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Iris Lark Every day takes Iris a little further from her comfort zone. She doesn't really think she'll find treasure, but she likes when she spots something shiny that she didn't expect. So on days when the Clinic is slow, she goes out with her spade and apron and digs until she's tired. She's found old bottles, broken metal containers and paper galore. She's found weapons and various other things and she hoards it all, just in case. She still looks out for that buried treasure though, Alice said there is some, and she wouldn't have lied.
Percy     While Percy never indulged in fantasies such as buried treasure, he can appreciate and understand that ruins of a civilisation long lost could sometimes, albeit rarely, produce a valuable piece of loot. The working pip-boy on his arm is a prime example of such a feat! So it's only with mild hesitation did he join his boss on this little expedition, his cool blue eyes darting around warily.
    Like Iris, he had not often ventured out this far. He was no warrior or fighter and he knew the great limitations he had in that area. For those reasons he liked to stay closer to the city. But ... who was he to argue? And perhaps it would be good to venture out further down the highway. Stretch the legs a little.
    With a more robust splint now secured against his arm, the lean man walks with lever-action rifle held loosely in his arms. A 'just in case' sort of a thing. "Do you normally come this far out?" The Doctor asks curiously, taking a moment to give attention to the ground around him rather than the horizon. "Are bandits or mutants a worry this far out?"
Iris Lark "Bandits and mutants are a worry everywhere." Iris answers, smiling up at Percy. "I'm with you though, so you don't have to worry." She tosses another spade full of dirt out of the hole she's making and then she leans back, hands on her thighs as she frowns. "I walk a lot of these old highways, I visit the small settlements and check to see if people need medical care or anything." She stops to think and then grins. "Mostly new babies."
Percy     "I don't, huh? I must have missed the part where you became Iris the Bandit Slayer." Percy replies with a wry smirk, grunting a smidgen as some pain flares in his arm. As she digs into the ground with the shovel, he takes a few steps away from her, gazing into the distance with a careful eye. "On your own? You just walk up and down?" A glance is given back to Iris, before he heaves a breath. "The rate of growth of these villages is getting difficult to manage. Food, resources, weapons, medicine. Ideally we want a system were the growth can be sustainable. I'm not sure we have that yet." His shoulders roll into a shrug. He's just ranting, really.
    "By the by, I contacted some tracking professionals. Mercs, really. They tell me that they have some leads on where my papers could have been taken to. Once we get that confirmed we can work on getting them back."
Iris Lark Iris glances back at Percy, an impish grin on her face. "Oh Percy, I've seen some shit." She says, and then she tilts her head to the side and shrugs. "If you're quiet and you don't desturb people or things, it's not super terrible, and really, lets be honest - people in these small places have nothing to do BUT have babies." She goes back to digging and then adds. "Where did they say your papers were taken to?"
Percy     "It's as I expected," Percy answers. "When I was in the N.C.R., there were rumblings of a more stricter sect splitting off and forming their own group. This has now come to fruition." His lips purse in seem frustration. "They are a completely Totalitarian group. I believe some of the leaders know me from my time as a combat medic in the N.C.R. Ranger Corps." He waves his hand. His good one! "Anyway, to cut a long story short? They're the ones who took my research. If they can weaponise my data and turn people INTO super mutants, then we're in all sorts of trouble." His fingers tap on the lever action rifle.
    "Leads to the bandits who were hired are still being confirmed. But hopefully we should have something soon. Then we can get rolling."
    After a small pause, he wanders back to Iris. "Any luck finding anything?" He queries, changing subject.
Iris Lark Iris grunts as she digs in the dirt, another spade full is thrown back over her shoulder. She sighs and shakes her head. "No treasure yet, but I'm going to find something one day." She glances back at Percy and grins. "How about you?"
Percy     "Nothing." Percy replies, though to be fair he hadn't really been doing much digging. Just kicking some dirt around via his shoe. "Maybe you've already searched this part of the highway?" He jokes with a chuckle. "It wouldn't surprise me to see this stretch well picked and cleared by most people by now. I mean, it is on a main road." His gaze sweeps from east to west once more. Just double checking that they're not going to be ambushed.
Scarr A young mercenary walks up to the group in one and a riot shield in the other a mp7 he wears a bulky roit armor as he meets the group he asks. "Are any of you in need of first aid by any chance?" He sits on a neer by rock letting his feet rest a bit from his travels.
Iris Lark "I don't know, Percy." Iris gets to her feet and starts to dust off her legs and butt. "I think I dig because I'm bored, honestly." She shrugs as she walks towards the other doctor. When the young man walks up to them she turns and offers him a smile. "Not I, but thank you for asking."
Percy     For what it's worth, Percy does pick up the form of Scarr approaching. But he doesn't have a bandit sort of vibe! "Greetings, traveller." A small wave is given to the man with a riot shield. "No, thank-you. For what it's worth, Iris here is a veteran healer. And I'm a trained Doctor. We should probably be the ones asking YOU if you need first aid. Heh." As Scarr sits down, his blue eyes shift back to Iris.
    "Really? You get bored? You run the clinic. Maybe I should start giving you some of the patients lining up to see me. Sometimes it feels like I barely get an hour to myself on some days!"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Percy and she rocks back on her heels and hums a bit. "You can send anyone my way that you need to, I've got a fairly efficient way of working though patients at this point." She tilts her head to the side and gazes towards the horizon before she picks up her spade. "Also, if you're that overwhelmed then we need to figure something out, you need to not be tethered to the Clinic so much, it's not good for you."
Scarr Scarr looks to Iris "nah, im ok the gunners trained me to be tough so ill manage." Looking at the group he disided to ask a different question "If you ever need help I'll come if needed after all its what i do."
Alice Alice was near-by having come with Iris and then wandering off with Vaultmeat in search of shinies. It had been a little bit and she was only now returning dragging a lockbox behind her, a rather large and heavy one that said 'Property of the United States Armed Forces'. Vaultmeat was helping to by pulling it with the rope.

Looking at the group she eyed Percy and Scarr before saying with a grin, "Nice Armor guy who looks like a scary dude and hello Iris' probably new boyfriend!"
Percy     "I enjoy it." Percy defends to Iris, putting a hand on his hip. "This is the first time in a long while where I've not had to worry about getting shot in the back on my travels. Fixing up people is... well, it's almost therapeutic. Helps keep me sane. Doing it day after day keeps me at ease. Busier the better!"
    With a gruff nod to Scarr, his attention turns to the new arrival. "...we're not together." Percy clarifies to Alice, head tilting curiously. Not so much at Alice herself. Nor at the lockbox behind her. But at the animal!
    "That's an awesome looking dog. Where'd you find him?"
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Scarr and nods. "If I ever find myself in a bad way, I'll try to find you." She promises, and then Alice pops up with treasure. "Alice! What did you find?" She walks over to take a look at the box, knocking on it softly. "Percy isn't my boyfriend, he works at the Clinic though." She glances back towars Percy, blushing before she speaks to Alice again. "A trained doctor, too."
Scarr Scarr lets off a whistle twords percy "Man thats a nice rifle, havnt seen many of those since i spent time with my parents caravan." just as he said that he rememberd somthing important "Shit i got to warn people neer bye, mutants are coming!"
Alice "Nice to meet you both, I'm Alice from Vault Town." Alice said with a grin before patting Vaultmeat on the head who rushed over to sniff at Percy and Scarr, "I found him in a cage in The Vault Restaurant. Chef Gastonne was going to make him into stew or steak and my pal over9000 and I rescued him. No clue where he came from before that."

Vaultmeat barked excitedly as people talked about him before rushing over to stand up on his handlegs and press his paws against Iris to lick her cheek! Poor Iris was in danger of being knocked over.

Alice had a few cuts and scrapes visible but nothing too bad.
Percy     "As trained as one can be in this era, anyway." Percy mutters, crouching down near Vaultmeat to give him a ruffle! Presuming that is allowed, of course. By both Alice and the pup in question. Beaming a smile at the story of her rescuing the dog, he just nods in acceptance. "That's a great story."
    "You said you're part of the Gunners, stranger?" Addressing Scarr now. "What brings you out this way? I didn't think El Dorado had many representing the Gunners within its zone." The complement he receives in return though causes him to blink in surprise. "Er, really? Thanks. And oh?" His jaw loosens. "Mutants? Uh, that's... probably a good thing then to warn people."
    A bit nervy at the prospect of mutants nearby, Percy stands tall from his crouch. "Alice, was it?" He greets the apparent teen. "I'm Percy. Percy Cooke. As Iris mentioned, I work in the clinic." Extending his hand to introduce himself formally, his steely blue eyes squint. "Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but that katana looks a lot like a Goro Nyudo Masamune design." Pause. "...uh, I'm a history buff. Where on earth did you get it?"
Iris Lark Iris stumbles a bit, but wraps her arms around the enthusiastic puppy and pets him. "Hi Vaultmeat, it's good to see you too boy." She says, ruffing his ears before he takes off to sniff at other people. Iris walks up to Alice and pulls out a spool of bandage, and some salve. "Okay, stand still. I'm going to take care of this."
Scarr nodding his head Scarr moves over to alice using some first aid spray and helps assist Iris in patching up the girl before looking at percy. "Well they saved me from a few of those things before halling ass back here." After helping alice he gives percy his full attention. "Ive been sent by them to warn all in the area plus their benafactors, unfortunatly i dont have much info on the area nor who those benifactors are."
Iris Lark Iris dresses Alice's wounds as people talk, her mind mostly on her work. When she's finished and she hears mention of super mutants she frowns. "I keep hearing that they're coming closer all the time. I hope that the town is getting ready to defend itself."
Alice Vaultmeat licks Iris again before rushing over to Alice and pawing at the lockbox, the unnaturally smart mutant puppy just as interested as everyone else to see what might come out of the box! Using the sword that Percy was asking about, she did her best to use it as a crowbar while the two did some first aid on her, "Well, you see, in the first adventure Iris and I had we fought these ninjas who came from Japan to assassinate everyone and then I got it as a prize."

She had a feeling nobody believed her, so she grinned as she tried to pry the lockbox, "Everything but the ninja part is true. We were trying to find some horse thieves, well Iris and our other friend were who left for Mexico. Anyways, I was with over9000 my robot friend and we were trying to find Vaultmeat who got lost after we rescued him, cause he was scared I think and we rescued the horses and stuff and when we brought them back to El Dorado.." Alice did not take any breaths or pauses, not a one, "The El Dorado Stable Master whose name I don't know was all Oh my gosh, you guys are the best! Wow! Here, everyone can have a reward from my lost and found and our samurai friend Hanzhou was there and he could have picked this sword but he picked a gun that cowboys use in El Dorado cause he wants to fit in I guess and then it was my turn to pick a prize and I got this sword cause it's useful it's like a walking stick and a poking stick and you can use it to pick stuff up and basically anything you need!"


The lockbox opened up and inside was a military grade chainsaw along with a bunch of random ammo, most of it no good.
Percy     "Ho, Iris is about to get her healing on." Percy grins -- a small chuckle escaping his lips. "Nothing better than seeing a professional do her job." As the head of the Shantytown clinic preps her salve and bandages, Percy observes. Almost like a Professor about to grade her!
    As he does so, he spares the occasional look to Scarr. "You've been sent by the Gunners to warn the locals here about mutants, but weren't told about the area or the locals?" His nose wrinkles in some confusion. "That sounds about right. Gunners have that rep of acting first and thinking a bit later. Heh. Well, El Dorado is that way. We'd appreciate any warning and information we could get on mutants." Percy points in the direction of the township.
    "This is why I was working on reversing the genetic mutation that causes those super mutants to exist." He explains. "If they are getting closer, imagine having a tranq that could reverse them back into humans." Glancing down to the ground, he narrows his eyes in some frustration. Fortunately, Alice's story distracts him!
    "That's an incredible story! Though I'm sure katana enthusiasts wouldn't like the idea of a sword of that calibre being used to just be a poking stick." Stifling a laugh with his hand, he turns on his foot.
    "I need to head back to the clinic, Iris. An old man requires some surgery to dislodge some skull from his brain. I'll see you back at work?" He looks to both Scarr and Alice too. "Good to meet both of you. Hopefully I'll see both of you around more often." With a step he begins to head back to Shantytown, walking tall as his legs carry him with long strides.
Scarr Nodding his head to percy Scarr started off down the road to the town not stopping till he got to the mayors office of the town.
Iris Lark Iris gazes into the box and then back to Alice. "You found a *chainsaw*?" She says, blinking once and then again. "That's..bloody amazing." She murmurs, stowing her supplies again. "So what is going to be going on in the next few days, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."
Alice "Yeah, it's pretty cool I guess." Alice replied to Iris before inspecting the way too heavy for her Chainsaw, "I've been trying to fix over9000 and working mostly, nothing too exciting. I came by the General Store the other day but everyone was gone by the time I got there, mostly just been trying to find stuff to fix over9000. How about you?"
Iris Lark "Fending off advances and a lot of healing. People seem to get hurt more and more lately." She sidles closer to Alice and lowers her voice. "What do you think about Percy, do you think he's a nice guy?"
Alice "Yeah, it's a dangerous time for people right now I guess, lots to worry about and people are acting like it's the end of the world but I mean, seriously, the world already ended once so it can't really end again." Alice shrugged and began dragging the lockbox towards the car, "He seems okay, why, do you like him to?" Alice laughed as she dragged the stupidly heavy box, "ughhhh why is this so heavy."
Iris Lark Iris moves to help Alice drag the lockbox and shakes her head. "I like him as a friend, I'm actually kind of talking to someone." She admits, shrugging awkwardly. "Not sure what's going to happen though." She glances at Alice as she helps heft the box. "I was thinking that Percy could join the team, he's pretty good at what he does."
Alice Alice sighs in relief at the help before asking curiously, "So first of all.. who is it? and Percy can join if he wants to, I have no problem with it obviously!"
Iris Lark "Well I'll talk to him, I think Percy needs a family of sorts." Iris replies, grunting with effort as they haul the box along the road. "Oh uhm...well we haven't really declared ourselves or anything, but I've been staying with Jude as of late."
Alice "Hey, that's great news! If you move in with Jude, you would be my neighbour." Alice said with genuine enthusiasm, "I'm super happy for the both of you."
Iris Lark "He's a really nice guy, too nice for me I think, but we'll see what happens." Iris remarks, staring at the lockbox. "Why are we bringing this back if you opened it?"
Alice Alice shrugged, "Then we'd have to carry the ammo and drag the chainsaw, this way we can just put it all together withut messing around." Wiping the sweat off her brow she warned, "Just take it slow and don't like go getting married and having kids until you're really sure, kay?"
Iris Lark "I can't have kids, so don't worry about that, and we're taking it super slow." Iris promises, grinning at Alice. "I like Jude, I don't want to hurt him by doing something bad."
Alice "I'm sure it will all work out if it's meant to be, if not, hey that's how the world works, right. Que Serrah Serrah, Whatever will be will be." Alice smiled, "I saw it in an old movie."