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Iris Lark     The last few days have found Iris in Acme. It isn't that she doesn't like Shantytown, it's been her home for the last few weeks. However it's' been beset by an unusual amount of violence, especially towards the people working and living there. Iris herself sports some bruises and scrapes from various encounters and several others have been wounded as well. So here she is, setting up a second place for her to treat patients in the safe little area that the team has built for her. Supplies are laid out on the shelf and the Healer? Well she's seated on a chair, feet up as she sews quietly.
Jacqueline Jackie spends a fair amount of time with Iris, but sadly, it's mostly because she's injured herself somehow. She's usually too busy to visit much otherwise.
Now is one of those unfortunate times. She's just making her painful way in the door, favoring her left side. But she does summon up a pained smile for her friendly neighborhood healer. "Hey, Iris... ow. Sorry to bother you when you're busy. Someone down the street told me you'd be here today."
Iris Lark     Iris gets to her feet, sets aside the clothes she's patching and gestures for Jackie to have a seat on the bed. "Come on in and have a seat, it's fine. I'm just passing time while I wait for something to do." She looks Jackie over, her eyes slightly narrowed. "So what happened to you?"
Jacqueline Jackie winces. "I had a Centaur land on me. I think I've got a broken rib or two, and I'm bruised all up and down my side and thigh," she replies, setting down her shotgun and moving to join Iris by the bed. She unbuttons her jacket and shows Iris her bandaged torso, bruises mottling her skin above and below the hasty wound dressing. "Seriously painful if I bend..."
Iris Lark     Iris gently probes Jackie's ribcage area with her fingers, a solemn look on her face. "Oh honey, you need to take it easy. This is going to require a few days of rest." She moves to gather some supplies and settles down to take care of the scrapes and bruises, rubbing them with salve to numb the ache. Once she's finished with that, she wraps the ribs, the tight bandages holding the bones in place. "I think next time you see a centaur for the forseeable future, you need to just turn the other way."
Jacqueline "Normally I would've, but those folks those mutants were attacking needed help in a big way," Jackie replies, carefully unfastening her gecko-skin pants and letting them fall so Iris can see the bruising on her left thigh. "I couldn't just walk away."
Iris Lark     "I understand that." Iris replies, her brow furrowed slightlty. "Lie back here and let me take care of this. Do you want something for pain to take with you?" She asks, her eyes on Jackie's as she works. "I don't usually give it, but in this case, I think it might be a help."
Jacqueline Jackie hops up onto the bed, grimacing at the resulting pain. "Ow... I think I'll take that. But you're right about a rest. I'm in serious need," she replies. "This really hurts."
Iris Lark     Iris nods and after a moment she speaks up tentatively. "If you need a quiet place to crash, let me know. I've been staying with someone, and my bed is open and free for you to use." She murmurs, smoothing salve along the bruising. She dresses the bruises like she wound a wound, better to keep the goop close. She turns and snatches a bottle from the top shelf and shakes out six pills, handing them over to Jackie."
Jacqueline "I might. I'm /really/ not sure I want to make the trip back to El like this," Jackie admits, holding still for the bruise treatment. "You've got the /best/ hands for doctoring, Doc Iris," she compliments, managing another smile. "I hardly know you're working, especially on painful stuff."
Accepting the pills, she glances over them, giving Iris a quizzical look. "One at a time? Or is this a megadose?"
Iris Lark     "You're welcome to stay here as well, not too many people come by here." Iris replies, her cheeks flushing pink at Jackie's compliment. "One at a time, when the pain is bad. You'll know when you need to take another." She takes a few steps back and folds her arms over her chest. "That should do for now, at least."
Jacqueline "Kayo..." Jackie swallows one of the pills, then wraps the rest in a clean piece of paper she finds in her pocket. She eases down from the bed... and finds she can't bend over very well. "Um, can you help me?" she asks, nodding to the pants around her boot-tops.
Iris Lark     Iris leans in, and she gently pulls Jackie's pants up to her waist, her form pressing close to Jackie as she does it. "You're going to make me insist that you stay here, just in case you need help getting around." She says softly, a grin on her face. "No more centaurs, you hear me?"
Jacqueline Blushing a little at the sudden closeness, Jackie manages to slip her hands down between them and take hold of her pants to fasten them. "I might have to... but yeah, I could do without centaurs. I think the entire wasteland feels the same way." She can't do up the buttons quickly with them so close together. "I think I'd do it, if you insisted."
Iris Lark     "Well consider this me insisting." Iris says, offering Jackie a wan smile. "The bed will be empty for the evening anyway." She says, shrugging a slender shoulder as she moves back to collect the clothes she was mending. "Then tomorrow or so, we can try to get you home, okay?"
Jacqueline "I hope I can travel by then. I'm getting so behind with my work and such," Jackie murmurs, though her eyes are on Iris rather than the buttons she's working with. "I guess most of it can wait, if it has to, but there's the whole professional reputation thing..."
She moves to help Iris, at least with the things that have been left above waist level. "What were you doing when I came in? I know I interrupted something... I seem to have picked up the habit, lately."
Iris Lark     "Just mending some things, trying to help out Jude since he has been kind enough to take me in." Iris responds, a slight smile on her face. "I always feel in debt to people, because you all have had all of this for so long and I'm...well I don't really have a past to speak of, nothing beyond.." She trails off and wrinkles her nose. "I just try to give back, that's all."
Jacqueline "I don't know if I've met Jude... the name sounds a little familiar," Jackie admits, frowning as she cudgels her brain to remember where she's heard it. "But you do give back, and I know we all love you for it. At least, I know I do." She lays a gentle hand on Iris's shoulder. "But I do want to know what's behind you, one day. I just have this feeling about it... but it's up to you when. Or if."
Iris Lark     "He's a Vaultie." Iris says, hugging her arms gently as she sighs. "I try to give back Jackie, but..this?" She sweeps a hand around the shack, her eyes slightly narrowed. "This is what I've grown up doing, it feels empty to do it, almost automatic." She leans in and her voice lowers. "I'd love to be like Sparrow, riding out and being tough, having guns and saving towns. I..don't know if that's in me, but it would make me happy to realize that kind of potential one day."
Jacqueline "And you're close," Jackie guesses, stifling giggles at that dreamy expression on the healer's face. "I can tell."
She looks around the shack, nodding quietly. "I hope you never stop doing this. You're the best healer I know. But... I think I know what you mean. Lately I've been out there a lot, trying to protect people as well as find the scrap that keeps me fixing. There's a good feeling to it... but it has its drawbacks, too. Like getting hurt so bad. I hope you're better at it than I am. Or at least luckier."
She glances down, though, and has to smile a little. "Though I guess getting hurt does have its upsides. I mean, I have no excuse because of work to avoid coming to see you."
Iris Lark     "Well I like that you come to see me, and I like my work so there is no worry of me stopping." Iris gestures to the bed and pulls out a pillow and a coverlet. "Rest here tonight, Jackie, and on the morrow we'll see about getting you back to town, okay?"