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Kaelyn Who can tell what time it is down here, other than the occacional clock listed. Still, it's busy, lots of people, ish it seems, and there's a new site down here! A tall, rather physically gifted female can be see, her ears are long and tapered, ending in fine points as they stick out and back of her head. Occasionally they raise or lower some as the odd, white-haired young woman looks from one thing to another, meanwhile a voice, coming from her wrist can be heard as it lectures Kaelyn about vaults and vault life... Kae blinks down at her wrist, and smiles slightly "Well at least with you I fit in more..." Kae says, CORA then responds.. "Kae yer exotic anywhere you go, don't worry about fitting in, just be you and let folks adapt.." Kae blinks and shrugs "Well I shall not worry 'bout it then." she says..

One couple moves by Kae, heading toward the ritzy restaraunt as they mention something about mutants and being allowed into town? Kae peers over at them and then shrugs, she's been geenengineered to the point that shey may as well be, so she just shrugs and proceeds to wander around Vault Town, curiously looking into stores and the like.
Eden Eden is standing near Kaelyn and overhears the rude comment. It irks her, even though not aimed at her. "Some people", she whispers to Kae; "Just seem to hate anyone that isn't them. Others think you are pretty nice. Just in case you were wondering."
Kiba an old man walks past them dragging what looks to be an old robot with bones in diferent spots he seems to talk to himself or the robot it unserten "dont worry old freind ill get you fixed up soon ok" he drags the robot around in a berlap sack as a means of carrying him
Jacqueline Another figure is coming down the hall, equally out of place in her gecko-leather armor. Jacqueline seems to be favoring her left side, staying close to the wall and wincing occasionally as she makes her way along. She does manages a faint smile and a wave at the sight of Kaelyn and Eden, being far enough away at the moment to miss the comment aimed at her pointy-eared friend.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Eden curiously. She then smiles and shrugs "It's not the end of the world, I'm technically not well yer normal homosapiens sapiens." She says and shrugs. "They'll get used to me." Kae then blinks as she notices Jacqueline... "Ooh she looks the worse for ware... Hey Jacqueline, you allright?" she calls out, as CORA notes the robot with the bones... Cora then mutters "Now that you don't see every day..." Kae blinks now and looks over at the man tugging a robot behind curiously and tilts her head "Everything allright?"
Eden Eden watches the man with the broken robot and wonders if she can possible fix it. She wanders closer to him to size up what seems to be wrong. not too close though. She doesn't want to spook him.
Kiba kiba looks over to kealyn "no not really my freind here" he jesters to the robot "mr bones broke me out of a raider prison camp a while ago but sufferd heavy damage" a small tear rolls down his cheek "he was my only freind and i wish to fix him soon"
Jacqueline Jackie smiles and nods to the old man with the robot, giving the machine a sympathetic glance as she joins Eden and Kaelyn. "Hey, Miss Kaelyn, Miss Eden, Mister... ow. I've felt better, for sure," she replies, though she does summon up a pained smile. "Helped out some folks in the wastes who were getting shot up. It was the worst fight I've been in in a long time. How are you both?"
Kaelyn Kae grins slightly and nods as she looks from person to person to person... She then ummms... "Hey would you guys wanna go try out the restaraunt?" She then nudges at Eden a little "Maybe bug the snobs just a little?" She asks and winks playfully, then glances to Jackie "Oy... that's no good, I hope you dished more than y'took there..." she says and frowns a bit "Maybe sitting and having a lil bite would help?" she then adds

CORA, Kae's pip-boy now asks the older gentleman "What make'n Model is that robot?" Asks Kae's ever cheerful A.I. Kae glances at her wrist and raises an eyebrow at the older gentlman with the bony-robot. "If'n ya need help fixing it I imagine there's a few around here who can help.. and you escape da Camp?" She asks, white eyebrows raising as those crimson eyes study Kiba curiously.
Eden Eden is still looking over the robot when she hears her name. "Hmm? sure would love to bug them. How?" Eden turns to Jackie "hi there! Doing ok. Get beat up by a car, get healed, repeat it, but otherwise good!" Now to Kiba "Can I take a closer look at your friend?"
Kiba kiba nodds "if you can help him sure, mighty kind of you" lokking to the ai "hes made of scrap parts from protecttrons" then looks at the other person "sure you can"
Jacqueline "I think I can sit for a while without too much pain," Jackie replies, stifling a grin at the thought of bugging the snobs, whoever they are here. "I'm game. Is there anyone in particular you want to bug, or is this just snob-bugging in general?"
She winces in sympathy with Eden. "I know the feeling. That centaur that landed on me /felt/ like a car. Probably didn't weigh much less."
Her eyes stray to the man and his robot. "I don't have the parts with me to help, but if you want me to take a look at him, I'm available for here. And I work cheap."
Kaelyn Kae blinks "Well I imagine you are speaking of the FEV Centaur right? She asks curiously, "Not the proveribial person with a horse below the waist right?" She adds, then Kae glances around curiously again and grins impishly "I think all of us showing up in -that- particular restaraunt and sitting around to eat on stuff would bug the snobs that called me Mutant." she says slightly...
Eden eden looks closely at the robot. after a few minutes she says "I could probably help, but it wouldn't be just a cheap fix up. The suppolies and toold it would take to make her right again would cost a pretty penny." Eden looks at kae again "Sounds loke a plan!"
Kiba "dont see why anyone would make fun of ya your bout as human as anyone here" the old man says
Jacqueline "I guess... I don't know of any other kind of centaur," Jackie replies, shrugging and wincing as the habitual gesture pulls on her ribs. "As far as I'm concerned, one kind of those hideous things is more than enough."
She nods to Eden and the oldster, seriously. "No doubt. I'm offering labor, not materials. I've got an overdue project that takes all the scrap I can find."
She peeks into the restaurant. "They've got poor manners, for sure, if that's what they're doing. But evidently, their wallets don't match their manners. This place isn't cheap. But I'm up for it if you all are."
Kaelyn Kae glances to all the others here to see if any of them agree with her as the odd-looking woman gets a kind of mischievious grin on her face. "Besides won't it be fun to have a bunch of topsiders sit right next to them?" Kae adds as she peeks through the window, the grins impishly again as she looks to those here curiously. Kae then starts to amble her way toward the door to the restaraunt, the girl carefully doing up her hair and whatnot, even tugging a pair of chopsticks to wrap her long mane of white around as she makes her way to the doorway... Kae then pauses and glances back to the others... "Well if it's uber expensive we don't have to... course we could get some cheap stuff and share for a snack too... I dunno.." she adds and rubs at the back of her neck... "Then again it would sooo be worth it to mess with those folks..."
Jacqueline As Eden and Kiba move off to discuss robot repairs in detail, Jackie peeks through the doorway again, glancing to Kaelyn. "I'm willing. I can spare a few caps for the sake of a joke," she says, summoning up a brave, if slightly pained, smile. "Let's do this."
She pauses just long enough to straighten up her hasty ponytail into something more presentable and dust off her armor, being careful around her ribs, then falls into step with Kaelyn. "Dearie me, Miss Kaelyn, that sounds like the most /unpleasant/ way to discover a restaurant," she says, affecting a posh accent.
Kaelyn Kae grins and walks on inside the restaraunt, the girl approaching the Mait'rDee and smiles cheerfully as she looks around "Table please?" She asks, then notices the snobby couple... "Maybe over by them" She asks, and motions to Jackie too "Table for two, maybe more if another joins, who knows." She says and grins. Kae looks nice enough at least, she's had a couple changes of clothes, it's all she's arrived with, even if she wears that skin-tight hex-weave skinsuit of hers... She glances to the robot, front-person curiously, and eventually gets a roll of the eyes, before they pick up two menus, and direct Kae and Jackie to the requested table.
Jacqueline Following Kae, Jackie offers a winning smile to the maitre'd, then looks around the room. Swanky digs, for sure! It's enough to make her feel almost shabby by comparison.
Directed to a table, she strolls that way, nodding politely to the snobby couple at a nearby table. "And how has your day been otherwise, Miss Kaelyn? I hope your health is good. I've felt better, to be utterly honest."
Martin The doors to the kitchen swing up and Martin is being brushed out by one of the sous chef. She says hautly, "How dare you try to head hunt in this kitchen! We're family! GO!" Martin waves his hands in a calming motion. "Calm down man, Shesh. Its a compliament. This is the best ran kitchen, with the best cooks..." And his setence is interupted. "COOK! COOK! I AM NOT A SOME HASH SLINGER MISTER!" She says, and takes a aggressive foot foward, Martin takes a step back, nearly walks into a waiter, "No no, of course not! NO. I am so sorry." Says Martin trying to apologize. And some heads are starting to watch the ensueing drama.
Kaelyn Kae smiles as she sits down, the girl glancing over to the two snobs as she takes a deep breath, yah Kae's got a pretty rediculous figure and at this point she's flaunting it a little bit, just trying to show just how good a 'mutant' like her can look. Kae glances back to Jackie and shrugs "Same as it usually is I guess.. Don't got a sunburn, don't have to worry about it, teeth are good, eyesite good..." She goes through a list of things just as if she were giving a robotic diagnostic.. This is saddly what happense a lot when someone's raised by an A.I. in a virtual realm and then later taken care of and helped out by one as they meander the wastes for a year.

Kae's ears perk and her crimson gaze settles in on the the person coming out of the back? Meanwhile the snobbish couple and even a couple other vault-town dwellers are now kind of glaring daggers not at Jaqueline, but at Kaelyn as the geneticly altered woman generally seems to attract the occasional look, this time she's standing out like a sore thumb that's glowing in the dark.
Jacqueline Jackie tries not to let her eyes glaze over, listening politely to Kae's long list of things that are in perfect working order. "Miss Kae? 'I'm all right' works just fine, too," she teases gently. "Does anything look appetizing?"
She glances up at the sound of someone else in trouble for a change. But the shrilling woman's complaints make the fix-it girl wince, both in anger for her and sympathy for her target. "Hundreds of people are struggling just to get by out in Shantytown, and she's worried about her stupid title. 'Scuse me a sec... I need to go do my Robin Hood deed for the week," she says softly to Kaelyn, rising from the table and moving to join the argument.
"Oh, /there/ you are!" she exclaims, catching Martin by the arm in the best show of affection she can fake. "I've been looking all over for you." She looks to the sous-chef, shamming an apologetic smile. "Please do excuse my cousin. He has quite the interest in cooking. I was meeting him here because he promised me a decent meal for helping him and some friends out yesterday, since I got hurt so badly doing it. Broken ribs, even!"
Martin     Martin eye shifts over to slender woman comming to his aid?
Martin     Martin eye shifts over to slender woman comming to his aid? He tries to not let to much time laspe to make, and then tries to sell it to sous-chef, "Yea. Yea. I did promise that didn't I?" He says to Jacqueline. "Did you uh, did you get us a table?" He asks and puts an arm around her. The sous chefs, "I dont see why I should cook for you, or yours after those insults." She says.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at the thing and waves cheerfully to the two, her pointed ears perking up as she calls out, then she asides to the nearby snobbish group "Don't mind me, I'm their.. long lots cousin... " she fixes them with that crimson gaze of hers and points out. "I'm what happense when a mad-scientist with a gene-enhancement fetish gets a hold of a person." she adds and winks, before again waving to Martin and Jackie.. The waiter was about to just put down 2 glasses of water, instead puts two down and grabs a third.. He also sets out a third menu... Kae then curiously begins glancing over the menu, eyes gettin ga little wide at some of the prices...
Jacqueline "Oh, yes, of course! Over there with our science-loving... cousin," Jackie replies, giving Martin's arm an affectionate squeeze. "I'm sure she's dying to see you again. Why not go over and say hi?"
Her attention returns to the huffy sous-chef. "Oh, /please/? I know my cousin didn't mean to insult you, and it'd be a wonderful thing to do for an injured person. Because I did a good deed, I'm bruised all up and down my side and my thigh... I'll show you," she adds, already beginning to unbutton her gecko-leather jacket and pants.
Martin     Martin isn't one for stopping a woman from undressing, generally its a damn trick to get them to do it in the first place. But he thinks in this case, it isn't warranted. "No no. Lets not bother the sous chef, she a very busy lady and the kitchen is growing more behind for every moment she out here. I bet her station is going to start to burn." She purses her lip to retort to the both of them but that reminder, causes her to spin around and go back into the kitchen. Martin laughs, and starts to lead Jacqueline over to the table with her partner, nother fine young lady. Well this day is so far saved. Trying to get things lined up for that damn night club is not as easy as he thought it would.
Kaelyn kae is all smiles as Martin makes his way over.. She nods to him, the odd woman's crimson gaze now studying him curiously, as the people sitting near look a little out of sorts... Not only did the 'mutant' woman dare come into this establishment, but she sat near them and then spoke to them! The gaul! Kae grins as she glances from Martin to Jackie then back again... She then looks at the Menu curiously and ummms.... "I havn't the foggiest clue what to order." she mutters, then lets CORA start looking over the menu, her pip actually begins to himm and haw, as iff mulling things over... CORA then speaks... "I don't know, I don't have the foggiest clue about what everything tastes like... It' probably why most things you ate in that virtual world we kept you in so your mind could develope, tasted like chicken." Kae then blinks curiously and shrugs "Or just lots of stuff taste like chicken in real life?" CORA then laughs "Quite possible."

Kae then glances around again curiously and looks to Jackie curiously then back at the menu... "So I'mma thinking of the chopped steak with the hydroponics veggies..." She says and grins cheerfully.
Martin     Martin takes holds out Jacqueline chair, then sits in his own. "I'm Martin Bishop he says." And then picks up the menu. Whistles. "Made out of paper. That is fancy. Expensive. Expansive Fancy." He says, and looks down the item. And maybe a bit shy at the prices.
Jacqueline Jackie's doing her best not to laugh, watching the sous-chef's expression as she prepares to bare her injuries. Martin's quick enough to keep her from having to, though she's got everything unfastened enough to do it. She's holding up her pants and trying to fasten them as she follows Martin back to the table. "Mission accomplished."
And then she sees that Martin's holding out her chair. "Oh... thank you," she says, surprised, but not surprised enough that she doesn't sit down. "Jacqueline Wayne... but just Jackie's fine.
She glances at Kae's menu. "That does look good... and not so high that we'll have to wash dishes to make up for a cap shortage. Make it two?"
Kaelyn glances around now and grins at Jackie... "Get what you want." she says matter of factly "How often do they let upsiders like us into a place like this?" She asks curiously, then looks to Martin "Yah really ritzy isn't this place." She says with a slight smile.. She's gonna get the chop-steak for sure. She also makes sure to order her self a glass of tea when she puts in her order for the steak.
Martin     Martin puts down his menu, "I think I am going to have a beef wellington." He turns ward the Elf lady, "And your name, Miss?" He asks her giving her a dashing smile. Trying to figure out what exactly she is, but without appearing to stare at her unusual features, or her ample ones.
Jacqueline "Make it two, totally," Jackie replies, her mind made up. Chop steak, and water. Her wallet will thank her, she's sure.
She looks to Martin. "So, what brings you here, aside from upsetting kitchen flunkies? We're here to tweak the upturned noses of a few of the folks here," she explains, buttoning her jacket. By the looks of the hints of bandaging that show, she really did get hurt recently.
Kaelyn Kae glances to Martin and smiles "Name's Kaelyn..." She responds and glances over the people she's trying to tweek "And yes, the 'mutant' has a name folks." She says with a slight smile, crimson eyes staring at the one that made the comment now and yes Kae is kind of looking like a bit of a predator at this point as she continues to stare right at the person, making them feel rather uncomfortable... Red eyes can do that too!
Martin Martin wags his finger in front of her, "Now now now, everyone except these vancy vault folks here, have been exposed to so much rads, and their parents have been to, and their parents parents have been as well. We're all mutants." And then the waiter comes over, and he starts to takes the tables order, "And give me one of those desert that you light on fire at the table. Like I've seen in New Vegas." Martin says, "A baked alaska?" The waiter ask, "No no. Fosters. Bannana Fosters." The Waiter nods. "Very well. And is this on one check?" He asks.
Jacqueline "Separate checks, please," Jackie replies. It's not like she'd ever ask someone to pay for her meal, not with everyone at the table on a budget for one reason or another. "Make mine the chop steak with fries and... macaroni? I think that's how you say it." It's a strange word, after all!
Kaelyn Kae glances to Martin curiously "Bannannas foster?" She asks and shrugs, honestly she can't afford quite that elaborate of a dish... STill real hamburger steak that isn't completely loaded with Rads is appealing to her. Specially if done right... Kae then tilts her head and leans forward a bit as Jackie orders Macaroni in a plae like this then blinks as the Waiter nods? Kae then ooooh's "Yah pre-war stuffs..." she says silently to her self, while CORA snickers.
Martin     Martin "Yea, there is this very snotty, kinda of scarry place in New Vegas. One of three major casino and hotels on the strip. ANd I knew one of the chefs. Cause at the time my caravan company doing supplies to New Vegas." He says and takes a sip of water, "And yea, I manage to save him a bit of money for his quarter, and that pleased his boss. And as a treat I got to eat at the chefs table. And they made this desert with liquir on it."
Jacqueline "Any place where people snap when you don't call them by the right title is scary enough," Jackie says softly, once the waiter is gone. "Especially if nobody's wearing name tags!" She manages not to look offended as CORA chortles over her taste in food.
Her gaze swings over to Martin. "Wow... you run a caravan company? Or ran, maybe? It sounds like you've seen a lot of places. I can't even imagine a place where chefs have their own tables... whatever a chef is."
Kaelyn Kae smiles and umms "NOthing so special for me... I've been out of an incubation tube for only about a year." she adds and shrugs, the girl now sipping on her iced tea as she looks from one person to the next. After having sufficiently made those people uncomfortable enough they are no longer staring at her or making rude comments.
Martin     Martin nods, "Well, yea. I've been working caravans since I was 13. I'm originally from California. Even seen the Pacific ocean." He says, as their food arrives. "Only a year old? Then why not have something fancy. Its quite the show. When it doesnt start a fire." He says. He starts to cut into the pastry of his dish.
Jacqueline "I don't think I could /imagine/ so much water, not if I hadn't seen it on my viewer at home," Jackie says appreciatively. "I guess it's a beautiful place, California. The ancients sure loved it."
She blinks at Kaelyn in surprise, hearing that. "You've only been out a year? Wow... this must be so different for you," she says, not without sympathy. "I hope it's been a good year. Is that why you have CORA? To help you get along?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs "Originally I was captured and modified for a different purpose than I am now. CORA was able to alter subtly the modification as I was allready nearing adult growth and all and was able to make sure I was mentally prepared for things after the bombs fell and all... " She then shrugs and smiles slightly "I was kidnapped and put into the incubation chamber before the apocalypse... And to be honest, I have very little memory of my time in the chamber. Most of my memories are filled with a kind of virtual existance as they kind of let me 'grow' up in a set of memograms piped into my head..."
Martin     Martin listens to her, doesn't seem to be phased by it. "Oh, wow, so you're as old as some of the ghouls, but without that uh... um. Skin condition." He says. "Nothing wrong with it course. I've worked with lots of ghouls over the years." And slides into his meal some more.
Jacqueline "Sorry to bring up bad memories," Jackie says sympathetically, leaning over to give the pointy-eared woman a hug. "I don't mind that you're different than most of us. We're all different in some way."
She nods to Martin, agreeing silently. Not that she's met that many ghouls, but the ones that didn't want to eat her seemed like decent folk.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head slowly "I honestly have no memories of the event, just what CORA has taught and showed me." Kae says and smiles slightly "SO to get me to recall 'painful' memories or worry about them are all well it's all lost really." Kae adds and shrugs "And honestly I don't try to dwell on it, too much to do right now." She adds and then the food arrives and Kae begins cutting into her hamburger steak... "And I guess technically I'm not a ghoul? Might have some in common, but I'm not irradiated like one of them." Kae adds with a slight grin... "I'm just geneticly engineered life form... that's all I am... But I'm also just me. And happy to be me."
Martin And two waiters comes over tot he table, when the meal is about over. They put down a collopsable table, then set down the fosters. With some showiness, they douse it with liquor, then it light is aflame and let it sit for a bit as it burns the liquor and sugars. "A la banna fosters." The waiter says. Martin laughs at the show, enjoying it. "Aint it hell of a thing. Taste good to."
Jacqueline It's honestly the best thing she's eaten in a very long time. Quite dressy, too. That's the big difference between this and Jackie's mother's excellent cooking. "You're definitely you, Miss Kaelyn, and that's a good thing. How was the steak? Was it good?" It definitely was to her, but maybe genetically engineered people taste things differently.
And then the dessert arrives. The sudden /whoosh/ of flame has her reaching for her water glass, but Martin's laughter reminds her that this was /supposed/ to happen. "Wow... and it's still good to eat after that?" she asks, wide-eyed.
Kaelyn Kae stares at the burning banannas and ummms "I think it's part of the show, the alchohol is burning but not quite touching the foster..." She says and then grins slightly "And yes, the meal was quite good, best thing I've had, pretty much ever that I can remember..." she says and grins slightly, Kae putting her fork and knife down after having well, devoured her meal.
Martin     Martin smiles, "Please both of you enjoy. A, uh. Thank you for the kitchen thing." He says, as he uses the last bit of pastry to soak up the rements of his meal and pops it into his mouth. "Its a desert. Its sweet. And the fire does something to the sugar and stuff. I'm not much of a chef. But when I was a Publican, I got a share fair of fancy meals."
Jacqueline "Coolness. Maybe we can come here again in about... two years, once the finances build back up again," Jackie teases, giving Kaelyn a grin.
She still has her fork... which she uses to filch a bite of the dessert once the flames die down. It's still a bit warm, but the flavor is... beyond description, really: She has a wastelander's tastes. "Ooh..." she murmurs, shutting her eyes and letting the sensation wash over her.
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly and smiles slighlty... "Well I must wander, gotta go grab a bit of sleep... You guys enjoy the desert? I'm gona go back to my room and well saw some logs." she says and grins slightly.