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Jude Jude and Iris are in the back room. Jude has his arms around the healer's waist as they talk. He laughs softly and pulls back, pivoting so as his shoulders move back, his hips move more snuggly forward. He studies Iris for a long moment and asks, "Complicated?" His smile is genuine, if curious as he asks, "Like, an ex complicated or just... him bein' him?"
Iris Lark Iris looks slightly stricken and she opens her mouth to answer, but then she shuts it again and mumbles quietly, her hair falling to obscure her face. "A mixture of both? Is he really the type to *date*?" She takes a deep breath and as she lets it out she shrugs. "More complicated than anything else." She finally adds, her hands coming up to cover her cheeks and hide the blush that won't seem to go away today.
Abe     The bell jingles, distant beyond a closed door. The footfalls distant, faint. As distant as a store front door. It would have been polite to call out, it would have just been manners to maybe.. wait in the front room. He was a part of the team but maybe not staff at the store. Who knew. Either way. The door rattles, the knob turning, opening. "Anyone-"

Not even a sliver of daylight between them, it didn't take a genious to figure out why they were in a back room. He just hoped someone stocked som matresses... or m aybe some towels. "Hup, sorry!" Abe, just a moment of him before the door pulls shut again.
Jude Jude gives a little smile and laughs softly. He tries to defuse Iris's smile and jokes mildly, "I wouldn't know if he's the sort to date or not. Said he'd only really be interested in me if'n I went and found myself a pretty little dress." He grins crookedly. "I didn't get the impression he's much of the marryin' sort. Not yet." He turns a little more thoughtful as he opines, "He has a lot of hurt to work on through first. Sheriff is a step in that, I reckon."

He doesn't notice the door open right away, but is quick to notice when he hears the voice apologizing. He grins at Iris and says, "Wanna call him back?"
Iris Lark Iris seizes the opportunity to abandon the current conversation and she turns towards the door, giving Jude a quick kiss on the cheek as she moves away. She opens the door and peeks out. "Abe, get back in here." She says, pulling the door wider so he can walk back in. "I guess aliens kept me from actually treating your wounds yesterday so.." She steps back and points to a chair across the way, near a ledger. "Come back and sit down and let me take a look at you. You've met Jude, haven't you?" She asks, glancing between the two men briefly as she tries, once again, to stop blushing.
Abe     For a moment, that almost seems like a invitation more than a command.

The Scribe had his back to the door by the time she summoned him, he would have left. Likely never spoke of it again. He has some manners. She anchors him however with a word and he turns, fixing her with a questioning eye. Was she sure? Was that... Yeah, she seemed sure.

"If you insist." he acquiesced, turning around. His lips did twist into a crooked smile however, head bobbing absently, "Yeah, think I passed out in That Woman's car." he explained.. never having gotten a name for Apostle. His head bobbed graciously, "Thanks, Doc'." he added as he stepped past her.

He offered Jude a apologetic look. It was the best he could do without sticking his nose in deeper than it already was.

So he did as instructed, very carefully not noticing the heat in her cheeks, attention drifting from one bit of merchandise to the next.
Jude Jude meets Abe's apologetic one with a crooked grin and a wink. He even offers his hand as he introduces himself. "Jude Masters. Live on down in Vault Town. Good to meetcha..." he flicks his eyes to Iris and remembers what she called the man. "Abe!." He pauses a moment and his eyes narrow as he finds some recognition. "Saw you 'round town once. Some Caldwell fella was preachin' about the Brotherhood of Steel or somethin' I think."

Another smile and he busies himself with getting some supplies and water for Iris. He doesn't know a lot about medicine or any of that, but hot water and clean towels and whatnot... well... that's what gets used on him often enough. He might have a future as a nurse!
Iris Lark "Okay Abe." Iris says, folding her hands in front of her. "Show me where it hurts, and I'll do my best to make it better. Next time though, you ought to come sooner. No sense staying in pain for so long." She says, setting out supplies on the desk. Bandages, salve and a needle - just in case stitches are necessary. "So, now I'm going to be slightly nosy. What do you think of..the..Woman?" She glances towards the door with a guilty expression on her face, as if she expects Apostle to burst through.
Abe     "Good to meet you." Abe had a bum wing, forcing Jude to shake hands with the other than what was offered. Still he managed a good grip. A sqiueeze and a pump or two befor he let go. "Yeah, and then the bucket head roped me into joinging his little chapter." and then... Nothing. A shame that. Maybe OP-01 would find other uses. Abe certainly put in enough for that radio tower to claim some salvage rights in return... but that's another issue.

"Things... just kinda got away from me is all, Doc." the liqour helped that. He had a hunted look around the eyes, tired. Still, he managed a smile. It faltered as he worked the sling. His arm was splinted, sandwiched between two bits of wood that were likely ripped from something. Old gunshot wounds that... likely ain't seen a bit of aftercare. Man was just a mess of hard living and poor choices.
Jude Jude returns the shake, his grip firm and professional, and his hands surprisingly soft. He purses his lips as he sees the quality of the poor guy's wounds. He gives his head a shake and goes back to being busy and staying out of Iris's way. He lights a few lanterns while he's at it, giving more light for Iris to work since it seems like Abe is more than a little messed up.
Iris Lark Iris sighs as she gazes at Abe's wounds, and she silently goes to work. The arm is her first goal and she doesn't look at Abe as she gently feels at the broken bone. "This is going to hurt, there isn't much help for it." She warns, and then she pulls the bone back into place, shoulders hunched against his reaction. She keeps a hold of the arm though, so he won't jerk and mess up her work. She picks up a piece of wood and fashions a makeshift splint. The man is already in pain so she doesn't give him a break, better to power through. She cleans and dresses the bullet holes that she finds on his body and when she's done she steps back, her eyes narrowed as she gazes at him. "You need a break, try to take it easy for a couple of days?"
Abe     Some people will tell you that pain doesn't hurt. Some will lie and say that it is weakness leaving the body. These people are uniquely terrible and should be trusted under no circumstances.

Abe steadies himself as best he is able. Drawing a breath, he looks at a coffee kettle. His mind goes distant and then Pain. Glorious pain. His head snaps backwards, teeth gritted, the sinew in his neck bulging beneath the skin as a yell, shout, or scream dies in his throat, unvoiced save for a strained noise.

He pants, catching his breath as best he can.

"Va.. cavation.. sure..."

His mind rattles, things bump together... cells spark. That Woman. "You asked about... Vector's friend, right?" he panted, "I've.. I've run into her a few times... weird but alright, maybe?"
Jude Jude flinches a little as Iris works on Abe. He was in similar circumstances just a few days ago. He holds his side a moment in sympathy. He shakes his head and putters around some, adjusting his stock area, sorting the leather and scrap and whatnot.
Iris Lark "Since you're a part of the team, I don't charge ya'll for healing." Iris says, walking away from Abe to get him a drink of water. She comes back, holds it out and offers him a smile. " me the favor of coming to me before it gets this bad. I won't ever yell at you for getting hurt, nor will I let you remain hurt as some sort of backwards punishment." She takes a seat on a stool and her eyes drift to watch Jude as he moves around the stockroom. "Also.." She says, turning back to Abe, but clearly distracted. "If you've anything to sell here, you're welcome to do so. Perk of being part of the team as well."
Abe     He grunts his acceptance on the matter of paying. She can expect to just find something later, team member or not.

A smile is traded for another, his a bit more ragged and haggered but still genuine and warm. "Thankya." he voices. Sipping at the glass before simply cradling it in his hand for a time.He feels slightly admonished, looking down into his glass as he hangs his head, "I understand that, thank you... Things just got away from me after Dunwich." he confesses He lifts his eyes to them, trading between Jude and then Iris, "I appreciate this, Alice and all of you offering me a spot. I'm worth the trouble I kick up, I promise, just takes me a bit to work it up." he claims, "I've got a few things I could pitch in, sure. Just as good here as being passed over to Miss Kitty."
Jude Jude turns back around as the messy, bloody, gristly parts are done. His eyes flick over Iris's work and he smiles at the small miracle she's worked on Abe. At the mention of the store, he bobs his head in agreement. "Selling to actual merchants don't really pay so well and tryin' to find a buyer can be hard with word of mouth." He gestures to Iris and shrugs. "We all seem to have expensive habits like robots and lasers and whatnot."

He stretches and flashes a smile at Iris. "I think I'm gonna head on home. You wanna drop by for a little dinner later or are you stayin' here in Acme for the night?"
Iris Lark "I'll be by later." Iris says, smiling up at Jude, a blush coloring her cheeks. "Dinner sounds good, I'll bring something by as well, if that's okay?" She asks, moving to give the all Vault dweller a warm hug. She turns back to Abe then and shrugs. "We all have had this kind of..issue. We all get hurt, it's the nature of things."
Jude Jude bobs his head and gives a wave to both Iris and Abe. With that, he slips out the door for the long trek back to El Dorado.
Abe     Abe's head bobs along, "Seems like the more you get, the more you need." he muses slightly... and perhaps nonsensiclly.

He ovvers Jude a parting wave to see the man off, "I'm keeping you from more than a few things tonight it seems, Doc'. If you need to be heading out, I can just take it easy around the shop."
Iris Lark "It's okay, it'll take him a bit to get dinner together and a little bit of yearning never hurts anyone." Iris says, her eyes on the door that Jude just passed through. "It's rather new, you see, and I'm still kind of nervous about it." She sighs and lets her gaze rest on Abe. "I'm glad you're here though, you've always been a very interesting person to talk to." She tilts her head towards the workroom. "If you work on mechanical things, we have this space. They built me a shack out in the back..and we have a smithy and a carport. We really went to work on things here."
Abe     "Yearning, huh?" he echos, lips slightly crooked. A smirk but there's no bitterness or malice behind it. He cycles a breath and lets his shoulders relax, sipping at his water. He nods along, understanding, accepting. "Yeah?" he offers as conversational spackle. Then it kinda hits hims, "Wait, I am?" he lowers the glass to his lap, brows askew.

She moved on, however and he was happy enough to let it go. "Saw that." he confessed, "The crew's put in a lot of work into the place, I'm impressed. Eager to help out as I can."
Iris Lark "Yeah, Abe. A yearning is when you want to spend time with someone, but give it time between each spending." Iris teases, grinning at Abe. "And yes, I do like talking to you, when you'd say words..that is." She giggles and gazes at the storeroom. "It did take us some time."
Abe     "I know what a yearning is!" Abe protested with slightly more vigor thatn he should. A look of pain knitting across his features. It passes, he giving his head a mild shake to remind himself to ease the throttle back. He pulls out of it, a mild laugh, features splitting with a smile, "I am told I can be a man of few words but much noise." he claims, only to come around in a far dryer tone, "That was a lie, nobody says that, I made it up." he does try to be honest. Really, he tries.

"That's good though, really. I know... it's been a little rough on your end."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Abe, an impish look on her face and then she shrugs. "It *was* rough, isn't now. I can't really keep dwelling on it, the nightmares don't even come every night anymore." She says, offering Abe a smile.
Abe     "Good." he reports, head bobbing absently, "That's really good." he added, a smile warming over his features once more. "This is good, Iris, you deserve good things." They all do but there's a bit more weight on her side of the matter. The thought of nightmares stopping... is appealing.
Iris Lark Iris kicks out her feet and smiles before she glances at Abe. "We all deserve good things, and maybe we'll end up getting them." She gets to her feet and picks up her jacket. "I'm going to get back to town and start cooking something nice for Jude. He deserves it for putting up with me. But you.." She spears Abe with a look and smiles. "You come around more often, get to know some of our other folks and be part of the family, okay?"
Abe     The smile bloomed into a grin and he nodded his acknowledgment, he'd stick around the shop as he had proposed earlier before heading back hom to his place in the Gold Digger.

"You do that, "I hope you both have a good evening." he well-wishes, rocking forward and easing himself to his feet to see her out. She makes her suggestion and Abe can't help but breath a laugh, "Yeah? Alright, I think I'll have to do that. See what trouble I can't get into that doesn't entail me getting shot." It wasn't always shot. Sometime he just got beat.

He offered her his good arm or at least the hand at the end of it once he had set the water aside, "Be safe getting back when you go."
Iris Lark Iris ignores the arm and moves in to give Abe a gentle hug. "I'll be safe, I've been jumped a few times the last few weeks, and they haven't done much but find out that I've decend aim." She says, grinning. "I"ll see you soon, I'm sure, you be safe as well."
Abe         he arm, the hand, the limb will have it's due, never the less!

In that it coils around behind her as she steps in and squeezes, hand laid against the back of her shoulder as Abe stoops in to the embrace, "I bet they found that out quicker than they'd like." he retorts.

Pulling back, his head bobs again in a double gesture of understanding and acknowledgment. Might be some agreement in there too. "Of course, I'll see you around, Doc'."