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Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya is sitting at a table working on a plate of Breaded Rad-chicken and rice with some garlic bread still steaming from the oven. Next to this is a bottle of Sirah and a glass. Apparently she is celebrating a bit though she is alone. Her bulging eyes make her happiness look a bit psychotic but for Rose, she knows that Shreya's eyes are just naturally like that.
Kaelyn Who knows why she's out here. Maybe she doesn't know, but in her general Travels, Kae has found a small town with a bar. Being rather hungry, Kae wanders inside, then tugs the hood of her duster back before she looks around curiously, her long, tapered ears twitching a bit as the odd, crimson-eyed female scans the place. Next she makes her way to the bar, where she occupies a stool, and starts looking over the menu... A quiet, sensual voice speaks, from somewhere near Kae's left hand... "That was a long Trip..." Kae looks at her wrist and nods "Yup, CORA, sure was." She says matter of factly, then casually leans her carbine up against the bar near her feet.
Rose Unlike much of the town of El Dorado, Rose Hallows didn't have any specific reason to hunt down the absent mayor, even if this was the last place she'd heard of him being seen. What she did however have...was a need to stop in for a drink post her latest exploration into the surrounding wastes. Wrapped in her usual gear, the blonde pulls her helmet from her shoulders as she steps into the bar, shaking her bangs out of her eyes while she makes her way further in and spots at least one familier, if not unexpected, face.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya cant help but look at Kaelyn as she enters. She has never seen a woman with such strange features before. She stared without a sense of shame until her attention is distracted by the arrival of Rose. She raises her glass as if in toast to the NCR Ranger. "Praise be to Atom. Hello Rose. I regret to inform you that I was able to complete the mission in your absence. The will of Atom waits for no one. Regrettably that means you cannot be paid but come, you are welcome to share my wine." She looks again briefly at the "elf girl." She cant help it.
Kaelyn The pointy-eared white-haired woman finally orders her self a burger, not bothering to really ask what the meat is. Then blinks at the "Praise Be to Atom" Speaking from Shreya... Kae tilts her head, her ears twitching as those Crimson eyes of hers study Shreya in turn... Then her wrist speaks out "Not polite to stare Kaelyn..." Kae then blinks and looks at her wrist. "Even if they started it?" She asks, the girl's voice smooth and calm, before CORA, her wrist com returns "Oh, didn't notice that, sorry, go ahead and stare." Kae nearly head-desks, and then looks to Shreya before smiling "Sorry 'bout that"
Rose "Shreya," Rose greets, tucking her helmet under her arm and nodding at the other woman's words as she steps closer to the relgious woman and her drinking. "Understandable, I didn't expect to be answering questions over a drunken gunfight in the middle of the street. But...well the world is a funny thing." She moves towards the table, setting her helmet down on the surface before her gaze is drawn towards the oddity that is Kaelyn. The 'elf' is eyecatching, but even if she were some kind of Mutant she doesn't seem hostile. The Ranger's life can leave one open-minded if you see enough weird.
Kellyn A revolver twirls on Kellyn's left index finger, a 12.7mm pistol on his right. He jams both guns into their respective holsters as he sidles into the saloon, reaching up to remove his gas mask and adjust his cowboy hat. The former NCR Ranger glances about with green eyes; he then mosies on over to the bar to gesture for a drink. He snatches up his whiskey glass before turning to really give a good eye over the room, having already given everyone an ocular pat-down. Or, rather, having just assumed that if trouble was inside, trouble would be inside, and there's nothing to do. "Howdy, Shreya."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya asks for another glass and pours one for Rose. "A ranger like yourself, Kellyn his name is, he helped me do the job and fortune shined upon us in the form of a mysterious stranger but more, with my own eyes I saw one of the forsaken lifted up into the air and flung through the window of a far away house. Truly this must be the place I am meant to prepare for the Children!". Noticing that Kaelyn is distracting Rose as well she remarks. "I have.l never seen anyone like that woman have you. Beautiful, like one sculpted from porcelain. Then she sees Kellyn and calls across the room. "There goes my brave mercenary now!" But its Kaelyn that keeps drawing her gaze.
Kaelyn CORA chirps quietly to Kae "Sculpted from Procelain...." the A.I. Mutters and Kae sighs "Not Porcelain, but definately shaped wouldn't you say?" she says to CORA, the wrist pip then piping out "Perfectly I might add!" The sensual voice of Kae's Pip-CORA now sounding smug. Kae really does head-desk at this point and sighs... She then lifts her head and looks over to Rose, then Shreya and offers a smile, those teeth of hers brilliantly white, including the slightly elongated and very pointy incisors. "Hie folks, don't mind CORA, my A.I. is... mischievious." she says not having a better word for it... CORA then adds "Don't forget practicly perfect in every way.. Much less adaptive, Brilliant.." CORA goes on but Kae subtly covers the output speeker, muffling the A.I. Housed in her pip-boy...

Kae smiles sheepishly again and says "Again, sorry, she's boisterou stoo." she adds, ears drooping with the smile... "So, on to small talk, what brings everyone here? the food?" She asks curiously, then her burger arrives, big, juicy, and well greasy too.." She looks at it and the fries and shrugs before starting to munch.
Rose      "Porcelin?" Rose repeats before looking Kaelyn up and down. There's a pause, and yeah a little bit of staring, but the woman shrugs. "She looks like hard-living was something she's managed to avoid." Then the 'elf' is there, close enough to talk with and addressing her, she shrugs. Gene-modded people wasn't unheard of in the Mojave, she'd just never seen one before. Now she was getting a chance. "Drink actually," Rose says, although she's signalling for a soda. Offer or not, she hadn't actually touched the wine. She'd not touched alcohol for a very long time, it was something saved for particular days she hoped wouldn't be here any time soon." Kellyn's arrival earns a sidelong glance from the gunslinger, takes one to know one it seems, and the custom belt and holsters sporting the curved grips of her own weapons at her thighs didn't really make it all that subtle for the ranger's preference of weapon.
Kellyn "Food's fuckin' shit," Kellyn responds to Kaelyn's question, lifting his whiskey in a silent salute. It's actually aimed at Rose, however, given her answer; he doesn't seem to notice or care that she's not actually drinking liquor. He leaves the bar, moving over to the table and pushing out a chair with a foot. "Mind, darlins?" He gives Kaelyn another long, considering look, as if he's really trying to figure her out, before giving a lazy smile at the zealot. "Your ghoul food, y'mean. That was a few days I wouldnae try and live again."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya laughs. "Well I will admit the plan was a bit hasty and I think we must consider deeply the next move and the next. The first house was bound to be the most arduous. We had to travel from El Dorado to get there and it was nearly nightfall before we were able to engage with the forsaken. But as you saw, Atom is with us. That ghoul was picked up and thrown by his divine hand! I wouldnt believe it unless I had been there and laid witness. Now I have base from which to move. The next plan will be easier and involve the fires of his glory, not merely guns." She turns to Kaelyn. "We are celebrating a victory for the Lord of the Glow. Will you care for some wine. It seems my friend here doesnt partake and I shall be horrifically drunk if I try to drink the entire bottle.
Kaelyn Kae blinks slowly, and shrugs... "Umm sure I'll try some wine.." CORA then adds "I shall monitor your blood alchohol closely and tell you when to stop!" Kae blinks at her AI again and sighs... "sorry, CORA can be a little over-protective.." CORA then pipes up. "No I'm just the right amount of Protective! Yer too reckless!" Kae then blinks and shrugs "No arguin' with that AI...." She says and profers her cup for some Wine... "I can have one probably without CORA whining all night." She says and grins cheerfully, She finally processes what Rose had to say and smiles slightly "Umm I got out of my incubation chamber about a year ago, I would say life has been pretty hard since then.." CORA chimes in again... "She doesn't show that kind of living really... She was enginered not to." Kae then blinks and shrugs "Suprises suprises..." She then motions to her Pip-CORA...
Rose Kellyn will get a salute back from Rose, even if it's only with a Nuka Cola bottle. One works with what they have after all. Picked up and thrown by divine hand? Rose assumes this was a fancy way of saying the creature was blown away. She'd certainly used big enough bullets herself to do such a thing. Kaelyn's words and her...talking watch makes the blonde tilt her head to the side. "You don't look like any FEV thing I've ever seen, but then I'm no scientist."
Kellyn "And a damn fine victory it was," Kellyn nods once, taking his whiskey as a shot and plopping down in his seat. He takes off his cowboy hat and places it in front of himself, before reaching up to smooth back his brown hair and turn a green-eyed gaze to Kaelyn. "So what in the wasteland hell are ya, miss? You ain't no super mutie, the lady here called that one, for sure. Killed plenty of them. And I never seen a pretty ghoul."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks confused. Synths are not something she has ever heard of. "Your words are confusing to me. It sounds as though you are saying you are a machine but...that cant be right. Incubation chamber?"
Kaelyn Kae sighs... "I'm the result of an extensive amount of controled genetic rewriting. I am -not- an FEV... I also don't claim to know everything about it and if you question CORA on it too much she'll just turn off... Ya can't force her to divulge that information." She says and grins slightly, before she shrugs. "There's the obvious physical differences, and some genetic memories thrown in as well which will kind of be accessed as I get older and more experienced..." CORA then interrupts "She was kidnapped and had her genetic code re-written by what you call a Mad Scientist a very long time ago. I was forced to keep her alive and stabilize her in her incubation chamber for as long as I could, considering the likelyhood of Doctor returning was slim to none considering what all has happened and the time involved." Kae then pokes at CORA and shrugs before glancing to the others. "I'm not a machine, just a carefully modified human.. for lack of a better term." She says and grins...
Rose      " a hell of a story..." Rose comments, sipping her soda as she looks over the other woman. She can't exactly deny it sounds rather crazy, but then Kae hardly looks completely human either, so who knows? "Mad scientists...more than a few out there. Any wonder the bombs dropped when you think about it..."
Kellyn "Well. Shit," Kellyn seems at a loss for words, glancing Kaelyn over, then looking to Rose. "I guess it ain't much crazier than a dead-ass rich man playing wasteland god in a computer system. You look old enough to know about that." He shrugs at the NCR Ranger, gesturing to a server for more booze.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head. "Though it was birthed in the ignorance of man, the nuclear war allowed Atom to rise unto this world. In glorious division new life was created. Look at the bounty of new creatures we have now, the brahmin and two-headed brahmin, the giant insects, come to clean the giant mess we have made of the world, the mutants, the radscorpions, and yay even the Deathclaw is testament to his power. It was not a tragedy, but a breaking of the wheel and a rebirth." She looks with sympathy at Kaelyn. "I am sorry this was done to you by such a heretic. I met a few of them yesterday searching to reverse the changes wrought by the glow."
Kaelyn Kae smiles at Shreya and shrugs slowly "I am not at all sad about it, if not for being in stasis in the incubation chamber, I'd probably be dead... Or a ghoul or worse." CORA chimes in "Oh Almost certainly dead..." Kae then shrugs and motions to her Pip-CORA "Well there ya go..." She says and then blinks over at Kellyn curiously. "My consciousness was stored in a virtual environ while I was in the chamber and all. I have memories of that, the training, programming as CORA calls it... It helped prepare me to live once the chamber failed and was forced to kind of emergency dump me out... Also probably a good thing some scavenger never found the Lab and all either." she adds and shrugs "I'd probably be someone's trophy or something."Kae is all smiles after drinking some of the wine given to her... She then looks to Shreya "I imagine, they didn't know about your ATOM as the nuclear war hadn't happened yet when I was nabbed and put in cold storage."
Rose      Rose herself had drifted into silence at the thought of the discussion. She'd seen enough of the Legion and their slavers to know that being beautiful and found by the wrong person could certainly not end well if one was found by the wrong person. There was a reason when she'd fought she'd always intended never to be captured, but then the promise of crucifixtion was usually enough to have most people thinking the same.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and puts a hand over Kaelyn's hand as a gesture of compassion. "Do you remember...who you were before the change? It must be horrid the not knowing." Her hand is rough and beaten by the elements in comparison to your smooth flesh.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and shrugs "Noo, but honestly, ya think an idea of my name before an Atomic Apocalypse is really that important? I'm Kaelyn now, that's the only name I know." She syas and grins slightly. "I'm fine with that..." She adds and drinks a little more wine... "So what about y'all? What's your story?"
Rose "New world, new you..." Rose comments, sipping her drink. Her own features are mostly unblemished, but that was almost certainly thanks to the complete coverage of her armor and gear. Kaelyn's question earns a shrug from the gunslinger and she offers the inhuman girl a smile. "'Desert Rose', or Ranger Rose Hallows depending on who you ask. I'm with the NCR, but mostly I'm a 'Wandering Ranger', I sort of travel the fringes and try to do a little good where I can."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya makes her introduction. "I am Zealot Shreya, servant of Atom. I come here following a vision of a shrine in white sand. I will establish a church and a community of my people far away from those who would hold us in derision... Oh." She withdraws her hand from over Kaelyn's. "I was someone else before. I wish I could forget her sometimes, but we cannot be afforded all mercies and without what came before, no matter how awful, it opened my eyes and gave me faith."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and ooh's before she tilts her head curiously, and just asks point blank "Who's your people?" She asks curiously. She then jumps a bit and looks at CORA sternly.. CORA then says "Don't be rude.." Kae mutters "Don't shock me then." She says and frowns a bit before she glances to Rose and nods "Yup, New World, not a lot of what I was before the bombs fell will do me any good..." She says and smiles cheerfully. "THough I wouldn't mind finding the idiot who did this to me and break a shoe off in their keister..."
Rose Rose shrugs her shoulders lightly, frowning to herself. "They may well already be dead...or they may have tried again." Kind of hard to know which is worse really! Even so, the blonde woman with her soda drinks more of her beverage, patting the belt with its weapons at her hip. "Best be prepared if you go wandering around out there. A pipboy that shocks you won't really do much for you if you get into a heap of trouble."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya says, "The Children of Atom recognize that within every cell are a multitude of universes. In division, the old is washed away and made new. The nuclear bombs brought with them the glow of Atom. It is this glow that connects him to our world and we to Him. We shall all one day be together in glorious division. Religious constructs fell short before the war. People had different false names for God. Shiva, Jehovah, many others. We are now blessed with this last revelation. The gods are all the same...Atom.""
Kaelyn Kae looks at her Pip, and chuckles as CORA calls out "I am not just some regular run of the mill Pip-Boy.. I am CORA.." Kae holds up her left arm, motioning to the thing dominating said forearm.. "Not exactly your normal pip boy..." Kae says and shrugs "Highly modified so it can store a very complex Artificial Intelligence." Kae says and shrugs before putting her arm down "CORA gets cranky, but if it weren't for her I'd have probably been programmed in such a way I'd be someone's slave at this point." She says, then listens to Shreya's little sermon. "Ummmm... Oookaaay?" she says, scarlet eyes wide at this point as she studies the Zealot again....
Rose "'Programmed'?" Rose repeats before shaking her head. There really was some messed up things out in the wasteland, that someone would go messing with the brains of another human being like that, but that didn't mean she didn't believe it could exist. It just made her think on how she needed to restock on bullets that little bit sooner. Shreya's preaching? That gets expertly ignored by the Ranger woman.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya closes her eyes as if to block the memory before. "I was once a slave." She shudders. "I dont wish to tell you the intimate details but...suffice it to say it is a fate you should likely rather die. I lived. There was a purpose for me that I now fulfill. Praise be to the Lord of the Glow."
Kaelyn Kae finishes her glass of wine, the exotic-looking woman nodding to Rose "Yah... it's what CORA calls it... Still having been basically raised by an A.I. and all, I oft use her terminology. Learned behavior after all..." Kae finishes her glass of wine, and of course her last fry before nodding to the other two ladies. "I've gotta go tend to other business and stock up somewhat on 5mm ammo... you guys enjoy the rest of your day... And have a better one tomorrow." She says and smiles slightly. CORA then pipes in "Buhbye ladies!"
Rose "I remember you mentioning it," Rose comments as she watches Kae depart, downing the last of her drink and glancing sidelong to the woman. "When you were flirting with the bartender...or at least admitting you found her attractive. I figured you didn't really talk about it because you didn't want to."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks embarassed. "Yes was a trauma that brings me no joy. And the bartender...Willow Caine..." She shakes her head. "She was just. I think she flirts with everyone as part of her job. There was nothing real there. I was deluding myself. Perhaps I am not meant to find love, my fate lies in establishing this paradise for the Children. Willow is...a prostitute...perhaps a wealthy one but one nonetheless. I am not interested in one who is interested in everyone else so, it is well that I found her false before anything could come of it...if in fact she liked women at all."
Rose "If it makes you feel better," Rose shrugs, "she'd never flirted with me. But if you ever met a friend of mine name 'Bane' before he left town, he'd tell you that looking for real romance with a Prostitute wasn't something one should expect to end well." A shrug of her shoulders again and the blonde pushes the empty rocket-shaped bottle aside. "Can't say I believe the same things you believe, but if it brings people some comfort out in the wastes, who am I to judge?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "Its pretty good advice I expect. I thought she was a waitress when I met her. I didnt realize and then she explained that she used to be one. I was kind of blinding myself. Fortunately I saw her propositioning a John and that showed me she is also a liar. But El Dorado is behind me now. I have Roswell now. Its not much yet, but I see what it will become in my dreams." She drinks wine from the bottle now since Kaelyn left. Then self consciously she pours another glass. "What about you? You have a man...or someone?"
Rose "A someone?" Rose repeats before shaking her head with a little chuckle. "I have my guns and a purpose, that's about it. I do a little good and I try to help out people, but I've spent a lot of years fighting and watching friends die where I have been spared by some random quirk of fate. After the battle of Hoover Dam I took to the borders and wandered mostly alone place to place. You don't really go looking for romance with that life. I'm a magnet for gunfire after all."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks upon you with a softening of her features. "Well, I disagree. If you are most likely to die quickly, it would be all the more reason to find someone to share your life with before division, but...perhaps it doesnt matter. Perhaps you will be reborn as someone or something else in a life where you may relax a bit more. I should think one would be lucky to know you Rose. There cant be a shortage of options. I..." she looks away as color rises in her cheeks. "Well I just think you are a good soul. Atom smiles upon you even if you do not believe. Some people are lights in the darkness. You are one of them."
Rose Truth be told, Rose was far less scared of dying then she was watching others she cared about die around her again. Her number should have come up long ago, but so far it hadn't. Such is life in the wasteland. Still, Zealot Shreya's talk of rebirth to a more peaceful life does make her smile lightly. "I find my own sort of peace where I can Shreya, helping people and doing a little good. It's close enough to perfect for me, that I can use what I'm good at to make life a little better for someone who can't do the same." Even so, the compliments have brought a genuine smile to the Ranger's lips.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya smiles and places a hand gently on one of Rose's. "Then keep doing it. We have so many predators in these times, both human and inhuman, take your joy where you can find it and...who knows. Maybe something wonderful will just surprise you." She withdraws her hand and sips delicately from her wineglass, the remnants of her meal are being cleared away by one of the servers.
Rose The hand doesn't get pulled away, but Rose does lean back as Shreya sips away at that wine, eventually reaching for her helmet she'd left on the seat beside her to place the protection on her lap. "Here's hoping I guess," she says lightly before giving a little grin. "If nothing else Shreya? There are worse drunks to be around. If you start having more troubles around Roswell? Feel free to call for me. After everything else, I doubt the place has any suprises left for me. Just don't...go running into the 'glowing' places anytime soon.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grins. "I shall. The first mission was sloppy and my hired gun nearly died. For that I am happy you were busy. The next one we shall use more than guns. The fires of Atom's wrath perhaps. The next time I want to be more prepared but in either case, I shall have to invite you to see my home once I fix it up a little bit." She chuckles. "And I am not drunk...ok maybe a little...ok a lot." She shakes her head. "It is good wine and your entire fault for not helping me drink it." She moistens her lips briefly with her tongue. "Id like to call you some other times, not just when I am in trouble."
Rose Rose shrugs her shoulders, even if she's grining a little while Shreya protests her sobriety. "I'm not hard to find when I'm in town, if you come through El Dorado. Otherwise? I don't have a pipboy or anything like that at the moment, so you'll have to keep an ee out for me the old fashioned way. As for the wine? Rose shrugs as she checks her weapons and prepares to leave. "I only drink on terrible days, and I try not to have days that terrible anymore, so I figure best not to drink till then."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya stands as if uncertain how to close this encounter. "Well I will keep my eyes open. I expect you will find me here more often than in El Dorado. Its closer. I will find you in the next few days. Atom keep you Desert Rose." She holds her hands out to embrace the other woman, inhaling deeply when they are cheek to cheek and then letting go. "You will see me again."