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Fern     "Whaddaya think we'll find?! Think maybe some robot parts are lyin' around? Oh! Oh! Or maybe.. ah, maybe there's some old gear. Maybe some cool boots or something, ya think?" Fern sounds as excited as she looks. There's pep in her step and she's bouncing along while heading down the road towards the wasteland beyond. Her hands are on her hips with her jacket pushed back a bit, showing off her holster and the gun you gave her. Yeah, she's letting everyone know they better watch out.

    "I bet we'll find something really cool! Maybe a glowing feral or something. Maybe a glowing -bear- feral.. And we can shoot it up and bring back a glowing fur. Wouldn't that be awesome?!" she gasps, grinning ear to ear.
Abigail Caine     "I think that it is more likely that we'll find bits of broken gears and rusted pins and screws," Gale responds in a casual way, squinting faintly as she looks out toward the exit from town. She frowns then, tilting her head slightly and biting on her bottom lip. Where Fern has a pep in her step and is boucning around cheerfully she is always calm and severe, taking careful strides that somehow carry her forward just as quickly as the more frenetic movements of her coutnerpart.

    "Now put that gun away before I take it back," the woman observes then, frowning. "Don't be showing off a pistol unless you aim to use it on someone." There's no actual reproach in Gale's tone. Just cold, firm fact. Then she adds quietly, "...A glowing bear feral would be interesting and I guess I wouldn't mind the fur. We could mount it on our wall."
Fern     "Mount it on the wall? Cool! Or skin it and make a glowing bear skin rug. That'd be wicked.." Fern is bursting into laughter then, giving a bit of a dance to a few steps as she goes along. It slows as her laughter dies down, and then she is taking Gale's advice and closing her jacket to keep from showing off that cool gun.

    As Fern heads along she glances to Gale now and then, and she murmurs, "I hope we at least find -something- cool. No rusted nails. We need the good stuff. Gotta look where others probably haven't yet.. Can you pick locks?" Fern then wonders, looking to Gale again. "I still gotta talk to Hawk sometime and see what he can teach me. I think he can pick locks, too," she muses.
Abigail Caine     "I can handle a lock alright if I need to," Gale responds seriously, glancing at Fern as she does so. "I'll show you the basics one of these days. There's a lto to go through. Right now I am more concerned with making sure you can find water when you're away from town."

    Abigail rolls her shoulders lightly then, tilting her head to the left now as she does. "Scavenging comes up with cool things. Eventually. There's a lot of boring junk out there to find and only a few things are itneresting since people like us keep takin' 'em. So you really want something cool we're going to probably do this a lot."

    After a moment Gale takes a deep breath, holds it for a second, and then adds in a quieter voice, "I hope we find something cool too. Now. Check your gear. How much water do you have on you?"
Fern     Fern grins when Gale admits she hopes they find something cool, too. She eyes the other and gives a little chuckle, then looks away as she swings her backpack from her shoulder to hold it in front of her. The girl unzips it and peeks inside, and she's careful enough with the zipper to only open it in a way that lets her see inside. She pokes around in the bag and then looks over again, saying, "At least one bottle worth.. Maybe a little more. Enough for us both, though, long as you don't get backwash into the bottle."

    Fern zips the bag up and continues to carry it along. "I don't mind scavenging a lot! I like moving about and seeing what's out there. And now I got you to help out. We're gonna do good! Winning team, don'tchathink?" she checks, her grin wide again.
Kaelyn A tall-ish figure can be seen making their wa ydown the road, her trench coat flapping in the breeze as full-figured crimson-eyed female can be seen fully. She appears to be looking at something in her hand as she gets closer to the two, then comes to a stop as her wrist? Well the Pip-boy on steroids she has speaks out "It's a nice Holodisc! Specially if you would bother to learn how to repair stuff..." Kae blinks and looks at her wrist "Only so much time in the day, but that is one thing I wish to do." She says with a slight smirk.
Abigail Caine     "Yep. Winning team," gale agrees once, nodding. "You and me. The wastes are basically ours to figure out. S'long as we don't do anything too stupid we ought to do pretty we-" Then there's Kaelyn moving along the road. Red eyes, a full figure, and at least eight inches of height separate Gale from the approaching, dark-skinned 'elf' and she squints to see this figure proceeding along the road of El Dorado, her head tilted slightly to the left as she observes the phenomenon.

    Gale, for the record, doesn't show much in the way of skin. She's tied a bandana over her motuh and wears a broad-rimmed black hat and dark sunglasses, as well as gloves on her hands. This in tandem with the combat amour and leather jacket ensures that her skin is mostly visible around her eyes. The fact that Gale is 'female' is mostly evident in her vocie, which she pitches low when she speaks. Kaelyn draws a few blinks. The staring, at least, is probably somewhat visible. As the woman draws close Abigail would have to look up.

    Finally Gale adds somewhat blandly, "I've been out too may years without someone watching my back anyway. Make sure you don't get bit the way I did. Always keep someone around to watch your back in case you pick a fight with someone twice your size. I'll handle that bit for now."
Fern     Fern is always keeping an eye out for odd things, and she is quick to see the tall girl with red eyes. "Holy shit. Would you look at that," she says, sounding as surprised as she looks. "How the hell does -that- happen?" she asks Gale, one brow arched as she eyes the woman. "Never seen one like that before. You think they made her in a lab or something? Or maybe she just huffed too many chems? Or maybe she's got rabies and has killed a hundred men, and she drinks their blood to keep her eyes red," she says, looking back towards Kaelyn.

    "Hey," she calls to the other. "Wassyer name? How'd you get like that?" she asks, always having been one to just say whatever she was thinking. Her hands go to her hips again, but this time she's not showing off her gun. See, Gale? She can learn!
Kaelyn Kae stops dead in her tracks and looks to Fern curiously, having heard most of the questions and tirade. "Umm to answer your question.. I was made in a lab." she says, smile turning a bit cheerful. "And my name is Kaelyn." Her wrist then pipes up, the odd pip-boy flashing multi colors on the screen as CORA pipes up "I'm CORA!!!" Says the synthetic female voice. Kae's ears droop down slightly and she looks down at her wrist again and sighs "Sooo gotta get you a physical adjunct.." She mutters then glances to Abigale and Fern now "But yah, to answer your question, I was made in a lab, started some time before the bombs fell, only got out of said lab about a year ago... answer yer questions?" She asks now smiling again
Abigail Caine     "That answers precisely none of my questions," Gale replies, shakign herh ead once. Her eyebrow only arches further, if this is possible, when CORA pipes up and then she is looking between the woman in front of her and the Pip-boy that she is holding. Gale takes a deep breath and then turns her gaze slowly to Fern. "You should probably work on thing things instead of shouting them out like that. I learned that the hard way but I figure as you'd rather keep your original ribs."

    "Hello, Kaelyn. I'm Gale. This is Fern. You're new in El Dorado, It ake it. Glad to hear you got out of htat... Lab, I suppose." The woman titls hr head slightly to the left and then takes a slow, deep breath. "Free for a year. You seem to have held up pretty well in the wilderness. This lab of yours anywhere near here then?"
Fern     She was made in a lab!? "AWESOME! Haha!" Fern does the whole 'chaching' move by yanking her elbow down towards her side. Yussss! "I knew it! They don't got people just walking around like you all the time. Not that I ever seen," Fern says, her grin wide as can be. Her eyes dart to the pipboy and she says, "Ohhhhh even more cool! It's like a person is trapped inside.. Cora? Sweet. Nice to meet ya, Cora. I'm Fern, yup, and, yeah. That's Gale. She kinda quiet and crabby, but she's real nice. You'll see."

    Fern gives another grin to Gale this time. "I wouldn't mind having some cool robotic ribs. How freaking awesome would that be!? Even cooler would be like.. robotic arms. I could pop one off and replace it with another. Shotgun arm, flame-thrower arm.. Hey!" She turns to Kae. "They do that in the lab you're from? Make different arms for people?" Clearly she is interested in very different information.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head "Noooo... this lab was opened up before the bombs fell, i was kind of a victim of the scientist who made it. Anyhow..." She's interrupted by CORA "It took Kae a year to get here, so it's quite far from here, and Kae took what was valuable in that place any more. Door closed, power failed there." Kae blinks and looks down, before she shrugs... "Well there you have it I guess...When I woke up, I grabbed CORA here, and everything else I could carry from the lab, including a really nice M4 carbine, with laser sites, scope, silencer... that has been stolen too... Luckily, whoever got it won't be able to use it as it's got a gene-lock on it." Kae says and shrugs...

Kae smiles and looks at Gale and then adds "As far as holding up and all, that could be because of the genetic modification I've undergone. Not certain, And to be honest, I don't really have much time to think on that, as survival has been tough as it is." She adds then grins.
Abigail Caine     "What... Kind of robot would go into somebody's rib exactly?" Gale asks as Fern starts on her tirade though quickly the thread of that conversation is lost. Those brows furrow again and ultimately the woman shakes her head, taking a deep breath as she looks between Fern and Kaelyn one more time. She shifts her weight from left to right and then takes a second to briefly adjust her glasses and then her gloves.

"Sounds like you got robbed a lot nad then walked for pretty much forever and ended up in this dust bowl," Gale replies to all of this, slowly shaking her head. "You should probaby stay close to town, safer'n what you've been up to so far. I have not the faitnest idea how you made it all the way to El Dorado. What have you been up to since you got here?"

     Gale looks as if she might be about to continue and elaborate on why she wouldn't have expected Kae to make it. Instead she adds, "Robotic arms that are removable? Why on earth? Just pick up weapons. Then you still have a hand in case you don't want to set something on fire."
Fern     Fern is now silent (for once) as she listens to Kaelyn. Her eyes squint and she stares at the other, checking her out thoroughly. Yeah, she's on to you, Kae. Or.. watching you. Something like that. She sniffs lightly at the air while listening to Gale and Kae chatting. Eyes shift slowly.

    "Maybe she got here cause some people are scared of her. She's not exactly normal.. Might help us with the scavenging.. If someone tries to hurt us we just scream for help and say a mad woman is after us, and there she goes running. Yeah?" She asks, looking back towards Kae. She grins slightly. "And duh." She eyes Gale. "I'd keep my good arm. The other one would be changeable. Wouldn't have to hold a gun 'cause the arm would -be- the gun."
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Fern... "Honestly? try to avoid cybernetic implants yes you have no other choice mebbeh?" She says and grins slightly, then glances around "Oooh, I only got robbed once. In the last couple day before I finally got here as the caravan I was with was hit." She then shrugs "I managed to escape, got CORA here and little else." she adds and then glances around curiously "I can maybe help you go out and scavenge I guess.... If you like, I have a carbine to provide cover if need be."
Fern     "Sweet," Fern says after hearing what kind of protection Kae has. She nods in an aproving way before speaking on something that has caught her attention. "You keep saying 'Cora' like it means something. What's it for?" Though she asks she's happy to try and guess. "Combat.. Organization Readiness and.. Assault?" Her eyes squint slighty at that.

    Her eyes shift when Gale steps aside to take care of some business with someone passing by, and as she focuses on Kae again she steps closer, motioning Kae closer as well. She lowers her voice and says, "That's what they'd -want- you to say. Telling me to avoid cybernetic implants. They don't want people to be stronger than what they create. Nice try, though," she says with a knowing cluck of her tongue, finger tapping at the side of her head.
Kaelyn Ummms.. Kae looks down at CORA and tilts her head "Soo whyfore are you called anyway?" she asks, having never actually questioned it... CORA then pipes up... "I picked the name as it sounded rather nifty after watching movies while making sure your genetic makeup would be good and steady for the days to come." she says and then Kae blinks, eyes wide... "Oookaaay... " She looks to Gale curiously and grins "Well there ya go, now ya know why."

A white eyebrow is raised as Kae looks back at Gale curiously.... "Cybernetics do not rebuild them selves, takes a lot of care to maintain them... Often they aren't as good as the same systems mother nature has granted you." She says and grins slightly "Besides if you wanna be stronger and stuff, go get yer self power armor... Then ya don't have to have cybernetic implants and all..." Kae suggests with a slight smile.. "I wouldn't reccomend the genetic reconstruction method, less yer very very young, as it doesn't work quite so well on adults..."
Fern     Squinting at Kae again, Fern asks, "Just how young do you have to be anyway? I'm thirteen. Doesn't that count as younger? Or do you gotta be about five or something?" Her hands find their way to where her hips may some day be.

    "I like the idea of power armor, though. It's a bit clunky, however.. draws attention. I doubt I could squeeze through small opening in it, too.. and if I took it off, someone might take it. Doubt you can climb trees in it, too. Nah.." She shakes her head. "Robot arm is still way more badass than power armor. Besides, how much does the armor go for nowadays?"
Kaelyn Kae blinks and umms "Honestly? I've not looked at bout over a thousand caps." She says and then hmms "As far as age? I was kidnapped at 4 and put into the incubation chamber." She says and shrugs slowly... "Soo I guess 4?" COra pipes in "4 or younger" She says matter of factly. Kae then blinks ummms... "Why not just build up yer own arms, and force of arms, wait till yer an adult before ya worry about cybernetics? Honestly I wouldn't pu tmy self through that less I had to." she says and grins slightly.
Fern     "Mmm.. Alright. I guess that could work. I could maybe just build my own arms to fit over my current arms. Then I wouldn't lose a hand.. and Abby wouldn't get all pissed about it." Fern nods firmly to that.

    "You were put into an incubation chamber? What was that like? Were you awake? Could you see what was happening?" Her head tilts. "How old are then then?" She's starting to squint at Kae once again.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and ummms "Honestly? I have no memory of any of it, not really growin gup or anything as my existance was a virtual one till the chamber was opened..." Kae says and then shrugs "Maybe some hazy ones... CORA has the recordings. But I have no memory." she adds then she smiles "Again I do not worry about. I have a life going forward and it is what it is." She says with a slight smile "Maybe a long one if I'm careful."
Fern     "Uh-huh.. I see.." Fern is still watching you with a skeptical eye. Her hands move from her hips to rest at her sides, and then she questions, "What's the craziest thing you've run into out in the wastes? How many people have you killed? How'd you stay alive for so long on your own?" she wonders, still full of questions.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and her eyes widen.. "Craziest? Flying saucers, people I've killed? I don't know I don't keep track of that... How'd I stay alive alone? Well technically I was never alone. CORA is an A.I. An artificial sentience, she's been with me so I've never truly been alone." Kae responds, the girl smirking slightly as she watches Fern curiously. "I did kill an irradiated bear once with an M4... that was kinda crazy..."
Fern     Eyes widen at this. "You did? Was he glowing?!" She looks almost jealous! Her brows furrow and eyes narrow slightly. "What did you do with it? Didn't you skin it and sell the fur and meat? You didn't justleave it there to rot, did you?" she gasps. Not sure who would want to eat irradiated meat, but she still wants to know.
Kaelyn "Ummm... it had been chasing me and stalkin gme for days. An M4 only fires 5.56 ammo so won't do much to one, so I had to get it to a point where I could shoot down on it. Where I did that, when I finally did hit a lethal place on the creature it kinda reared up and fell down a cliff... After having been stalked for days I made sure it was dead then left it as the radiated meat and hide does nothing for me except make it where I stand the chance of radiation poisoning my self." Kae says and rubs at the back of her neck... "Bout all you can really do with an irradiated bear..."
Fern     "Oh." Fern grumps at that. "I guess that makes sense.. Good thing it didn't eat you." The girl slips her hands down into her pockets then, and she turns her face to look after Gale, muttering under her breath, "What's she up to anyway.." She looks after the woman for a bit before she glances back and asks, "So what do you do here in town now? You got a job or something?"
Kaelyn Kae laughs "Lotsa jobs." she respons cheerfully "Lots and lots of jobs." she adds and shrugs "I make my living by doing odd jobs, helping the watch, vault team 6, all that stuff.." Kae adds and shrugs. "Scrapping now and then, going into vaults, all kinds of things." The Crimson-eyed woman then tilts her head as she looks to Fern "Soo what do you do?"
Fern     Fern's little chin lifts and she looks down.. well, up at Kae from down her nose. It's an odd angle, okay? She's trying to stare Kae down. Her arms slowly cross over her chest and she hrms. "Lotsa jobs.. Huh. All kinds of things? Well, me, too. I have lotsa jobs. All kinds." Eyes remin slightly narrowed, hip cocking to the side and one foot lightly tapping at the ground. "I'm a bounty hunter. Hunt goblins and orcs and all that weird shit out in the wastes. Super mutants are my specialty. I wrangle 'em up and make them wish they had thought twice about crossin' my path."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods... "Well that's good I guess? Most folks just look at me quizzicly and ask me what I am." She says with a slight smirk. Kae then tilts her head "So you have lots of job, and at what? 13?" She asks curiously... "That's pretty good."
Abigail Caine     "Don't look now but there's two of them 'orcs' you've been hunting coming up the bend," Gale observes in a serious tone as she approaches the girls conversing in the street. She lifts a brace of three heavy canteens and and presses them into place over Ferns' shoulder as she passes, squinting in the direction of the Gold Road checkpoint. Gale takes a deep breath.
    "You can get you work in now," Gale responds somewhat drily, titlign her head slightly as she continues to regard the road. "Hope your shooting's on point, don't see as you'll get past all them armour plates with a nine millimeter otherwise." She shoulders her M4 and takes a deep breath.
    "Seems like you two are getting along alright. Solbed the mystery of what was going on in that vault there then?"
Fern     "Yeah.. That's real good." Fern starts to grin a little. "It's not easy to be fighting all the time, but it pays well. What can I say?" Fern smirks. She straightens up a little as she hears Gale returning, and to her she grunts, saying, "Yeah, 'bout time you came back. You weren't scared, were you?" she asks, grinning a little more.

    Fern takes a canteen and hangs it around her neck, adjusting it a few times for optimal comfort. "Any gun will do the job if you hit them in the right spot.. You ready to head out?" she asks.
Kaelyn Kae glances from Fern now to Abigail curiously, then tilts her head curiously "Orcs and goblins what?" She asks curiously and looks around the bend curiously... "Ummm what exactly are these 'orcs'?" She asks curiously and rubs at the back of her neck.... She then glances to Fern curiously "Mayhapse what you say is true, but a better firearm allays the need to make a perfect shot every time."
Abigail Caine     "A perfect shot from a nine mil against a steel plate is the one that doesn't ricochet and shoot you in the ass," Gale replies, shaking her head slowly as she takes a deep breath. "But no, I wasn't scared. Just making sure we have an idea of what's up ahead. Alright, let's head on out. You're with us, I guess, Kae? We should be safe enough, 'specially as we move as a group."

    Gale finally sighs and starts to walk, moving toward the gate out of town. "I don't know how much we'll find but keep a close eye out anyhow. Both used to how we deal with strangers? Which is to say, don't say anything until I give the al lclear, alright? If we're lucky we can just walk right by anyone we see and might not even get noticed."
Fern     "You've been shot in the ass before?" Fern asks Gale. "Did it leave a scar? Can I see it!?" she asks with a little snicker following. She starts to move then, heading towards the exit to the wastes, and she says to Kae, "Orcs. You know. Super mutants. Heard some kids calling 'em that once. A lot faster to say," she notes while she starts to march along, canteen sloshing side to side. To Gale she notes, "No one's gonna mess with us. We'll be alright. One look at our little group and they'll be too confused to fuck with us."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head curiously and shrugs, the girl shouldering her rifle again as she turns to head back out of town "I can watch for y'all." she says and shrugs.. "Pends on where we're going right?" She adds with a smile, then the girl idly checks her ammo reserves and of course makes sure her rifle has a chambered round. "Soo Lead on, I'll keep a watch out and help make sure we're not beset by bad things." She adds and grins "And if it happense, I will be more than happy to help deal with it."
Abigail Caine     Gale leads the way out into the wilderness, past the many vendors and shops as well as other people who are coming i nwith their own hauls. She is squinting as they step out int othe actual wastes of New Mexico, the air ahead shimmering with the heat. Gale briefly bites her bottom lip. From here they move a little faster, crossing broken terrain at a pace chosen by the diminutive wilderness guide to test keep them from being out under the sun for too long. She doesm ake a small concession for Fern's size and age. It's not an impossible pace, just a difficult one.

    Finally Gale calls out, "Just keep an eye out, let me know if you find anything. S'long as you don't seee anyone you move closer but don't touch. Sometimes people like to mine thier shit before they go off and get themselves killed."
Fern     The pace may not always be good for Fern, but she hangs in there well enough. The kid is all smiles and energy, just bounding along. She jumps from rocks and goes out of her way to take the tougher paths, but hey! She's young and this is an adventure!

    Though she enjoys playing around, Fern is quick to make sure she doesn't stray too far. She also keeps a close eye on where they're going, and she always comes back to Gale's side, checking in now and again.
Kaelyn Kae follows behind the two, making sure that Fern doesn't get too wayward as the dark-skinned woman glances around the place.. "Just be careful out there, use a lil sense and we'll be fine." she says, now smiling as her Crimson eyes take in the scenery... "So ya find anything ya want Fern?" She asks now still smiling cheerfully while the woman idly uses a stick to sift through a pile of junk.
Abigail Caine     "Mmm. I've found us dinner, at least. One of the traps I set earlier picked up a rabbit... Thing." gale squints at the carcass in front of hr and shrugs before producing a knife. She is on a knee next to the prodigiously oversized lapine creature, squinting at it as she goes about the process of skinning it.

    "DO you go scavenging too often?" Gale asks of Kae without looking up. "Either way, I guess. You're welcome to some meat."
Fern     Fern hops on over to another random pile of rubble, something people likely pass by all the time. It may just be crap, but to her? Naw! "Ohhh wow, look at these!" The girl works at twisting some old knobs off a broken, burned dresser, twisting them until they pop off. "How cool are these?!" She wipes them on her jeans, trying to clean them before she pops them into her backpack, continuing to look elsewhere for more 'cool' things.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and watches Fern and smiles slightly, then looks to Abigail "Well at least ya found a good bit of dinner.." she holds up her spare holodisk "This is what I found in my investigations near Acme.." she says and smiles slighlty, then she pockets the item.. "Those dresser knobs are nice, find enough of em and ya can put yer own dresser together with said knobs..."
Abigail Caine     "Take 'em apart and use the metal," Gale suggests then, tilting her head slightly, watching as Fern is removing the knobs. "Though we can probably use these on that old broken dresser we've got back home. That's a good find." Gale's tone is gentler than before, however subtly so. SHe looks up from her work for a moment to watch Fern hop from rock to rock, still crouched. It might be more telling if she'd show her face.
Fern     "Or make some super cool eyes for my dragon bot!" Fern says as she digs around, gathering a bit of this and that. Really, she goes for the crap, leftover pieces that others might just leave behind. It may be trash to them, but she seems excited by it! A few more scraps and random trinkets are stashed into her backpack, and they are nothing of value really. This is how it goes for the remainder of the scavenging trip. Yay!