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Qwillis     Qwillis was in that clinic like he quite often normally was anyways. Only this time, he's dealing with a shoulder that got pierced by a hyper sonic round. So with the bandages that Iris did in the field and a sling, he was stuck to just using that mechanical arm. Not.. exactly easy. At the moment, Qwillis sat at a table in the clinic, quietly going over the book he was given on eyes. Might as well use the time he had for what he could do.
Kaelyn Kae wanders into the clinic, the girl curious as to how Qwillis is doing... As she makes her way inside she glances around curiously, then grins and the knife-eared female sashays on inside "Hallo." she says cheerfully.
Samhain     To say that Samhain was watching Qwillis would be... inaccurate.
    The milky-eyed, small statured woman with the sugar skull face has, however, been staring at him for some time now, an innate ability to blend into the background when she wants allowing her to lurk like the inhuman thing she is. Unblinking, she observes. Unmoving. Her breath is a shallow thing, steady and quiet.
    "I can aid you." She speaks finally, out of the blue, his form reflected in some wretched and twisted form of itself in the pure white of her eyes, warped by the moisture there.
    "If you would let me."
    It's around that time that Kaelyn makes her arrival, the small woman's head tilting and turning to appraise the new arrival by sound alone, her eyes squinting shut until those pearls are swallowed up by the pitch paint that surrounds her sockets.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over at the door as Kaelyn sashays in. A slight nod is given with a pained smile. "Kaelyn. You're doing well then?" He'd jump slightly at the sudden voice of the other, wincing as he'd grab his shoulder, sort of with metal hand pressed to it and look to Samhain. That.. that was creepy as hell. "I.. uh.. Ok. If you could help me restore my arm, I'd appreciate it. There are just some things my metal hand wasn't created to do.."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and peers at Qwillis curiously... "How's yer shoulder?" asks the odd-looking female, before she now glances at Samhain curiously, ears twitching. Then CORA speaks up "She's blind Kae... First per..." Kae sighs and interrupts "Yus yus, no big deal.." She says and grins slightly before she asks "How are you?"
Samhain     There is a slow, vacant smile that comes to full powder-paled lips, stretching the long black lines that comprise the 'teeth' of the sugar skull filigree. She is silent whilst the two offer their pleasantries in exchange, her tattered-lace gloved hands clasped neatly infront of her as the world drifts on by. Seems she has all the time in the world.
    "Metal rarely comforts a broken form, it does not reassure, but only re-enforces."
    Her head bows shallowly at that in a sort of languid nodding, fingers seperating from each other to free up both hands in her idle approach of his location. She moves well, for a blind woman. She breathes shallowly through her nose, her head canting to one side as she nears, "I do not smell infection. Rudementary as your initial treatment may have been, it was done with skilled hands." When her fingertips move to press at the tender area about the wound, her touch is smooth and unearthly chill -- like a marble statue, or, of course, the clammy grip of death. She's careful, but not timid, a slow press of those fingertips from further out in the muscle toward the epicentre of the point of entry to be sure nothing lurks as she leans in to give him a sniff.
    She draws back as she reaches for her tactical satchel at her side, pulling free an oily concoction to uncork it, lips twitching upward in a strange smile when CORA begins speaking. "It is as you say." She doesn't stop her work, uncorking the salve to unleash the potent aroma of honey, mint, arcula and the overlaying aroma of dettol-like disinfectant to dump some onto a bit of cheeseclothy gauze before she begins dabbing. It... numbs.
    "I am as I was meant to be." She answers 'helpfully'.
    "Are you in need of treatment?"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly to Kaelyn. "Well enough.." He'd watch Samhain as she'd approach. Shifting himself to help, as he can to bare the wound point at least. A clean shot by that hyper velocity round, it almost seared on the way through. Qwillis grits his teeth at the pain as Samhain tested it, but said nothing about her actions. "The metal is replacement for the limbs I've lost in the past. Pain is an old friend of mine. I just wish it had been longer before it visited again.."
Kaelyn The feminine voice of CORA then responds '"I did not mean insult." She says and Kae grins slightly "See, now yer the one piping off at a bad time." She says to CORA. She doesn't get a respons, but a look at the screen on Kae's wrist computer can see a female flipping Kae off... "Oooy.." Kae says with a slight smile "That's not nice." Kae then glances to Qwillis curiously, then to Samhain "Oh, I'm Kaelyn... Kaelyn Silver really." She says, the odd female ever cheerful.. Of course it's kind of nice that someone isn't staring at her and getting all the 'what are you' questions directed at her.

CORA then pipes in "I take it other than the hole in your arm, everything is functional Qwillis?" And yah she seems to maybe be pointedly ignoring Kae for now, or at least wanting to direct her attention elseware.... Gotta love self aware A.I.'s Kae meanwhile pokes at her pip-CORA "I make ya mad?" To which CORA replies now in a chipper, if still sultry voice "Only for 1.25 nanoseconds... but that's a long time for a computer."
Samhain     "Even still, it's good to have friends."
    It's the only thing Samhain says as she goes about her treatment. Despite the stink of whatever it is she's put on him, and the vague and perhaps unexpected bubbling of the interior of the wound in response, the pain nearly immediately begins to subside by virtue of the natural numbing agent that's seeping on in there. There's a soft humming, like a lullaby as she goes about her work, a needle pulled free of a cork holding to allow her to casually jab it under the skin in a few places to test the sensitivity, the nerves that may have been torn by the bullet's path.
    She may be unorthodox, but she's efficient.
    She dabs at the blood that's freed in the process, the deadened flesh likely barely feeling a thing, cleaning up the small bits of frothy excretion that's trickled its way free of the now fully disinfected wound. "Judging by how clean these ends are, I can only assume it went straight through." She says this even as she's drawing up the suturing kit, threading in the sinewy link that will draw it shut. "I wager by the end you will be a tin man, but," A finger lifts, one brow quirked, "Do not let them steel," Yes, -steel-, "Your heart."
    The corners of her lips quirk in an awkward smile, "It is all that makes you a man."
    When Kaelyn offers introduction, Samhain lifts her hands away from her treatment to turn to properly regard her, "I am Samhain. Buoy in the bloodtide, stranger by your side, friend to the lost." She nods at that, then returns to her working, which seems thankfully nearing its end as her needle weaves in and out with expediency, one final tug before the thread is cut and new bandaging is applied.
    "Should you find yourself alone in the dark, know that I am there before you. Should you wish it, I would guide you to brighter places if you would but ask."
Qwillis     Qwillis' relaxing was very subtle. Just a small shift in his body. Not having to brace on the pain that metal arm settled off to the side. "Correct. From what I could tell it was a hyper-sonic round shot at the ganger I was tending to by one of the people on the mission. The round went through cleanly. Painfully. But cleanly. Iris was there to tend it immediately while Vuk.. did.. Vuk." He'd shake his head and watch the bandage get applied, a nod of thanks to Samhain going unseen. "As for that.. The only reason I'm here is I still have my heart, Samhain. I continue when people would quit. I feel the only time to quit is when you're dead.." Testing his arm slightly, he'd look over to Kaelyn, or more specifically CORA. "I would say 85 percent effiency at this time, CORA. Fortunately I'm not going to have to replace the arm, Samhain here is good at what she does, even if different from what I know.." Qwillis would nod at Kaelyn then, avoiding shrugging of course! "Kaelyn, do you have the map? Maybe we could go over it together?"
Kaelyn Kae smiles and tugs said map from her pocket. "Ayup.. I also have a closed door I gotta go back to one day with better hacking equipment." She adds and grins slightly "Only got 2 more tries on that door and I wonder what's in there." She says and grins cheerfully before the odd woman finds a seat nearby and begins to unfold said map carefully.
Samhain     Awkwardly, the girl just stands there for long moments, staring toward the pair vacantly.
    Smiling... vacantly.
    It's like everything had just turned off, aside from the idle rumble of her stomach, half-covered by a quiet clearing of her throat and a soft bit of laughter, "I, uh, do hate terribly to impose, but ... if I do not request payment, myself and my comrade do not eat." It's honestly apologetic, her smile fading into something of a frown as her hand lifts to scratch at the back of her head. In fairness, she's wearing rags and is emaciated, so it's likely not a ploy.
    "I wouldn't, if I could afford not to, but the supplies cost, and..." She trails off, her brows knitting.
    Her head turns between the two as they speak of a map, even as she's collecting her things and putting them back into her satchel before backing away carefully.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Kaelyn. "I was.. still dealing with pain, so didn't get to look at it.. I might be able to help." He'd pause as Samhain asked, it'd only take one look from Qwillis for him to smile with a nod and pull out a pouch of caps. "Absolutely. I'm sorry I did not offer sooner. Please. Take it, with my thanks.. If you ever need anything mechanical or technological repaired.. let me know. I'm rather good at such things."
Kaelyn Kae hands over the map to Qwill and sits back in the chair "I don't claim to know much about this thing, I can maybe try to get CORA to view it and see what she can pull frm her databanks, but I figured I'd let you have first shot, as it's your mission" CORA then pipes in "Oh look at the map? I've allready done that, I am still going over my archives... Remember, my first mission is to keep you alive Kae, and you really don't make it easy." Kae blinks and then shrugs slowly "Yah yah yah, chalk it up to this world being rather rugged.." CORA then adds "YOu can allways just like get a job here in town..." Kae then blinks "Where? the Brothel? No thanks."
Samhain     "I will, of course, such things are... beyond me." The weight of the resources is tested, her brows lifting before her smile turns, for the first time, genuine in her relief. Samhain breathes out a sigh, bowing her head toward Qwillis as she sets away her payment with a soft pat at her pouch. "You have no idea the mercy you have issued. Thank you." She continues to back away then, a blind woman not much help when it comes to looking at maps after all. She appears to be making her way backward toward the exit, softly whispering numbers as she goes.
    The perceptive might realize she's counting her steps.
    She nods toward Kaelyn, and then once more to Qwillis, "I must still the nightmares and feed the monsters, lest they get beyond even my control. Again... thank you..." Her voice drifts as she turns to make her way out of the clinic, caps and mystery in tow, scarcely a sound to suggest her passing.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches the blind one go curiously, musing for a moment then returning his attention to Kaelyn and CORA. "The militia. A scout? They would love to have someone with your capability, I'm sure." Mindful of the arm, Qwillis gets up and goes to where Kae had the map laid out, looking it over thoughtfully. "The material.. is old. pre-war. But it's held up all this time.. facinating. CORA, you said none of the markers corrilated to what you have on file? Maybe it's because the current maps are different from then.."
Logan Logan steps into the clinic, his eyes glancing over the hobbled together equipment, the rooms settled about in the place as his feet shuffle to a stop. Gentle hazel eyes sweep over to the map and then to Qwillis, who receives a small appraisal before his eyes then jump to Kaelyn who gets a second look. Meaty hands come up to ring pensively in front of him before he says in a quiet, yet mumbled tone, "H-Hullo. Anyone able here?" seeming to be an obviously odd start as he'd glance back to the maps even whilst others are present.
     "I...I was looking for...for work....directions." his voice holding a subtle hesitation, though rich in its baritone accented with a strange patter though mostly smooth.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances up at the door opening. The map is carefully folded with that metal hand, before he'd stand to face Logan. There's a friendly enough smile with a small nod given in reply. "Hello. Welcome to the clinic. I'm Qwillis.. Are you looking for work, or for directions?" He'd motion with that claw hand around them. "This is the medical clinic for shanty town.. do you know how to heal others?"
Logan      THere's a moment's pause while LOgan works his jaw, his eyes dropping from Qwillis's face to the floor. He'd work his shoulders up and down in a small shrug before his eyes move back up to the half robotic man's face.
     "Can set a bone, can stitch a wound. s'all at the moment. I... dunno Medicine."
     He'd shift his feet and look about himself, a foot scraping into the ground as he'd continue on. "I's....dunno if I's really smart 'nough for healin' a person. I's a mechanic."
     He reaches into the folds of his attire, then holds up a wrench, it's rather rusted and old, seeming to be scavenged from some forgotten place, bits of red rust flaking off it as he'd bobble his head a few times. After a moment he'd work his jaw. "M'names Logan," his gentle voice lifted just enough to carry before his eyes drop back down to the floor.
Qwillis     Well.. it takes all types, right? Qwillis would study Logan curiously, nodding slightly. "I've dealt with plenty of mechanics before. I've been one a while myself.." He'd muse, then nod slightly. "You might be able to help the Militia actually. If you leave here and head west, then north? you'll reach El Dorado. Ask about the Militia there.. they may be able to give you a job, hmm?"
Logan      "Yeah, I's thought 'bout doin' that, bu'," Logan starts, then shrugs, a winsome smile given as he'd glance about the place as he shifts on his feet again.
     "I... I don't think I could hurt anyone yous think I'd have to's hurt someone?" his tone going again pensive, almost withdrawn for a moment his eyes averting once more.
     "Other's would do that when I's was young. Said I's was weak, Said I's was...useless...But I's know tech, I's know things," His tone suddenly intensely defensive as he looked back to qwillis's face. "I's know things."
Qwillis     Qwillis raises a brow as he'd study Logan, then nods slowly. "I.. well. Who am I to counter you by saying you don't? I don't know you enough to tell you one way or the other. What I can offer is that while it's the Militia, they probably have non-combatant positions too, right? Who's suppose to keep the gear running, when they're not out stopping threats to El Dorado?"
Logan Logan would drop his eyes at that, his face adopting a small frown as he'd say more quietly, "I's know. I's...sorry..."
     A moment of silence from the man before he'd smile. "is jus'...I's dun' want to's be walked on for doin' things I's know is different."
     He'd work his jaw then before his eyes swing to the exit. "I's not botherin' yous, I's hope."
Kaelyn So! she's back! Kae wanders back into the Medical Clinic from well, the lil girl's room probably... This is affirmed when CORA says "I am proud, everything came out ri..." Kae then covers the speaker and mutters "T.M.I. CORA I swear yer getting worse..." When she lifts her hand CORA adds with a touch of a giggle "Nope! I just like seeing how embarrassed I can get you.." Kae then grumbles slightly about smart-allecked A.I.s and the like... Still she wouldn't sell or get rid of CORA for anything, and of course the benefits outweigh the negatives of having the A.I. around, still though, sometimes....

The pointy-eared white-haired woman blinks and notices another person in, her crimson eyes studying them for a moment as she goes silent. She then offer a white-toothed (Yah she's got elongated canines too) smile to the person, and waves "Hallo, I'm Kaelyn." she says by way of introduction.
Logan      Nods and looks at the robot with some interest before his eyes sweep from the robot to Kaelyn, his eyes appraising her for a quick moment before he nods
     "H-Hullo... I's Logan...bu' I's....I's in the wong place I's come back later maybes...I's...I's dunno..."
     He shuffles, seems to withdraw on himself, then unless prevented makes his way for the exit dipping his head to Qwillis, saying, "I's come back later maybe's yous can show me about...maybe.."