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Owner Pose
Lucky Oh the sky is clear, the sun shines brightly down upon the world! Oh yes, the warm sunrays glimmer upon the sands of the wasteland and upon the little old town of Acme. It's okay though! even with the warmth of the rays, a gentle breeze flourishes! It blows a stirring feeling across the air, cooling the town down to a pleasant comfortable temperature.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood of Acme.

Lucky jogs in tight, short-short green with white side stripe jogging shorts that flap ever so slightly. His pasty white legs move one in front of the other as his shoes tap the ground in his running stride. He wore a tank top muscular-shirt that held against the thin-frame physique; showing off his small muscles, abs and what little pecks he has. words scrawl across the front of the green shirt, saying "Kiss Me I'm Irish."

Upon his back was backpack that had stuff sticking out of it; items of no value to him. Into the shop he went, past the counter and enters into the closet! Oh what a joyous day it was to house items and plan to sell.
Iris Lark     In that back "closet" is one Iris Lark, she's sitting on the floor and it appears that she's mending some clothes. She hears the footsteps before she sees Lucky so she doesn't even look up, content that nobody who might hurt her can get into the back room. She's covered in a few bruises and has some scrapes on one arm. She does look up though, when the door opens and the only reaction to Lucky and his clothing is a slight raise of eyebrows.
Jude From the mechanic's area, there emerges a Jude. Topworld is stupidly hot, in his humble opinion, having grown up underground in the climate controlled paradise that is Vault Town. He's down to just his Vault Suit and his boots. The vault suit is unzipped down to his navel, the glimmer of white, vault-dweller flesh shines in the dim light with sweat. He's mildly out of breath as he pops the top of a Nuka Cola and takes a swig. With an 'Ahhh,' he glances around to make sure Alice isn't around to chastise him for having the zipper of his suit down. He doesn't see her though, so leans against a wall and sighs.

He offers Iris a smile as he takes another sip of his cola. "How's it going," he asks quietly. Then he spies Lucky and the scantness of his outfit. It brings a smile to his lips and a bit of a blush. He shuffles a little and greets the other fellow with, "Hey, Lucky." He pauses a moment and asks awkwardly, "Are you really Irish?"
Lucky A smile crosses his face as he looks to Iris, hand waving gently. Noting the raise brows, his head tilts as he asks "Err, something wrong?" Then Jude comes through the mechanics shop with a Nuka Cola; Lucky's lips wet at the sight of Nuka Cola slightly. He pauses though, straightening up as Jude inquires on something.

"Uh, what?" He inquires to Jude, eyes blinking at the question. A pause as he thinks, then a dawning realization crosses his face, dropping the backpack before a hand goes to the nape of his neck "Oh, hehehe, not really sure honestly. Thought the shirt was wickedly sweet so I picked it up for like five caps."
Iris Lark     "Five caps, huh?" Iris murmurs quietly, nodding once and then again. "I think it was worth it." She jerks her chin towards the backpack and smiles. "What did you bring in today?" She asks, tilting her head slightly to the side as she slowly clambers to her feet. She glances at Jude and quietly answers. "It would be better if I could sew."
Jude Jude smiles and bobs his head, agreeing with Lucky's assessment of the shirt. "Yeah," he says as his eyes trail along the shirt a moment. "It is pretty sweet. Don't see a cut like that so much anymore." He smiles and offers his Cola. "You look parched. Since ya don't know if'n your Irish, have to settle for some of my soda." He moves over and offers a hand to Iris, helping her up off the floor should she take him up on it. He looks at her and laughs a little. "As many stitches as you work on folk and you can't sew?" He can't help but giggle before he tries to give her a hug and peck on the lips. "I can help ya out if you wanna sand that there bedframe I'm workin' on?"
Lucky Woo.. Nuka Cola. Lucky takes the Cola from Jude and poses in such a fashion that the Nuka Cola commercial casting directors would be proud - Legs parted; right hand fingers place against his side with the elbow proper outward; head dipping back as the bottle's lip is placed against the bottom lip; liquid pouring easily down his throat while the bottle is prop just accurately to show off the logo of the bottle. It's finished off with a "Ahhh." as he lowers it and looks to Iris

"Sooo your willing to kiss me?" Lucky teases Iris, then "Oh!" He exclaims, dropping to a knee opening the backpack and near empty Nuka bottle place on the ground. "Uh.. 10mm Pistol; wastelander attire; quality scrap; wasteland leather. Could get rid of the stimpack gun, heavy metal armguards I suppose."
Iris Lark     Iris eyes Lucky and then she laughs softly as Jude pulls her to her feet. She offers him a grin and points at Jude. "Mind if I give him a kiss on your account?" She asks, turning to connect her lips to his when he offers a peck. "I can..*sew* and I'm just trying to mend a few things, but ..flesh is a lot thicker, that's all." She says, a blush covering her cheeks. "I'll help you with the bedframe though." She nods, gazing into Lucky's backpack. "Want to put that stuff up for sale?"
Jude Jude smiles and laughs, shaking his head a little in response to Lucky's antics. He's quick on the draw though and snaps a couple shots with his Pip-Boy saying, "When I done buy out that there plant them ghouls are workin' on, I'll need an advertisin' campaign!"

Jude smiles at Iris when asked and looks a little startled at being asked. He smiles a little brighter as he says, "Don't reckon I'd have any right to mind since I'd have tried to give him one if he said he was Irish." He gives a laugh and strolls over to help Lucky plop some of the stuff onto a shelf. "Only stuff I've sold is my old pip-boy and some heavy combat legs." He thinks and then smirks. "Guess some paper and ink to that preacher fella."
Lucky Lucky just blinks at their kiss. "Oh shit!" He states, pointing to the two "You two? Really!? Wow! sweet!" A pause; then he adds "That so explains you going over to his place all the time." He says, snickering, and air quotes as he says "Shower." He winks teasingly before nodding as Jude helps him put the stuff on the shelf.

"Yeah, I'd like to put it up for sale. Price is up to you and Jude honestly." Looking to Jude, he "ohs!" and moves back to the backpack, taking out a scavenge tape. "Hey Jude, could you install this?"
Iris Lark     Iris groans and covers her flushed face as she turns away from Lucky. She makes her way slowly over to a chair and sinks into it, letting her hair hide her face as she starts to mend the shirt in her hands again.
Jude Jude blushes almost as much as Iris does, but doesn't really shrink back. He just beams a little, grins, and gives a little shrug. "Someday you'll try a shower and you'll understand, Lucky. It has a power about it." He laughs and turns back to the work stuff.

He bobs his head at the pricing and then the installation of the holodisk. "Sure, Lucky. I can do that for ya." He bites his lower lip and then says with a sigh, "I'll be right back. I need my can't get your slot open without the proper tools after all." He smiles and heads back into the shop to fetch them.
Lucky "Hmm, I may just have to give this shower a try." He notes with a mild grin. Watching Iris, Lucky smiles kindly to her. "Seriously though, I'm happy for you Iris. Jude is a good guy; handsome, kind and heroic." He notes of the guy in the room, moving to a chair and sits down.
Iris Lark     Iris pushes her hair out of her face and offers Lucky a slight grin. "He is all of those things. If we do end up together, I'll be very lucky." She says quietly, sneaking a glance towards Jude. "But I really was going over there for showers." She says, a slightly far away look on her face for a moment before she blushes again. " hard to stay away from too."
Jude Jude returns with the tools and moves over to cop a squat by Lucky's chair. He takes the other young man's arm and craddles it in his. He deftly starts to get the ports open, using a little brush to clean some of the grit out of it. His face is cherry red, looking like he might burst from the compliments. He simply has no words that won't get him scolded for being self-deprecating. So he hides behind the work, tapping the buttons on Lucky's Pip-Boy and turning the proper dials to get it ready for the holodisk upload. When it's ready, he murmurs to Lucky, "Just slide the holo into this here slot. Nice and easy, so it seats just right."
Lucky Lucky smiles to Iris, listening to her as he leans back against the chair, right leg propping on the left knee and arms crossing. "Well, here to hoping." He tells her while Jude is away.

As Jude arrives, he nods and moves to allow the man to work on his pip-boy. As he is told to slide it in, he does so; nice and careful like.
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Lucky and she wrinkles her nose and shrugs. "We'll see." Then Jude is back and she busies herself with her sewing again. She glances at Jude and jerks a chin towards Lucky's items. "Do you want to put those up for sale, or do you want me to do it?" She asks quietly, setting aside her sewing after a few moments. The shirt is nearly mended.
Jude The whirs and beeps and light patterns that scroll across the screen bring a smile to Jude's face. His fingers dance over the display in some arcane ritual that the bombs nearly erased. He nods a little as it finally calms down and the Pip-Boy becomes the usual, trusty companion that Lucky recognizes it as. He gives Lucky's hand a little squeeze and murmurs, "There you go."

Jude rises and stretches a little, joints popping here and there. He follows Iris's nod and sighs. "Umm. I can do it if'n ya want." He glances at his pip-boy, blush creeping along his cheeks. "Or if you wanna, I can finish your mendin'." He smiles and winks. "Teamwork!"
Lucky Pressing a few buttons and twisting dials, Lucky looks over the newest disk with pride. "Between the stealth and scavenging, I should be good for a while. hopefully." He looks up to the two, hmming. "I'll keep the stuff back here for now, but I should probably head out and change into something more protective from the wasteland."
Iris Lark     "You've got enough armor and weapons, right?" Iris asks, getting to her feet to poke around in the backpack. "Nothing here is going to set you short?"
Jude Jude bobs his head, glancing between the two in general agreement. He offers, "If you wanna drop on by and try out the great and powerful shower sometime, lemme know. I'll even rustle up some dinner or somethin'." He flops into a chair of his own and chews his lower lip a moment before announcing, "I think I'm done sandin' on that bed tonight. I kind of wanna go play videa games or somethin'."
Iris Lark     Iris glances at the workshop and then back to Jude. "It's not as if the bed is going to walk away if you take a break." She says, grinning at Jude. She moves to give Lucky a gentle hug and then steps back to kneel down and gather some of the stuff she left on the floor. "I might just head home and take advantage of the shower, now that we've all talked about it."
Lucky Chuckling, Lucky shakes his head. "I've got my trusty SMG and Colt 45 alongside my desert Ranger armor, duster and helmet." He tells her, returning the hug gently. Looking to Jude, he nods "I'll take you up on that offer. I need to find a friend first and talk to her. I owe her an adventure in Dunwich." He says with a hint of a blush.
Jude Jude bobs his head in agreement with Iris. "It's mostly done. It won't mind another day to be all rough around the edges." He grins and splays out his legs. "I still need to show you the massage feature on the shower too. It's one of the better things left in the ole world."

Jude grins wide at the mention of a Dunwich adventure with some gal. "Hopefully it has a happier endin' than our Roswell adventure. No sneaky raiders that try to cutcha." He smiles a little and rises with a sigh. He strolls over and tries to give Lucky's shoulder an affectionate squeeze. "Be safe out there. I like havin' ya around." He grins and moves over to wrap an arm around Iris's waist. "I'm ready to get up outta here. How about you, Iris?"
Iris Lark     "Yeah, I'm ready to go too. Lucky, I'll get this stuff listed for you tomorrow, if Jude doesn't, okay?" Iris says, smiling over at Lucky before she wraps her arms gently around Jude. "You lead the way, if anyone shoots at us, I trust you to kick their tails."
Lucky Lucky grins ever so slightly to Jude, nodding. "Yeah, Roswell wasn't all that fun at times." At the squeeze and request of being safe, he nods. "Of course; I'm Lucky. I'm always safe." He notes with a bit of irony given his recent stint with bearded ladies, bullets shredding his arm and other misadventures. Giving a small smile and nod, he heads for the exit and departs.