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Qwillis     Qwillis was out in that shanty-town market much like normal. Scavenging what others scavenge for parts and pieces. Anything to help him put together his projects faster of course. There's the distinct click of metal every other step, that metal leg a counter-point to booted foot, although he does try to hide the metal claw in a coat pocket while he'd peruse the items available.
Lucas Lucas is moving through the market, his AEP visible at his side, he seems to be interested in the tech, anything unusual catches his attention, yet his focus inevitably returns to the armor. He's quick to study anything that might offer him more protection than his meager shirt and pants. The replacement leg gets his attention for a moment though, it's only a short glance, but it's obviously interested, before good manners steps in and pulls his attention back to the armor stand.
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses as he'd watch someone walk past him. Why the look? Simple, it's actually the laser pistol at the waist that catches the attention first. Qwillis studies it first, then Lucas curiously, finally moving to walk after the man and tap him lightly on the shoulder with that flesh hand. "Ah.. excuse me? I couldn't help notice the laser pistol.. that's quite unusual to see here in Shanty-Town, where did you get it?"
Lucas Lucas smiles, his hand slipping to stroke over the mentioned pistol. "Brotherhood of Steel. It's standard issue. You're right, it's not common around these parts. I may need to consider picking up something that draws less attention. Not to mention easier to acquire ammunition." He grins in an amused fashion. "I would hate to run out of rounds."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles slightly, tapping the Needler at his own hip. "I understand. I got lucky and picked up a regular pistol out scavenging, so I have a backup with more regular ammo.." He'd offer that left hand to shake. "I'm Qwillis. A tinkerer around here.. It's nice to meet you."
Lucas Lucas chuckles. "Lucas. New arrival, I haven't had much luck in my recces lately. Hoping that'll change soon, though to be fair scavenging was never my greatest skill." He shrugs a shoulder. "Right now armor is more pressing than weaponry."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods in response, smiling lightly. "Well.. I know a few people. You might be able to work something out.." he'd glance around, then point towards the clinic. "I work there.. I'm more an assistant than a healer.. but I have some scientific knowledge to me at least."
Lucas Lucas grins, his expression is amused as he looks at Qwillis. "I'd appreciate any suggestions, I feel almost naked dressed like this." He glances at the clinic. "I need to make a visit, see if I can't get a reasonable stockpile of supplies." He speaks softly for a moment. "I'm going to be out a lot." He then shakes his head. "What's your field of expertise, if you don't mind me asking? I don't have the best head for science, but it's a passing interest of mine."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods back to Lucas. "Iris runs the clinic and she can probably help you out getting patched up. You'll have to check with Acme for supplies though. Otherwise, I'd say to talk to the Militia, they may be able to help you out for some time on their roster. There's also the trading going on around here of course." Qwillis smiles to Lucas then, drawing that metal claw hand out of his pocket to show it. Two metal digits and a thumb that are articulated. "I'm a tinkerer by trade.. just about anything tech, I can work on.. I grew up a mechanic. But now I'm more of a scientist.. I am trying to focus on robotics and cybernetics.."
Lucas "That's incredibly impressive." Lucas studies the hand with interest. "I take it you worked on it yourself." He seems to consider for a long moment. "Your training was as a mechanic? If you got this far on your own. I kind of wish you'd had formal training. Many scribes would be impressed if they could get results like this." He tilts his head to Qwillis. "You haven't considered joining the Brotherhood have you? They could offer you resources, technical manuals. You could do incredible work."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Lucas, settling it back in his pocket with a small shake of his head. "No.. I.. well.. it took me two years to get this done. My arm and leg got blow up in an experiment that went wrong.. Someone messed with it at the wrong time." He'd shrug slightly then. "The ones I talked to.. they thought my write up was too basic. This is nothing like actual cybernetics. It's a poor copy.. and breaks often. But, it's what I have until I can do more.. Anything else I know, is just from friendly people sharing. Vault dwellers letting me read manuals. Most of it is self-taught.. because Everyone else gave up on me. I just refused to quit."
Lucas "Then they were arrogant and short sighted." Lucas sighs looking more serious. "You have potential and talent, your write up is basic, I don't doubt what you're building is... unrefined, simple and probably even flawed, but that should be where the brotherhood steps in to help and advise." He shakes his head. "Sorry, I'm leacturing."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles softly, shaking his head. "I'm use to it. They did too.. But I do appreciate the offer. I'm not opposed to working with them of course. I'll help who ever I can, with what I know.. That's just me though. I'm trying to get to know Robotics so I can help people with the robo-butlers of old. Something to make life a little easier."
Lucas Nodding Lucas grins faintly. "I may have work for you in the future, you'll probably find it... Interesting, though it will a touch delicate." He frowns a something seems to concern him. "I have some friends who you may like to meet, if I can get in touch with them." He nods slowly. "Helping people is a noble goal, I wish more people strived towards it."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles with a small nod. "I'll be happy for the work. I'm glad to work on things and I'm working on expanding my room at the clinic into a full on lab. So that'll be nice. As for your friends, I'd be happy to talk to them.. I may stay freelance, just so I don't have to be beholden to no one and I don't have those who would avoid groups avoid me.. you know? But don't consider me unfriendly." He'd shake his head slowly. "So many people are so focused on survival.. it takes those who are creative to help look up from the dirt and see what is beyond."
Lucas Lucas shrugs as he looks at Qwillis. "I can respect the desire to stay freelance, I'm not sure I agree with the reasoning. You'll never be trusted, you'll never been shown the valuable, not like someone who has joined something." He chuckles. "And I happen to believe we're all beholden to someone or something. For better or for worse we build societies and communities, we become obligated to them."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, musing as he'd glance at the clinic's direction. "That's true. I guess I never really thought it through. Give me some time to think on it, Lucas.. I don't want to just blithely agree. But.. well.. call me interested, ok?"
Lucas Lucas nods as he looks at Qwillis. "I wasn't trying to pressure you, consider your options, I might be able to make the Brotherhood one for you, if you are interested." He then shakes his head. "However, I should be going. I need to get back out there, hopefully I'll find something useful, or signs of my friends." He offers a hand to Qwillis. "Stay safe and inventive, I look forward to seeing you make the world a better place."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles in response and shakes Lucas' hand. Metal to flesh if right handed, otherwise that typical left. "I will.. and you'll definitely hear more about me. Stay safe.. and if you ever need medical help, the Clinic helps a lot.."