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Frank It hasn't been too long since Frank rolled into town from New Vegas; since then he's witnessed a street shootout, partook in an unusual NCR gambling game, and helped rescue villagers from Super Mutants. Working part time for Lone Star as a negotiator is alright, but he craved the familiar sights and sounds of the casino floor. So, he got a job working as a manager for the Silver Dollar. He has made it his mission to really bring out the best in it, as a sort of practice run for his bigger ambitions.

Thus, Silver Dollar Saturdays - special events to draw in customers. Tonight? NCR Appreciation Night, giving NCR types a few extra chips, discounts on alcohol, and general hospitality. Frank is wearing his usual fine suit and expensive shoes, walking the floor and making sure the guests are well as making sure the casino gets their share of the profits. Sometimes, he will even be a dealer, but his overall job is to keep people happy and spending their money.

"Looking good, Ms. Mabel!" "Wow, Mr. Birmingham, did you get a haircut?" "Well hello, Mrs. Hoffman, how are the kids?" Frank greets citizens like they were old friends, gently guiding them to tables or the counter so they can get to spending.
Percy     His boss tells Percy that he needs to take more time off and enjoy life. It was all work for the Doctor lately, and signs of fatigue had been starting to set in. So! Having asked around to where best to relax and not have to think, the lean blue-eyed man finds himself walking in through the front doors of the Silver Dollar Casino.
    Dressed smartly in a long-sleeved white button shirt that is tucked into some neat slacks, brown shoes click and clack against the floor with every stride. Steely blue eyes that are normally focussed on surgeries or research notes squint at the surrounds. It was an impressive decor of that there was little doubt; fancy lights and high end equipment lining the floors. And of course, many well dressed patrons! A small smile forms across his face as the man slides hands into his pockets, unsure of where to go first.
Wyatt Wyatt has been sitting at the barstand for the past few hours binge drinking the strongest alcohol he can afford on his salary. His chin rests on the condensation of where a glass used to be on the wood grain, and he's about had enough. He turns his head over his shoulder to glance at Frank as he walks through the door, adjusting his wide-brim black felt hat on his head. He slowly slides off of the barstool, tugging his gun belt up. His six shooter hands limply on his left hip in the provided holster attached to his belt. "How the hell are'ya, Frankie?" He smirks slyly, resting one side of his forearm against the handle of his revolver in a relaxed manner. He wears his standard uniform issued by the El Dorado Sheriff's Department, but it's much dirtier than how it came.
Jericho After the marketplace shootout and the town hall, most of the people here had either seen or heard about Jericho. But the cyborg still draws stares thanks to the plate anchored to his skull and his metallic arms. But thankfully the doctor isn't wearing his lab coat to this event, but rather a pair of pre-war rodeo jeans and a red and black plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The man seems a touch nervous around all the unfamiliar faces, but a glass held tightly in his right hand is working on curing that issue, it just hasn't done it's job quite yet.
Kasumi     Well, tonight is an oddity for Kasumi. The asian woman looks around, wearing all her normal gear. The woman blows on her blue bang to move it out of her eye as she looks around. Tonight isn't a night off for her. Its an extra shift. Willow hired her to work strongarm for Gold Digger, and to keep people in line. And well, it seems to have stretched over here. The woman just leans up against a wall, watching everything, and keeps an eye on people that she suspects will cause trouble. After all, easier to prevent then stop.
Kaelyn Another strange face! This one Kaelyn! she is wearing her normal outfit, a well built pair of reinforced jeans, a tank top, all this over a short-sleeved skin tight suit of some kind, resembling a leotart of sorts made a hexagonal pattern to the strange fabric. Kae glances around curiously once inside, noting all the people, as the odd long-pointy-eared female studies the place. Her crimson eyes dart from activity to activity, before the girl makes her way slowly toward the stage. On the way a sultry, matronly female voice chirps up from her wrist.. "See yer back in the casino again, I bet yer not gonna be able to resist blackjack this time!" Kae blinks and looks down at her left wrist curiously, ears drooping a bit as she points out "CORA, sometimes it's ok to gamble a little bit if yer just there to have fun... Besides just about everyone from town is here and I need to start meeting people." THere is a pause from her wrist, if one were to pay close attention they'd see a female figure on the screen rubbing their chin, with dots scrolling across the bottom of the screen . . . . "Good point." her wrist-com pipes up, before Kae smirks.
Jacqueline Jacqueline Wayne is just here to look around, really. Just the fact that she's still in her gecko-leather armor might say as much, even if it's been very recently cleaned. Even the recent slash and bullet hole have been patched. But her eyes are never still, wandering from person to person and place to place like those of a Commonwealth tourist in New Vegas.
She finally rests her gaze longest on Kaelyn, not just for her unusual looks, but because her wrist is talking. She peeks around the pointy-eared woman's elbow. "That's a strange Pip-Boy. Oh, right... hi!"
Alasa Alasa makes her way in to the casino, "Allright, how about you just hand your money over right now, and save me the time of taking." She says with a smile, as she rubs her hands together. She then looks around at the variou games being offerd tonight.
Percy     With a strong inhale and low exhale to try and centre himself in the madness of the buzz and chatter of the casino, Percy meanders about at first. He drifts by the card tables and some of the machines, not partaking in any of the activities but instead just perusing. "Mmm." He murmurs quietly to himself, observing someone lose a stack of caps in a single hand. Smoothing out his shirt a bit, he runs a hand back through his short-cut hair. Perhaps unsure of what to play. Or even if he will play anything! Heading over to the bar area he take a seat on the stool to rest some. And just take it all in.
Frank Frank smiles and pauses to ensure his hair is perfectly in place as various people make themselves comfortable. He looks over to Wyatt and gives the deputy a wink and two finger-guns. "Just fine, Deputy! Never let it be said Frank Miller can't start a party. Perhaps you ought to try your luck out here! Who knows, you might be buyin' yourself a fancy new pair of shoes after tonight."

He strolls the floor, glancing at Jericho and his mechanical arms. Now that was an unusual sight. He heard the Followers did jobs like that, but nothing so extensive. He passed by him then gave a passing nod to Kasumi. He hoped she wouldn't have to get physical tonight, but you never know. Frank, at least, would try and ensure a peaceful resolution towards rowdy folk. He looks at the strange pointy haired woman that appears, quirking a brow but deciding to roll with it. "Ladies," he greets Kaelyn and Jacqueline. "Welcome to the Silver Dollar. My name's Frank; I like to think it's because I like to be frank and honest about things, and I can honestly say, you won't find a finer entertainment establishment than right here!" He says with another wink and a winning, lady-killer smile. "Do enjoy yourselves."

He stops when Alasa comes in and laughs. "Wow, I like that confidence! Perhaps you'd like to try your hand at some blackjack, little lady."
Wyatt Wyatt chuckles lightly, looking Frank up and down. "Perhaps, and maybe I'll bankrupt your casino in order to get those shoes." He's cheeky and quite confident, maybe a bit overzealous from the drinks he's put down the hatch. He glances at the female crowd and at Percy, not paying much mind to them. He approaches the low stakes Blackjack table, sliding out a wooden chair before sitting down on it with a dad groan.
Salvatore Salvatore "Happy Sal" Castruccio steps into the Silver Dollar, but not from the front door. No, the New Vegas-accented businessman enters by means of the VIP gambling room; from another point of view, he might actually just be leaving. Whatever the cause of his entrance, he has a big grin on his face and baby blue eyes that take in the crowds, and he adjusts his course to more meander through the crowds than anything else.
Alasa Alasa laughs, "ooo, thats the game with the cards and the numbers right..yeah, yeah..I think I'd like to try it. Be fun I think." as she glances around, and makes her way towards the tables
Kaelyn Kae blinks and nods at Frank slightly... She smiles and greets "Hallo." Her accent is well plane, not having a drawl or anything, more like she is speaing 'prim' and proper type english, or maybe even has a slight Brittish accent or a complete lack of one, who knows. Kae beams and looks around some more before contemplating drink... "Soo drink a lil first or gamble or both at the same time." She says to her self, before CORA pipes in "Well you want all your faculties if yer gonna play games that require any skill.." Kae blinks and looks at her wrist... "I'm not gonna drink to get drunk CORA."
Wyatt Wyatt looks at Alasa as she approaches the blackjack table he's currently seated at. He stands upright, pulling his wooden chair out, offeirng his spot to Alasa. He moves over to the unoccupied chair on the right, waiting for his cards to be dealt. He nods towards Alasa, tipping the front portion of his hat. "How do'ya do, ma'am?" He adjusts his Assistant Sheriff star on his chest, unclipping it before setting it on the table. He does the same with his six shooter, turning the firearm so the barrel faces barren wall.
Jericho Continuing on through, Jericho keeps checking things out. At least until he manages to check Kaelyn out. Pausing he cocks his head to the side and turns his attention from her unusual features to her wrist. After a moment of hesitation he takes a few steps forward, "Excuse me." His own accent is more proper, either a vault dewller or a well educated settlement. "Is that an artificial intelligence?"
Jacqueline Jacqueline shrugs as the pointy-eared woman ignores her, switching her attention instead to Frank. "Nice place you've got here, Mister Frank. I'll do my best," she replies, casually saluting the man and turning to take a turn around the floor. There's enough of this place to take a little time to look over. Any gambling can wait, if she decides to partake.
Alasa Alasa sits down at the table, "hello..oh, just fine..just fine...thought I'd give this here game a try. I hear you can win big money, big whammys" She smiles a bit, "Should be fun."
Frank Frank nods slowly to Alasa. "Excellent," He gestures to the nearby table where Wyatt seems to have a place for her already. Yes, this was going smoothly alright...and then Frank got a glance at who has come out of the VIP room. Slicked hair, nice suit, and the SHOES...the hairs on his neck stand up and his smile slowly fades. That overall look...straight out of Gomorrah. But all the way out here? Can't be...but as someone who has frequented the Omertas establishment, and been on the receiving end of a friendly Omerta beatdown, his suspicions were raised.

So, he smoothly positioned himself as Salvatore wandered the crowd. "Howdy, fella," he says, charming smile back, hands clasped behind his back. "You must be one of our high rollers today, I could tell the minute you walked in. That, I said to myself, is the face of a winner. How is your night, sir? Can I get you anything, a drink perhaps? The name's Frank, by the way. You need anything, the Silver Dollar has you covered."

At the blackjack table, the cards are dealt.
Kaelyn Kae was off in her own world, she pauses and blinks, then looks to Jacqueline "Sorry! Was not my intention of ignoring you! And umm.... Noo this isn't a pip-boy per say.. Look slike one, but houses a looot more..." She then glances to Jericho and nods "Yup CORA is the intelligence housed here." She says, then holds up her forearm so the screen can be seen... CORA orients her avatar so she is the right side up for Jericho then offers a wave "Howdy, how'y'doin sugah?" She says and Kae blinks "I swear, yer getting wierder every day..." Cora re-orients her self and blows a kiss at Kaelyn before saying "Anything to see you blush sweety." Kae then blinks, and laughs before shrugging.

Kae looks between Jericho and Jaqueline.. "Don't mind CORA she's umm mischievious, I think she's just bored without a physical adjunct." she says and shrugs slowly. "CORA is the intelligence that maintained my incubation/stasis pod from before everything went to hell, up till about a year ago." she says and grins slightly... "She's been kinda stuck in this modified pip-boy since then... She wanted to go with when I had to leave the lab with my chamber in it."
Percy     "Whiskey, please." Percy finally orders, leaning over the main serving bench and politely ordering a drink. As a drink is presumably prepared for him, the Doctor takes a few quiet sips as he continues to glance about. No-one he recognises, sadly. But that's alright! The smell of the alcohol fuelled air, the sounds of people losing (and rarely winning) caps has taken his mind off of more serious matters back at the clinic.
    Swirling his drink, Percy purses his lips in some thought.
Wyatt Wyatt sighs, looking down at his cards as he loses the first hand. He looks around trying to spot out any familiar faces, repinning his badge to his chest and reholstering his six shooter into his gun belt around his hips. He licks the corner of his mouth absently, skimming his eyes around like a hawk.
Salvatore "Hey, buddy, that's a swell offer. I'll take a whiskey if you're flyin," Sal flashes pearly whites over at Frank, all grease and easy-going smiles. "Just call me Sal. How're the tables looking? Anything hot, or this party just gettin' started?" His attention is snagged by the blackjack table getting started.
Wyatt Wyatt manages to hear "Sal" amongst other conversation, listening really hard. He slowly stands upright from his chair, patting Alasa on her shoulder. He slips past her, lowering the brim of his hat. He approaches the door to turn the deadbolt, locking it.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "Not bad, not bad at all...I think the spirits are with me tonight...I like this game..."
Frank At the table, the card game proceeds, resulting in Alasa with a 20, and the dealer with an 18. He pushes 10 chips her way. The next round begins.

Frank nods and motions for the bartender. "Get this man some whiskey, would ya?" he asks. He looks back to Sal. "I'm a vodka man, myself. I see your eye has caught some blackjack action going on right now. You're in luck, as we've just gotten into the swing of things." He looks down at Sal's shoes and tries to analyze how his own measure up. It is a silent, yet firm, assessment of one man's choice in expensive clothes against another.
Kasumi     Kasumi watches the game, and keeps an eye on everyone. She's pretty much a silent ghost over there in the corner. Heck, she might even be turning invisable from the way things all. Which suits her fine! Its easy caps for her, either way!
Jericho A slight grin tugs at the corner of Jericho's mouth as he looks between Kae and Cora. Clearly the man is intrigued. "That's.." the slight grin gets blown up even further when a physical adjunct is mentioned, "amazing. Absolutely amazing."

Something seems to strike him and he slams the last of his whiskey and rulls his sleeve up even further, reavealing a symbol on his arm that marks him as a Follower. "I'm actually a scientist. Well a surgeon firstly." That excitement drains slightly as he looks to Jacqueline and he offers an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude."
Wyatt Wyatt bites his inner cheek, staring at the front door he just locked to the building, denying easy entrance and exit. His hand reaches for the grip of his six shooter, slowly pulling it out of his holster. He places his hand with the revolver behind his back, attempting to appear casual while he studies Salvatore with his eyes, standing infront of the main entrance.
Wyatt Wyatt eyes Kasumi, trying to see if his piercing eye contact will grab her attention.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Jericho, and ooh's. She then adds "Ummm, Am just Kaelyn here... Nothing special, though I'm kind of handy with a gun..." She adds and shrugs "Not been out long enough to get a ton of education under my belt, though I'm slightly familiar with sciences, and pre-war technology." she adds then gives a shrug an dmotion to CORA "She's tended to most of my education thus far. She adds, CORA then shows up on the screen, her avatar makin ga smug look with hands on her hip.. "I do my best!" CORA pipes in and Kae grins just slightly. "You ever worked with an A.I. Before?"
Salvatore Salvatore takes a whiskey glass that's pressed into his hand, raising it to his lips to take a drink. He dips his chin in a nod at Frank, "Say, you like look the kind of man to know where to pick up some new threads around here. Remind me to take a gander over your way later, see?" He gestures at Frank's shoes with his glass of liquor before furrowing his brows a little. He glances about, before he changes the conversation, "I'm gonna go introduce me to the table, pal. I trust this little shindig will be a good reflection of your quality as host." He smiles tightly at the gambler, and then makes his way over to the blackjack table, nodding at those gambling one-by-one.
Wyatt Wyatt follows Salvatore with his eyes, keeping his head and neck stiff, maintaining his position infront of the door with his revolver behind his back. His thumb finds itself on the hammer of the six shooter, pulling it back slowly.
Alasa Alasa smiles, " these are some nice cards...Yep, these are the kinds of cards a girl could fall in love with..."
Frank Once more, Alasa hits it at 19 and beats the dealer, who now deals another set. Frank laughs, meanwhile, at Salvatore. "I think I can point you in the right direction," he says. He still smiles at Sal's latest comment, though his eyes aren't quite as warm. "Of course. I aim for 100 percent satisfaction in ALL our customers," he assures. He glances at the dealer, then sticks close to the table to watch.
Kasumi     Kasumi heads over to Wyatt. It seems he wanted to ask her something, or get her attention. THe woman looks at the Assistant Sheriff. "Yes sir?", she asks in a quiet reserved voice. The woman doesn't exactly look intimidating. But then again, thats why she was hired for the most part.
Percy     As he finishes his drink of whiskey and pays the necessary caps, Percy slides the empty glass back over the bench and stands up. Just as he takes a breath to begin mingling, a notice on his pip boy alarms. Looking at the screen with some mild surprise, the Doctor exhales a sigh. "Well, it was nice while it lasted." With a final glance about he motions to leave, stepping through the room and back out the front door. A polite nod is given to the local bouncer as he departs. Yay relaxing!
Wyatt Wyatt looks over the top of Kasumi's head, never letting his eyes leave Salvatore. His lips neighbor Kasumi's ear, whispering in a very soft voice. "There's a police matter about to be made. Secure every door here and check that man out." He barely nods his head towards Salvatore as a gesture to Kasumi. "Check for a weapon, anything. Don't let him slip out."
Wyatt Wyatt whispers again into Kasumi's ear, "Don't touch him. Be smart. Don't blow this."
Alasa Alasa wohoos, "yes, thats what the spirits in the sky are talking about." As she counts her winnings, "A pleasure, truly a pleasure...see I told you before..just give me the money up front, saves time." As she looks around, wondering whats going on now.
Frank The dealer hands over the chips; they can be cashed for caps easily. "Pleasure, ma'am," he says. Frank appears by her. "Well well, you were certainly serious, little lady!" he laughs. "How's about spending some of that at the bar in celebration? We also have complimentary hot towels...authentic towels, even!"

He looks around, his old card shark senses picking up something that might sour the atmosphere. He sees Wyatt and Kasumi and casually walks over. "Haha, hope you two are enjoying the night! I hope nothing is...troubling you?" he asks, trying to be subtle. His brow raises questioningly.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a deep breath, and lets out a small sigh. "That is a matter to discuss with the host of the night. He has infromed me that the grounds are a free area. THat I'm only to prevent trouble. Thus, if you ask the host, I will go by his orders. No offense, but its his night, and his house.", she informs.
Jericho "I'm useless with a weapon. Suppose that's the trade off though." Jericho's grin returns as he's able to interact with the technology a bit. "No, I haven't had the pleasure yet. I dealt mostly with augmentations in the New Vegas clinic." He seems completely oblivious to any altercation about to go down. "When I get my lab set up, you two are more than welcome to stop by. I may even be able to help with the body issue." His brows furrow slightly, "Assuming I can get my hands on an assaultron. Or something more suitable."
Wyatt Wyatt shakes his head at Frank, still holding his revolver behind his back. "No troubles here, Frank." He sniffs to himself, looking around. He doesn't let the inquiries take his attention off of Sal. His head leans forward and he whispers into Frank's ear, "Shiny shoes is going into our custody. I don't want to make this a scene in your place, Frank. I've been coming here for years."
Salvatore "Got a flamer under the table? You got some hot hands," Salvatore congratulates Alasa. Despite any earlier indications that he might be paying attention to anyone paying attention to him, he's back to his easy-going self, now. Still, one likely doesn't progress far in New Vegas without staying on their toes, and his accent makes it clear where he's from. He looks to the rest of the table, still not asking to sit and join, yet. He takes a drink of whiskey.
Kaelyn Kae ooh's and nods to Jericho... "Well I guess I can help in the lab and all, but I don't have a body issue. In fact I'm quite ok with my body, even if I could be considered a little less than human by some folks." Kae says with a grin, her crimson eyes going over to Salvatore and then Wyatt, then back again... She then leans over to speak quietly to Jericho, and Jacque... "Think something may happen here, be ready to get to cover in case." She says, voice barely above a breath whisper... She then leans back and finally orders her self a drink...
Alasa Alasa blinks, "A towel you say? I've heard everyone needs a good towel. No matter where you go, its always a bit of nice...." She laughs, "No, no...just plain old luck...its the joy of the game."
Frank Frank sighs. He figured this would be the case. He rubs his temples and whispers back, "I hope not, Deputy. I've just gotten this job, you know. I take the no fight policy very seriously." But then, he reasons to himself, if the man IS an Omerta, he also respects the rules of a casino. No guns or gunfights. Frank gestured for Wyatt to carry on. "Go on, deputy." He needs a drink, now.
Jacqueline "Hmm?" Jackie glances back over her shoulder at the pointy-eared woman. "Oh, I understand," she says after a moment's hesitation. "It /is/ kinda noisy in here. So that's an artificial intelligence inside the casing? And they managed to shrink it that small? That's impressive work!"
She blinks, going from impressed to embarrassed at a finger-snap. "Oh, sorry... I must've zoned, too. I'm Jackie," she adds, nodding and smiling to Kaelyn. And CORA.
She bows her head politely to Jericho, managing not to stare at his arms. "Cool to meet you too, Mister."
The warning doesn't go unheeded. "There are a couple tables a few steps away. Anybody'd be safe enough under those, or behind one of thost slots. They look like they'd stop a train."
Jericho "Oh no, I meant for CORA. You have a lovely body." Jericho says with a wave of his hand, though he freezes midway through the action as he hears what he said. "What I mean to say is, you still have all your pieces. Who cares if they're a little different." As she leans over to whisper he's kneeling to rolling a pants leg up, a slight nod of understanding is given before he finishes pulling the material up. A portion of his right leg appears to have been replaced as well as his arms, but this piece appears less advanced, likely something he had to rig up himself. "I'm Jericho, by the way. I forgot to introduce myself with all the excitement."
Frank Frank looks to kasumi. "Stand by just in case something goes wrong, will ya? I'm knocking on wood but you never know."
Wyatt Wyatt looks between the two, sending a firm nod in affirmation in both directions. He reholsters his revolver that's been cocked behind behind his back, still keeping the hammer pulled back. He slowly walks up towards the Blackjack table with his right hand resting on the grip of his six shooter in a comfortable expression.
Salvatore Salvatore gives the tiniest of small sighs, lifting his drink to his lips to take a sip, baby blue eyes flicking their gaze up to the approaching representative of Johnny Law. "Say, copper, you gonna keep your peepers glued to me all night, or you gonna start some small talk? You could do everyone here a favor and stop messing with your heater; it's poor form to start shooting in a casino. This ain't a saloon, pal." His attention has been thus removed from the blackjack table as he now focuses solely on Wyatt. He does have a suspicous lump underneath his grey suit jacket, right where a pistol might be.
Wyatt Wyatt stands behind Salvatore, looking down at the top of his head. "Let me see your hands." He removes his six shooter from his holster, aiming the barrel from hip-level at the back of his head. "I don't believe you have room to talk about the proper use of a firearm, Mr. Salvatore." A smug and sly smirk forms upon his face before he speaks in a more forceful tone, "Get your hands up and don't reach for anything. I'm not afraid to make your head a canoe."
Kaelyn Kae stares at the going sdown and sighs, before the girl slides further down the bar, where she can dive for cover if need be... "Soo do law enforcement and mob bosses tangle around here?" She asks cuiously.... Meanwhile the girl finally gets her drink and she begins sipping away as she looks between Jacqueline and Jericho. CORA Pipes in and smiles "I would love to have a physical adjunct again!" Kae blinks and looks at CORA "Any kind? Or do you want one of those fancy humanoid looking ones?" Kae asks with a slight smirk CORA then pipes in "Right now? Any would do... Oooh wow, someone's bout to have a bad day." CORA pipes up and Kae frowns again before nodding "Yup, or maybe a lot of us if shooting starts."
Frank Frank walks over to where the two are, sighing as Wyatt pulls out his gun. Well, so much for subtlety. "Now fellas," he says. "Lets try not to make too much of a scene, here."
Alasa Alasa hmms as she watches the little display. "Hey, this is a about you two draw cards or something, and the winner gets to choose what to do with the loser."
Kasumi     Kasumi follows Frank over. She sighs a bit, as Frank starts to lay down the law. "Lets not make this more of a scene then we have to.", the asian says.
Salvatore Hey, there's a gun pointed to the back of his head. Salvatore reaches up to adjust his fedora just a smidge, but he doesn't draw a gun at the moment. Alasa gets a flash of the pearly whites, "I like your style. Seems like not everybody here has a tribal's class." The legitimate businessman and peaceful gambler turns in his chair to more face Wyatt, slowly and slightly, raising his hands enough to show that he's not starting a fight. "It's Mister Castruccio. First name's Sal. I don't think I have your name," he points out to the deputy. When Frank approaches, eyebrows raise in his direction. "Say, pal, I thought you were running the kinda game where a guy wouldn't be harassed by some bozo packing heat."
Jericho "I haven't been here very long, but it seems like it might very well be a possibility." Jericho pushes up to his feet and tugs down on his shirt, revealing a bulge that's shaped oddly enough like a laser pistol. Though it's probably best to assume most people in the casino are armed in some fashion. "And I'd be morally opposed to reprograming a synth, unless they've already had their mind wiped."
Jacqueline "I don't think it matters, in this case," Jackie says softly to Kae and Jericho. "Ever since the crook known as our last mayor skipped town, gangster types have been even less popular than Deathclaws. I suggest we just stay back and let the law handle it... as long as he can stay on his feet, at least," she adds, having noticed Wyatt's state of inebriation.
Her own hand strays to the Magnum on her hip, just in case. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but no point in not being prepared if they don't.
Wyatt Wyatt sucks his teeth, "Can it." He backs up a bit, but still maintains aim on Salvatore's head with his six shooter. "Assistant Sheriff Brunson", he replies in a very unenthused tone. His finger is placed on the trigger and the hammer is cocked back, the pistol is ready to be fired if need-be. His unoccupied hand reaches forwards and opens up his suit, starting to run his hand down his waistline and internal pockets, doing a terry frisk while keeping his gun trained on Salvatore's spinal column from behind. "You're being detained for questioning and perhaps have pending charges to be stuck."
Frank Frank shrugs. "Unfortunately, it's not up to me. Deputy Wyatt was very adamant in the first place."
Salvatore Salvatore shifts a little and stands up slowly to his feet, stealthily deflecting the cursory pat down, perhaps. He doesn't make any sudden movements, however, or try and jerk his head away from the end of Wyatt's gun. "That's real swell, Frank. I'd be a stand-up guy and leave some gratuity for the house, but it seems like the gum-shoe here is gonna have to be held accountable," he speaks out of the side of his mouth in the direction of the host, before he stares at Wyatt. "Seein' as how I'm being inconvenienced and keeping my hands away from my pockets for no reason other than this deputy here came up behind me with a gun, as far as I can tell. Figured most bandits and raiders would be kept outside city limits. You know you could ask to grab a beer somewhere and chat anytime, Assistant Sheriff Brunson? The theatrics with the pea-shooter's not necessary. If you wanna put it away, and all."
Wyatt Wyatt places his hand on the back of Salvatore's neck after giving him a terry frisk, finding nothing of interest. He prods the barrel of his pistol into his back and gives a forceful push on him in attempt to lay his chest flat over the table. "I don't reckon I'm allowed to drink with our convicts. Hands behind your back."
Jericho "Did anybody even see that guy do anything?" Jericho asks, not directed towards anybody in particular. But like most people he's watching the scene between Salvatore and Wyatt, worrying with the ring that's stuck through his lower lip. "Maybe I should set up shop in one of the other towns."
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, this is not the fun times I was expecting time you have one of the casino get togethers, ya might want to have a coat check girl, taking all the shooty and pointy things..then the worst someone gets, a papercut.""
Kasumi     Kasumi sighs a little bit, and nudges Frank a little bit. She leans over, and whispers something in his ear.
Frank Frank just sighs. He didn't want this on his first big night. Goddamn Omertas, smug and bringing in trouble. Goddamn sherrif's office too, for that matter. All guns and machoness. "Deputy, can you please take care of this outside? You're, quite frankly, making a scene. I understand you are doing you're job, but I must insist." He bows his head respectfully at this.
Jacqueline "I didn't, but I wasn't watching that closely," Jackie admits, frowning at the scene the two are making. "But he might be a cardsharp or something... then we wouldn't see anything anyway. Maybe the deputy did."
Salvatore "Listen, pal, you can stop pointing the gun straight at my head and let me walk with you, you can shoot me, or you can start swinging your fists at me and try and knock some starts outta me, but you're not convincing me to peacefully hand over myself to go who-knows-where jus' cause you pulled a gun and decided you wanted to throw some bracelets on me," Salvatore offers a response to the assistant deputy. "More'n happy to walk peacefully with you if that's the route you choose. I'm already giving up a night of cards, let's not hold everyone else up from havin' a good night, see?"
Kaelyn Kae nods to Jacq and Jericho, then grins slightly as she nods... At that point CORA speaks up. "Just watch and learn I guess." And then CORA addresses Jericho.. "I think this whole country is a little on the wild side, so it's a matter of pick your poison." Kae blinks at CORA then shrugs and nodding before addressing the Synth thing... "Synth?" She asks curiously, and shrugs "Well if you could find CORA a blank body I'm sure she'd be happy with whatever..." Kae now glances to Jacqueline "Sooo I guess we just sit back here and enjoy our drinks while watching the show?
Wyatt Wyatt reasons with Frank, not really hearing nor caring about the protests of Salvatore. He steps back away from Salvatore, holding his six shooter at his side aiming from the hip. "We'll call it an additional charge of Failure to Comply, but I'll let you walk." He points towards the door, readjusting his hat on his head with his free hand.
Frank Frank lets out a sigh of relief. Okay, progress. At least the Omerta was being reasonable. He turns to address those still watching. "Folks! Sorry about that, but I've decided to extend happy hour to EVERYONE, so half off all drinks for the rest of the evening for all patrons of this establishement!"
Katherine Caine When Katherine had heard that Frank would be holding a casino night she had planned to swing by and check things out only to get held up in the Gold Digger talking to a few members of her family. What she stepped in to see with the deputy and the other man she couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

Not interfering directly, she approached Frank and smiled, "Looks like you've got a helluva party going on." Leaning over a little she asked in a softer tone of voice, "What's going on here with the Deputy and Grey Suit over there?"
Salvatore "Additional to what, copper? Charges of sitting peacefully and drinking whiskey in moderation?" Salvatore cracks, keeping his palms out and hands away from his jacket. "Or charges of not complying with your standard of worn-out, cheap hats? I'm gonna have a rap sheet the size of Arizona if you start charging me with dressing better'n you, see?" He makes to walk toward the door, taking it nice and easy as he does so.
Wyatt Wyatt rolls his eyes, keeping a hip-level aim on the back of Salvatore. "Hush'yer mouth and keep walkin' with'yer feet instead of talkin' with'yer lips." He gives him an additional push towards the door, speaking to the rest of the people in the casino without looking at them. "Ya'll have a nice night."
Frank "You too, deputy," Frank says, glancing at Kasumi's other whisper. Then Kitty shows up. "Well well, if it isn't our fair lady!" he replies brightly. He takes her closer to the bar where they may converse. "The deputy got a bit overzealous with his target," he explains in a low voice. "Not sure of the details, but he went and locked the damn doors to prevent an escape without even me noticing. I think the grey suit is an Omerta. I recognize that way of talking and greased up hair anywhere." He checks the door as they walk, then says, "But I've convinced them to take it outside, placated the crowds...ought to be enough to keep things going for a few more hours, I'd say."
Jacqueline "I really can't see any choice. I mean, not without sharing a cell with the suit, at least," Jackie says, shrugging. "At least they're leaving now."
She glances up as the new mayor enters, watching the host come forward to greet her. "Guess it's a different show now."
Jericho "Well. That was certainly fucked." Jericho decides, watching as Salvatore is escorted out at gunpoint. "At least nobody got shot. Yet anyway." Black and red hands come up to rest atop his head. After a moment he looks between Jacqueline and Kaelyn, "Don't suppose either of you have been out towards Jackstown?"
Katherine Caine "Overzealous isn't the word. El Dorado doesn't survive the way we do and maintain the presence we have because we arrest people who walk into town and haven't committed any crimes here. Being an Omerta isn't a crime in New Vegas, let alone out here." Katherine replied with a sigh, "Not sure what he was thinking, but I'll check with him first and see if he had a reason to actually arrest the man, other than looks and affiliations. How are things going here otherwise?"
Frank "To his credit, I assume something happened that I don't know about," Frank remarks. He smile sat the last question. "Quite well, I'd say. I think we can look forward to more special events in the future. Now, if I might suggest, we could do with something more with the wallpaper..."
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded and replied to Frank, "Well, looks like I made the right decision bringing you onboard. Keep it up Frank."
Kaelyn Kae shakes her head at the mention of Jackstown "Newp... I'm new to the area really, only been around a few days." she says with a slight grin. CORA pipes in. "Yup, she's a Newbie!" Kae blinks and sighs... "Bored agaaaain?" she says then glances over to Katherine Caine curiously, ears giving a twitch as she studies the lady-mayor...
Katherine Caine FOR SALVATORE CAUSE HE LEFT: Salvatore slowly but without pause fishes out a few caps to toss them to a dealer on his way out, because what kind of Omerta doesn't know how to act in a casino? He strides on out the door, following along with Wyatt's direction as long as the status quo remains the same.
Kasumi     Kasumi sighs a little bit as she stretches out. She takes a deep breath, and lets it out slowly. "Oh for the love of, first the whole thing about Solomon, then this. And then Willow is probably going to ask me to work tomorrow, cause of all the trouble tonight...", she mutters.
Jacqueline "Sorry, but no," Jackie replies with regret. "I'm hoping to go there someday, but it's likely to be some time off."
She stifles a smile, hearing CORA pipe up. "I guess there's no way to teach an AI manners. I'd better go. It was nice meeting you both!" Setting down a few caps to cover her own drink, she slips out. Hopefully the deputy and the gangster aren't shooting it out outside.
Katherine Caine Katherine took a moment to watch after the departing Deputy and alleged Mobster before stepping into one of the back rooms of the Casino; no doubt to check on business! She still did own the place after-all.
Jericho "Well that makes three of us then." Jericho admits, offering Jacqueline a wave. "But that's where I'm thinking of setting up, wild as it may be. It'll be nice to have to stay again, at least until I head for the Capital."
Kaelyn Kae grins slightly at Jacq and Jericho before shrugging "CORA loves giving me a hard time... We've been together ummm.. since probably before the bombs fell, I think? I have no memory really of that time. CORA has all that information in a zipped up folder and all and really has got to limit her knowledge files considering amount of space on this thing... Now if I could get a better pip and mod the hell out of it, then maybe CORA could open up new functions." Kae says and grins slightly, CORA then adds "I have pretty much full functionality, but stored logs and stuff, and old data had to be hyper condenced in order to fit all of me on the modified pip." Kae glances down, then shrugs and looks between Jericho and Jacq... "I might have to leave pretty soon, dunno..." she says as she looks at the time
Jericho "We'll have to see what we can do." Jericho offers a wave. "I appreciate it, you two take care." With that he steps back into the crowd and moves for the exit. Apparently he's had enough excitement for the night.