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Logan      Settled in the lobby of the militia headquarters, Logan seems to be looking over his gear, absently, his eyes focused on his work as he tries to get some of the red rusty dust off of a wrench which he seems to treat with almost a subtle fondness. His dark-hazel eyes survey it's length, it's pitted and scratched metallic surface while idly, his hands work over the thing with a bit of dirty cloth.
     The headquarters itself seems to be in a hustle and bustle of general activity, people traveling in and out; some of them heavily armored, some of them not. All of them seeming to move with a purpose to their steps. Logan, however, does not.
     He seems to almost look lost, unsure, as his eyes roam over faces in hesitant glances, while his stocky form stays hunched in upon itself. On one of these anxious glances about however, His eyes land on Wyatt.
Wyatt Wyatt bustles in through the door after tying up his horse with a safety release knot outside. He doesn't make eye contact with Logan as he steps through the door, but instead keep his attention on the ground while he puffs on a medium sized foul-smelling cigar. He makes himself comfortable before looking up, removing his cigar from his mouth and his black felt hat off his head to reveal sweaty matted hair. "Howdeh'do." He slowly approaches Logan at the end of the room, seemingly focused on knowing exactly who he wants to see despite the activity.
Logan Logan considers the newcomer as he approaches and there's a bit of a nod given and a gentle almost unassuming, "Hullo," offered as his eyes narrow in almost a little thought over the man. He pauses to consider then asks, forcing a confidence that he obviously rarely shows into the his words. "Can I's h-help you?" only stammering a little at the end of the question. His baritone voice smooth and pleasant seems to add to his mumbling half swallowed words, as he straightens and then stuffs his wrench into a pocket of his uniform.
Wyatt Wyatt smirks a bit with his brown cigar pursed between his lips, shaking his head slightly. He looks around the room, turning his back towards Logan. He looks at everyone inside the room, faces, what they brought in, and what they're doing. He turns back towards Logan after a few moments speaking in a gravely voice. "Cat got your tongue, boy?" He rips the hot end of his cigar off and plops it to the floor, rubbing the embers out with the heel of his boot. He repockets the remnants of the cigar into his front right pocket, saving it for later. From the same pocket, he pulls out a scratched and worn watch of an unknown make. "This 'ere, y'need to fix it. Fast and cheap." He dangles it by the metallic wristband infront of Logan's face.
Logan There is a distinct scowl at the word boy being used when referring to him, but Logan nods once quietly before he lifts a meaty hand to take the scratched watch saying, "Yous get this from rummagin' about or yous had it a while?" His gentle baritone voice never leaves it's mellow and quiet register, though it's clear that he does seem to be mounting a subtle defensiveness in the words. Only after he asks the question is the watch turned this way and that, The stocky figure looking over its surface. "Yous know how old it could be?"
Wyatt Wyatt rests his forearm limply on the side of his gun belt and revolver in a relaxed stance after the watch is taken. He rolls his shoulders, bending his neck side to side while speaking in his distinct gravely voice. "It's been in a pocket longer than it's been on a wrist." He moves his right hand up, keeping his left arm rested on his belt. He points at the watch with his index finger, wagging it slightly. "It's a friend of a friends of a friends who was my friend who I had met from another friend." He licks the corner of his mouth, also having put his hat back on his head to get his hands free earlier. "I reckon it's about twelve years, or so." He moves his pointer finger back beside of the rest of his digits, running his hand down the length of his oiled moustache. "The hands ain't moving anymore."
Logan Logan squints at the watch face for a long moment, his head bobbling along with Wyatt's words while his right hand moves to a kit of tools upon his belt, the watch moved to his left which seems to be his dominant hand. "Yunno if yous had to wind this to keep it goin' from time to time or was it powered," pausing to look off to one side to get a look at a variety of tools in the small pack. Most of them seem to be refurbished, or very old, especially the small screw driver with a very tiny head on it. Selecting it, he starts to look for the mechanisms that keep the thing together.
Wyatt Wyatt pulls up a bit on his gunbelt again as it somewhat edges down his waist from the weight his arm applies on it. "It's a wind up. I ain't got time for them cells and batteries and all that." He taps the tip of his finger against the desk, "I reckon you've fixed a watch before, haven't you?" He chuckles heartily to himself after taking a stab at Logan's capability. He rests his forearm on the top of his revolver again, rocking back and forth on his heels.
Vera Vera makes her way into militia hq, her right arm in a makeshift sling. "Mutants..things seem to be getting closer every day...and yet no one seems to concerned around here." She shakes her head, as she finds a chair and sits down. "Least that group won't be a problem any more."
Wyatt Wyatt squints his eyes after hearing a female's voice behind him. He keeps his attention maintained on Logan's hands as he starts to work his magic, or atleast make an attempt to diagnose the problem with the time piece. He readjusts his law enforcement star on his chest before turning around, seeing the red head. "Howdy-doo, ma'am." He takes his hat off his head to reveal his sweaty and matted brown hair, nodding once. He replaces it back on his head, tilting it back.
Logan Logan grunts out quietly at Wyatt's quip, then he spots Vera who he upnods to, saying, "Yous ran across some today?" he wonders, his attention split between the work being done and the conversation causing him to swear as the screws found tiny as they are seem to be giving him a problem. He reaches back into the case again and pulls out a warped piece of glass, it seems to be used to magnify the image captured within its view. He holds it carefully since the material doesn't seem to be in a frame anymore but he gets a good look at the back of the watch, getting a better look at his work. "I's gonna need something different." That glass goes back into the kit, followed by the screwdriver, only to have an even smaller screw driver pulled out once more. This has more luck and it gets the job done. Upon looking at the inside though he says, "yous springs'not sprung." holding it up carefully to see a bit of wire that seems to be more noodly rather than it's tightly coiled usual.
Vera Vera gives a nod of her head, "Yeah, went looking for that patrol that hadn't reported in....don't think we'll be hearing from them." She leans back in the chair a bit, "I'd reckon they were some kind of scouting group ahead of the mutant horde. Still, a lot more north then they were last known to be." As she looks to the two, "And how does the day find you?"
Wyatt Wyatt narrows his eyes, knowing all too well of the mutant horde. He glances back over his shoulder after looking at his unspringy spring in his watch, looking at Vera. "Slower than a mule thas'pregnant." He looks back at his watch, mumbling to Logan. "You've got't'make it springy, then." He looks over his shoulder out the open front door after someone leaves, seeing that his horse is still tied outside. He looks back at his gutted watch.
Logan Logan nods saying, "I's try and get it's done. bu' is bes' if yous have a new spring," his words simply delivered, before he reaches into a kit to tack out the smallest pair of pliers he possesses, and carefully starts to remove the spring currently in the dismantled watch. Even so it gives of a metallic pop, as the thing comes out roughly, the gears inside threatening to become unbalanced as he removes the thing. He checks it over and it seems okay, but just barely. "Uh...heh, heh," he chuckles nervously. "We's good fors now." Glancing from Wyatt to Vera then, he asks, "How's long they's been missing?"
Wyatt Wyatt glares at Logan as he sees his watch being treated roughly, looking at Logan's face after hearing his nervous laughter. He slowly pulls out his revolver, setting it on the table infront of Logan and his watch. The barrel is facing Logan. He folds his arms over his chest. "Treat it with respect." He stares at Logan with a very serious look in his eye.
Vera Vera hmms, and relaxes a bit, "Long enough to be noticed...I'll have to check in with the docs later...see if they can help with this wing." As she eyes the work being done. "Something special you working on there?"
Wyatt Wyatt looks over his shoulder at Vera, and then back at his watch. "He's about to be working on trying to scrape up bail money if he keeps hurting my watch."
Logan "I's doin' my bes' does this look like a shop for the fancy things of society?" Logan replies, his shoulders going tense as he speaks quietly, though he gives a small smile at Wyatt, as he pulls out a thin dowel, and starts to wrap the wire around it as tight as possible, the thin metal seeming to refuse to want to stay shaped as he goes. Logan grits his teeth, starting to feel the pressure, his eyes snapping to that gun that's set in front of him.
Vera Vera says, "interesting...well...lets see, two to one he breaks it so it never works again."
Wyatt Wyatt places his hand on the top of his resting revolver, cocking the hammer back. He places both of his hands back on his hips. "Don't smile at me." He points back at his watch, getting a bit harsher. "Fix it."
Logan Finally, Logan gets the metal to shape back into it's springy tightness though not without a bit of effort, and he slips it carefully off the dowel used, slipping the thin rod back into his kit before retrieving the bit of glass using it to magnify the Watch's insides, until he sees where the spring should be set in. He carefully uses the pliers to navigate the end of the spring to the destination, and sets the spring back in place, switching back to the thin screwdriver as he closes the watch back up. With that he starts to wind the watch carefully, listening intently to make sure it sounds smooth with each turn. As he does so, little clicking noises come from the watch.
Wyatt Wyatt takes hold of the wooden grip of his six shooter, taking it off the tabletop. He reholsters it in his gun belt, "Good boy." He uncocks the hammer back into resting position, looking down at his fixed watch. "And thank you for babysitting my pistol." He lightly taps the side of his sheath.
Logan Logan nods slowly as the watch seems to be fixed, his eyes scanning over it as he grins shyly as there is a distinct, rhythmic clicking noise that comes from the watch as he holds it up to his ear, almost seeming fascinated with the sound before he passes it over to the man.
Vera Vera shakes her head, as she gets to her feet. "Well, with that bit of drama over, I think I'll head to the barracks. Gentlemen." She nods her head, and disappears into the bacl.
Wyatt Wyatt takes hold of his watch from Logan's hand, fishing into his pocket. He withdraws a small cloth bag of caps, slowly plucking inside the bag with two fingers in a stingey way. He pulls out ten caps, plopping them on the table infront of Logan. "Good on'ya, partner." He places the watch around his wrist.
Logan Logan grins as he makes the exchange of watch for caps, nodding once before he tucks them away in an inner pocket of his attire, nodding to Wyatt. "Thanks...I's appreciate it..."
Wyatt Wyatt sniffs, stretching his arms in the air. He takes out his half-finished cigar from his earlier, placing it between his lips. "You have'yer'self a good one." He start to walk towards the door, looking down at his fixed watch. He readjusts his star, resuming his duties of a drunk Assistant Sheriff.