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Owner Pose
Lucette     Luce hadn't really left the Clinic after getting her 'claw wounds looked at. Still either just outside or idling in the lobby taking her time to be lazy and not aggravate things. Okay, maybe she -had- to do one last delivery to Dunwich, but she's back -now-. Dawn's a few hours away and the temperature sucks.
Kurokumo Mibojin      You'd think the pregnant Doctor would have learned her lesson by now. Kurokumo is having a hard time coordinating her motor functions, taking a couple tries to open the doorknob to the Shantytown Clinic before walking haphazardly inside. There's blood dripping from a gash in her head, and she looks quite disoriented before falling to her knees on the floor.
Lucette     Lucette hadn't been expecting the doctor that'd just worked on her to come back injured. Or head-injured, even! She hops up onto her chair for a moment and shouts several colourful phrases that would make Batman nod in appreciation. Then she climbs down and puts her hands under Kuro's shoulders and starts to keep her oriented and moving towards her own office.

    "Doc, your door open or do I need to key you in?" she asks, not quite certain of the layout of the clinic enough to know where to drag Kumo specifically other than her own office.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "S'open." Kurokumo slurs, body leaning heavily upon Lucette as she's lead/dragged towards that familiar door. You'd think people would have noticed the Doc weaving through town, but it there aren't many peopl up that early in the morning. She's lead to the cot she has set up for sleeping, her office fairly sparce in decoration but having plenty of tools of her trade nearby.
Lucette     Tools mostly ignored as Luce moves to help Kumo onto the cot and leans back, pulling her own roll of kit from her duster, and a bottle of water as the duster's shimmied out of and kit's unrolled nearby. All sparkly clean implements,

    "Mind telling me what happened as best you can?" Lucette asks while uncapping the water and trying to visually appraise all of what's bleeding on Kumo's head, peeking around hair and in ears.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo grimaces as Lucette starts parting her hair to get a better look at the 4 inch gash in her skull. "There was...were, ghouls. In Roswell. So many, I ran...." Her eyes begin to flutter, body beginning to sag as she starts giving into the temptation to sink into sweet unconsciousness.
Lucette     Lucette snaps her fingers, pulling up a small bottle of ammonia-scented smelling-salt replacement. "Stay awake, can't work as good if you conk out." she states, getting the water to wash out the gash and get her suture kit and healing powder out. The powder's the first measure to help out, then she lets the numbing agent help her in going in to sew up the gash. For what thread she's got left.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo jerks awake, for as long as that will last. "I...fell offffff a ledge. Hit my head." There's a slow nod, before Lucette stops her from moving. She's really out of it. "No more Roswell." The Doctor mumbles under her breath, sulking under the careful tending.