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Konno     (OOC: Forgot to make log, posting it all sofar now)

    Well, Kasumi did not spring for the deluxe room. She got a basic room, so she has to take a shower in public shower with the Girls. Not that she minds it. The woman is returning to her room in a towel and fuzzy bunny slippers. Don't ask! Really, don't! The woman sighs as she sits on her bed. The ninja girl had put in a request to see Konno when he has time, to help treat her wounds.

    "I wonder when he's going to show up.", Kasumi sighs. THe woman has been japanese-ing the room up a bit. On one side, there's a ton of armor, and over on a chester, there's 2 swords, and 3 guns. The woman sighs, looking at the cuts that just...don't...bleed. They hurt like hell though.

    Konno's punctual. Or maybe he didn't want to visit while Kasumi was not in the room, picking locks of coworkers is bad juju! A few raps go onto Kasumi's door with Konno outside and idly checking his reflection in a folding palm mirror. It's cracked, but still works!

    "Its open.", Kasumi yells out. The woman shakes her head a little bit. "If its the tea, please set it on the table. Konno will be here shortly.", she says. The woman has made it a habit of ordering green tea after her evening meal. Though, she does wonder if its really real green tea, or did they do something to it....

     Konno slips into the door and shuts it behind himself. "Wouldn't trust any tea nowadays. Plants are hardly good for you unless you know good hydroponics." he chimes brightly, standing before Kasumi after settling in. "So, what did you need me to fix on you?" he asks with a wink.

    Kasumi holds up her arms. There's several weird slash marks on her arms, but no blood. "It hurts like hell.", she tells. THe womn sighs a bit. "And Willow is not very happy with me going to Dunwich to find scavenge.", she says. The woman sighs a bit.

    Konno looks that over and blinks, "Looks like sutures for you. Maybe some water to clean it out, unless you've already done that." he suggests, already reaching into his vest.

    Kasumi nods her head a little bit, and sighs. "Alright, did you at least bring something strong to drink, or are you planning on just hitting me in the back of the head to knock me out...", she mutters. The woman hates stitches...

(OOC: End of recap)
Konno     Konno smiles, "I've got some healing powder if you'd like help numbing it, mix it with water for a drink to keep you tingly in general." he offers, "Having you buzzed otherwise would make examining for further injury or trauma difficult after." he explains with a warm smile and moving to take a seat wherever readily available while tugging the pouch of healing powder from his vest, then goes on to take out a soft leather roll from another pouch. He unrolls it onto the bed, showcasing a strip of shiny(and maybe scary) medical implements.
Kasumi     Kasumi blinks a few times. There's a few more blinks, and the woman jumps up, and moves to the wall! "Ok, so there are things scarier then Dunwich! Do you have a license to carry that stuff around?!", she asks. The woman gulps a little bit. "I mean...You know....", she says.
Konno     Konno blinks at the actions of Kasumi. "Last time I checked there aren't any institutions of learning, or other such organizations to give 'licenses' any more." he notes, "Be lucky that a few of the medical books I've read mentioned them, or I'd be completely unknowing of what you meant. But I know what I'm doing."
Kasumi     " some books?", she asks. THe woman just stares for a moment, and shifty eyes. "I...guess I really can not complain, since most of the Girls here say you're the healer, but....What are you doing with a scapel?!", she asks...
Konno     Konno peeks at the tool roll. "Sometimes stuff breaks off inside a person, or a bullet doesn't go through and it complicates things to leave it in." he says, "Lots of reasons to need a tool to cut into people in medicine." he tugs out the stitching needle and brings out the cleaned thread to eye it through. "Yeah, journals of a few doctors, notebooks they keps, exerpts from pre-war medical books." he explains. "Watched a doctor for a few months too, know a bit about how to fix people and get them on the path to healing properly." he explains. "I like making people feel better."
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Konno a moment. "Ummm, I think I need to be really really drunk before we get started.", she says. The woman looks a bit on edge. Of course, if Konno looks at her eyes, its clear the woman hasn't been sleeping very much lately.
Konno     Konno blinks a couple times, setting the small curved bit of metal down and folds the tool roll over. His hands rest on his lap and he gives her a reassuring smile, "See, look, scary things away." he chimes, "I'd really prefer not to have to get you away from sober to do this. I need to close those up if you want them to heal quickly, properly, and stop hurting, though."
Kasumi     Kasumi look at Konno a very long moment. "Where I am from, this is all new and scary. We had schools, people with education, years of practice. Its kinda makes me nervious. At least you're not using a stapler.", she states. THe woman muttters, and sits down. She looks away, trying to hold her towel close to her.
Konno     Konno nods. "Out here, you're lucky to have a mentor or references. Experience and practice are the teachers in the wastes." he pauses, stapler? Not too important. "You look a little tired and wound up, talk to me about what's wrong? Just the arm injury doesn't make sense for all of this. You've been getting sleep like Willow and I suggested, right?"
Kasumi     Kasumi mutters a few times. "I went to Dunwich.", she tells. THe woman shivers a little bit, and starts to look a little sick. Kasumi gently lays down. "Sleep does not come easy when it concerns that place.", she tells.
Konno     Konno gives an 'oh' and shuffles himself a bit closer to Kasumi. "Don't need to talk -about- it if you don't want to. I'll help with whatever I can." his eyes are on that arm, "You want to hold off on closing those cuts until later?"
Kasumi     Kasumi shakes her head. "I've had them for almost a week, and they havn't really healed. I thought I was just imagining them, but...", she tells.
Konno     Konno quietly pulls the curved hook from the tool-roll without opening it up much, offering his empty hand out. "Tell me if you want the powder to help or not, let me see your arm." his tone bright and cheery.
Kasumi     "Powder, yes powder!", she says. Kasumi shivers a bit. "Mixed in sake. At least let me have something to take my mind off of things.", she tells. The woman squeaks a little bit, and looks away from the needle.
Konno     Konno gives a chide, "I don't even know what sake is." he notes, but the powder is appropriated, a small bit of water splashed on his palm, powder sprinkled upon it, suture set aside. "Let me see your arm, this will help. See, no needle."
Kasumi     Kasumi holds her arm out. THe woman whimpers a little, and waits for the customary sting of alchol on her cut. "Just hurry.", she says. The woman shivers a bit. Yeah, she doesn't like getting beat up, or treated.
Konno     The sensation is rather tame. Rubbing of a fine paste over either side of each cut, not going into either of them. No sting, he's careful. Soon numbness fills in while he gets the suture and holds Kasumi's wrist gently and starts the process of suturing up. It's a bit easier with the moistened powder lining the edge of each cut, mostly a faint sting of needle passing and tugging. "Just keep your eyes on me while I work, up, away from where my hands are." he coos
Kasumi     "I bet you're probably enjoying this.", Kasumi says. "Thats why I hate getting into fights with things that I can not hit.", she tells. The woman takes a deep breath, and settles herself a bit, keeping the towel in a modest position.
Konno     He sighs quietly, "No, but I'll start enjoying it once we can get the stitching out and these cuts are gone." he says brightly, "I suppose that's a good thing, you'd hate to fight me." laughing at his little joke while he tugs the last line and goes to tie it off, quick worker!
Kasumi     Kasumi gives Konno the 25 caps on the dresser. "I'd just ambush you, before you know what was happening. I cheat.", she declares. Which is true. THe woman does not like to get into fair fights. She likes to hide, and appear where nobody was looking to strike quickly.
Konno     He shrugs a little, "Well, off of the topic of fighting while you're still healing. Is there anything else I can offer you?" he asks of Kasumi, maintaining his bright and cheerful expression.
Kasumi     Kasumi takes a moment to lean against her pillow. "Some chems to make it so that I can sleep?", she asks. "I mean, I hear once Jet is finished, you pass out. Wel, from what I heard form others.", she tells.
Konno     Konno seems uneasy, and shrugs. "I wouldn't know. I have a bad reaction to chems, they all make me violent and irrational that I've tried. Don't know where to get any around here anyway."
Kasumi     Kasumi mutters a little bit. She sighs. "Is there any other methods besides that?", she asks. The woman turns over, resting on her side a little bit.
Konno     Konno chuckles. "I can think of something rather energetic that leaves a good mood to sleep on when it's finished." he chimes mischeivously.
Kasumi     Kasumi looks at Konno. "Something thats not going to tear open my wound again...", the woman points out. "I mean, katas are nice and all, but if I do one at full speed, I'll tear my arm open again."
Konno     Konno chuckles again and presses a soft kiss to Kasumi's cheek. "No kata, not with you dressed like that and recovering." he insists, "Doctor's orders."