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Milton Milton is sitting at a Blackjack table with his brother. He's got one of the Casino's lovely ladies sneaking her hand towards his inner coat pocket where his cigarettes rest and a more sullen and ignored woman settled next to Bart being ignored. Not that she isn't lovely, just that part and Milton are lost in the discussion. Quiet and genial, Transatlantic accents burbling at each other as Milton adjusts his glasses. "No, no, by tweed, my Brother. The idea is not to overanalyze. Otherwise, it's not proper fun at all. You just don't go over twenty-one."

He reaches to pat the woman next to him's leg and then takes the cigarettes out of his pocket to offer them to the young redhead. She takes two and lights them both giving one to Milton. "Thank you, beautiful." He turns back to Bart,
Willow Caine The door between the Saloon and the Casino swings open and the current proprietress of the Gold Digger walks in. Though the hour is late, she is still poured into her dress, corsetted up and wide awake. She moves as if she's going to walk past the table that the brothers are sitting in, but she stops, fan in hand. "Evening gentlemen. Having any luck tonight?" She asks, a tilted smile forming on her face.
Bart Bart looks down at the cards and then back towards his brother with a sullen face, "If I'm not to overanalyze then how am I to win?" He asks curiously before looking at the cards again. He does not understand his brother's approach as he simply waves a hand over his nineteen and simply tries to look unobservant when his brother gets molested. "Honestly, I don't understand what is to be fun about possibly losing your money to a game of chance." He is looking at the cigarettes and reaching over to steal Milton's because older sibling perrogative that's why. Looking up at Willow he simply nods his head once, "When he's not yapping."
Milton Milton says, "Luck." Milton replies succintly with a blithe smile to his brother and a pat on the other man's shoulder. "Chance. Let loose." He laughs a bit before turning his attenion over to the petite figure in the corset he tips his bowler hat. "Ma'am." He greets cheerfully as he eyes his King and taps for a hit. and gets a Jack. To which Milton covers his cards and shakes his head. Staying at an even twenty.

"Bart, why do you say such hurtful things. I've always regaled this whole room with stories and I've managed not to loose too badly yet. Isn't that right, My Dear?" He asks of the redhead before turning his gaze to Willow. "Won't you join us?""
Willow Caine "Part of the fun of gambling is bragging and the like, or..whatever he's doing?" Willow murmurs, flicking open her fan to start fanning herself. "I'll join you, surely, but I don't generally gamble. I've better things to do with my money." She says, as she settles into a chair.
Bart Bart snorts, "Luck has nothing to do with it, it's a game of probabilities, and the probability is that the house will clean you out." He sighs as he's convinced to double down and split the cards, he ends up with ten and eleven and just makes a face, "Highly illogical," before staring at Willow, "Do you understand him when he's like this?" then he blinks and stares at the blonde, "Clearly no, right then. Hit on both please," he tells the dealer when it comes to him. Sighing exasperatedly because this is hardly scientific.
Milton Milton inclines his head, "Indeed it is my dear. And a limber tongue has gotten me out of a lot of very bad situations alive." Barely alive. but alive. He doesn't really go much further because Willows lamenting her lack of cash. "Oh?" He drawls in that sharp Transatlantic lilt, "Well that's a shame. If you'd like to remedy that I'm sure if you'd like some of mine Lynn here wouldn't mind sharing. Would you?" He smiles at the Redhead before glancing back to Willow brows raised. Yup. Smooth like a molerats hide. Bart is hit, and up to fifteen and sixteen. This is enough to draw Milton's attention to him. "Oh, Posh, brother don't be a wet blanket." THe house throws a six putting them at sixteen as well. The dealer looks to Bart while MIlton almost sadistically smiles at the older Knox.
Willow Caine WIllow glances at Lynn and then back to Milton, a look of amusement making her look impish. "A limber tongue can get a man out of many situations, don't know if it does as well when gambling and other men are involved.." She glances towards another table and her brow furrows. "Maybe." She leans back in her chair and tilts her head. "I heard a rumor about some..intellectual gathering."
Bart Bart just blinks slowly at his brother while he flirts with their distant cousin, well flirt is a different thing entirely. He propositioned her in her own establishment. Because of course he did. It's Milton. Lifting a hand to the bridge of his nose he rubs it around slowly until the pressure passes and he can breath in through his nose again. "A wet blanket would require that you have a blanket and were willing to waste the water," always the practical one, completely ignorant to metaphor. "I assure you, this game is simply mathematics. I am likely to lose, but the only way to beat the house is to take the chance. On the two remaining fives, or the three remaining sixes. But as you are so inclined, I will hit on both again" he's trying at least? A brow perks at Willow and he sighs, "You're encouraging him," he complains before nodding once, "My brother has it in his head that it would be good for me to meet other like minded individuals. He believes I don't socialize enough."
Milton Milton tips his head to Willow and reaches over with his free hand to take his Old Fashioned up and down a swallow. He does coo and flirts with the Redhead but it seems more like she's keeping him propped up. Milton might be just a bitty bit drunk. "Hah. You see there, Dear Brother, my point is proven for me." But he seems genial even as the cars hit Bart's side of the table follows by the House.

"Well everything boils down to mathematics, Bartholomew. Even luck but half the fun is not taking the time to calculate. Theorize!" He looks back to Willow. "What my brother says is true. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to wallow at home amidst his books and tubes. Completely forgetting there's a whole world out here with any adventures and discoveries to make. So I am hoping to head up the local chapter of M.I.S.C. will expand his boundaries and show him the many.. delectable treats this world has to offer while pursing his more intellectual needs. Are you interested, despite the name we are all inclusive."
Willow Caine Willow nods slowly and then she narrows her eyes slightly at Bart before she gazes lazily at Milton. "What are the requirements, because I am interested." She asks, pulling her skirts aside and crossing her legs, a serious look on her face. She gazes down at the cards, her eyes passing over the numbers on them before she chuckles. "If you need to socialize more, there are plenty of ways to do that in town that don't require ..well, I won't say that, as I want to join."
Bart Bart shakes his head, "You've made no point. I was absolutely correct, that I would lose," he points to the busted hand before being paid on the second half. Still, he could have stayed on the hand entirely and the house would have gotten the ten, but probabilities were in his favor. He sighs and shakes his head. "Your adventures that get you hurt, and risk breaking those glasses," he looks at them a hint enviously before pulling his caps back and looking at Willow, "I don't know that he's even given that thought yet, he may well be asking you to show off "talent" in order to get in." He throws a mock glare at Milton. "This still has nothing to do with the de-ionization of particles to reduce the coagulation time of the cells," the latest project clearly.
Milton Milton huffs, "Nonsense. Intellectuals don't do parlor tricks." He snorts at Bart almost offended before turning his attention back to Willow. "Oh say whatever you like. The requirements are really just what was put forth on the flier. A desire to meet one's fellow intellectuals and discuss the world at large and perhaps ways to solve problems currently facing mankind today." He poshes softly at Bart, "I risk whatever I desire brother, it's no fun to be locked in a room writing numbers on walls in chalk. Where's the application? The real meat of science? Hmm?" He accepts his payout and the dealer begs off for a break while the Knox brothers bicker amiably. To Willow Milton says, "If you want to use your mind to further mankind, that's all M.I.S.C. can ask of you. There are of course gentlemans rules, don't spoil or steal the thunder for anyone else break throughs. Not only because it's rude but because if you improperly explain a theorum it could devolve into something..messy."
Willow Caine "I won't be stealing anyone's thunder, in fact, I won't be asking for much in the way of public acknowledgement at all. A woman can get a reputation if she runs a Saloon and runs around" Willow leans forward and raises both eyebrows briefly as she gazes down at her fan. "This Saloon is my responsibility, so as long as it doesn't interfere with it, I'm sure the family won't mind."
Bart Bart seems a bit defensive when his drawings come to play, "Yes, well there aren't big enough surfaces to colate all of my calculations, unless you'd like to give up the master bedroom." he sighs a bit, so mis understood. "Yes. Quite. What he said," he says absently as he pulls his wrist from his sleeve to look at the flat surface with many little blue pips. Mollified for now, he looks back to Willow and nods, "Sufficient, welcome then." See? He can do official club business too!
Milton Milton is blackjack table with Bart and Willow. He seems cheery reaching up to idly smooth his perfectly waxed mustaches and put his arm around the redheaded Casino girl sitting next to him. Lovely Lynn, would you mind getting me another old fashioned? Hmm? Take your friend." He takes some caps out of his pocket and puts them in the redhead's hands.

Soon enough he's looking back to Willow as he ashes his expensive cigarette. "Oh no, I would never harm the family Casino. This is where I take my customary libation and whittle away my free time with Lynn and her lovely friends. Plus I'm certain that cousin Kitty would become quite Cross." He clears his throat.

"No, Bartholomew we've made up the attic for you and I'm sure that will do for your scrawlings. I need my space to write my book." He looks to Willow, "I intend to write my memoirs as a cautionary tale. Have you any projects you're currently working on?"
Willow Caine "Oh, yes, a study on male sexuality. It requires a lot of work, but I've been up to the task so far." Willow says, snickering softly her hand reaching out to tap her fan on the table twice. "I'm actually serious, but most people think I'm talking right out of my ass when I say that, can't imagine why." She affects a ditzy blonde look, fluttering her eyelashes.
Bart "No one wants Kitty cross," says the elder Knox brother as he stacks and restacks his caps in varying architecture. Slowly but surely, he's building a small castle out of the metal bits. What's worse is that it looks structurally sound. "A cautionary tale now? I thought it was just your adventures," he chides his sibling before hailing a floating bot to get him a drink. Water. Because he's boring. "You're studying male sexuality?" he asks curiously, "Weren't those studies already done and conclusive?"
Milton Milton says, "Well science doesn't just stop because one person says they've figured it out. Besides look at you, Brother, you're a typical male right. Whole, in your prime, and yet you'd rather stack caps than notice that little brunette across the way." Milton smiles that pure gold Knox smile. He got the looks but someone really did not raise him right. "And yes, a cuationary tale. I've been trying to put a spin on it, something that sells legends and all the good legends have morals. I comment you on your study Madame, do tell if there's anything I can do to help it."
Willow Caine "I view studies done as a start, not a finish. Nothing is concrete as long as men continue to be so different." Willow waves that away and gives a brief roll of her eyes. She signals for a drink and then turns to regard Milton. "I'm sure you'd love to help, you cheeky bastard." She flashes a quick grin. "I'll get my notes together, and we'll see what you make of them."
Kaelyn It's.. well it's whatever time it is and an odd sight can be seen wandering into the Casion. It appears to be a rather startlingly figured woman, extremely rich, olive skin, oddly smooth, as if they have not seen a hard day's work in their life or ever been in the elements... Where that might be different, the fact that she's looking around the room with startlingly crimson eyes, her hair is white, and her ears are long and pointy might make draw an eye or two. As she begins wandering the room, a voice pipes up from her wrist? The voice is obviously synthesized, but sounds female, and has a matronly, sensual aspect to it "So, Kaelyn! Back in the casino again?" Kae rolls her eyes and without glancing down "Obviously CORA... I'm just curious and looking around.. Not looking to loose a ton of money again, specially after getting that new helmet." She says with a slight smirk before CORA, evidently, speaks out again "Sounds good to me!" This time the voice sounds rather chipper.

Kae glances at her oddly modified pip-boy out of curiosity, then shrugs before getting the attention of a serving girl and getting her self a nice non-alchoholic drink for tonight... She then notices the people around the blackjack tables, and tilts her head, those long pointy ears of hers twitching up, then back to their relaxed position before she wanders in that direction.. Meanwhile CORA mentions to her quietly "Yer gonna get sucked into another game of black jack.." Kae responds "No I wooonttt.."
Milton The dealer is away from the table so the game isn't going. Bart? Has drifted off into Bart-land which means they've lost him for discussion. So Milton chuckles, "Cheeky? Oh perish the thought Madame. I am but a true and noble lover of the scientific arts. I'll do anything for them... My Goodness. What a unique creature." He interupts himself to comment on poor Kaelyn's appearance.