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Iris Lark It's an early morning, the sun hasn't fully risen yet and there is still a coolness to the air. That won't last long so Iris is catching up on the chores she's been neglecting. Mopping, cleaning, stocking and even some cooking is on the agenda this morning. She does a little of each, flitting from place to place, her brow furrowed slightly as she works.
Jacqueline "You'll never take me alive, coppers!" comes a familiar voice, followed by an equally familiar click-click-clicking as Whassup perches above the doorway. Iris's cooking has made her a feathered friend.
Granted, he might also be here because the closest thing he has to a mistress is close by. Jacqueline steps through the door, moving a little stiffly. "Doc Iris... hi," she says, managing an awkward little wave. The recently-cleaned but still prominent bullet hole just above her midriff hints at the cause of her discomfort.
Sparrow Sparrow had headed off last night from El Dorado in a good enough mood. Sparrow is returning in a bit of a worse mood. Shortly after Jackie enters there's a grunt and a sound outside of a horse snorting softly before Sparrow is bonelessly pushing her way through the door. She's bandaged okay, she wont be bleeding out any time soon but the job isn't as tight as she usually performs. Even on herself. Her duster managed to keep her alive but Sparrow looks like she's seen better days. She nods to Jackie and Iris but doesn't interupt the Wayne woman and Doc Lark instead moving to find a place to lower herself gingerly onto a chair to wait her turn.
Iris Lark Iris blinks when Jackie steps into the clinic and she sees the hole on her midriff, the Healer opens her mouth to ask Jackie what happened when Sparrow enters. Her eyes go wide and she moves to assist Jackie to a table. "Jackie, Sparrow..what happened to the pair of you?" She sets aside a mop and filches a biscuit from her basket to break apart and set on the sill for Whassup. She moves to the shelves, gathering some tools and bandages that she brings near Jackie, her eyes moving to check on Sparrow every so often.
Jacqueline Jackie, still close to the door, blinks at the sight of Sparrow and her wounds. "Oh, dear... Doc, maybe you'd better do her first. I'm a little sore, but I can wait," she offers, wincing in sympathy.
Whassup, never one to pass up a free meal, flits to the windowsill and snaps up several big crumbs. Yup, he's in the right place.
Sparrow Sparrow's head has kicked back and she's resting it against the wall. Eyes half closed. She looks exsausted and lifts a hand, slowly, shakely to paw at her pocket to get herself a cigarillo. She smokes when she's nervous, it's a terrible habit. "Solomon again." She swallows roughly, her throat's a little raw. "Think he's got it out for me or somethin'." Her teeth flash in her face in a wry grimace, her face coated in road dirt and blood. "I'm all right, Doc Iris, Jackie. Waitin' a little bit aint gonna make a bit'a difference. Shock's a nice thing. What happened to you, Jackie?"
Iris Lark Iris won't tell Sparrow to stop smoking in the clinic, it's fairly empty for once and she knows that the woman needs it. "We need to do something about that man, and soon." She says, her fingers prodding around the hole in Jackie. "So tell me who treated this, and did they get the bullet and all the fragments out?" She pulls the salve crock towards her and opens it. "I feel as if I'm the only one not getting shot lately." She murmurs, shaking her head slowly.
Jacqueline "Me, with a mirror, and I think so," Jackie replies, grimacing as the spot is probed and poked. She unbuttons her jacket and opens it so Iris can inspect the hole more easily. She helpfully pulls the bandaging off. "It sure wasn't my idea of fun. It was a lucky shot at long range with a .45, so it could've been worse, at least. I still don't know why those crazy killers kept calling me Alice..."
She nods agreeably, if stiffly, at the idea of solving the area's Solomon problem. "I think we'll need help to do anything about him."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "I think he's small fry until we make sure that El Dorado and the town around it don't become amorphos centaur blobs." She takes a breath. Glancing at Jackie when she mentions the killers calling her Alice. "Case of mistaken identity eh? You need any help lookin' into it?" Her head rolls a bit letting her eyes close as she clenches her cigar in the ends of her teeth. She's at least seated herself by the door so it trails out that way. "To be fair though, Iris, I don't think Jacie and I were lookin' for trouble this time around.""
Iris Lark "How often though, are any of us looking for trouble when we're shot." Iris responds, shrugging a shoulder. "The other day I was tending to some patients and some man shot at me. He missed..but the point is, this stuff happens too often." She checks the open wound for fragments, and when she doesn't find any she dresses and wraps the wound. "Being a medic doesn't even keep you safe, that's why I'm usually armed."
Jacqueline "It probably was. I mean, I only know one person named Alice, and I haven't seen her in for-/ever/, and we don't even look that much alike," Jackie replies, holding still so Iris can bandage her up. "I don't know how I'd find that bunch again, really. I'm not all that eager to look. But thanks for the offer, Miss Sparrow."
She blinks, looking up at Iris. "Wow... even a /healer/ is getting shot at? That's... wow. That's really disturbing," she says, looking wide-eyed at her friend. "Maybe we need to have a talk with the sheriff. Sure, this is Shantytown, but it's just as in need of protection as El Dorado."
Over on the windowsill, Whassup is finishing up his biscuit bits. "Nothin' says lovin' like my oven-fresh biscuits! Hee-hee!"
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles softly, "Sometimes I earn it." She replies quietly around her cigar with another pained smile. "Someone shot you in the clinic?" Her eyes open a bit wider, "Hope ya told Stockton about it." She attempts to get her dander up but having a bullet through both shoulders makes it hard to move and emote concern. "I know Iris, I've seen you in a fight." Sparrow reminds her. "It was impressive."

"Jackie's given a nod. "Of course, Jackie. It stands if you ever change your mind."
Iris Lark "I haven't seen the Sheriff, and I've been in Acme and Vault Town the last few days so.." Iris shrugs and shakes her head. "I didn't get hurt and haven't seen the person who did it." She crooks a finger a Sparrow and points to another bed. "Someone also beat up Percy Cooke right out in Shantytown. I don't know if someone has something against the people who work in the Clinic, but it is getting out of hand."
Jacqueline "It sure sounds like it is," Jackie says, wincing. "If you want, I can try to stay around in case someone gets the same idea again. It's not like I'll be doing any traveling for at least a few days."
She nods to Sparrow. "I'll remember. There were a few of those creeps. Someone must be pretty peeved at the Alice they were looking for. I think they said Alice Carroll, but I couldn't be sure. Car-something..."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs and lifts a hand with a wince to take the last half her smoke and takes it outside to tamp it out. Then makes her way back inside and trails over for a bed with a shuffle step. "No kiddin' sounds like it. But it's probably not gonna get better as pressure builds. Closer everyone gets to Posiden. I suspect when folks move out that people will come sniffin' about the city more too."

She pulls herself onto the bed with an unhappy joise but at least she's complying without force this time.
Iris Lark "It's fine Jackie, I've been sticking close to Qwillis and Percy to make sure nobody is taking shots at them. It's the least I can do." Iris murmurs, moving to ascertain the extent of Sparrow's injuries. She starts to work quietly on her wounds, an introspective look on her face. "Are you going south with the rest, Jackie?"
Sparrow Sparrow has been shot in both shoulders pretty badly. Whoever was aming for her was trying, really hard, to take her out. The wounds have been treated with first aid but the bullets are in, the wounds need much better treatment. Whats worse? She road quite a ways with them lodged in her, probably having made it worse. The cowgirl's eyes close and she mutters something about knocking her out. She knows that only one can get taken out; they're equally bad. ( 2x wounds, one in each arm)
Jacqueline "I'll be staying here. Sparrow has a point about people sniffing around while the explorers are gone," Jackie says, nodding emphatically. "Besides, I can't spare the time away from my work. Stuff always needs fixing lately."
She pulls her jacket shut, then moves to the bedside. "Need me to help hold her still?" she asks, with a sympathetic glance at Sparrow.
Iris Lark Iris nods and gives Sparrow something to knock her out while she works. That done, she begins to dig out the bullets, taking her time and making sure all the fragments are removed as well. She bandages and dresses each wound, her hands moving steadily as she wraps the bandages. "She'll have to rest here for today, to make sure she's safe, she can sleep in my bed. Nobody can get back there."
Jacqueline Jackie finds a blanket for Sparrow once the treating is done. "Someone didn't miss vital spots by much," she says. "Whoever Solomon sent, they weren't messing around. Rest is probably the best thing she could do right now."
Iris Lark "Things are more dangerous in and around town than they should be." Iris agrees quietly, taking Jackie's hand and pulling her towards the table in the corner. She gently pushes the woman into a seat and sets a mug in front of her. Things are pulled from a cupboard as she quietly fixes tea, each step being given the careful consideration that the Healer gives nearly anything she does. "So..besides that bullet wound, what else has been going on in your life? We rarely get to sit down and just be women lately."
Jacqueline Jackie lets herself be towed, blinking in surprise at Iris's strength. "Well..." she starts to say, accepting the mug and watching the redhead work, "I've been making some progress on my motorcycle. I'll probably make more once I sell off some of the junk I've been finding around the wastes. You'd think with all the wrecks around, motor parts'd be easier to find, but no. Oh, and Whassup's making new friends. You'd think such a hopeless beggar'd be less popular!"
"~Trailers for sale or rent; Rooms to let for fifty cents..." Whassup warbles cheerfully, hopping to the edge of the table.
Iris Lark Iris pours the steaming water in both cups and drops in round homemade infusers. The tawny liquid begins to steep and the Healer finally sinks into a seat, pulling her feet up, her knees close to her chest. She reaches out and gently glides a finger on Whassup's head, a fond look on her face. "Well, your beggar is the most adorable thing I've ever encountered.." She murmurs, and then her face brightens, a smile appearing as she gazes at Jackie. "A motorcycle will be amazing. They seem like wild horses that don't buck quite so much."
Jacqueline "Have you ridden one?" Jackie asks, surprised. "I've been trying to get this one working for so long, I've been forgetting to look around for other working vehicles. I did see Alice's car once, but that's the only time. I can only imagine what it took to get that working, as long as my bike's been taking."
Whassup, feeling that tracing finger, preens a little and nibbles at Iris's finger once it's clear of his crown.
Iris Lark "I have taken a ride in a car, down to Hope's Crossing." Iris replies, her eyes on Whassup as she speaks. "I haven't ridden a motorbike though it sounds rather amazing." She smiles over at Jackie then and plucks her infuser from her cup. "A lot of people want something like that, but I'm generally happy where I am and people with those kinds of machines go off and wander." She picks up her mug and blows into it softly. "After everything I've seen, I want to stay in the same place, see the same walls and people and ..this sounds silly, doesn't it?" She blushes and takess a small sip of her tea, wincing at the heat.
Jacqueline "After what happened at Hope, no. It doesn't sound silly at all," Jackie says seriously. "I didn't even want to go outside the house for a couple days after. Someone had to remind me that everyone was needed to help out with stuff around town to get me to move again." She smiles wryly at the memory. "Imagine me, the itchy-footed wrenchbender, hiding in my room for two days."
Iris Lark "Sometimes it's necessary, the mind needs to heal and it'll let you know how it wants to do it." Iris says, reaching out to squeeze Jackie's hand. "I ignore what my brain tells me, and I shouldn't, but ..oftentimes there is far too much going on for me to simply take care of myself." She takes another small sip of tea and adds. "The business reminds me of the camp, the people remind me of home - I guess it's a ..good medium."
Jacqueline "I wish it'd send me the game plan when it does that," Jackie murmurs, squeezing Iris's hand in return. She listens quietly, frowning thoughtfully at her friend's words. "Your brain has the right idea, Doc. Take a little time for /you/, too. Bad as Shantytown and El Dorado need you, we'd still lose you if you made a mistake because you were exhausted. We'd miss you." She leans over and hugs Iris. "I'd miss you, too."
Iris Lark "Unfortunately Jackie, people need tended and I've put myself out there to do it." She hugs Jackie back and sighs. "I have been spending a lot more time in Acme or with Jude, and both things seem to keep me from being unhappy. It's strange how the little twists and turns in life lead to something you really didn't expect." She leans back in her seat and takes a larger drink of tea, now that it's had time to cool. "One day soon though, a nice little breakfast like we've been having. Just the pair of us, here when it's quiet."
Jacqueline "I know. It's brave of you, but I do worry. At least no one's likely to mistake /you/ for Alice Car-whoever," Jackie says, smiling a little. "But I'll be looking forward to our next breakfast. Though if I know a certain mooch, it'll be /three/ of us, not two."
Whassup seems to know he's being talked about. "I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a haaamburger today!"
Iris Lark "Three of us then." Iris agrees, leaning down to gaze at Whassup. "One day, you'll tell me what a hamburger is." She murmurs, shaking her head slowly. "Are you still staying with the Drake's?" She asks Jackie, getting to her feet and walking over to wash her mug out.
Jacqueline "Sometimes," Jackie replies. "I was staying with them after Hope. They got pretty worried about me."
She finishes her mug of tea, moving to stand. Her wound doesn't hurt so much after treatment, but she's still in some pain. She stifles a smile, looking between Whassup and Iris. "One of my books described it as a sandwich made of grilled ground beef and some kind of round bread. It doesn't even involve ham, or pork of any kind! It make me wonder if there's another reason for the name."
Iris Lark "I'm seriously thinking of getting a house out in the wilds a bit, somewhere quiet." Iris says, shifting on her feet as she gazes at Jackie. "A hideout of sorts, something I tell very few people about. If I do, and you ever need a place to stay - you'll be one of the few Jackie. There is something in you that reminds me of me and that both scares me, and warms me." She gazes at the bird and then back to its owner. "I'll look it up on my pip later, I'm always looking for new recipies."
Jacqueline "I'd be glad to be a guest... or even help you build it," Jackie says, setting her mug down and giving Iris another quick hug. "Just make sure you have good, strong doors that lock. Lately, it's been the small, more remote places that have been attacked."
She moves to wash out the mug, reclaiming it from the table. "I know I don't come around as much as I used to, but I try to come whenever I can. You're one of my best friends, Doc Iris, ever since we ended up on that space ship with those weird big-headed guys. Even though you were scared, you still helped out as much as you could. I admired that about you. I still do."
Iris Lark Iris blushes and she hugs Jackie back, squeezing her gently as not to aggrivate her wound. "We're all busy Jackie, and I know you come by when you can. That's good enough for me." She considers Jackie's other words and nods briefly. "I'll be careful if I do, I promise."
Jacqueline "I'm glad of that. I'm still going to try to come by more often in the future, though," Jackie promises. "I can always step out if I'm getting in the way or anything. Well... unless I'm undressed because you're looking at an injury or something," she adds, sticking out her tongue impishly.
Whassup, still watching the two, chimes in with, "Don't come in! I'm /naked/!"
Iris Lark Iris laughs merrily and leans in to drop a kiss on the birds beak. "This place can get crowded, surely, but at the same time...extra hands are usually necessary. Especially lately." She glances around the building and frowns. "I'm a bit taken aback at what this has become, I remember when it was one room.."
Jacqueline Whassup isn't a good kisser: He misses Iris's lips when he tries to return the gesture, ending up nuzzling the bottom of her chin instead.
Jackie, looking around the room, nods, remembering. "I don't think I got here quite /that/ early, but this place has definitely grown. I guess that's good and bad: You can treat more than one person, and someone who can't be moved has a place to stay, but it does make for more crowding, huh?"
Iris Lark Iris nods and wrinkles her nose. "I miss it being small, but ..this is what was needed." She says, glancing out at Shantytown. "The whole place is growing, and not always in the best ways. There is more beauty here now - but also a bit more danger." She leans in and whispers quietly to Jackie. "There are drug dens and things cropping up around here."
Jacqueline "Yet you still have an open-door policy," Jackie observes, looking over at the door. "Yet another brave decision, with Shantytown getting more dangerous. I hope any potential troublemakers keep that in mind."
Iris Lark "I feel bad for anyone who gets violent in here." Iris remarks, her eyes on the door before she smiles at Jackie. "Hopefully I never have cause to regret it."
Jacqueline "I hope not, too. I mean, you treat pretty much anybody who walks in. I think that's a good thing," Jackie says, returning Iris's smile. "I'd think most people would see that as a good thing, and not cause trouble here."
She stifles a laugh. "Not that it's always a good thing to have the door open. I mean, I remember the first time I came to be treated. Not one, but /two/ people walked in while I was there in your examining room with my pants off."
Iris Lark Iris grins at the memory and then hops up on an exam table next to Sparrow's, keeping an eye on her to make sure she doesn't stir. "People sure do love to watch a doctor work, I never understood that very much." She murmurs, swinging her legs back and forth.
Jacqueline "I don't get it, either, but I can sure vouch for it being true," Jackie agrees, smiling wryly. "Granted, it helps if the doctor is photogenic... sometimes the patient, too."
Iris Lark Iris blushes and then smiles over at Jackie. "You're too kind honey, and I should get back to Vault Town, I've a few things to do today before I head out to Acme, you should come out to see the store soon."
Jacqueline "I'll try, I promise. It's just a long walk," Jackie replies, pausing to give Iris a third quick hug. "But I'll be there if I can get out that way. Take care, Doc Iris."
Whassup, sensing the meeting coming to an end, pipes up once more. "Is there a doctor in the house? Is there? Ow..."