recovering from the coughing fit, determined it's pretty hard to breathe, and he hurts all over his back, so yeah, that's gonna cause some pain. He lies there a bit, individual fingers are checked, degrees of motion for his wrists, still checked. He's making very subtle, exploratory movements,
"I think I broke my everything." comes the murmured, dry voice.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Yeah, shake it off, Sammy. Shake it off." There's wry humor to Kurokumo's response, covering the bitterness there. Damned Rangers getting themselves almost-dead, and not full-dead. She wonders if the horse is the real stalwart hero in this story. Her fingers are extremely gentle, feeling where exactly the broken rib is fractured before continuing her next course of action. Out comes the stethoscope, and the Doctor decides to take a listen. "Good for you, no lung punctured."
Eden eden winces at the touch, but stays still. Very glad it's not the worst. Not wanting to appear whiny, Eden stays quiet and still while the doctor examines her. She has seen this woman before. Didn't know she was a dr until today.
Sammy     Remembering how to breathe comes slowly, focusing on what hurts the most, Sammy gives his head a lift, that hurts, but not really as bad as it could.He reaches up, to grab the chin strap of his helmet, and pulls it off, laying there, looking at the back, the metal scratched and scorched from the dynamite blast. "Heh." he gives it a knock with his knuckles, as he looks at it. Still laying flat, He lets his focus wander down his body, the duster acting to buffet and distrubte the majority of the damage, make it slip, slide and fall around him rather than just slicing through him.
    "I'll take some ibuprophen and walk it off in a bit, my legs yeah. that's where I got whacked the most. The basdard things tried to grab me." he grumbles and lies flat, but starts to take off his gloves.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo clucks her dissapproval, Sammy's words meaning more to her than random passerby. Soon enough, Eden's broken rib is tended to and braced the best that the Doctor can muster. "Rest, and don't twist around so much. Not going to stop you from going out and about." It' the story of her life, the Doctor patching up folks soon after they've left her clinic. She gets up from her chair before wandering over to the prone Sammy. "And -you- thought dynamite would help?"
Eden Eden overhears the Doctor's words to Sammy and is a bit sheepish. "I set the dynamite. There were soooo many eggs. We only saw a few, but there are many many more. Ashur had already gotten hurt helping me. I had to do something." Eden turns herself to Sammy carefully in a full body motion not a twist. Carefully following doctors instruction. "As for you, Sammy, there was plenty of time to run. All you had to do was drop the precious gun!"
Sammy     A bottle of Nuka Cola says it was some of the same dynamite that Rose and me got back from Wil. E. on my last trip out towards the Cap Mines." he tries to swallow and smirk, but he's really dry. He breathes in, "I know to stay away from it and shoot it, that's how I roll with explosive ordinance disposal crew..." he rumbles a half-cough. "I remember the last time a civillian got access to explosives and nearly got everybody blown up..." he glowers a bit. "I'm gonna have to put in for some manuals so that I can make sure charges are done right... and can disarm them right too."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Oh, for fuck's sake!" Kurokumo curses as she begins to work on Sammy, her grimace evident as Eden mentions Ashur getting hurt. -Again-. "That stupid bull of a man is going to get himself killed one of these days..." She patches up the NCR Ranger's legs up, her anger simmering, but not impeding her ability to knit flesh together and straighten bones.
Eden Eden nods looking very upset. Very quietly she says "I can't stand to see him being hurt either. And I knew it, and he even said so later, he was going to go down into the whole nest by himself. I know he's strong but... I just... I just don't want him hurt either." Eden thinks Kurokumo understands completely.
Sammy     "It's not quite so simple." Sammy says, to be fair, he's been sort of sleeping with the gun, with the shoulder strap curled around his arm, tucked under him on the cot, out of sight out of mind. "It's not just ... a gun. It carrys a lot of souls with it."
    Sammh does however pull the gun up, and set it, leaning against the bed for more to see, "You see the names engraved on the dust cover there... they ... brought it to me." he sighs a little bit and rests his head on his forearm, "And I'd be down that hole with a shovel and pickaxe looking for it now, if I hadn't brought it back. They wouldn't let me rest if I just left it there." he breathes quietly.