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Owner Pose
Iris Lark It's dark in Acme, and Iris is setting things up the way she wants. It's a small space so it's not terribly hard to do. But she keeps moving things around, trying something different.
Iris Lark Iris glances up as the woman walk in and she offers her a friendly smile. "I am open, come take a seat on the bed and I'll take a look at you." She moves to get some items to place on the supply table. "So what happened here?"
Saeko Into Acme Saeko comes a-walking...or more accurately? A-limping. It had been a dangerous evening, the blood on her cloak and her sword were signs of her recent victory. Unfortunately, the rather nasty plasma-wound on her leg also marked that it didn't come without a scratch. Knocking on the door, the woman clears her throat as she searches for the doctor. "Are you open? I am seeking aid."
Iris Lark "I am open, come on in." Iris replies, offering Saeko a smile. "So tell me what happened?" She asks, gesturing towards the bed with a slender hand. "How did you get this burn?"
Saeko Saeko moves, even on her usual stoic face there is a measure of relief. "Armored men with weapons of green energy attempted to capture me. I did not wish to be captured." She answers, a rather vague description, but it gets to the point. At least the blood on her wasn't hers, the burn looked like it hadn't allowed much in the way of bleeding. "I was not fast enough to avoid all of their fire. Weapons like that are rather difficult to dodge and I was caught off-guard."
Iris Lark "Oh my, well, no...I don't believe anyone would wish to be captured." Iris murmurs, nodding along with Saeko. "Well let's see what we can do for it." She murmurs, moving to stem the bleeding in the wound. "Why did the men want to capture you?"
Saeko "Truthfully," the asian woman answers after a moment with a frown while the doctor sets to work. "I did not stop to ask them. They were thugs, but well armed and well-armored. I was fortunate to overcome them as I did, they made mistakes and I capitalized on them, but my blades are not made for power armor. Hesitation would have got me killed or worse..." she trails off, shaking her head lightly and looking back up at Iris. "Regardless, I am very grateful for your aid."
Iris Lark The wound is deep, but not deep enough to require stitches. Iris slowly takes her time, cleanling, dressing and then bandaging the wound. When it's done she nods to herself, a smile on her face. "Sometimes you just have to fight for your life and not think about the whyfors of something." She quietly says, placing the soiled rags she used to the side. "I'm glad you're okay now though." She takes a step back and gestures for Saeko to stand. "Stand and stretch for me, tell me how it feels?"
Saeko Truth be told? The wound had hurt like hell, but that was the nature of a burn. Radiating heat and trauma on an area like a leg? Especially after a long hike back through the desert and the preceding fight had made it feel a lot worse and debilitating then the damage itself. Pulling herself to her feet? It feels a -lot- better. It's easy enough to see on her face. "You have worked wonders doctor, truely. Already there is improvement."
Iris Lark "I'm glad to be able to do what I can." Iris smiles, pulling out a small crock of salve. "Take this with you, it has aloe in it and if it starts to burn again, apply it liberally. Come back if you've a need for more. Okay?" Iris stands back and laces her hands together. "To get out of here, you go back through the store itself." She gestures outside with a slender hand.
Saeko Saeko bows her head, reaching out to take the salve. "I am relieved you have not left as Lilu did. You're very important to the survival of many out here doctor. I am in your debt." Stretching out, she moves forwards now, placing a hand on Iris' shoulder. "If you need anything, seek me out."

With that, she heads for the door.