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Rose      Another day out in the wasteland, but this was the stuff Rose lived for. Her recent encounter with a small group of raiders praying on refugees had brought the sort of satisfaction that only doing a damn good deed could bring. With her revolvers holstered at her hips once more, the blone walks in her complete armor, the red 'eyes' of her mask observing the land while she keeps a rather immaculate lever-action rifle resting over one shoulder, a small ruck-sack of assorted salvage secured over her back. It's funny to think that not all that long ago, heading towards Roswell had been a dangerous action, now after all that work it was a sign of safety!
Zealot Shreya Some areas are safe in Roswell and some arent. This part is far enough from the ferals infesting the neighborhood Shreya now calls home to not give concern. She leans on her staff and carries a large satchel that is half full of who knows what. Seeing you she waves. "Rose?"
Rose Rose wasn't the only ranger in the area, even if she was one of the first. But it seems that Shreya's guess was correct when the intimidating, if slightly shorter, figure lifts a hand in greeting, slinging the rifle over her shoulders with one hand on the stock, the other on the barrel while she stretches out. "Shreya! How goes it?" she calls back, making her way closer from the dunes she'd arrived over.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grins as you come closer. "Im collecting scrap for a fence. These pieces or rebar can be sharpened to form spikes I think. I will have to purchase the concrete I expect. I want to continue the wall to enclose my front yard so I have some room to work safely. The house isnt much now but it will be."
Rose "A fence?" Rose repeats, shrugging her shoulders lightly. "Might want to make it tall, or electrified. You'd be suprised how quickly a feral ghoul can go through or over most barriers when they're hungry. Not to mention bigger things out there. Though if I saw a Deathclaw coming towards my front porch? I'd probably try and get the hell away." A shrugging of her shoulders and she lowers the weapon to her side. "Find anything interesting out there while you looked?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya opens her satchel which contains about seven pieces of rebar, A rusted trowel, and a dead chicken gutted but not yet plucked. "Pretty good haul, right? Are you hungry? I could share with you."
Rose Rose actually laughs at that, shrugging her shouldes and reaching down to her own bag. What had she found from her exploits? A small collection of leather, a battered holodisk, some folded paper and a small book with a rather questionable title and images refering to Robo-slaves and tentacles. It's a pretty odd mix. "Been a while since I've found a wild chicken out anywhere, most animals are either livestock or mutie-types. Lucky of you to find that out there." Rose's words are a little distorted by her mask, but it's clear beneath those tones she's probably smiling behind the mask.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods looking skeptically at the chicken. "Might be a grouse. Im not sure." She peers into your bag with interest. "Oh something to read I miss being able to read whenever I...huh? Oh Atom above, what is this?" She chuckles. "I see you saved it. Hmmm?"
Rose      "You'd be suprised what people find valuable," Rose shrugs, although it's hard to tell her expression and if she's embarassed or not thanks to the screen of that metallic faceplat. "I mean, plenty of call for leather out there, and well...sometimes people don't mind whatever reading material they can get their hands on. Always something for someone, right?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods as she rummages around in your bag. "Well yes I imagine your right about that. Some people might buy it just for the pictures. I am curious about what story they are telling so others will be too. Maybe you can read it to me while I prepare this bird, no?" Her eyes sparkle with amusement.
Rose Left standing there as Zealot continues rifling through here wares for a few moments before Rose shrugs her shoulders with a laugh. "Read it to you?" she repeats with a little grin behind her mask. "I'd have expected that such an...alternative tale, might be against some sort of commandment or rule for you and your church."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya shakes her head and takes her hands out of your bag. "I am a Zealot of the Children of Atom, not a nun. We do not presume to be married to the Lord of the Glow and our precepts have very little to do with sex or why one should be ashamed of it. Besides, if you tell me you arent going to read it once before you sell it we will both understand that to be a lie. Anyway you dont have too if it makes you uncomfortable. I will be as happy to have your company."
Rose      "You're really not exactly the same sort of thing as the nuns up by El Dorado, huh?" she chuckles before buttoning the bag up, rolling her shoulders lightly and gripping the rifle in her left hand now, held just at the reciever. "How about we see about food, then we'll see if..." A pause, the Ranger's brow-raise might actually be audible in her voice behind the mask. "What makes you so sure I'd read it before selling it?" she questions.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya grins, enjoying your discomfort. Her garish facial tattoos only make her look psychotic but you know her better than most around there parts. "See you didnt deny it you just asked how I know." The abandoned neighborhood comes into view. "Tell you later," she whispers. Leading you quietly through the back alleys she brings you finally to what was once probably a wealthy persons home by the size. Radiation and the elements have made it a shell of its former glory. "Natural human curiousity," she explains once the door is bolted. "I wouldnt be able to help myself. Id read it once at least." She leads you to the the ruin of a large kitchen with a an old brick pizza oven complete with a chimney. Her tools and knives arent the best but she manages. She sets about the task of plucking and cleaning the bird. "I know you want too. The only question is will you share it with me? We can have a laugh, right?"
Rose Rose follows along, but that doesn't mean she doesn't pause to consider and examine the surroundings of the house before she even considers removing her helmet. Last time she was going through these streets? She was clearing house to house, trying to cut a path through a sea of feral Ghouls with Bane and Ms. Kitty for the salvagers that were to come next. It had felt like a lifetime ago. Only after she was certain she wasn't going to be immediately poisoned did the Ranger pull her helmet from her shoulders, setting it down on whatever surface she can. "Well, curiousity is the right word I suppose. But after meeting Kaelyn and her computer thing? Robots messing with peoples brains is a little less far-fetched." A pause, she reaches up to shake her long blonde locks free from their pin that kept them from getting in her face beneath the helmet. "Though hopefully, it wasn't for quite so..smutty a purpose."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya finishes plucking and throws the chicken in a pot. She dumps water from an old plastic drum into the pot. "Theres a creek about a mile from here. I will dig a well once I fix the walls. She has to start a fire in the pizza oven because there is no gas running to the burnt out stove nearby. "Im not sure why they created Kaelyn but I have to assume it was for that. Why else make her look so strange? It seems if I wanted to create a human like robot I would want people not to know what she is. Kaelyn seems to tell everyone she meets. Thats dangerous. Some Christians would say cybernetic reprogramming is agaisnt God and kill her."
Rose "Relgion aside, the Brotherhood of Steel might not be so fond of it," she says softly, looking around for a place to sit herself, be it chair or bench, while the other woman prepares a meal. "They're not the biggest fans of experimental technology out of their hands, and something that could be created to program people like robots...or hell, Robots that were like people? Both of those sound like something that would get a rather violent responce from them. They're not all as people-friendly as Caldwell."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya comes to sit at the table with you while the chicken boils in water and herbs she chopped up. "Well reprogramming human brains doesnt seem like something I would agree with but Id be mad at the scientists not the experiments. I dont like the idea. And robots that look like people could have any number of agendas. I wouldnt just kill everything like the Brotherhood. Thats their answer to everything." She grins. "You make me feel like I can say whatever I want and you wont look at me like others do. Like you could really know me if you hang around long enough." She smiles. "You thirsty?"
Rose      "It sounds horrific," Rose comments, leaning back to glance at the book. "Overly affectional robotic tendrils not-withstanding, I think it'd be nightmarish. Not knowing that you'd been manipulated and remade, or perhaps knowing and unable to do anything about it..." she shakes her head, banishing the thought with the more simple question of thirst. "I have some water in my canteen, unless you're hiding Nuka Cola somewhere." A pause, Shreya's admission brings a smile to the Ranger's lips. "Truth be told hun? I -do- think your beliefs are a little out there, but I don't think it comes from a bad place. Plenty of people have commited worse for what they thought were the 'right' cause."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya frowns. "No I dont have Nuka Cola. Just creek water and some powdered drink called Jamaiaca. Apparently whoever lived here before loved it. Now I love it too. You want some?" She moves to her cupboard with the one broken door and takes out the tin can of powder. "When its gone its gone right?" A furtive glance is stolen as she watches you from the corner of her eye, turning away to mix the powder so it doesnt get too awkward. "I like you Rose."
Rose "As long as it isn't alcoholic," Rose comments lazily, rolling her shoulders. "I'll give it a try." The house wasn't nearly the worst place that Rose had ever stayed, more than one wreck had been camped out in by the woman, sometimes she'd even camped out under the stars in the Mojave. But the sudden admission of affection however earns a tilt of Rose's head as she leans forwards, the lever action rifle laid across her lap. "I'm fond of you too Shreya. Even if I didn't deliver on my promise when we first met, that you still appreciate my company is...important."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya waves a hand. "You got caught up in that stupid investigation. They should have just killed that guy. Raiders dont change and he was one waiting to happen if he isnt already." She curses in spanish briefly. "I hate raiders. Anyway Kellyn got pretty beat up. He almost died but that was because he didnt stick to my plan. He tried to help this other wastelander who happened by. He should have just told her to get on the roof too. Oh well." She serves the chicken and tatos and they smell delicious, steaming in the herb laden water. "Looks great..and of course I want your company. Whats mine is yours.."
Rose "Sadly things are not always so black and white. What happens in the middle of town, in the Mayor's own bar? Not quite the same as what happens in the middle of the desert. Time will tell..." she trails off, not really wanting to dwell on the thoughts of that encounter and instead simply waiting for the woman to serve their meal, letting her continue talking. "You say that now," the blonde jests, "but you have yet to be around me when bullets start flying...well mostly anyway."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya chuckles. "Honestly I feel safer here than in El Dorado. The ferals might eat me but there arent any creepy old sheriffs trying to get girls drunk for the first time at daybreak. Raiders dont come here because they prefer easy targets, not ones hiding amidst the forsaken. Then only weirdoes like you come visit me. Suits me fine." She hands you a knife and a fork with only two tines left. "Its getting dark but I dont light the candles till I need them. Your ok? You can stay here tonight if you wish. There is plenty of room."
Rose      "Creepy old Sheriffs?" Rose repeats, raising an eyebrow as she eats, laughing a little. "Did they change who had the office again? Last I heard it was Stockton wearing the badge. Wouldn't have thought that his thing..." A shrug, the ranger attacks her meal quite happily with the butchered cutlery. She'd probably just use her hands otherwise. "We'll see," Rose shrugs lightly. "I'm not too bothered by the dark, the helmet has some pretty good optics and you learn how to make do, but it's been a while since I've just relaxed with a friend. Outside of the Saloon I mean."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya cuts a slice of chicken and chews as she listens to you. "No Im talking about Stockton. When I pointed it out the woman got angry at me. Apparently she wanted to be taken advantage of and I ruined it. Who knew?" She laughs and shakes her head. "Sorry I put the brakes on the date rape train lady!"
Rose "Huh," That's Rose's only comment in responce. Hard to know what she's thinking behind those blue eyes of hers as she eats before tapping her fingers on the rifle-butt across her lap. "There are strange people with stranger desires out there. Trying to understand them all could drive a person crazy, and there's enough crazy out there as it is."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya keeps her next bite poised on her fork so she can answer you. "There are. People do have strange desires they do..." She seems to struggle with what to say for a moment. "Do you ever...think about some kind of way for example..." She rolls her eyes. "Que horror Shreya lo dices o no dices." She sighs. "Nevermind I just. I dont know what my problem is. Im not that weird I promise."
Rose "Some kind of way?" Rose repeats, brow raised rather obviously this time now that there wasn't the mask on her face. There was the slightest quirk of a smile on her lips, the only hint that her lack of understanding might not be so genuine. After all, the gunslinger rarely 'missed' anything. Then again, she also did not speak Spanish. "You're plenty weird Shreya, but we're all weird in our own way."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya lets some nervous laughter out, sliding over your glass of Jamaiaca. "See I poured it and forgot to give it to you." She drinks deeply from her own glass. There is a moment of silence. "I ughm...that is...what Im saying is that...if you wanted ever to think about being a bit more than friends, I would...I would." She blushes. "But seriously dont freak out its not like Im going to string you up and keep you here or anything like that. I just...I think your pretty great. Just you know, take it as a compliment."
Rose "I appreciate the lack of stringing," Rose comments, nodding her head with a chuckle as she takes the drink, sipping it lightly and offering a wink to the other woman. "I mean, hanging upside down for a long period of time leaves you with a headache like you wouldn't believe..." Humor aside, she places her bowl down and stands, moving over to place a hand on Shreya's shoulder. "I...haven't really thought about anyone like that in a very long time. Years. I always tried to stay away from people after I'd done what I could. But...there's nothing wrong with thinking about it? I think we're at a fairly good starting point after all."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods and there is some relief in her face as you dont flee to take your chances with the ferals. "I think so too." She looks at your hand on her shoulder and smiles, folding hers over it for a moment and leaning her cheek over to rest on both. She laughs and releases your hand back to you. "The accomodations here are lovely with such perks as not sleeping in the dirt, barely any chance a ghoul will eat you in your sleep, and..." She holds up a finger triumphantly, "Jamaica with creek water!" She smiles. "Honestly I dont care if you read me a story about robot tentacle love or not. Its just nice to not be talking to myself in the dark."
Rose A laugh, the Ranger slings her rifle back over her shoulder and laughs, returning to her bowl of food. "'s one night. Lets see if we can manage to find other topics before we have to go browsing the wasteland's finest literiture." With that, she returns to her meal, a smile on her lips. It had been a good day dealing with those raiders. But this? There were certainly worse ways to end a day.