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Qwillis     With some work between Qwillis and Kaelyn, along with CORA, the map's general location and where it's leading to was figured out. As such, a group was gotten together to start for that destination. It was gong to be at least a few day's trek across the wasteland to get there, so everyone was needing to pack what they would need over that time.

    Qwillis himself met with the others at that edge of shanty town. There, he'd have a small pack with some resources in it. A newly polished helmet on his head and that heavy metal breastplate, the hole put in it patched up.
Iris Lark     Iris Lark joins the crew heading out, a few bruises and scrapes on her face and arms. She doesn't look terribly pleased, but she slowly straps on her equipment, nodding a slow greeting to the people in the group. "How is everyone today?"
Fiona Fiona makes her way to the meeting point in her militia gear, service rifle shouldered on her left arm. She pulls out a cigar, sticking it her her mouth, but not lighting it. Thanks to the greeting, she has to pull it right back out. "Hi there, doin fair. Yourself, ma'am?" That out of ths way, the soldier woman puts her chew toy back in her mouth. Amber eyes sweep over the area to assess who is going.
Vuk Whrr, Stomp, Power Armor Whines, system growling to combat the heat, following Iris. "Should I get the Harley my Love?" Oh he's risking being beaten later by calling her his love, but it is what it is. "I think I figured out how to drive it in straight lines." Well he sure can't do worse then Alice, right?
Kaydin     Kaydin volunteered to go with the group and was following along, duster blowing in the winds. He looks to the man in power armor and just raises an eyebrow. Course with his helmet it couldnt exactly be seen. "Isnt it hot in that tank?" He asks curiously, radio making his voice sound partially synthetic.
Iris Lark     "You wouldn't fit on a Harley in that big..thing." Iris responds, and if she's annoyed by him calling her names it isn't easy to tell." She gestures towards the road. "Besides that, if you get injured, who is going to drive it back?" She shrugs and checks her pistol's ammo. "Walking is fine."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Iris warmly. "Iris.. I'm.. doing ok. I hope you're doing well? I guess you got into a scuffle, huh?" He'd look her over curiously, before looking to power armor A with an odd look. Shaking his head slightly, he'd nod to Kaydin and Fiona. "Militia and NCR. Good.. all here." Checking his ammo, he'd nod and after pulling out the map, looks it over then points. "We're heading that way. Roughly. There's a few land marks we're looking for. The first is suppose to be a big rock that looks like a face. It's probably worn now. But that's what we're looking for. Shall we?"
Vuk Vuk grunts when Iris denies the use of his new Harley..but he just got it! "It isn't hot for the air is chilled, and the suit is sealed." He comments before walking aside Iris. "I am only here to ensure you do not end up one of the fallen Iris. I do this for you, no one else." He says and hefts the minigun he so favours up. "Face, rock. Is this a product of the Ancients?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles towards Power Armor A with a nod, showing the laminated map. "It is. This is a place that from what I can tell is one of great knowledge we're going to. We're following the markers of the Ancients to get there.. if I've read the map right. Kaelyn's CORA really helped the most on it.."
Iris Lark     "I'm pretty tenacious, Vuk. I've been jumped twice in the last week or so and I managed to only get bruises and a few scrapes." Iris says, smiling over at Qwillis. "Just a slight scuffle or two, I think something is going on in El Dorado, but I've been hiding out in Acme." She shrugs and wrinkles her nose. "I'm looking forward to this."
Fiona Fiona casts her gaze off towards the horizon and nods at the direction. "Fair enough." She comments, perhaps oddly falling in stride next to Kaydin when he starts moving. "Corporal Fiona Caine." She introduces herself. around the cigar, this time not removing it.t
Kaydin     "NCR Veteran Ranger Kaydin LeGraize. Most call me the kid because of my age." Kaydin says as he offers a hand for her to shake and he looks to the others. "So what is this place called that we are going to? It existed before the war?"
Qwillis     As the group walks along and chats, those who got a success would notice ahead and off to the right a ways seems to be some sort of cloud of dirt stirring up. Rather it's a storm, or something else, is hard to tell from this distance.

Qwillis is oblivious though, looking to Kaydin with a showing of the map. "It doesn't really say. It talks about a Library, but.. I can't make out the name. Even the pipboy CORA couldn't make it out. Quite intruging and a mild bit frustrating."
Vuk Vuk will turn as they walk, another storm? He'll let his eyes track it..listen, if it is a storm, they will need to shelter from it..if it is vehicles? He'll hopefully hear the roar of engines. "I do not like going to that town of corruption and whores and harlots." He says, apparently, he -still- remembers a certain hired thug group trying to shake him down for caps. "We should find a place to shelter." He announces.
Iris Lark     "Corruption, whores and harlots huh?" Iris teases, shaking her head back and forth. "Do you think any books survived in this library?" She asks nobody in particular, a tinge of wistful yearning in her voice. "I've never seen an actual book before, just holodiscs."
Fiona Fiona adjusts the brim of her hat, frowning and squinting. "Whores and harlots? We don't have that many." The militia woman mutters, then nods, "Right about the seeking shelter or digging in though." A glance to Kaydin, "What do you make of it Mister California?" She asks and surveys the options.
Kaydin     Kaydin was alert of his environment. He saw the storm and raises a hand in the universal hold gesture. "I suggest we find some shelter. I dont like the look of that storm." Kaydin says as he looks around trying to find something for them to take shelter. "As for me, anything pre-war has some benefit, especially if it is knowledge. My mom had this prewar book, was a soldier guide book. Figured that teaching me some of the things about it would help make me a better soldier."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses as Kaydin motions to stop. He'd glance between the others, before looking around himself. An immediate scan of the local area shows a few rocks that are kind of close together. Probably the best spot to try and hold up, if going to wait out the storm. Qwillis would look around himself, seeking to find a good spot they can weather that storm coming.
Iris Lark     Iris points off towards where she thinks the sound is coming from. "It doesn't sound like weather." She glances around at the group and frowns slightly. "I think it's something else. I think we need to make sure we're armed for it."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head in his armor, so he wasn't the only one to hear it. "Let us hide first and see if it by passes us..other wise, we will over come all of that which is coming after us. We certainly should have the fire power to drive off some raiders. Even though riding cycles or the like."
Fiona Fiona takes her cigar out of her mouth, tucking it back in her pocket. "Well, I would agree, but, shelter isn't a bad idea at all just the same." The rifle is slipped off her soldier. Carried in the low ready position pointed just beyond her toe to the side. "What he said."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods as he begins to head to the rocks, scouting the area around it first. He noticed the rumble and only made him look to the storm and study it from the distance they were at. "I dont like the feel of that." He says as he pulls his rifle from the sling and checks it to make sure it had ammo before looking around.
Qwillis     Qwillis would follow suit with the others, prepping that needler and checking it's ammo before taking up a spot behind the rocks. With everyone digging in, it's now just a matter of waiting. The dust cloud looms ever closer, revealing itself to indeed be three bikes with 6 raiders on them, 2 per a bike as they'd hoot and hollar, racing across the wasteland.
Vuk Vuk isn't easy to hide with limited cover, dropping down to a crouch, trying to keep him self on the outside of on one side, she has a rock, the other? A Power Armor wall. "Wait, they might have friends coming, we should not move for some time. Watch for other dust clouds." He says, hoping there -isn't- any others.
Iris Lark     Iris takes a sip of water as they wait, making herself small behind cover. She peeks once, keeping an eye out for other dust clouds or signs that someone might be heading in their direction.
Kaydin     Kaydin tries to use the rock as cover, gun ready to fire incase the raiders decided to come back. He remains quiet for a little while before speaking on his radio. "Anyone see any more?" He asks as he grips his rifle.
Fiona Fiona tracks the trailing bike as the pass through down the sights of her rifle. "Guess it it is for the best. Still, awefully fancy gear. I bet I could swap one of those for a good horse." Then she pans around back to the trail. "There is another something, single, tailing them, there." She makes a chop hand motion point in the direction. "Stay down."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Fiona and stays down, watching in the direction that she pointed. Just as she said, a dune buggy was hot on the tail of the gangers it seems. Although while the raiders were playing around, there's two people in this buggy and they both look rather upset. Both of them are in quite serious armor and are completely oblivious to the group, guess they're hunting the raiders? Qwillis would watch for a bit more then nod slightly. "I guess that's that then? We should probably move before something does decide to stop?"
Iris Lark     Iris gets to her feet and dusts herself off while she eyes the direction the people had gone in. "Yeah, we should hustle." She agrees, falling into step with the others. "The sooner we find this library, the better."
Kaydin     "I agree. We are burning daylight." Kaydin says as he puts the safety on his rifle and begins to move from his place in the rock. He then looks to the distance for a brief moment before turning his attention back on the group.
Fiona Fiona clicks the lever back to safety with her thumb, then stands. The rifle held barrel down in her right hand by the grip, finger rested outside the trigger well. She draws her cigar back out with her left hand to chew jt while she dusts off. Then she finally lights the thing as she starts walking. "We should find us a couple of those fast four wheelers as troop transports." She offers really to no one in particular. "Everybody good?" Then she takes a puff, pulling out the stoogie, exhaling a gray cloud. After, she looks to Kaydin, "Hey, California, does the NCR use motorized transports much?"
Vuk Vuk will wait till others are ready to move out, then rise to begin striding in the directin they were previously going. "I still wish we had taken the Harley." he grumbles to Iris. "At least then if they came back, I could whisk you away to safety." He says.
Iris Lark     "I don't need whisking." Iris hisses at Vuk as she walks alongside him. "Besides that, it seems like a scary thing, there aren't any doors or anything, what if I fall off?" She shudders delicately and shakes her head. "I trust my feet."
Qwillis     The group is able to make good time, a good 11 hours, travelling over the wasteland. At least it's fairly decent company, giving them time to get to know one another. With hit starting on towards dusk for that first day, they're reaching the edge of what probably use to be a forest. Now it's just petrified wood, little more than standing rocks. They haven't seen anything that might resemble a giant rock face either.
Vuk Vuk vaguely wishes the ancient GPS system in his armor was functional; though the thought of that many Ancient Sat units working and able to just fall out of the sky, can also be frightening. "You can drive? I don't know. We'll get a side car eventually. We'll ask the Old Man to do it."
Kaydin     "We use Vertibirds but most of the other technology we use is dependent on the area. In New Vegas we had access to the old monorail system." Kaydin says as he looks to Iris and chuckles at what she says. "Vehicles break down. Sometimes it is better to walk. Way I heard it, pre-war everyone was fat and had to exercise for fun."
Fiona "Hey, Guns." Fiona offers, "If your wife doesn't like your two wheeler, militia might buy it from you." Fiona comments hellfully. Then she glances back to the man in charge, "Hey, when are we supposed to see this rock? Are we on course, do we need to back track?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head slightly. "I'm able to repair most vehicles I've come across.." he'd pull out that map again, looking it over with a frown, then looking around. "I.. well I'm not sure. I know it's this direction from the city. But there's no actual gauge for distance. Do we want to keep travelling at night? or make camp and wait?"
Iris Lark     "I'm game to continue if the others are." Iris remarks and then when Fiona calls her Vuk's wife she makes a face and sighs. "It didn't seem to take this long the last time we walked out this way, are we sure we didn't get turned around somewhere?"
Vuk Vuk scowls in his helmet before flooding the area in front of him with lamp light if it's dusk, or will when it is. "I will not camp in this place. This is a place the dead will walk." He says, gesturing at the ..eerie blasted woods. "I will rely on my armor to see us through." At least -he- can see fully well at night. "We should continue to march." He says and glances at Iris and Fiona. "She is not my wife...only one I truly love..and I will not sell my Harley. Until I find a true machine of the ancients to make my home." He remarks and just keep walking the way they have been.
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to Vuk and then looks to the area around them. "You may be able to see through the night but others cant. Those who can see in the dark should scout ahead, make sure the way is clear for the others." Kaydin suggests.
Fiona Fiona frowns as the vote leans to pressing on, "We are looking for a rock. We either light up or stop. And even lighting up.. We might miss it." A heavy sigh, "Is that mask really able to see that well? If we miss the mark stumbling about. Or come up on some predator, we are going to wish all of of could see." It wasn't a no, so much as a 'if you really really' want to do it.
Qwillis     Pressing on through the forest is rather eerie. The stone wood stands tall and silent as they pass along. There is no sound other than what they make. Qwillis would use Vuk's light several times to study the map by, working out the path as they'd make it through the woods at that night time. It's very slow going and it's only as dawn is slowly approaching do they make it to the other side. There, just over the crest of the hill is a massive rock.. and if looked at the right angle? It could even be a face! ... really.. really worn down face.
Vuk Vuk is glad he relies heavily on that armor to conserve his own energy, possibly slipping into a state of..effectively half sleep as he trudges forward. "We shall camp under the rock face." He says, sounding tired. "At least until our energy is recovered." He also wants to get out of the armor and breathe non recycled air.
Iris Lark     Iris pulls some supplies from her rucksack and prepares to make camp for the night. She takes another sip of water and settles down, waiting for everyone to settle close by. "Sounds good, we'll hunker down here for the night."
Fiona A quick circle to scout now that Fiona can see again. She shows the mark signs of the long march. Once the militia scout circles back, she flops down. "Well, now we rest. I'll take first watch. About two hours each, then we look at moving. Sound good?"
Qwillis     As the group would press on, they'd crest that hill and find.. there's a rather deep chasm between them and that rock formation. Although it's not too wide. Also, when they do get closer, it seems there IS a building there. Buried under rock.. and yet the structure seems solid. Something protected against the tortures of time? It'd be hard to tell until they get inside at the least. With a bit of work, they can set up close by, or try to figure out a way past that chasm to reach the building on the other side?
Kaydin     Kaydin looks to the chasm and then looks back to qwillis and others. "Well look at what I found." Kaydin says as he looks to the others. "Want to rest now and deal with it in the morning?" Kaydin asks as he turns to the others.