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Kurokumo Mibojin      The Clinic is open, on Saturday. Of course, it's open just about every day, the line of injured folks never seeming to come to an end. It's a lull in the day, the back door open to let the stale air out. Someone is beating fabric outside, the rhythmic sounds steady before the owner stops. Kurokumo is coming inside, manhandling one of the Clinic's twin sized mattresses through the doorway and into another Exam Room, presumably to place it back upon it's frame.
Eden Eden looks at Kurokumo sheepishly as she staggers into the clinic. Hopping really. She is certain the doctor will give her some sort of scolding for being hurt again so quickly. But she hadn't planned on being there alone. "HI, Guess what i hurt this time..."
Tina " thy most holy name, Amen..."

Tina wobbles through the open door of the clinic, several minutes behind Kurokumo, the normally vivid red of her robes stained with blood and a temporary bandage wrapped around her middle, also stained red at the side. "Doctor? Might I beg a moment or ten of your time? It's rather important... and I did an awful lot of praying to make it back here."

And then she sees Eden, and blinks. "Oh, my goodness... um, Doctor? I can wait just a moment longer. Please see to the young lady ahead of me first," she adds, leaning tiredly against the nearest wall. Then she turns, to make sure that her bloodstained side isn't against the wall. "Sorry... I didn't think about your wall for a moment there."
Kurokumo Mibojin      There are voices coming from the front, a head full of black hair popping out of the Exam Room. Never a dull moment... "Holy fuck!" Of course, Kurokumo is not one for the sanctity of words when life is on the line. Both patients are injured and in pain, but Tina's the one bleeding out. "Sorry Eden, I'll patch up your leg in a minute, ok? Gotta make sure Tina doesn't lose herself. Have a seat..." The Doctor retrieves two foldable chairs, setting one down behind Eden and bringing the other to bear for Tina. She -hates- making split second decisions like this. Her Med-Kit is always on her person, as Kurokumo drops to a knee to take a look at the bloody bandages.
Eden Eden sees the other woman and knows damn well red blood trumps dried blood. Eden takes a seat and waits patiently. It's pretty fascinating watching the doctor at work
Tina Tina pushes off from the wall and makes her unsteady way to the offered chair, sinking into it with a pained gasp and a weary sigh. "Thank you, Doctor," she murmurs. "Sorry to be a nuisance... I slightly misdirected a lead slug fired in my general direction with my side. I don't think it hit anything vital, but I couldn't stop the bleeding and make it /stay/ stopped. The good news is that I remembered half the prayers I had forgotten... or maybe I was just making up new words to the same cadence. I can't really tell right now..."
Ashur With a swing of his basket, here comes Ashur, dainty as ever; he alone comes to the clinic a sterile white, the heavy lines of his chalk-dusted toga reflecting the light and making him shiny as a wealthy woman's neck. He ducks through the threshold, tight-bound braids snug beneath the hood of his cloak, and rises to a straight-spined militarism without a glance yet spared the occupants. "I brought lunch, my Kumo," he rumbles, only now looking toward the red smear on the wall, the scarlet sticky drippings on the floor, a girl seated in a chair.. he hmms, strides toward Eden, and plops the heavy basket right down on her lap. The smells of fruit and roast meat waft from it.

"Mm.. who fires at a nun? Tell me their name, little Sister, and I will break their neck."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Busying herself with preparing a replacement bandage, Kuorkumo shakes her head in disbelief at Tina's luck. "Oh, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to make up a few new ones!" She grimaces, her skills at uplifting the spirits of others a bit rusty. Quickly the soaked bandage is removed, a brief glimpse of the wound it given, and then replaced with a fresh one. "Good news is that you're lung's not punctured!" Of course not, if she can still pray. Kurokumo almost does a double take as Ashur arrives, with lunch no less! "Thank you, sweetheart. I just have to finish up here, alright?"
Eden Eden grimaces as the basket lands on her. She picks its up and hops/drags it to the nearest table. Then hops back to her chair. Sitting again. She focuses her eye directly on the ground.
Tina "I am not quite sure, Mister Ashur... ow... they called themselves Missionaries, but I am not sure what church or cult they came from. I can remember talk of a forced evolutionary virus, and they may have planned on trying to use it on me. I left in too much of a hurry to be completely sure, but not quite quickly enough to avoid misdirecting the bullet with my side," Tina replies, wincing occasionally as the bandage is peeled off and replaced.

"Thank you, Doctor. That woke me up properly," she adds sincerely, watching Eden shift the basket and return to her seat. "Does your leg hurt terribly, Miss? I'm truly sorry to be ahead of you. I will try to be quick. As much as I can, anyway."
Ashur Noticing how Eden hops, Ashur settles his golden eyes on her, pulling back the hood of his regal cloak. He makes a thoughtful rumble in his chest, drinking in the way she jiggles and hops; his mouth curls in a slight frown. "Your leg was not hurt in the mine.. your rib was. What happened to you, girl?" An idle curiosity to fill the quiet moments after Tina's answer, as 'FEV Missionaries' are not something he is intimately familiar with. "How do you women keep getting into such trouble? You are not warriors; there's no reason for it."
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I patched up her rib last week, Ashur." Kurokumo grits out, her left hand keeping pressure on the wound as the right digs around for something to help coagulate the wound. She becomes quiet, a flurry of movement as the bleeding is stopped, the bullet hole is sown shut, and a new bandage taped into place. Wiping her forehead, it takes her a moment to move from where she kneels before getting over to Eden.
Eden Eden looks up at Ashur, then to the doctor and back to Ashur before turning her eyes back to the floor. She shrugs her shoulders and whispers to the floor "I was curious. It ran me over. Serves me right. New story of my life".
Tina "I could not agree with you more Mister Ashur, but apparently evil people make no allowances for our sex, age, or reasons for traveling." Tina's words are just slightly slurred, and she tries to hold as still as possible for Kumo. "I suppose they believe they are the only missionaries who should be on the roads, but I did not pause to ask them about it. I was much too busy running for my life."

She sighs softly as Kumo finishes. "Thank you again, Doctor. You are a godsend. I'm sure the young lady would agree." She doesn't look at Eden, as she looks to be too weary to look up at the moment, but she does manage to speak. "Curiosity is not a sin. I hope the wound is not serious."
Ashur The big man stands idle now, hands folded behind his back, legs spread enough to stabilize his posture. He's like the peak of a mountain and a man standing on it: heavy, sharp, and looking down on everyone else. "Such degeneracy that lurks in the hearts of these craven prophets," he growls. "Proclaim the good word all you like; but when it devolves into assault on helpless girls, you're no man at all. That is not conquest, and it is not the spoil of war-- it is mere banditry." His fingers curl into a fist, the thick knuckles cracking.

Then he sees Eden deflate and look down, and walks next to her. The right arm unfolds, reaches over, and gives the top of her head a firm pat. "I am not upset, Eden," he tells her, mussing the hair like one might a kitten's. "But you are a pretty, delicate little thing; mind where you go when I cannot keep an eye on you. I'm not always there to rescue you."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having made her way next to Eden's feet, Kurokumo begins to roll up her pants leg. Ashur is standing close, showing his affection for the other woman as she herself works. "What ran you over?" She begins conversationally, fingers gently probing along the extremity until she can find the break. There's no malice in her voice, or tone of suspicion, as the Doctor makes her assessment. "Ashur, could you grab the makeshift brace from against the wall over there? I need to reset the break."
Eden Eden looks at Kurokumo for a moment trying to understand and gratefully noting the gentle way of making her more comfortable- even if still confused. "A car. Someone was suppsed to be with me to find it, but I was late and missed him. I just looked. that's all. but it found me. it was waiting for me."
Tina "I would call it degeneracy as well, though for... different reasons. I truly wish we could rise above our differences and let one another... live in peace, but I doubt it shall ever come to pass," Tina murmurs, swaying slightly in her chair. "Perhaps it is a sin to wish such things, but if you find these false prophets and their viruses, I hope you put paid to them. It would be a greater sin to leave them be, to spread their terrible viruses to innocent people."

She seems to doze for a moment, then wakens with a little gasp, her head sinking down up on her breast and snapping back up. "Wha..?! Oh... but I didn't think cars were capable of waiting for someone and running over them without a driver. That is how they work, isn't it? No driver, no move?"
Ashur When Kurokumo draws closer, Ashur's hand slips from Eden's well-mussed head and alights upon the Asian's with all the single-minded focus of a moth to lamplight. Even as she works, the man scratches her scalp, his eyes drifting down to her with naked affection; as brutish as the Legionnaire is, as strict and severe and murderous, he has never once shied away from being openly happy and loving with his girls. "Of course, little love," he responds to her request, pivoting and moving to fetch the brace. He lumbers, stoops, hefts it up, and delivers it with a steady earthquake pace, a-rockin' the ground around him. He kneels. "What next, my Kumo?" He is hers to instruct!

As for Eden's story, well, that earns her a lingering look, and a scratch of Ashur's fingers through his beard. "Someone tried to run you over? Bandits, perhaps-- did you see them?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      It. Eden said 'it'. As if the car itself ran her over. Kurokumo hears the questions of the others, and chooses not to continue herself. Her eyes flutter closed as Ashur's fingers find their way through her hair. He's moving away, brown eyes going to Eden's own as she gives a reassuring smile. "Ashur, give the edge of the belt to Eden to bite down on. I'm going to have to reset the break, and it will hurt. Are you ready?"
Eden Eden sighs. No one here will believe her either. "Yes. The car. No driver. I'm not crazy. The car was looking for me. I think it has something to do with the people from Vault 30." Eden readies herself. At least pain is something she understands. Mess with nerves- brains sends signal. Nice and straightforward. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be". She opens her mouth for the belt, but keeps her eyes focused on the doctor and nods.
Tina "The incident makes no sense on its face, but it is clear that your leg didn't break itself. I suppose it is just another mystery to be solved," Tina says softly, giving a faint smile to Eden that she hopes is reassuring. "And I hope that car doesn't find any other victims. One is quite bad enough." She watches Ashur and Kumo interact, and a hint of a smile comes to her lips, as what she sees answers a question that had been lurking at the back of her mind for some weeks now.
Ashur Ashur loops the belt with clever fingers and seizes either end; the center halves balloon apart, forming a lopsided circle. With a quick tug, he snaps the center together, the circle compressed to a line with a heavy smack of leather. A rush of air follows the sound and scatters a few of the hairs splayed over Eden's face-- after all, he did it right in front of her, staring down at her. "Look at me, Eden," he commands, distracting her away from the leg-- reaching out to lift her chin and tilt her face toward him, shifting a little so one of his oversized, over-muscled shoulders obscures her lower body.

It won't stop the pain. But not watching will help with the dread and help surprise her.

"Good girl. Bite down." He pushes the thick belt between her lips like he's done it before.

"Tina, where did these missionaries find you-- in El Dorado?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Accepting Eden's consent, Ashur does Kurokumo a favor by keeping her occupied. Grip shifting around the misshappen leg, the Doctor twists surely, a loud snap echoing in the clinic. Ignoring the yelp that accompanies such a resetting, her fingers poke and prod to make sure the bone was set correctly. Confirming that it is, she calls out to her husband. "Give me the brace, now." Once Eden has releases her toothy grip on the belt, Kurokumo makes sure to afix the device to her leg properly.
Eden Eden's eyes snap to Ashur. Still can't help but obey. Him holding the belt distracts her completely- until the snap and the pain. There's nothing but blinding pain for a moment. Then she feels herself go limp. The belt drops from her mouth and she saggs against the shoulder in front of her.
Tina "It was somewhere on the old Highway 370, on one of the unexplored stretches. I'd gone there to witness to travelers along there. Not the wisest move, in hindsight." Tina looks at Kumo and Asher working on Eden's leg at the worst moment. She winces at the snap of the limb being reset. Her eyes roll back in her head and her head sinks to her breast as she goes limp in a dead faint.
Ashur One strong hand steadies the limp Eden at her shoulder; the other reaches to the brace and gives it to his bride. "That'a girl, that'a girl," he rumbles, and the usual intensity of his voice is subdued-- that thundering, animal growl is meant to soothe now, almost like the purr of an oversized cat. "Look at that. Tougher than you look, aren't you?" He gives her cheek a little smack, lifting her head up, tilting it back. "Hey, hey." A little shake. "Open those eyes, sweetheart." A glance aside, and the doll-like nun has been struck comatose, too, out of mere goosebump-inducing sound and sympathy.

The brute sighs, nostrils flared like the bull he is. "Women."