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Owner Pose
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort wh ois always busy at work.. or thinking about work. Or thinking about new ways to get work. Thus, when one enters into his store.. the entire place is covered in piles of scrap and other debris.. and Roman is knee deep in metal gizmos and widgets tossing things about trying to fit a screw into a small latch of some sort as he mutters. "Seven-eights? Or is it metric? What is metric? Read about it in a book."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Metric is a measurement system." Comments Molly "Nice easy systems of tens rather than the foot of some dead commie king or so my dad liked to say there." Molly saunters in looking better than she did the day the raid on the raiders handled. She's still a bit chilled but in the end they were raiders, right? Molly is clearly from Vault town given she's one on the pale side, two the form fitting vault suit and the pip boy she's wearing.

"So I heard this was the place to go for tech supplies? I'm looking to do some buying."
Ruane Roman just continues to dig clearly focused more on his work than anything else as he mummbles under his breath for a ew seconds. After that he'll lift his gaze to look at Molly and dip his chin then. "Ah. You were there that day. That terrible day. Oh! A purchase right uh, let me.." He'll start to wade his way though the junk, metal falling onto the floor and clinking about as he moves.

"Got all sorts of things. Spanners. Robots. Winchs. Ropes. Duct-tape. Many things. What do you want to purchase?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Looking for a basic tool kit actually. I patch up people and things,but I'm without the means to do more than spit and duct tape at th moment. Don't worry I got the caps though unless you want some service in exchange for a kit." She grins a little bit as she looks over the shop noticing the pip boy and comparing it to her own. "You must be doing well if you have one of those up for sale."
Ruane The Pipboy would no doubt be behind some sort of display case as Roman would want to keep that little beauty under lock and key and safe from quick fingers. "Ah? Oh. Right." Roman states as he follows Molly's gaze. "Some people want em. Some do not. Seemed like an interesting little get." He mentions before moving towards and then behind the counter nearby and kneeling down to look underneath. "You want tools. Tools. I got tools. Few spanners, some screwdrivers. Also comes with a hammer and a wrench. I make a few of these every year. Some sell. Lets see.."

Roman will pop up then with an H&H Tools Repair kit bag, with a few robco screwdrivers and other offbrand merch thrown in for good measure. "Something like this?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Sounds like aplan for this,"She looks at the kit beg andshe checks out the content it seems pretty good all the tools are in good shape they seem to be clenaed and nothing broken with them. They are old surebut what /isn't/ it's not like someone has been making new anything for a long time so far as high tech stuff goes. "So how many caps? If you need some work done around here I'd b e happy to do it in exchange for a discount."
Ruane "Can't really do much of a discount. you want work I can find some things for you. Might get you little stipends here and there from the city or myself." Roman states rather freely as he leans against the bar then as he lifts up a finger to point at her. ."You are good with tools clearly. There is work around here for that often enough. "Three hundred Caps." He'll state again before exhaling then and trying to offer a smile.. "Miss uh.. I don't think I caught your name?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'll take what i can get and she seems to be in good spirits. Three hundred? Hummm all right I'll take it. Given you actually seeme tyo have cleaned this stuff up and not just thrown the latest salvage together. Oh the name's Molly, Molly Brown." She's pretty chipper and seems to be in a good mood too.
Ruane "Good. Good. Glad to meet you Miss Brown. Name is Roman. Roman Raune." He'll respond as he looks down at the toolkit then back up to Molly Brown. "I'm sorry I can't do you better at this momment. Perhaps on another purchase. Continue coming in, I reward repeat customers." He'll state before continuing. "So, you are from vault town?" He'll inquire with a lift of his brow
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Good to meet you and I will when I have teh caps, I see a few other things I could use but that's going to have to wait. Yes, yes I am from there. I figured I should stop hiding from the world." Nothing is going to be said about her overbearing mother, nothing at all.
Ruane Roman Raune just glances up then before nodding his head once before motioning towards Molly for a second. "Hiding from the world? Most people I know don't hide down in a vault. They just stay there. Normal life down there." Roman observes before he lifts his shoulders aside and glancing towards the doorway and back to her. "So, need anything else?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "It depends on how you see it and not for now I'm afraid i'm all capped out for big purchases honestly I was planning to go looking for worth while scraps after this to be honest."
Ruane "Ah. Fair enough. Do you wish for me to carry this out for you?" Roman observes of the bag then before glacning back to Molly then. "Though I can't leave my store unattended for long." He'll note as his shoulders lift. "Thank you for your purchase. Really appreciate your patronage."
Molly Brown Molly Brown Says "Naw I can hault it with me, I'm good and don't worry I'm already armed, I'm not foolish to run around without ammo for my weapons." She grins "No problem I'll be back when I have more caps or tech items you might be up to trade store credit for." With that she saunters out hips swaying as she goes.
Ruane Roman will in turn lift a hand to wave to the woman before he returns to his work. "Wait.. what screw was I looking for again?" He'll mutter under his breath before he moves to approach the pile of scrap once more to start looking