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Willow Caine Another beautiful day in El Dorado. The sun is up and a nice breeze is keeping the hot from being far too oppressive. Willow is sitting on a bench as she watches the flowers, clearly trying to get a little sun before the evening opens up and gets busy at the Saloon.
Kasumi     Its not long before a shadow overtakes the woman. One would sense something odd about it. Not hostile, yet direct. Its Kasumi, save she's clad in all her gear, getting ready for tonight. THere's a sword on her hip, and the p90 on the small of her back. She doesn't look like a warrior. There's even been jokes from a few in the saloon that she's just one of the Girls given weapons as part of a roleplay type of deal.

    After a few seconds, the woman sits down next to Willow, and gives the woman a small kiss on the cheek. "The Silver Dollar gig isn't going to work out unless somebody tells all the groups that its neutral ground.", she tells.
Willow Caine "I'll be there next time and heaven help the person who starts a fight there." Willow responds quietly, giving Kasumi a serene smile as she reaches out to hug her friend. "How are you doing, Kasumi?"
Kasumi     Kasumi returns the hug. Willow might see the little smudges of make up under Kasumi's eyes. And there's a little bit of darkness around them. Almost sunken a little bit as if somebody hasn't been sleeping well lately. "I am fine. And I don't think you could have done much last night. It was an assistant sheriff and an omerta. You know what that means.", she tells. The woman leans back against the bench. "And thank you for the extra key. I have passed it on to a...friend, who was camping out in the wastelands.", she says.
Willow Caine "You're welcome, honey." Willow responds, leaning back on her hands. "I don't care if it's the President of the Wastelands though, in my Saloon that kind of shit doesn't fly. Did the Omerta actually *DO* anyting?"
Kasumi     "Well, technically, it was in Frank's Casino. Mayor Kitty placed him in charge of it, but since it was connected to the Saloon, I treated it as part of it. I offered my services as a bouncer last night.", she tells. THe woman stretches a little bit. "And no, not as far as I could make out. I do not know if there were any warrents for his arrest either. They left in peace, but I would like to ask Frank that next time, all patrons will be required to check their weapons in, and be offered tickets to pick them up later. There are plenty of girls who could use a night off, just to relax, and check weapons in.", she states.
Willow Caine "The Casino is in the Saloon and in the interest of keeping the peace, I think your suggestion should be implemented." Willow murmurs, her hands folded in her lap. "That is the kind of excitement we don't want, it'll keep people away."
Kasumi     Kasumi nods her head a little bit. "I shall let you speak with Frank about it then. Take credit for the idea.", she says. The woman takes in a deep breath as she rolls her neck. "Also, are there sleeping medicines in this age? I have heard of chems to hype you up, but I need something to put me down.", she tells.
Willow Caine "I honestly don't know." Willow says, gazing at Kasumi with a concerned look on her face. "I've never had that problem, I can ask around if you'd like. Maybe see if we can find something." She reaches out and slips her hand in Kasumi's. "Why can't you sleep?"
Kasumi     Kasumi debates on saying something, making something up. The woman sighs a bit. "I went to Dunwich.", she tells. The woman lifts up her sleeve, and there's several bruises and slashes there, but no blood. She lifts the pants leg up, and her ankle is really swollen. Yet she has shown no signs of being hurt. The woman doesn't really say much more on the subject.
Willow Caine "That is not a very safe place to go, by all accounts that I've heard." Willow drawls, taking in the wounds that Kasumi shows her. "I hope you're not planning on going back." She remarks, gazing at Kasumi with a mild stare.
Kasumi     Kasumi lowers her sleeve and rolls down her pants leg. She shrugs her shoulders. "Oppertunities to find scavenge around here are few and far between. There is plenty there. I go where I must.", she states.
Willow Caine "You risk your life." Willow sighs, but smiles in Kasumi's direction anyway. "Have you found anything interesting out there?"
Kasumi     It is rare to hear Kasumi speak her native tongue. Even more so to hear it with actual fear behind it. "Kurai akumu.", she says. There's a shiver there, before the woman squeezes her arm a bit. The intesnity of the grab, there's a bit of darkness staining her sleeve....
Willow Caine Willos shakes her head as she watches Kasumi. "You are going to end up getting hurt beyond what we can help with." She murmurs, gazing at the other woman's sleeve. "So tell me - what is it you're seeking in that darkness?"
Kasumi     Kasumi keeps squeezing her arm. "An end to the akumu.", she blurts out. Now the woman is definitly shaking. "The laughter, the cold touches, every shadow, things that I don't understand.", she says. Something is starting to break behind that normally cool facade that the woman carries.
Willow Caine Willow gathers Kasumi in for a hug and murmurs quietly. "You shouldn't go back there, it's dangerous and look what it's doing to you." She frowns and sits back, her eyes on the woman across from her. "If you could only see yourself now."
Kasumi     At this point, Kasumi has started doing buddhist mantras. They start out very fast, but then they start to slow down. Kasumi's mind starts to settle down, and soon the woman is back to her normal self. The woman shakes her head a little bit. Kasumi sighs. "Sorry, but I have to keep going there. There's not much else around that hasn't been picked clean.'
Willow Caine Willow gets to her feet, her arms crossed over her chest. "If you must, then you must." She states, and turns to leave the garden, obviously in high dudgeon. "If it affects your work, we'll talk about it then."