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Harlan      Harlan arrives stripped down from his battle gear down to a pair of run spun trousers and a matching if a bit bloody shirt. His hand on his back, he walks a bit slowly as he scans the interior of the store occasionally wincing. "Hey Doc? Are you around? I've got a bit of a story to tell.. and a need for some of your special touch."
Iris Lark Iris walks out from the back, peeking to see who was calling. When she spots Harlan a smile lights up her face until she sees his injuries. "Oh dear, what happened?" She says, pulling the man out the back towards a small shack. Inside she gives him a gentle shove at the cot and pulls supplies from a small shelf. "I hope you didn't almost get eaten by a car as well."
Harlan Harlan blinks in mild confusion at her question. "Uh.. not a car. I guess I'm scarier looking then I thought. Some refugees in Dunwich thought I was a demon.. and tried to exorcise me." He grunts and removes his shirt as he sits on the edge of the cot. "One caught me with the prong of a pitch fork.. Did my past to patch it up, but it's not knitting up right.. Seemed like the perfect excuse to come see you."
Iris Lark "Like you need an excuse, Harlan. I enjoy your company and your stories." Iris quirks a brow as she leans in to take a look at the injury. "So they tried to banish your demons huh? I imagine that it went well, hmm?" She seems at least a little amused. "I have found that people wounded in Dunwich seem to..have strange reactions with those wounds, if that makes sense."
Harlan Harlan shrugs. "Can't say it does make sense.. and I think my demons run too deep to be banished." He chuckles lowly then smiles toward her. "As for Dunwich, if I didn't find good stuff there, I'd stop going.. Something not quite right about the place." He shakes his head slowly. "Anyways.. I've got some good news for you, Iris." He eyes her with a grin. "Cleared out a house here.. and got the shower working."
Iris Lark "You did?" Iris squeals, clapping her hands and hopping up and down a few times. Quite unladylike, but she's not as cultured as one might guess. "Have you tried it yet? I swear it's a religious experience." She murmurs, her hands, now quiet, are clasped and held to her chest as she sighs. "Honestly, once I'm done with this puncture wound, you should take a shower. It does wonders to keep infection away, well..if the water isn't dirty." She blinks and remember herself. "Oh yes, wound."
Harlan Harlan grins wider at her squeal and seems genuinely happy at her reaction. "Well, of course, I tried it. I had to make sure it was working properly before I invited you to use it." He shifts slightly to make sure she has proper access to the wound. "Also managed a nice living area and bedroom out of the place.. Need to make sure the team gets keys. Good place to stay over if caught in Acme for the evening."
Iris Lark "You're too nice for the Wasteland, Harlan." Iris murmurs, gently cleaning, stitching and dressing his wounds. "These probably didn't need stitched, but you can never tell with a puncture wound. Closed is closed, and I want it to stay closed." She glances up at Harlan and smiles. "What else have you been up to lately?"
Harlan      "I'm too nice?" He raises an eyebrow and stays still during her stiching. "As if you have any room to talk, doc." He hums at her question. "Well, when I haven't been scavenging in Dunwich and traveling to and from Dunwich.. I've been working on the house. It felt.. nice. I liked working on this shop, it seemed like a good next logical project." He glances down. "And well, promise is a promise. Said I get you a shower made, and so I did." He nods firmly.
Iris Lark "Harlan, I promise you, I'm not always nice." Iris responds, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. "However, most times, it's a good place to start. Someone once told me that you should always be nice to someone. Nice will get you a long way, because once you're mean, they're going to expect that mean and forget the nice." She shrugs a shoulder and sighs. "I've only been able to express what I really think for a few months now. It's pretty refreshing to not have to stand on ceremony and behave the way you're expected around your betters." The last word is bitter and her eyes narrow as she says it.
Harlan      "Well, if my opinion.. no one is your better, Iris.. and yea, can't say I've ever been much of one to stand on ceremony. Not exactly high society or.. well very much refined." He eyes her for a moment. "Well, I imagine you've got bite when you want it. Don't think I'd want to underestimate you." He shakes his head. "Well, you just behave like you want to around me, Iris. I've got thick skin.. and I can take a few choice words especially when they are true." He chuffs a laugh.
Iris Lark "I save my anger and harsh words for those that deserve them, and you do not." Iris says, her lips curving into a smile. "I realize that...a lot of what happened to me ..well I can't fix. I can't make my past any different so I need to just live with it." She gives Harlan her back and yanks at the shirt, exposing her back and the scars there. "I can't take these back, and I can't give them back, so..I live with it." She drops the shirt back into place and turns to clean up the area. "I blessed with a family of sorts now, and freedom. I think I'm okay now, mostly."
Harlan      The large man tilts his head at her exposed back and takes quick notice of the scars. "Scars like those have a way of molding a person.. but its up to that person to choose 'how' they take shape. Seems pretty clear to me, that you've channeled that pain into strength.. And well, that's a beautiful thing." He rises from the cot and turns to pull his own shirt on carefully. "That said.. if someone tries to give you any knew ones." He tilts his neck with a subtle little 'pop'.
Iris Lark "You are very sweet." Iris says, reaching out to give Harlan a gentle hug. "I don't know anyone who would fuss with me now, with all of you folk around me." She folds her arms over her chest and sighs softly. "So, how long did it take you to clean out the house, and did you build furniture?"
Harlan "Well, the amount of time I spent is.. uh.. a trade secret." He nods firmly and crosses his arms over his own chest. "And if you want to know how clean or furnished the house is.. You are just going to have to follow me and see." He nods again. "Yep, just going to have to see it with your own eyes." He unfolds his arms and draws one around her carefully then points. "Ahem.. and this is where I kidnap you for your tour."
Iris Lark "Gladly." Iris responds, closing up the little shack and walking with him towards the store again. "I can't wait to see what you've got or how nice it is. Especially since you did the most work in the store!"
Harlan Harlan leads the way out of the store and across a nearby spacious yard toward a modest house. The outside isn't particularly spruced up, but it has been repaired enough to be weather proof. Harlan unlocks a door composed largely of low quality scrap and waits for Iris to step inside.

The scrap metal motif continues inside with chairs and couch made from scrap and then softened by the addition of cushions. The ceiling is decorated by a chandlier made from bands of metal and glass bottles.

"Welcome.. I'm not sure how inviting the metal furniture is.. but well, I'm not much of a carpenter." He chuckles. "So I do what I can do."
Iris Lark "I like it, it's very charming." Iris says, walking about behind Harlan. "I'm sure if you don't find it comfortable, one of the team can make you something out of wood or..hmm, I wonder what else furniture is made of.." She wrinkles her nose as she considers it.
Harlan "Well, I think its comfortable.. and it's made by my own two hands so that's something." He points at the bottle chandlier. "I'm particularly proud of that doodad. Makes me wish I knew how to work with glass. Now that'd be an interesting art form to learn." He points to two doors, one seems to lead to more of a garage-like area and the other deeper into the living space. "Shower is attached to the bedroom.. That other is a workshop I scrapped together. What would you like to see first?"
Iris Lark Iris points to the workshop and smiles up at Harlan. "That first, did you build most of this in the workshop?" She asks, her hands linked in front of her as she paces around the space."
Harlan Harlan guides her toward the workshop and opens the door to reveal a hearth, anvil, work table and other arrangements to support his craft.

"Well, first I used the small setup I have behind the shop to forge the tools and cast a proper anvil.. Then it was a matter of gathering enough brick and cinder boxes to construct the hearth.. And once I had this place all properly setup... Yep. I made the furnishings here. It kind of all built upon itself.. all starting with the shop." He places his hands on his hips and beams proudly at his handy work. "I can do the majority of work here.. and then use the little furnace behind the shop for finishing touches and customization work."
Iris Lark "This is nice, and it will keep things warm for you when it gets cold here, as it sometimes does." Iris remarks, walking in and reaching out like a bad child to touch things she's probably not meant to. She picks up tools and puts them down, leaning in to look closer at how the cinder blocks are set up. "You did all of this? Gosh.."
Harlan Harlan rubs his hands together. "Blacksmiths rarely worry about being cold. Usually quite the opposite." He doesn't seem alarmed by her exploring, the hearth hasn't been stoked, so nothing is really hot enough to harm.

"Well, part of the trade is knowing how to setup a proper place to work. And the first thing you learn is how to make tools.. so you can pass on the craft and make sure you've got replacements." He gestures toward swage block. "The other step is making one of those in your own style to finish your work. It's used for shaping metal.. the grooves and holes give you something to hammer around or into."
Iris Lark "I don't know if I could ever do this kind of work. I mean..I could learn it, but the heat and I don't agree with each other." Iris says, hugging her arms gently as she gazes at the tools. "So I'm glad you decided to settle here, this is such a nice town."
Harlan "Well, I don't have the nimble fingers for the kind of work you do.. So I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round." He scratches at his chin for a moment. "I'm thinking I'd like to have others visit and crash.. It's good to have something close to the store. I still intend to spend a lot of time in El Dorado." He gazes toward her and rubs the back of his head. "You in particular are welcome any time you like, Iris. You ever need to escape, sleep, or use the shower. You just make yourself at home."
Iris Lark "Thank you, Harlan." Iris murmurs, as she gives him a happy smile. "I don't know how often I'll be out here on an overnight, but strange things happen so I can't rule it out."
Harlan Harlan nods and walks out of the workshop to lead to the last unexplored room. It follows a similar theme to the living area, metal and salvage. In this case, he has managed to secure some crates to use as end-tables.. and managed to scrounge up a couple of twin beds which he has pushed together for the time being.

"Here's the last room." He gestures toward the bathroom door.

"And in there is the promised shower of destiny, the water is sourced from a rain barrel on the roof. It heated two ways.. one by some sheet metal setup to catch the sun and on cloudy days, I've got a furnace setup to power a boiler. It's a bit primitive but it gets the job done."
Iris Lark "You did such a good job here." Iris murmurs, and she walks forward to see the shower he's built. "I can't believe you really did it." She giggles, glancing over her shoulder, a twinkle in her eye. "How does it work?"
Harlan Harlan walks into the bathroom and points to the shower head. "I re-used and repaired the plumbing that was already in the house.. and re-routed it to the mentioned rain barrel on the roof. That barrel has an overflow which leads to another tank that's on the other side of this wall." He points to one knob, "That's the heated water." He points to the other. "That's the unheated water which is about the same temperature as the inside of the house." He mimes turning them. "You just adjust to your fancy.. and if its not warm enough, we go fire up the furnace." He likewise demonstrates the shower curtain.
Iris Lark Iris walks up to the shower and runs her hands along the pipes, her nose wrinkling as she gazes up at the shower head. "Sounds interesting, I can't wait to try it." She turns to Harlan and points at his bandages. "When you close those, make sure you bandage them up tightly again, you hear?"
Harlan Harlan nods to her. "Yes, ma'am." He grins a bit at her. "Well, I guess a little medical advice is a good way to end the tour." He gazes around.

"I can leave you alone if you want to give it a try now.. I'd just you know.. Go to the workshop." He thumbs the direction of the door.

"I may have lured you into my brand new bedroom, but I can promise to be a gentleman.. if asked nicely." He waggles his eyebrows in jest then chuckles before he steps out of the bathroom.
Iris Lark "I can't try it tonight, but I will try it soon." Iris promises, her eyes on the shower in the bathroom. "Thank you for everything that you do, Harlan. I don't know if you realize how much you're appreciated, but if you don't, you should."
Harlan "I do it because I want to.. and because I appreciate what you do, Iris. Thanks for spending a little more time with me. Maybe we can compare scars sometime and swap stories.. good and bad. Maybe even over a little alcohol." He yawns lightly. "I think I'm going to turn in.. and give this a chance to heal." He reaches toward her, places his hand lightly on the back of her neck, and then pulls her in so he can plant a kiss on top of her head. "Be safe out there, I'll be here if you need help with anything."
Iris Lark Iris closes her eyes when he kisses the top of her head and she sighs softly. "You're on, Harlan, one day...stories and booze. I'm horrible at the booze part, so I'll try extra hard on the stories." She smiles up at him and then leans in for a hug. "Rest well, and let me know if those wounds get any worse, alright?"
Harlan Harlan gives her a firm lingering hug back.

"Of course, I wouldn't dream of messing up your work." He releases her and then sits on the edge of the bed.

"Well, I said make yourself at home, so that means coming and going as you please.. which also means you can let me be lazy and lock the door on the way out." He beams a grin then yawns before putting his feet up.

"Night, Iris."