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Manuelito Down by the lake known as Bitter sat a blanket with two small candle sticks and a picnic basket. It was a near perfect Friday in March and toward the evening time.; and though rain threatened above, the air south-easterly wind stirs up to keep it heat at a cooler temperature.

True to his word, a picnic was set up by the lake and Manny himself was getting the last bits of things taken care of. His eyes look to the road at times while he finalized everything.
Clara Caine Thumbs hooked into her pants jockets, Clara makes her way down the road, eyes spotting where Manny is - mostly due to the candles. She'd near, and give him a big smile. "Well lookie here, don't you got some class Manny, I do think you're in the wrong town." There is a smirk, and a tip of her hat. "This looks, amazing actually. You really thought this through didn't you?"
Manuelito Standing up, Manny walks over to her and slides his hands softly around her waist in a small hug, then holds for a moment. "For someone like you, I did." He replies charmingly. "I made your favorite meal." He adds softly, eyes gazing in to hers.
Clara Caine She'd return the hug, and looks beyond surprised. "You.. did?" Clara blinks a few times, and slowly looks down to the meal, and then back up to him. "Huh." She musters up, blown away.
Manuelito Still smiling Manny continues to stand there, hands on her sides. "Interesting that after all these years, I still find a way to blow you away." He adds kindly.
Clara Caine Clara eyes him a little, and laughs, with a shake of her head. "I guess you can, Manny." She says, amused, patting his arm and then goes to sit on the blanket, and kick her feet out and look up to him. "Show me how well you cooked my favorite meal." Sounds like a bit of a challenge, that.
Manuelito Taking lid off the food, one would find rabbit stew within. Manny smiles softly to her as he turns to place some of the stew in a bowl for her. "So, how have you been doing?"
Clara Caine Eyes widen, Clara leans forward and takes the bowl with a big thankful smile. "Smells wonderful!" The cowgirl replies, grabbing a spoon to dig in. "Busy, with Lilly and Joe and all, and well, you know my other family members. Plus, I'm going to take a run at Sheriff, see how I can do around town and what not."E
Manuelito Giving a nod, he takes some of the stew and places it in his own bowl. Eating quietly, he listens to Clara as she speaks. Pausing, he sets the bowl down and pours some wine in to each flute before handing one to her. "Well, then, A toast to the new Sheriff." He says warmly, glass moving toward hers to clink.
Clara Caine She takes up the glass and toasts with him. "Why thank you Manny." She then takes a drink, and then puts the glass down and digs into her food again. "Sort of nervous, hope I don't fail at this. But guess we'll see. If my sister and brother get into trouble, well, things could get complicated."
Manuelito we'll see. If my sister and brother get into trouble, well, things could get complicated."
Manuelito Manuelito says, "Well, that's where your deputy takes over the case, Clara." Manny replies calmly after taking a sip of the wine. "Just keep your distance from them when it concerns trouble and law issue with'm." He notes as he takes another sip."
Clara Caine "You're right, you know. But we'll see. I hope I can keep up with it enough to keep the job, but I'm sure there area a good few others wanting it to." Clara grins. "Damn find rabbit stew to."
Manuelito Manny gives a small smile, head nodding. "Your welcome." He replies as he looks from her to the lake. Candles remain unlit as they sit there. The bowl was place on the blanket alongside partially drank wine.