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Jude It's another day in paradise... or at least in Vault Town. Climate control has it's benefits during the summer in New Mexico. Jude has his little table set up, working on Pip-Boys and swapping holodisks around to the trickle of customers that come and go. Another lull happens, so Jude leans against the wall. He heaves a sigh and wipes his brow with a rag before rummaging through his pockets for some gumdrops.
Sparrow Sparrow has been scarce as of late. As soon as she foun out Solomon's assasins were gunning for her she'd dipped out of El Dorado and away from those she cared about faster than a Cazador in search of a meal. But she's come back to visit, headed back into town to resupply she considers stopping by on Jude. She shows up, oddly clean despite her travels. Hair back in a braid and hat held in her off hand. The armored ancient NCR duster she'd aquired hangs off her shoulders giving her more bulk than the slight cowgirl really needs. "Hey, Vaultie." She greets as she moves into the little store and about. "How's it goin."
Jude Jude flicks his attention to the voice when he hears Sparrow's familiar voice. His smile is quick to find it's way to his lips as he pushes from the wall. "Miss Sparrow!" he greets. "How've ya been?" He holds out his box of gumdrops. "Care for a taste of somethin' sweet?"
Sparrow Sparrow laughs, "Of course, why do you think I'm here. The gumdrops just a bonus." She teases as she steps through the door without feeling she's interuptting Jude's break. The blonde cowgirl walks in and sets her hat aside on the table before reaching for one of the gum drops. "Thanks." She takes the little treat and pops it in her mouth. "Sorry it's been a while. The ride back from Avalon is a bit of a terror though. MY house is built, you should come visit some time. Might just be me out there from now on though. How've you been? The Militia and Caine folk treatin' ya all right?"
Jude Jude blushes a little at the tease, giving an 'aww shucks' sort of smile. The gumdrops are fairly fresh tasting, the wrapping having been rather tight on this one. Jude props up on the table beside Sparrown and nods a little as she relates her latest news. "I'll stop on by. It ain't but a piece away from Acme and I've been patrollin' up thataway anyway." He gives a wrinkle of his nose. "I really need ta invest in a horse or a motorcycle or somethin' I think. Wearin' the soles offa my boots faster 'n' a fat kid on a fancy lad."

He gives a little shrug at the questions, but his smile is bright, hinting that something is very good somewhere in there. "Oh, it's goin' pretty well. Mayor Caine can't seem to get my rank right, but I reckon it's better to be promoted than demoted. I think I'm about ready to spin a plan for that there wall around Shanty Town. It's goin' alright all said I reckon."
Sparrow Sparrow laughs quietly, "Yeah, I don't suppose it'll be too hard for you now. Gettin regular pay and workin' the store and the like. I suggest a pony, Motorcycles don't know when to run when there's someone bout to steal'm. Stock got mugged by some of Solomon's men the other day. Lookin' for horses." She says with a small frown on her features drawing her youthful blue eyes into an older than her years face. "But it'll be good ta see you. Helped some of the Militia the other day out that way anyway. Encountered some super mutants."

She falls into an easy position as she works over the gumdrop in her cheek. His smile makes her smile and she bobs her head, "Good, some time we should talk about it. I'd like to get some sturdy wallin' up round Avalon, Tinnie and Pi..pichio? I can't ever pronounce that damned town's name right. After we clear their ghoul problem out. So I hate to be a burden, but I've got a few extr caps, I can afford about fourty and I have a hunting Rifle to trade, i gotta get these two holodisks into my pipboy."
Jude Jude bobs his head, smile turning a touch more serious. "I reckon we'll have ta get used to super mutants bein' about. Gonna get a lot worse before it done gets better, true nuff." He gives a grave little nod, but his smile reflickers to life in a matter of moments. "Gonna make them walls extra strong to keep them fuckers out."

He beams a little and then chews a gumdrop as he considers Avalon. "I reckon I could draw y'all up some plans." He thinks a few more moments and then stands up again with a nod. "I can done take care of those for ya, darlin'. And it ain't no burden. It's my job after all." He gives a wink as he picks up her pip boy and doing the arcane rituals to upload the massive amounts of data into the pip-boy.
Sparrow Sparrow snorts, "Yeah I know, and I come to you cause you're the best I've heard of. But still I don't want ya to think I only come around for your pip-boy skills. Or wall drawin' skills. If you can give me an idea I probably can throw'm up myself, liable not to be able to get the pull El Dorado is for their walls either. Little towns like that will need some denfeses though or they'll just be fuel for the supermutant fire." She sighs, "Part of the reason I'm out there." She admits before rolling her shoulders a bit and she unstraps her pip boy and takes the disks from her pockets. Slipping the rifle from her coat she sets that aside as well.

"I'm hopin' when I go down south I can figure somethin' out. I'm tryin to get a Syringe gun before then, cause I don't want to have to get -close- to one to get a sample. I figure if I can get one I can haul ass back here, consult with the eggheads and see if we can't find comething that can innoculate against it, or just plain wipe it out."
Jude Jude flips a few switches and smiles as the whirring and beeping all goes as he expects. He offers, "I'm havin' your pip-boy go ahead and map out where ya go. If you take a tour around the perimeter of Avalon, next I jaw with ya, I can just upload the map from your pipboy, draw the plans and instructions out, and transfer it right back to ya." He gives a little wink as he hands the Pip-Boy back. "Computers really do make things easier."

He thinks a moment on the manpower issues and says, "Well, I can talk with the militia. Might be since we're allied with Avalon all official like, they might be able to give some manpower. Might be that if'n you talk to Alice, she can round up Vault Team Six to help as well. I don't reckon that there'll be any lack of help if'n we ask around."

The talk of samples gets a frown from Jude, him being one of said eggheads. "Well, if it happens that you get you some samples, I'm pretty well versed in science. Medicine ain't so much my bag, but I might be able to help out some." He pauses a moment. "Ya know, I dug up some information that said somethin' about that there Poseidon Energy place havin' it a cure or vaccine or somethin' against the FEV critters. Maybe some sort of weapon that kills em dead too." He gives a shrug and looks at Sparrow sternly. "You make sure you come on back now, you hear me, Miss Sparrow?"
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles, "Hear it from lucky VT6 is already plannin on headin' south with everyone else. I'll need Iris' help regardless though I can't let her or Kumo get close enough to them to be the ones infected. Not in their conditions. Part of why I'm back in town for a few days. Gotta see her about it, see what she thinks of getting the research for it done." She takes the pip boy back and attatched it carefully and switches it back to look over the dials and new disks with a small smile. She lifts her gaze back up towards Jude, "Thanks, vaultie." She lets her arm fall.

"I've heard that too. Which is why I'm goin' at all with the rest of those Rad-mad S.O.B.s. Trust me i could think of better things to do with my time. but I can't risk someone who doesn't know what they're lookin' for messin' it up and the other doctors I trust right now." Well she's not lettign anyone 'in the family way' do it for her.
Jude Jude frowns a little and quirks a brow. "Iris? In there conditions?" He pales a little and asks with strain in his voice, "Somethin' happen to her?" The rest sort of gets stalled there for the Vault dweller.
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head. "Well, way folks been tellin' it, Jude, Iris is pregnant. I know Kumo is too. Aint doin' to let the two best Doctors in el Dorado go doin' anything more dangerous than they already do. May just be a rumor but if there's even a chance." The cowgirl shakes her head her expression serious. "They're grown women, I wont stop 'em, but I aint gonna ask'm to put themselves in harms way when I'm perfectly capable." She lifts a shoulder.
Jude Jude breathes a sigh of relief and breaks out into a light laughter. He shakes his head and laughs out, "Oh, that. That ain't true. Well, don't know about Kumo, but Iris ain't. That there's just a rumor. I see her most days what with Vault Team, gettin' shot up, and the store." He thinks a moment and then says, "Speakin' of. You happen to have your doctorin' tools with ya?" He shifts a little and blushes. "I... well... I done ran across some Enclave boys and one of the old boys done shot me with a laser." He frowns with a 'what nerve' sort of pout. "If'n you can patch me on up, we can call the installations even?"
Sparrow Sparrow blinks a few times and her hand moves to her chest and she does, in fact, look relieved before she chuckles a little herself. She looks pelased to have been told she was wrong. She doesn't have to do it alone! But the look is breif and she shakes her head with a twitch of a smile. "All right I'll talk it over with her some." Sparrow agrees with a twitch of a smile, "But really if you know anyone who can make a syringe gun, I'd trade just about anything for one. It's important." Sparrow nods seriously.

"Hmm, oh.. I do. Always do." She pulls her medkit from her Duster. "Where'd he shoot ya at. You wanna do it here?" She gestures to the table. Sparrow has no qualms about a patch up. Anywhere, anytime.
Jude Jude thinks as he takes a seat on the table. He unzips the front of his Vault Suit and draws it down to his midriff where a telltale bandage is splotched red just below his lowest right rib. He points at it with a wrinkle of his nose. "Ain't been shot before," he confides as he starts to slowly remove the dressing. "Lasers make a mess when they don't kill ya. Glad I was wearin' my combat armor, that's for damn sure." He laughs and leans back some so Sparrow can inspect it and do her business.

To distract himself, he says, "Ya might talk to ole Harlan about it. He's really the only smith I know. I know a little about it, but I ain't up to his caliber. I can't actually fabricate nothin' like that yet."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Need to get you a reflective piece." Sparrow says as she shucks the Duster and moves over with the medkit. Once he's on the table she waits for him to remove the bandage before crouching so it's at eye leve3l and giving it a few tentative touches to test the flesh around the wound. "I thought I'd took a bullet outta ya once at your place. Mighta been somethin' else. Hard to keep track these days with the count of folks gettin' injured." She tuts under her breath and gives a sympathetic look up to the Vault dweller.

"Harlan? Maybe. can you get me in touch with him?" She wonders as she carefully pulls her tools out of the kit. First? Rag and ether put to the side for him should he want it and then? She's removing the skin that the laser had warped and burnt away. It's going to hurt before it gets better. But Sparrow's gotten oddly efficient at medical work. Grown in bounds since Jude first met her even.
Jude Through clenched teeth, Jude whispers, "That was only first aid really. This is my first... fuck... this is my first bad 'un." His back arches as he white-knuckles the table, offering a better angle for Sparrow to abrade the dead, cauterized, ruined skin away. Tears shine in his eyes as he forces out, "He just got himself a house up in Acme. I'll jaw with him about it tomorrow when I'm around there. If'n he can help at all, I'll arrange a sit down with the both of ya."
Sparrow Sparrow looks up and reaches with a steady hand to gently rest on Jude's stomach, pushing him back down so he doesn't suirm too much more. It's delicate work an Sparrow's not a weakling. "I can see that. You best be more careful, Vaultie. Talk about me 'keepin out of trouble'." She tuts softly. Then smiles, "Thank you, Jude, I appreciate it. The hard part's almost over.."
Jude Jude gasps, chest heaving, but he's a trooper and doesn't squirm much. "I'm with the militia. Orders and all," he grates out through clenched teeth. "Helpin' to sort Lincoln out. Get some good folk livin' on in there." Once the worst is over, he relaxes some, shoulders sagging. "Hard to stay safe when your job is keepin' other folks safe, yaknow?" He lets out a weary laugh. "Lucky I'm just an engineer. I can't imagine if I was a Scout or some nonsense." He pauses a moment and whispers, "They might want me to head on south with y'all too."
Iris Lark It's at this point that Iris peeks into the store. She spots who she was looking for and walks in, not making any noise until she's closer to where Sparrow and Jude are situated. "Good evening." She calls out, raising her hand to wave.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Lincoln? Good. I might give a shout out for help with Tinnie and .." She looks up setting her tool aside. The small talk stopped when she's done with the cutting. "I know. And don't think for a second I wont give Swagger a piece of my mind if he ruins ya. You're practically family." She starts working on getting the wound stitched properly. "No offense, Jude, but you'd probably not make the best scout." When he says he might be going south she pauses and looks up at him and back down. "Oh." She exhales and looks up at the door and nods to Iris, Jude's on the table with his vaultsoot around his midsectioon so she can work on a laser wound. "Hey, Iris, it's great to see ya. Ears burnin'?""
Iris Lark "No, just wandering around kind of curious, this place is a bit of a maze." Iris murmurs, gazing over the supplies offered as she makes her way further into the store. "Do you know that they have a water bar here? I'm amazed that people who lived here all their life come out ever."
Jude Jude is breathing a little easier with the cutting done, although his chest and back glisten with sweat from the pain. He flashes Iris a smile and lifts his hand to waggle his fingers in a wave. "Evenin', Iris," he breathes just above a whisper.

He laughs a little at Sparrow's assessment of his ability. "Well, half the battle is jus' bein' willin'. Ain't any worse at it than Swagger is, true nuff." He shrugs though. "Don't carry a lame ass pistola and folk think you ain't dangerous." He laughs a little and shakes his head. "But if I get the wall stuff together, I won't be able to go really. That there has to take priority. Mayor's orders and all." He gives a shrug and winces a little as he pulls a little at the stitches already. "Gonna have to have me a big ole lay down after the sewin' is done, huh?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "It is, it is. Nice to see you. I wanted to ask you about headin' South. Since VT6 is going I assume ya are too. I've started gettin' on a serious search for a Syringe gun. Also wanted to talk to you about lookin' for any samples in the energy plant that could help out. Jude brought it up again and so it's fresh on my mind." Since he's not struggling Sparrow is using both hands for quick stitches, three in total, and she smears some numbing and antibacterial salve on it. "Almost done, Jude. You'll need to give yourself a moment or two and take it real slow. Nothin' rigorous that's gonna pull yer stitches. You tell swagger that too. No orders that strain ya for at least three or four days, y'hear?"
Iris Lark "You mean a needler?" Iris asks, taking a seat nearby as she watches Sparrow patch Jude up. "I wasn't aware that we were going south, or ..maybe I'm not supposed to go. I can't say for sure until I talk to Alice. She does have a car though, and we've a few open seats." She eyes Jude for a few moments and then adds. "Did you need a ride down, Sparrow?"
Jude Jude bobs his head and gives a little salute. "I'll let em know. I don't reckon they'll balk too much." He laughs a little and says, "Joe don't bug me too much. I'm support, not recon or fightin' much. They have a special spot for us literate sorts." He gives a smile and winks. Once done, he slips off the table nice and easy before pulling his vault suit up and zipping it. He asks Sparrow, "Even Steven, installations for stitches?"

Assuming he gets an affirmative, he grabs his tools and packs up to head home. On his way out, unless she dodges him, he embraces Iris and kisses her cheek before he excuses himself. "If you ladies will excuse me, I'm gonna lay down a spell before I go let HQ know I'll be out of commission a bit."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I figured I'd hitch with the Militia. Stockton's plannin' on goin to. I think we'll head down in the Militia car. I was a bit hard on Lucky the other day." She admits, expression tightning a moment before she shakes her head. "But thank's for offerin. Yeah, I as hopin' we could get a, well, Needler I guess so that can get samples from the Mutant's without, you know, havin' to get too close to'm. That way we can bring the samples of that and the possible vaccine or something to combat the mutations or stop them all together once we come back here and consult with some scientists." She nods to Jude and watches the Vault dweller go with a sigh. "Should we head up then?" She wonders after washing her hands and pulling on her Duster."
Iris Lark "I've been staying here, nobody should bother us, but if you want to walk up..we can." Iris says, pushing to her feet. "I had a needler, and I gave it to one of the people I hired on in the Clinic. I can ask him if he can loan it to you for the trip, if you'd like. I'll give him another weapon for the meantime if he agrees." She loosely folds her arms over her chest and moves slightly closer to Sparrow. "I doubt Lucky is going south, but I could be wrong, I wasn't even aware that we were going myself."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Naw, if you're stayin' here then let's stay." She says with a smile. The cowgirl's easy going and has been on her horse a lot lately. The idea of sitting for a spell sits all right with her. "That's work too, Jude's gonna see if Harlan can make one. If not that might be our best..only..option. The other ways of gettin' samples is too much a risk of gettin' an infection." She admits softly. "Lucky said he was, before he knew I was goin. He may have changed his mind since then." Sparrow chews her lip and then smiles back at Iris, "Yanno I keep harin' that. Maybe Vault Team Six isn't goin' and Lucky just misunderstood?"
Iris Lark "Honestly, I don't know." Iris confesses, shaking her head slowly. "I know that Vuk wants to go, and Alice won't let an opportunity to help people go by. So we might end up having to go." She looks troubled for a moment and then sighs. "We're down a person now that Achilles is gone, and..I will find out." A beat. "If Harlan can't help you, I'll speak to Qwillis. I think he'd be rather excited if you were to get a sample, he's a scientist. Plus there is another doctor that I hired on who has been researching the mutants as well. I'll aim them both in your direction."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "Well, let's not put the cart before the horses. need to know if I can get a ..Needler anyway. Maybe ask Qwillis head of time. That way if there's a chanc Harlan can't do it before I leave there's one on reserve. One way or another, I'm gonna go. I can't let this go. Not with what we saw at Hopes Crossing." She says quietly. She nods, "Whatever you can do to help, Iris. I know I'm not going to be able to do it on my won. Was worried with the rumors spread about that I had no choice. Sorry to say I'm a bit relieved they were wrong."
Iris Lark "What rumors?" Iris asks, her eyes on Sparrow as she speaks. "I won't put the cart before the horses, but there is a chance that the doctor in question is joining the Vault Team." She gazes down at her feet and purses her lips. "I'm sure Jude will catch up with Harlan soon, probably before I get to speak to Qwillis, so we'll see where that goes first."
Sparrow Sparrow is leaning against the table and her expression a little distant for a moment. "Folks are sayin' you're pregnant, Doctor." She says simply and then looks back down. "Whatever works. The more heads and hands on this the better I think. I'm sure you and Jude will see eachother before either of you see me. I'm headed bck out to Avalon shortly. Helpin' clear out the last of their construction and then I'm gonna head to Tinnie after. See if we can't break them free of their ghoul problem. Dunno if it'll be before or after we go south."
Iris Lark "Folks say plenty, but I can't get pregnant, so that's a rumor that will never come to fruition." Iris quietly responds, glancing towards the door as she speaks. "Vuk thinks he's funny, and he's not." She adds before she nods slowly, glancing back at Sparrow and trying for a wan smile. "I'm staying with Jude so if he doesn't see Harlan before I do, I'll give him a message or the needler if I speak to Qwillis, okay?"
Sparrow Sparrow tilts her head and nods. "Vuk? Eh, weird." She replies and shakes her head a little looking towards the door and nods. "I'll letcha go check on him then." She smiles in return, rinkling her crows feet and making her look a bit older as she does. "I trust ya. Either way I'll come back with the sample." She pushes off the table with her hip and pulls her hat on, "I'm sorry, Iris." She says moving over to touch the woman's shoulder lightly before looking towards the door and back. "Ya'll should come visit sometime. Just be discreet."
Iris Lark "I've been out that way a few times, and I will again. I slip away sometimes and go look in on some of the smaller settlements." Iris says, nodding to Sparrow. "You don't have to be sorry, these things happen, and we either live with it or let it consume us. I decided to live with it." She shrugs, and turns to walk out of the shop. "Let me know if you need anything else, okay?"
Sparrow Sparrow watches Iris go and nods, "Bye, Iris." Sparrow echoes quietly before filtering out of the shop herself and heading out of the vault.