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Vault Girl It's a pretty typical day in El Dorado, people are talking about the Casino's event the other night and how Deputy Wyatt arressted a man for nothing! Most thought it was nothing, but some were pretty chatty and paranoid that the Sheriff Department might be doing some cracking down.

The robot bartender is on duty for the moment serving drinks and there is the odd new person to town hanging around looking for help or work.

For a regular or a local, it was easy to spot the new faces.
Lucas Lucas is one of the new faces, moving through the Saloon he looks like he's just got in from the waste. Tired and covered in the dust of travel, he moves to the bar. He listens to the conversations going on and frowns thoughtfully as he studies the bar. He motions for the robot bartender he orders himself a drink as he begins to prop up the bar.
Rose The legal worries of the town were always something to be aware of, but technically speaking...Rose wasn't a citizen. She just happened to have been living here at the Saloon for about two months, basing herself out of it while the Ranger went about doing her best to make things a little better for folks around. Sure there was an official NCR reason for being here, but the blonde woman had arrived before they'd been here officially and she had her own intentions that still held importance.

Currently however, she was taking a break. Her helmet off, her duster shrugged out of and hanging on the back of her chair, the woman was resting with a Nuka-Cola in her hand. No booze in her possession it seems, but she seems comfortable enough. Even without the coat, the moulded chestpiece of her armor and the 'gunslinger' belt at her hip with its revolvers make it pretty clear the woman is no average El Dorado dweller. Her eyes come up from the table as a newcomer arrives, breaking her out of her eavesdropping to the task of observing a new face.
Lucas Lucas wears no armor, simple clothes, yet it's offset by the AEP7 at his hip. He sips what looks to be a water. For a moment he seems to just savour his drink, clean water's hard to come by in the Waste after all. Then spotting someone watching him he offers a polite nod to Rose.
Rose A laser weapon used to be quite the 'flag' for someone's background, but the recent explorations of ruins and the salvaging of bases had put a few more of them in circulation than there used to be. The nod is returned by the woman whom seemed to have a preference for more old-fashioned firepower, if the curved grips of her revolvers resting in those thigh holsters was anything to go by. Another sip of her soda and she stretches out, seemingly taking a moment to enjoy the peace that could easily be disturbed at the drop of a hat.
Lucas Lucas pushes himself off the bar, moving over to Rose. "I'm Lucas, I thought I'd come over and introduce myself, since I'm new to town. People seem to be trying to decide what to make of me."
Rose The newcomer approaches! Rose looks up, her head falling to one side. Without her helmet there wasn't a need to pin those long locks back in their usual bun, meaning that the curtain of back-length blonde spills over one shoulder with that small motion before she gives a nod. "Rose Hallows, NCR Ranger. And yeah, that's probably about right. Someone new comes breezing through? People look at them twice. Like to know what they're in for I suppose. Besides..." she pauses, taking a small sip of her soda. "Asking what you're here for is as good a conversation starter as any.
Lucas Lucas pauses a moment. "I gave that some thought, the real question isn't why are they here, it's why aren't they else where. Travelling can be dangerous, you've got to wonder what drives someone to it." He then shakes his head. "I'm here exploring, I guess I haven't got the sense to find somewhere safe and stay there. The Wasteland is full of things to see. Things to find and gather. I got seperated from my group, felt it best to find somewhere populated, try to stay out of trouble until I can reconnect with my friends."
Kaelyn It's another day, and Kae, one of the town's latest oddities, wanders into the salloon. Kae glances around now curiously, hand going to the nape of her neck as she worries a little at an itch, before the full-figured girl starts to sashay her way to the bar. As she gets there the computer on her left forearm pipes up "Back to the Salloon again!" Kae blinks and looks down "Yes CORA back to the Salloon. I havn't gambled yet don't get piffy with me." She says and smirks slightly before CORA speaks up "Not Piffy, I just like bugging you when I have nothing better to do.." Kae responds "Oh don't I know." Kae then proceeds to see what kind of drink she can order fo rher self.
Rose "Friends huh?" Rose nods, the Ranger listening to the man's words. "If they passed through here, someone might know them. Ask the woman who runs the place. Or any of the Caine's really..." Still, his talk of travelling makes her smirk a little and shrug her shoulders. She was a wandering Ranger, even if she'd been stationary of late. No way was she going to be judging folks for roaming the Wasteland. The arrival of the rather striking Kaelyn and her argumentative Pipboy on steroids does make the woman blink, but there's a look of amusement on her features before she raises a hand in greeting.
Kaelyn Kae glances at the menu of drinks and settles on a soda for now. The girl then glances around curiously as her forearm calls out "Non Alchoholic?" says CORA, before she goes on "Good choice!" Kae then blinks "Ya know, I've not been drunk once since I came here..." To which CORA responds "Of course, my guidance has kept you sober! Can you imagine if you were in a bar without me? Jeeze!" Kae blinks and sighs, before banging her forehead on the counter top repeatedly... CORA then calls out "Don't bang yer head on the counter! It's bad for the counter!"
Lucas The afternoon is warm and comfortable, which means the mood in the saloon is fairly upbeat. Lucas is eating a bowl soup at the bar. He's leaning over the bowl and eating with the steady efficiency of the truly hungry. As the bowl finally nears empty he slows, turning his attention to the glass of water next to it.
Fiona Fiona enters the saloon from the road. Her hat slipped off at tbe door, the only sign of her militia status in her casual dress. She carries something wrapped in tarp, about rifle size in her left hand. Up the the bar, her dusty appearance making her look to have come in from the wasteland. "A tall beer." She says pointing at the mug she wants.
Stockton Stockton shoulders into the Saloon, the big man shadowing out the doorway for a moment before pushing into the establishment. A shorter shadow follows after him. Taking off his cowboy hat, the Sheriff of El Dorado chews on a cigarillo in one corner of his mouth as he glances around. "Kinda busy, kinda surprised," he drawls to the person behind him before simply bee lining for the bar and the Mr. Handy who'll get him his usual beer. A tip of his head is given to Lucas and Fiona as he passes them.
Sparrow Sparrow wanders after Stockton, pulling off her hat and rolling her shoulders. She walks tall, shoulders back and chin up and her face is deceptivly weathered. Crows feat and smile lines have been sun baked into her features tough her eyes are bright and youthful. "Kinda surprised? About the saloon bein' full? Clearly you haven't kept track of all the trouble lately. Drifts men to drinkin, Sherriff." She pays for a beer as well and moves to her usual spot.
Fiona Fiona settles to a seat, hefting the wraped object, almost certainly a rifle, but not a long one. Her beer is taken for a long sip, eyes drawn to the opening door and large form of Stockton. As her approaches, she lowers her beer, "Sheriff." Then adds a nod to Sparrow as she tucks her sway back hat to her lap. The tarp is gingerly untucked to reveal a carbine length assault rifle. New would not be a fair term for the old firearm, but the level of excitement and reverence in the amber eyes of its current holder might make it new to her. And oily cloth is tugged from her back pocket to wipe the length of the weapon. Her lips rise to a brighter smile as the weapon seems to other that grit be in good condition, "Must be from a Vault." She mutters and takes another drink.
Stockton Stockton offers a smile back at Sparrow for the quip and he shrugs, "I'm allowed to be surprised," he huffs a little bit before puffing a breath of that sweet smelling tobacco smoke. His beer arrives and he moves to carry it over to Sparrow's normal spot as well. Settling down into a chair he groans some. Glancing back towards Fiona and her acquisition he perks a brow upwards, "Fancy piece a hardware yah got there. Kinda ammo's it take?"
Lucas The rifle draws Lucas' attention, though he returns Stockton's nod. He studies the weapon with obvious interest. "Pretty impressive. Looks like someone cared for it." He pauses to finish his soup and push the bowl away. "Find like that is useful, profitable as well I'd bet."
Fiona Fiona turns her head to the question from Stockton, thumb drawing back the cylinder, "Five millimeter, harder to come by.. But they will shred Legion armor, I think." Her eyes glancing over to Lucas, "Thank you, first piece of luck I have had in a while.. Not too far from town. Saw some critters out by the road a few times. Guess that is what happened to the previous owner. Found a fouled round in the chamber." Another look up between the pair, "Yall had any luck?"
Stockton Stockton pulls out a sack of ammunition and starts sorting through it, the click of metal on metal very distinct. "Five mil huh, damn, seems I gave or sold what I had, er I'd be happy tah get yah loaded down with ammunition too. Those rifles are a pain to keep fed," he winks with a smirk, "But looks like she'll do yah well and proud." A blink and the Sheriff shrugs, "I don't go out inta the Wastes much these days. Got the city ta look after and the neighboring towns fer patrols. B'sides, if the Sheriff gets stuck diggin' in a hole, who's gonna come get 'im?" he asks with a smirk and tips back another beer swallow.
Fiona Fiona looks to the bag, eyes shifting over the various rounds. "Nice pile. It is okay, they will have some in the at the militia armory, I hope." A grin as she presses the magazine release, slidding out the mag and rubbing the cloth up inside as she listens, "Well, the militia, we have not to bad record on that." A spent brass casing is drawn from her pocket to tap the pin and breach the rifle. "Be good by time to go down to Mexico. Never seen a super mutant. You guys goin?"
Lucas "Now that's what I thought deputies were for." He shakes his head slowly. "Hoping to get out there soon, haven't since getting to town though." He chuckles as he sips his drink. "Still, with goodies like that out there... I need to get myself some cells for my AEP. Not cheap.
Sparrow Sparrow finishes looking in her duster before taking it off and settling in. She takes her beer and moves to relight her cigarillo before settling in next to Stockton. The blonde cowgirl finally starts paying attention to the conversation rather than searching the room for familiar faces. "I am. He needs to stay here and take care of business." She says quietly.
Stockton Stockton shrugs a bit, "I did my fair share of wanderin' afore I settled down some," he flicks a glance at Sparrow and tries not to smirk. "Ah, yer Militia, how's Manny doin? Er..the Marshall?" it's always hard for the big guy to remember decorum and titles. He knew these people, so he calls 'em by name. "Energy weapon ammunition is a petty bitch to find," he agrees, "Though I'm happy ta pay anyone seven caps a piece fer .50 ammunition," he lets them know.
Stockton Stockton glances back at Sparrow and his eyes narrow some, "We're still debatin' all that."
Fiona Fiona gives another nod when Sparrow speaks up. A quick grin, and she listens to tbe Sheriff speak, "Fifty calibre. Must kick like a horse with a bloat fly sting. If I see any... I'll let ya know." A hand pulls out the firing cylinder, while the other claims her beer for a long chug that ends with a mild cough at the disagreement between the pair. "Yes,Sir. Militia at almost ten years." A pause as her humor fades, "No recent word on the Captain, yet."
Fiona Beer finished with another gulp, the trap is wrapped back on. "Excuse me. I forgot I was supposed to check the roster for fill-ins."