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Kasumi     Its midafternoon, and Kasumi is stretching out a little bit. Saeko set up camp in the spacious lot near Honzo's. The woman stretches out a little bit, having slepted during the Dawn hours, trading watch with Saeko. She doesn't know if the woman had ever done such a thing as standing watch, so she let Saeko sleep most of the night. Besides, her dreams have been nightmares recently. The Supermutants, slavers, the bombs, and failures seem to creep into dreams every night lately since she looked in Dunwich...She hasn't been sleeping very well.
Saeko Eventually, Saeko would have to get herself a damn room. But the only home she'd ever known sure as hell wasn't going to be rebuilt with her hands, she was a lot better at cutting things down then building them. Though Hanzhou had offered her his place as shelter, with the man away it hadn't seen appropriate to simply stay in. Sleeping nearby with her bedroll and cloak for shelter seemed the next best option. Having another nearby however? That was different. Often Saeko did her best to hide herself away before sleeping and had to trust in her instincts to wake her. Even so, she had the rest she needed. The same could not be said for Kasumi.

The Kunoichi wasn't immune to nightmares, she'd had plenty, but even so she tilts her head while she regards the other woman over the rucksack she was currently checking over. "Your sleep was disturbed last night. Bad dreams?"
Kasumi     Kasumi takes in a deep breath as she looks over herself. She rolls her neck a little bit, and tries to will the sweat on her skin away. The woman finally settles down enough. "Just went someplace, and it had an effect on my mind. I will be ok.", she says. Kasumi has gotten used to speaking half truths for so long it comes natural. "You know, Saeko, you can stay in my room. Its a little noisy at times, and well, the people there might say things, but its a roof over your head, and a bed to rest in.", she points out. "No one from Nippon should be forced to sleep outside without any protection.", she states.
Saeko "I have grown used to it. Without horse, cart or other transport one camps quite a bit." she says, but the offer of the room earns a nod none the less. "I will think on it, when I am in El Dorado. Rumors will abound regardless." The look on her face suggests she doesn't quite buy the explaination Kasumi had given, but she's yet to press on the issue. Instead she considers for a moment. "There were times, even recent, where memories and thoughts haunted my sleep. It can make things...strained."
Kasumi     Kasumi chuckles a little bit, and then recites a buddhist mantra quickly. She seems to settle a little bit. "Saeko, innocent conversation to drag out what bothers my sleep is not a good tactic to use.", she says. The woman stretches a little more. "You are much faster, and stronger then I am, and much more talented in the physical arts.", she says. THe woman takes a deep breath. "But I was trained to gather info for others though any means.", she tells. The woman sighs a bit. "It is not worth talking about. Believe me.", she says.
Saeko "I have come across literiture while travelling that might suggest other ways of getting you to 'talk'," Saeko says lightly, adjusting her pack once more and then finally zipping it up once she was convinced that everything was sitting where it was supposed to be. Reaching now for her katana, she begins to secure it in place. "But I do not believe that it would be appropriate, especially if you are concerned of rumors and there are only so many times one should tie someone up in a day." Was that another joke from the 'Kunoichi'? Odd. "Does it distract you when you are awake, or tire you so that you cannot function?"
Kasumi     Kasumi stops for a second, and then bursts out laughing. "I was more concerned that you would worry about rumors.", she laughs. The woman shakes her head, and continues to laugh a little more. "Oh, that was...good.", she says. The woman shakes her head a little bit. "Those types of rumors do not bother me. For I do what I want to do. Or who.", the woman winks lightly. She picks up her gear. Since Saeko last saw her, the woman picked up an assaultron blde. She straps it to her hip, and places her p90 in the small of her back. "My mind is focused, and I rest as I am able.", she states.
Saeko A shrug of her shoulders, Saeko makes to stand, offering a hand to Kasumi to do the same. "I try...and rumors bother me little. People would have to notice me to give it thought, and I am rather good at being unnoticed." Slinging her bow over her shoulder, the woman stretches out and then begins to walk, seemingly headed towards the edge of town and the Clovis highway. It was the quickest and most travelled path back to El Dorado. "Maybe you should seek rest somewhere other than the back of a noodle shop. Your own bed. It might help your sleeping."
Kasumi     Kasumi takes the hand, and gets up. She dusts herself off a little bit. The woman doesn't really have any bags with her. She mostly carries what she needs. She heads onto the highway with Saeko. "It does not bother me. My bed, the ground, anywhere inbetween. I am fine.", she says. "It is the company that makes it better.", she says. "This age is so much different then the one I am used to. And many things bother the mind. Rest will not come until understand an acceptence.", she states.
Saeko "Yours is far more literal than mine, but our worlds have changed quite suddenly. It is like being caught in a storm really, one weathers it and survives if they can." Saeko speaks, hands pulling her hood up over her head to protect her pale skin from the sun. "But you are right, company makes a difference. Before coming here to this part of the wasteland, the journey was the longest I'd made without another with me. To do that always would drive a person mad."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head, not putting anything over just yet. Her skin has tanned quite a bit from its normal tone. "You do what you must when you have to.", she tells. THe woman rests her hand on the blade on her hip. "Hence why I made my offer. You should not be out here, camping all the time. There are dangers out here, and sometimes I worry about you.", she says
Saeko Saeko actually smirks at that thought, laughing softly. "I willingly attack armed men with a sword, recently those whom were in power armor with Plasma weaponry..." she pauses, glancing sidelong at the other asian. "There are plenty of dangers everywhere. Why should sleep be any different?" Even so, she does look down the length of the highway. "I will...try it. See how things work. It does not sound unpleasant."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little, as she continues the journey. "It would put my mind at ease.", she tells. The woman laughs a little bit as she walks. "And sleep is the Soldier's currancy. You should have it when you can, and not worry about what may happend as you rest. At least where I live at the moment, you have plenty of guards."