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Owner Pose
Iris Lark     The sun starts to set here in Acme, and the sunset is breathtaking. Streams of pink set fire to the sky as the sun kisses the horizon and dips below it. The evening finds Iris sitting in her makeshift clinic, sewing at something small and pink. A single lantern is lit in the corner and the tableau is quiet and restful.
Eden eden comes in hurt again. Even going with Ashur didn't stop the car from finding and hurting her. She looks up at the doctor and says "I didn't go alone, I swear. Can you help?"
Iris Lark     Iris gets up from her work and doesn't say anything, she simply gestures to the bed against the wall. She pulls down some supplies and primes her stimpack, just in case. Once she's set up she begins to quietly tend to the scrapes and bruises that cover Eden's body. After a few minutes, each of the injuries are dressed.
Eden Eden notices Iris is more quiet than usual, and hopes things are ok with her. She sits quietly while the doctor goes about her work, being sure not to move unless intsructed to.
Iris Lark     Iris steps back and gazes at Eden before she nods. "Hopefully now you'll feel a bit better." She murmurs, smiling at the woman on the bed. "So what is so facinating about Dunwich for you?"
Eden Eden answers with animation, "There is the car there that follows me. I don't know why, and I don't know how. I went with Ashur this time, figuring if a moving wall can't protect me, what can? and it still found me. The second Ashur's attention turned, it ran me over. It's idiotic, but I just feel like I have to know what this means. How a car can do that. Plus- it's such a beautiful car. Why would it be so angry?"
Iris Lark     "From what I've heard, there isn't much in the way of rhyme or reason to that place." Iris replies quietly, a slight smile on her face. "Just try to be very careful when you go there Eden, we wouldn't be happy if we lost you."
Eden Eden sighs, "I'm starting to think it's hopeless. I thought maybe, I could help it, or at least understand it. but it didn't attack him, just me. Why?"
Eden "Thanks for the healing. I will see what I can do about protecting myself better before going out again. Have a good night!" and Eden leaves the doctor to her quiet thoughts under the evening sky.