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Alice Word was that Alice and Vault Team Six had found an old set of buildings out in the desert and had invited anyone who wanted to come help scavenge them along to join in! Lucky for everyone there was two cars to make the trip out to the old buildings!

The two buildings themselves looked like they had been deserted for well over two-hundred years, likely before the bombs even dropped. Both buildings were small one story pre-fab type buildings and if the person who sold them could see them now, they would be amazed that the buildings were still standing.

Stepping out of the Black Highwayman that Vault Team Six used, Alice peered at the buildings and announced, "I don't think these are the right buildings.."
Iris Lark Iris steps out of the Highwayman and glances around, her eyes narrowing as she takes in the buildings. "I'm surprised that these buildings are still standing. Could we have taken a wrong turn?" She says, her eyes going wide before she sneezes.
Alice "Yeah, I think we were supposed to go the other way after Albuquerque maybe.." Alice replied with a confused look before asking, "You guys wanna check these buildings out anyways?"
Kaelyn Kae's got now some leg armor, and the girl has her white-pony-tailed head wrapped now in a military helmet. Kae hops off the vehicle, the girl's long, tapered, pointy ears are somehow wedged into to the military kevlar helmet... Kae rubs her head, and adjusts her chin-strap, before checking doubly to make sure her carbine was loaded and ready to go. Kae now tugs the charging handle back, then lets it down with a light click. CORA, her wrist computer, then pipes up "Loaded now!" the synthesized matronly voice chimes in. Kae then blinks and looks at her wrist and then shrugs "Yup.... Figured I'd chamber a round after we got here." Says Kae before she looks around, the girl's crimson eyes now settling on Vault Team Six curiously, as CORA chimes to Kae "More military stuff.." Kae then umms and shrugs "Well salvage never hurts... Specially after I dropped more caps on more armor." kae says and grins slightly before looking at CORA's screen.. "Can ya compare this to old maps and maybe give us a good idea of the topography of this place, maybe also what was here before the Apocolypse?"
Jacqueline Jacqueline Wayne is /always/ interested in scavenging, what with her motorcycle project to finish, and you never know what's in old buildings these days. So she's come along, shotgun in tow.
Climbing out of the back seat of the Highwayman, she frowns thoughtfully at Alice's words, and Iris's. "Well, we're here, the buildings are here... maybe these have interesting stuff inside them. I'm for checking them out."
Eden Eden steps out next and surveys the buildings. She has never been out this way and they just look like old buildings to her. "Well, what do the right buildings have? Is there a marker of some kind?"
Apostle     One of the vehicles is the newly repaired Velocity; it looks almost like new with its imperial red paint and attention to detail. The back of the formerly luxury sedan, pre-war in origin, is left open to the sky with empty weaponry mounts. It's there that Apostle rests, as comfortable as anyone ever could be, peering out through the goggles of her helmet, the softly wheezed 'hsk' of her rebreather ever-present. Familiar, for those that have spent any time in her company.
    When they stop, she pops up over the hood, her goggles lifted up to sit securely against the hood-covered helm, golden eyes squinting as she takes in the building with a baffled expression. She glances up to the sky, then to the buildings, tapping a fist on the top of the car to get the attention of the driver.
    Hssk. Hssk.
    "Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay; the worst is death and death will have his day."
    It's all that she says, but one assumes it'll be enough for Vector to make sense of, even if others are left in the dark. She unholsters her energy pistol as she swings her leg up and over the edge of her 'bunk', before popping down onto the ground with a dusty plume that drifts away easily on the breeze.
Iris Lark Iris spots Apostle and she shifts on her feet for a moment, remember that she's not scary anymore. Kind of. She glances back towards Jackie and Alice and shrugs. "We're here we might as well go inside and see what it's about." She sneezes again. "Hopefully soon though, because something out here is making me sneeze like crazy."
Vector     With the car brought to a stop, Vector doesn't appear to want to get out of the car. Instead, he rests his face on the steering wheel, enjoying the comfort that the vehicle provides for the man. With a sigh, the engine is slowly turned off - and the man begins to peel himself out of the car with no little amount of hesitation and reservation. "You're right, something does seem awfully off about this place." He offers to Apostle in response to her quotation, and the man turns to reach inside of the vehicle.
    A variety of small firearms are drawn out from around the drivers seat - two pistols, and a rifle - slung over shoulder, and two on safety and in the belt, in lieu of a proper holster for the time being. "But, we're here. We can loot. Wrong buildings. Right buildings. They still stand, so they maybe got things in them."
Jacqueline Jackie glances aside at Apostle and Vector climbing out of their car, then digs into a pocket and offers Iris a bandanna, folding it in half so it forms a triangle. "Here. This might help with the sneezing."
Scarr Scarr walks along a gravled path coming to a stop neer iris. "Funny meeting you here huh?" looking round he dicided to ask. "So what can i do to help out in these parts?"
Iris Lark Iris accepts the bandana and she ties it around her face. Who looks like a ganger now? She sneezes one more time and then sniffles. "That is a bit better, thank you Jackie." When Scarr walks up and says it's fancy that she's here, she nods slowly and she might be grinning under the fabric. Who can say? She pulls out her pistol and grunts softly. "Who is going to volunteer to go in first?"
Kaelyn Kae walks up beside Iris and the others, the tall, crimson-eyed woman looking out to the old buildings curiously... "I guess I can try to sneek down there, I can be pretty stealthy when need be." To which CORA chimes in "Volunteering to go first again?" Kae then shrugs "Ayup.." She says with a slight toothy smile. Kae looks at all the flks aroun dhere curiously and umms "Less you want someone else pointing things up..."
Alice "We just sort of drove up in cars, I dunno if we need to actually be stealthy at this point." Alice said with a grin to Kaelyn, cause if they were going to be shot at? It probably already would have happened, cars weren't exactly quiet, "Should probably check for traps though, anyone good at that sort of thing?"
Apostle     Snort.
    Apparently that's all the information Apostle's going to respond with in an effort to clarify her skill at finding traps, her shoulders rolling back and crimson tails kicking up dust as they flick about the sand in their idle drag behind her. She does, however, go about searching. So, maybe the answer's ... yes?
Scarr Scar walks up and disided to check for traps with his sheild up front
Vector     "Not getting paid to get shot first." Vector offers, as he shuts the door on the car - and then promptly moves around to close the door that Abe got out of. He then pauses, kneeling for a second to rub his sleeve on the door - rubbing off the remains of some small lizard that got caught under the cars wheel. He then plucks up a bit of the flesh that's left stuck to the door, and pops it under the veil - crunching and chewing away as he paces away from the car. "Traps though. Traps are fine." He mutters, as he begins idly shuffling towards the buildings themselves.
    Not that he's going to have any luck actually /finding/ anything, considering he's concentrating more on chewing down the bit of lizard in his mouth.
Iris Lark Iris gazes along the ground and she sniffles a bit as she looks. She squints at something she might see on the ground, but it's a scrubby plate. She sneezs again and grumbles. "I can't see shit." She says, using some uncharacteristic bad language.
Jacqueline "I don't /see/ any traps," Jackie admits, frowning. "But that doesn't mean there aren't any. I don't have my flashlight out."
Apostle     "Where there are minefields, we shall walk as though there are none."
    It is the tinny voice of Apostle, devoid of all wisdom. That holds true with her actions.
Scarr with his sheild out in front of him Scarr attempts to walk the full ligth of the area to their destination and if shit hits the fan oh well
Abe     "I don't think that works." Abe opined. "I don't think that's how that works at all.
Alice There doesn't seem to be any traps that are spotted as the group of intrepid adventurers moves forward ahead of the rest of the group, even if only just a little.

Iris and Vector through sheer luck pull their feet away in time when they feel something amiss but Scarr, Jacqueline and Apostle? THEY'RE NOT SO LUCKY!!!

It was frickin quicksand and it was pulling the three down at a steady pace! Don't panic!!!!!!!!
Iris Lark Iris blinks as the sand opens up and starts to swallow some of the people in their group. She glances around and speaks up so she can be heard. "Form a chain, we'll all keep hold of each other and try to slowly pull them out, one at a time!" A breath. "Everyone grab hands!"
Scarr Scar starts sinking from quicksand and begins to struggle making him sink faster "well this is great im going to die and by a bullshit thing known as quick sand
Kaelyn Kae follows after the group, staying well back as they wanted to check for traps now? Then she notices folks starting to sink? She does as told of course, the girl looking around for any other kind of debris that might help the people who are generally being sucked on by sand.. "Ok, that sand bloody sucks..." calls out her pip-CORA, Kae blinks "Bad timing for puns CORA." She says and tries to lock hands with one of the folks being pulled into the sand...
Alice Alice grabs on to Iris and does her best to help, "I've got your back! Don't worry we'll get you guys out of there and if we don't, well, sorry!"
Jacqueline "I don't see any... whoa!" Jackie yelps as the ground under her feet proves to be something other than ground! She slides down, ending up up to her midriff in something soft, icky, and disgustingly treacherous. "Oh, yuck! This is just /gross/!"
And the news remains bad: She's ever so slowly sinking! "Help!" she calls, twisting to look back over her shoulder.
Apostle     She slinks onward, apparently not seeing anything that would cause her any alarm. Apostle is not the most cautious of individuals, and so when she starts to sink, it likely doesn't actually... SINK IN.
    ... for some time, anyway.
    When the walls seem to be moving upward, her brow jerks into a sharp, high arch of silent question. Hsssssk.... HSSK! HSSK!
    Panic sets in as it dawns on her that the walls are not going up, she's going down. She flails, madly. The struggle is intense, and reason has escaped her for the time being. "You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there..." HSSK. Hssk. Really, Apostle? Now? You're quoting shit now?
    "Tell her this and more; That the king of the seas weeps too, old, helpless man. The bustling fates..." Hssk, flail, strain, "The bustling fates... heap his hands with corpses, until he stands--HNNGH!" HSSK! HSSK! HSSK!
    "LIKE A CHILD!" Her true voice breaks through the crackling comms. Iris suggests taking someone's hand, but her hands jerk away from any that try the touch her, "LIKE A CHILD!" She howls, hands flailing frantically, flapping about in the quicksand in the general direction of Vector and Velocity, eyes wide with desperation.
Vector     Staring as people start to make a chain - after barely avoiding getting caught himself - Vector lifts up his veil and turns his head, spitting out the leftover bits of lizard he couldn't chew up enough to devour. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he then turns and marches off towards Velocity, pulling the car door open as he reaches in and grabs a length of chain, dragging it out of the car as he moves to the back bumper. Wrapping the chain and tying it up as best as he feels comfortable with, the man then marches back to his car and gets in. "Human chains." He mutters to himself, still holding the majority of the chain as he reverses the car as far as feels comfortable. He gets out, then turns, lobbing the length of chain...
    ... At Apostle. So it lands before her frantically flailing hands. So, not everyone else, then. He gets back into the car, and begins a slow but constant acceleration, to drag the woman out of the quicksand. At least one person saved. Right?
Jacqueline She can't see over her shoulder very well, but the lack of any grabbing of herself tells Jackie that whatever's happening back there, it's not working. With a flash of inspiration, she twists as far as she can and presents Iris with the long barrels of her shotgun, holding it by the stock with both hands. She's careful to keep her fingers out of the trigger guard. "Iris! Grab the shotgun!"
Iris Lark Iris stares at the shotgun and she closes her eyes, reaches out and snags the barrel. Her hands are shaking as she holds on to Alice with her other hand. She pulls though, with all her might, grunting with effort. "Don't let go Jackie, and whatever you do, do NOT put your finger on that bloody trigger!"
Apostle     Metal! Her saviour comes at last!
    Apostle's hands fly to that link of chain, wrapping it about one of her wrists in her panic, gripping tight with the other to be sure she can displace the strain from only one limb with delicate socket. "With surplus of toys... toys," Her eyes squeeze shut, her limbs still jerking in her panic, as she waits to be pulled free by Velocity.
    Er. Vector. I guess.
Abe     "Welp... Shit." A moment of calm before panic runs it's fingers across the strings of his heart. He is gripped, momentarily by indecision, all of the old vids he saw back home are useless. Why was this topic not copiously touched upon by day time TV and several prime-time programs.

Vector has an answer however. "That.. works.." he mused.

So The Woman was handled, Alice and Iris seemed to have Jackie. Now just the dude... in the heavy armor.. and a shield. "Hold on, I'm-" Abe ambles over to what he hopes is the shore... edge of the quick sand and reaches out... Pain, hot, searing pain. From his arm, his chest, his entire body as it screams from lack of sleep... This was a mistake.
Alice Apostle is pulled out thanks to the quick work of Vector and Velocity, the Power of Double V! *BAP* Shoulda had a V8!

Jackie is also lucky enough to be pulled out by a human chain of Iris, Alice, Kaelyn and Eden before she sinks too far in which leaves Scarr.

Poor Abe, he should barely have been walking let alone trying to pull a man out of quicksand. Scarr's world goes black as Abe tumbles down on top of him, into the quicksand and begins to push him down further with his girth!

Abe was now sinking and Scarr was beneath him!

At least they were holding hands?
Jacqueline "It's off, promise!" Jackie calls back, sighing in relief as she's hauled out of the muck. "Thanks, Iris... Alice... ugh. This might pose a problem in getting to those buildings."
She looks back to the mire, trying to see if anybody else is stuck. Unfortunately, someone is: Two someones by the names of Abe and Scarr! She does /not/ want to weigh their chances of pulling out a heavyset Squire and a man in heavy armor. "Uh-oh... think they'll let us throw the chain out into the stuff again?" she wonders aloud, setting aside the shotgun to be cleared once this is done with.
Vector     Velocity is brought to a halt, and Vector comes clambering out. Pacing over to Apostle, he ensures the woman is A) Unharmed and B) Not dead. With both of these given an approval, the man takes the chain and lobs it at Abe and Scarr this time, giving an idle grunt of irritation from behind his veil. The man turns and stomps back into his vehicle, hoping that the chain at least clonks someone in the head this time. "Grab." He calls out from the vehicle, before he begins the process of holy acceleration once more. By that, he presses on the gas pedal.
    With the car inching its way forwards to ensure that the two erstwhile bullet magn--hopeful adventurers don't die of asphyxiation via quicksand, Vector drums his fingers into the steering wheel, resisting the urge to just gun the engine. "More toys for this, Boss. Much more. Soon, the big steel will scream its death at everything from the back."
Kaelyn Well she had been trying to help pull folks free, but well, Kae cannot hope to even remotely be able to hold up to the strength of well a car and chain.... Kae tries her best to try and help with other things as Vector uses a vehicle to tug folks out of the sand. She also takes it upon her self to look around for a stick, or a big piece of re-bar to maybe probe for more quick sand and the bottom of said quick-sand pools so they can navigate their way around and through the area to those buildings.
Apostle     It's not long before Apostle is dusting herself off, her sputtering masked by the hissing draw of her rebreather as she prepares to pretend this never happened. She's huffing softly, bursts of fragranced air billowing out, apparently completely unconcerned with getting any closer to those buildings. Her head tosses back as her nose flings into the air and she stalks angrily back toward her perch inside Velocity, sliding in with a loud thump before Vector drives again to pull other folk free of the sand.
    She again pops up from the open back, her pistol rested atop the hood. Hssk. "Retreat is brave when you steal a great prize from your enemy's hands." She informs, her free hand lifted to pull the goggles back down over her eyes to hide away the baleful golden glare that awaits any that dare question her belief in the falsehood on what all just transpired.
Abe     That... did not go as he would have hoped. No, it didn't go as he hoped at all.

It seemed like, yeah, this would be it. On the cusp of so many things, he'd just be another bloated, waterlogged corpse at the bottom of this mix of water and sand... but a chain found him, heavy, it thumped across this pit or that of his anatomy in admonishment for his foolishness. Smarting enough to ensure that when his hand flew to it, he would know where it was going. Soon, he was out in the air again, coughing, sputtering. Sucking wind...

"I think... I'll stay out here.. and watch the cars." he volunteers.
Iris Lark Iris walks towards Abe slowly. "If you want, I can try to .." She gestures at his injures with a lifted brow and a smile tugging at her lips. "Field dressings might make it slightly better at least, so you can come with us."
Abe     "Struggling, Abe rolls to his good, no, no Abem that's the wrong shoulder. That's why that hurts. Yes, that one. After a moment, Abe rolls to his actual good shoulder and props himself up. "You know.. I can't say no to you, Doc'." he manages, features slightly ashen and caked with sand.
Jacqueline Seeing as Vector seems to have the rescuing handled, Jackie begins dealing with the remaining ick clinging to her outfit and gear, scraping it off with her hands. She sits down and pulls off her boots, emptying them of more of the gunk. "Careful, Kaelyn," she advises, seeing the pointy-eared woman looking for something.
Vector     The car is put into park, and Vector once again switches off the engine before he pulls himself free. He eyeballs Abe's prone form for a few moments, before nodding in approval that the man isn't dead and is still communicating. He checks his own equipment for a few moments, before he paces over to stand close to Apostle in her perch, "Everyone gets to live. We aren't even in yet. Retreat might be sound, but I want to loot. Make sure no thieves get to what should be ours beforehand." With even his own mention of thieves, the man's paranoia becomes physical, as he shifts and mutters, grumbles and rests his palm on the grip of the oversized revolver that he has decided to haul around with him.
Kaelyn Kae glances back to Jacqueline and smiles "Looking for long poles or something like that we can use to probe the ground in front of us as we move..." she says and also looks around "Also mebbe if we can stick to rocky terrain as we approach? I doubt that we can sink into rocks." she adds and tilts her head..."You guys are more expert than I am."
Iris Lark Iris nods as Abe gives his permission and she pulls some bandages and salve from her kit and works quietly on his injuries. "If you want some additional help, I can stimpak you, but that'll be another ache until it starts to work."
Abe     "I.. can do without the stabby stabby." Abe abstains from the stimpak. "You might need it inside." he tries to deflect his dislike of needles into something like considerate thought and compassion. "I'll be fine, stay out here, watch the cars. If I get too hot, I'll take another dip."
Apostle     A pause.
    Apostle stares down at Vector in quiet contemplation of his words, her head then turning toward the buildings, her shoulders slowly lifting in a combination of apprehension and shrug.
    "Some people just needed to be stolen from."
    One can only assume it is her way of agreeing with the sentiment he puts forth, sand still trickling off her clothes like tiny waterfalls of dust and regret, though this is completely ignored by the strange woman. She allows Iris to handle the dirtywork of touching another's flesh, healing the wounded, doing whatever it is that doctors do -- certainly, she could have aided, but she has problems of her own. Problems that do not need any physical contact with another.
    Better problems, that in mind.
    "Debt is owed for saviour, and the debtor is equipped." She points a calloused, grimy finger toward Scarr, then jerks her chin toward the buildings. "Go, then, hero of wasteland sands. Show the way, expendable Adonis, to the purpose-bringers."
Jacqueline Opening her jacket to clear the inside of sandy gunk, Jackie gives Kae a smile. "Good ideas, both! And considering that us experts almost sank, I hope you do find something long and probe-y."
She pulls off her belt, setting it and the pistols in it on the back of the Highwayman to be checked over. "I have a bad feeling that cleaning this outfit will be a long-term project," she mutters, with a glare at the offending puddle of ick. Her pants come off next, so she can clear the insides of the legs of more of the stuff. It's not a practical concern, really, but it definitely /feels icky/. Yuck! "I'm with the driver on this. It was a long drive, and I'd hate to go home empty-handed. I'll be good for more investigating in a few."
Alice Everything seems to be relatively safe again aside from what was a minefield of quicksand between where the group had parked and the two old prefab buildings. The air was growing colder as the sun set and a mutant coyote could be heard howling in the distance.

In the partially darkened skies you all noticed something peculiar.

It was a glowing silver disc, the archetypal flying saucer and it was hovering above the group of you about 50 feet in the air, a beam of light tracing along the ground from the object towards the group!
Iris Lark "Oh not again." Iris moans quietly, her hands that are working on Abe's wounds going still. She trembles as she watches the disc moving closer and she winces, squeezing her eyes closed.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and stares at the disk... She's never seen one of those... Meanwhile CORA makes the comment "Oh dear lord... take me to your leader?" Kae blinks "Ok, soo not funny right now." she says quietly... Then she looks at Iris, crimson eyes wide "What do you mean not again?"
Vector     Vector, as helpful as can be..
    .. Points up at the flying saucer. Apparently, the sight of it has caused him to take a momentary leave of his senses!
Alice "Get to the cars!" Alice screams as she sees the flying saucer and grabs Iris by the arm as she rushes over to the Vaultmobile! She wasn't sticking around to find out what happened next.
Abe     Huh, that's new, okay, I think maybe....

Yup Alice is screaming.

"FinishlaterDoc,seeyouifwearn'tbeinganalprobedbymidnight!" he jabbers, quickly, hastily trying to pile into one of Velocity's back seats.
Iris Lark Iris is startled when Alice grabs her arm but she doesn't offer resistance as she's pulled along. Eventually she snaps out of the immobilizing fear and runs with her friend. "I don't want to be naked again! I hate Aliens!!" She screams as she moves for the Vaultmobile.
Apostle     Apostle's already in the car.
    Apostle is also bravely pointing her laser pistol at the saucers.
    She's not even a little afraid.
Vector     Vector's hand lowers after people start screaming and running and piling into vehicles. He takes a moment to blink, and then promptly comes to the understanding that he's most likely going to end up as the one not getting into a vehicle at this rate - so instead he turns and rather promptly gets himself into Velocity - taking the time to check the fuel gauge with a few taps - as he proceeds on the method of most holy propulsion. Strike the rune of ignition!
    He slams a fist on a custom-built red button that, when the keys are in, starts the engine. It comes to life, and he puts the vehicle into drive, and then presses his foot down on the gas.
Kaelyn Kae blinks... and races for the cars as was suggested, as soon as she hops into the vehicle, she looks to point her carbine out in case more wierdness comes out of the saucers.. "Soo you guys have had experience with these things?" she asks curiously as she looks out the window at the oncoming saucers... "Do they come in peace?"
Iris Lark "They..the kitana, our clothes, naked..alien blasters.." Iris whimpers, scrunched into the backseat, ducking almost instinctively. "They don't exactly come in...war?" She says, and then she wraps her arms around her legs.
Alice Alice was about to hop in the driver's seat when she noticed Vaultmeat going BONKERS in the back of the car, "I gotta calm him down. Someone else drive!" Sliding into the backseat she pulled the keys out of her vaultsuit and dangled them for whoever would take them as she tried to calm the big ol mutant puppy down because Vaultmeat HATED aliens!
Jacqueline Busy cleaning the legs of her pants and the revolver from her belt, Jackie doesn't see the beam of light at first. But the faint, odd sound of the flying craft draws her eyes upwards... "Eek! Oh no, not again!"
Alice's suggestion is a good one. "We need to move, now! Everybody grab a seat, fast!" she says as a second to the motion. Alice and Iris are in the car now, but Alice's dog is... well, all things considered, it's a perfectly reasonable response to having an alien ship coming your way. Jackie has a small feeling of impending doom...
Scooping up her as-yet still gunked gear, she clambers inside and dumps her things into the passenger floorboard. "On it!" she says, taking the offered keys. She finds the ignition almost instinctively, and the car roars to life!
The gears aren't that different from a motorcycle, really, just easier to work with. Shoving the car into gear, Jackie whips the Vaultmobile in a tight circle and follows Velocity's retreating back end. Right now, anywhere else would be a good place to be.
Alice Once the cars are started and driving away from the flying saucer, the strange unidentified flying object (nobody really knew wtf it was) began to follow after the vehicles, matching pace with them as that white light strobed towards them.

Jacqueline is able to get the Vaultmobile a good distance ahead of Velocity which the UFO was rapidly catching up on.

Then again, perhaps the Aliens were not interested in capture right now; but study. They didn't see too many cool cars around the Wasteland probably!
Iris Lark Iris is hunkered down on the floor of the car, her arms over her head. She doesn't even want to peek out to see if the aliens are following. She just wants to be elsewhere. She has no words to offer, and no sound comes from her lips.
Vector     You know when you're driving and you think everything is just perfectly fine and it's all awesome cause you got the window down?
    Yeah. Vector's not having that kind of day. Instead, he's muttering borderline abuse at the steering wheel as he glances nervously behind him, eyeballing the UFO as it begins to catch up on him, before he snaps his head forwards and pushes down more firmly on the gas pedal - nevermind that it isn't doing anything more - it makes him /feel/ better. "Blessed engine of acceleration, do not fail me now."
Kaelyn Kae peers out the window at the oncoming Saucers "Ya know folks, I have no clue how a car is going to out-run a flying vehicle, do you?" she asks, now studying the saucers curiously, she even puts her hand out to let CORA view the saucers "Whatcha think on em CORA?" Cora's avatar on the screen pops up and after going "Eep Meep meep, Take me to your Leader." With foil on her head then speeks out. "Well they're obviously curious about us for sure..." states the AI... Kae umms "capabilities?" CORA then pipes in "Absolutely no clue, nothing like that in my database." she says and Kae ducks back into the vehicle and looks to the others...
% "Soo how bout one of you tell me what is going on? I heard several "Not Agains." What are those things that are flying the Saucers, do you know what they may be?" she asks curiously, either not scared, or really, the truth is, she doesn't know to be scared, as she looks to Velocity curiously. Then seeing them being rather busy she decides to be quiet for now as she studies the Saucer's curiously.
Jacqueline That light is still in the rearview... and even if they're outpacing Velocity, it's still gaining on them all by the looks of things. "I think we've got a problem," Jackie says to the interior of the car in general. "They're following us!"
She looks back to the front just in time to swerve around a massive rock in the Vaultmobile's path! Not used to driving, she doesn't coordinate the brake, clutch, and gas just right, and the car loses ground in this crazy race. "Uh-oh..." Jackie murmurs, seeing the lights grow closer.
Apostle     From the back of Velocity, the tell-tale click and hiss before Apostle's voice is heard over the panic of others. It's like she's become too afraid to be afraid by this point -- too tired from nearly dying to be concerned about doing it again. One hand steadies herself by planting itself on the top of the hood, the other still clutching the grip of her laser pistol as though she were going to do something were it to come between her, them, and her car.
    "Captain Smek himself appeared on television for an official speech to humankind."
    Hssk. What?
    "... 'Noble Savages of Earth,' he said. 'Long time we have tried to live together in peace.'" Pause. Hssk. Under her breath she mutters a continuance: "(It had been five months.)" HSSK. Hssk, "...'Long time have the Boov suffered under the hostileness and intolerableness of you people. With sad hearts I now concede that Boov and humans will never to exist as one.' ..."
    Her head is on a swivel as their flight to safety, or their attempt at one, continues down dusty roads that had not seen travel, let alone of this sort, in what seems like an age. Her knees bend, sea-legs in an ocean of dunes, her balance an idle thing, rote in nature.
    "I remember being really excited at this point. Could I possibly be hearing right? Were the Boov about to leave? I was so stupid."
    Click. Hsk. Hssk. Hsk. Her breath whines pitiously.
    "... 'And so now I generously grant you Human Preserves - gifts of land that will be for humans forever, never to be taken away again, now.'..." Her voice even changes, that the alien is given his own tone, metallic as it may be -- robotic, inhuman. Somehow fitting.
    "So... that's when we Americans were given Florida. One state for three hundred million people." Hssss... her brows crease.
    "There were going to be some serious lines for the bathrooms."
    She's not helping.
Alice Velocity began to overtake the Vaultmobile and so to was the white light from the flying saucer about to take the 2077 Highwayman, no doubt to teleport it up inside of the flying saucer when something else altogether presented itself.

From the north a trio of Vertibirds (Enclave to the trained eye) raced in and began to fire off miniguns and rockets at the flying saucer. It wasn't enough to down the alien craft but it was enough to distract it.

The Enclave didn't know it, but they had saved the group of you today.

Whether they would manage to down the flying saucer for recovery and study was unknown. Maybe they would be downed themselves in the process. Such mysteries were not for the group to solve, only to wonder as they raced away through the desert down the old highway back towards El Dorado.

With the speed the drivers were going? They would make it there in record time to as they reached rural El Dorado with no sign of flying saucers or enclave vertibirds in sight.
Apostle     As they arrive at El Dorado, saved by the villainous Enclave, Apostle simply stands staring at the sky for long and ponderous moments. She's not entirely sure what just happened, she knows only of vaguely similar incidents she's encountered in her many years as a road warrior, and all of them seemed to have ended the same way; a trail of dust and miles behind them. It's only then that she realizes there's an interloper that has uninvitedly wriggled their way into the holy bastion that is Velocity, and her golden eyes turn angry.
    She glares down into the cab at Kaelyn.
    "A best friend is the only one that walks into your life when the world has walked out."
    The breath doesn't enter into her again.
    "Walk out."
    A booted foot gives a quick stomp to the metal in the back of the car where she stands, still scowling down at the woman through those blasted goggles that so protected her eyes from bits of their retreat that linger even now in the air she refuses to breathe back in.
    "Out." She repeats. Stomp. "Out!"
    Uh-oh. Someone missed their nap.
Jacqueline That light just keeps getting closer... but suddenly drops back? With the noise in the cabin, Jackie only barely hears the sounds of firing, but she's got no time to look for a source for it. "I think... I think they're giving up!" she calls aloud, risking a quick glance back at Iris, Alice, and Vaultmeat. "We did it! We got away!"
Not that they're out of the woods yet, but at least they're going in the right direction. El Dorado, here they come!
It's not very much later that they're pulling into town, one of the few automobiles to use this thoroughfare since the world went blooey. Jackie pulls to a stop not far from Velocity, glad to finally take her foot off the go-pedal. "No wonder that guy from that old movie wore a knee brace," she half-murmurs, half-sighs, going limp in the seat. "Everybody okay back there?"
Iris Lark "I'm okay.." Comes the wavering response from the back seat floor. "Are the aliens gone?" Iris asks quietly.
Kaelyn Kae blinks up at Apostle, then shrugs, she hops out of the vehicle and glances around, before slinging her rifle "SOooo... " she then sighs and shrugs at a loss for words considering she just watched Flying Saucers end up in a fight with Vertibirds... "Ya know we might wanna go back and find the wreck." she mutters to her self, as CORA suggests... "Yes maybe but that might not be a good idea."
Alice "Well, sorry we didn't find anything" Alice said as she kept a hand on the still panicking Vaultmeat, "Maybe next time we'll have better luck. Try to have a good night, okay? I need to go find my mentats and calm down after that." Patting Iris she asked, "You going to be okay?"
Vector     With the danger passed - for the time being - Velocity keeps going as Velocity is prone to do, up until the engine is allowed to settle, the breaks softly applied until the vehicle comes to a stop. Only the engine and the lights on in the vehicle give any indication that there's life inside, until Apostle promptly declares that the add-on passenger must depart.
    He turns his head then, looking up and into the back of the vehicle, and as he swings an arm around to lean back comfortably, his revolver is held firmly in his gloved hand. "The boss has informed you that the vehicle has come to a complete stop. Thank you. Keep your fingers and toes away from the vehicle, lest you lose em' and I eat them later. Good-day." With that, the man swings back around, gripping the wheel one-handed as he swings the car around - Abe and Apostle still inside - and promptly guns the engine, kicking up sand and stone as the chained tires spin until they grip, and then Velocity lives up to her name - roaring off towards the distant Red Rocket Garage, the man emitting a crow call as the car rapidly picks up speed. It's true. The red ones go faster.
Jacqueline "If they aren't, they're hiding /really/ well," Jackie replies, her voice a bit breathless from that close escape. "Oh... need me to walk you home, Iris? You look pretty pale," she says, realizing just how distressed her friend is now.
Not that Vaultmeat looks much better. "Will you and him be okay, Alice? I'm good, I think, even after that sand bath."
Apostle     SCOWL.
    Apostle watches Kaelyn the whole way as she leaves her vehicle.
    Her eyes flick to Alice, then Iris, Alice, Kaelyn, narrow sharply and then she sinks down to disappear into the back of the vehicle, pounding a soft fist into the inner side of the car to signal to Vector that she's ready to leave.
    "Understanding the OODA loop enables a commander to compress time - that is," She can be heard in all her robotic-voiced glory from within, "The time between observing a situation and taking an action. A commander can use the temporal discrepancy," Mutter, "(A form of fast transient)," Hssk, "To select the least-expected action rather than what is predicted to be the most effective action. The enemy can also figure out what might be the most effective. To take the least-expected action disorients the enemy. It causes him to pause, wonder, to question..."
    Even behind Vector's more simplified speech, she can be heard. It drones on and trails off as the dust is kicked up and the trio departs in a hurry.
Iris Lark "I'm ookay." Iris repeats, as she slowly exits the Vaultmobile. "I just really didn't like the aliens last time and didn't want to go back." She wrinkles her nose and purses her lips. "I'm going to head towards Acme again, but thank you."
Jacqueline "Okay. Be careful!" Jackie calls to Iris, opening the Vaultmobile's door. "I'd better get going myself. Sorry I wasn't the driver you are, Alice. I guess I need more practice."
She steps out of the massive car and stretches, sighing in relief. Back on solid ground, back home. Only... the ground feels more solid than usual. And there's the uncomfortable breeze around her legs...
A glance down reminds her of what happened /just/ before their escape: She's standing in the street in her damp socks and powder blue athletic briefs. "Oops!" She hastily darts around the front of the Vaultmobile, opening the passenger door and clambering back inside so she can put her pants and boots back on. How embarrassing!
But frankly, she'll take embarrassment over another trip to a flying saucer any day.