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Saeko Another day in the saloon and Saeko had found herself there, for the most part? She was alone. With her rucksack sitting at her feet and the hood to her cloak down revealing her face, the asian woman was currently sitting at one of the tables, a small cord leading to an earbud was plugged into an old-model pipboy, the kind that didn't even go on one's wrist, filling her ears with music. It was a luxury she'd not had growing up, and it was sweet to indulge in. A glass of water rests in her hand, but for the moment it's untouched as her gaze and thoughts appear to be far away.
Alasa Alasa steps through the doors, stretching her arms out. "Ah, a good day, a little time to relax." As she makes her way over to the bar, rapping on the top of it..."Firewater, and make it spicy..." She says with a bit fo a smile.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in, taking off his helmet to reveal his young face to the people present. He looks to the bartender and smiles. "Nuka Cola." He says as he sets down some caps and looks to the people present. He then moves to Saeko and looks to her pipboy. "Thats an old one isnt it?" He asks as he offers her a friendly smile.
Saeko Draw back from her silent contemplation by the arrival of others, the asian woman looks up at the woman sitting by the bar and then the man approaching her. Only one ear was occupied by headphones, allowing her to hear the words addressed to her by Kaydin. "I believe so," she nods, gesturing to the machine currently providing soothing tunes of classical music, "But it was what I could obtain and it serves me better to be left in a pocket rather than weighing my arm.
Alasa Alasa gets her drink, and chugs it down...."Not bad, not bad..not good..but not bad." As she lets her gaze settle on the others, talking about the toy.
Kaydin     "The arm ones I am convinced would break, considering where I stick my hands and arms." Kaydin says as he offers her a hand. "NCR Rangers, name's Kaydin LeGraize." Kaydin says as he turns to look to Alasa and chuckles. "Alcohol has that effect."
Saeko Saeko too glances Alasa's way at her comments before turning her gaze towards Kaydin with a nod. "People are often obsessed with new things, it makes old functional things easier to obtain. I had not considered using a Pipboy before coming to this town, but it has been useful." At the offered hand, she bows her head before blinking and reaching out to return the handshake. That was still a bit of a strange gesture to her, sometimes she needed to prompt herself about it. "Saeko Minami," she returns with another nod. "I am...a mercenary I suppose."
Alasa Alasa says, "yep..alcohol does have an affect..makes you ten feet tall, and bullet proof." She laughs a bit. "Nothing wrong with people wanting new things..nope...your right can find old stuff everyday just out in the shifting sands.""
Kaydin     "Nothing wrong with being a mercenary. If it earns you caps then do it." Kaydin says as he gestures to the chair by her, as if asking to join her. "I was sent here from the NCR to see just how much of the area is held by the legion and report back to my superiors."
Sammy     Sammy's always been a bit of a late sleeper, and tonight's no different. There's been ... noises definitely not sleeping, and not the usual rumbling out of the patio windows and heard if someone where to be so uncouth as to listen at a door, metal on metal grinding, hammering of bits, but also lots of holovids on a Pip-Boy from the sounds of it.
    However, he's decided it's time to head down and get something both cold, and refreshing, and he practically slides down the bannister from the second floor, bereft his duster, armor, and the spectre of death that loiters occasionally. It's like someone blasted it away with a high intensity burst of sunlight. Or strawberries.
Saeko Well...dramatic enterence of Sammy is enough to make Saeko look up for a moment, blinking perhaps at the fact that someone could seem that...bright in this place -before- they've had booze. Go figure. Back to Kaydin, the woman nods her head and gives a shrug of her cloaked shoulders. "We all must eat and slip, and nothing is free. No?"
Alasa Alasa says, "if your not picky about what you eat, you can eat free all the time. Theres food everywhere.....walk down the street...boom, food...."
Kaydin     "Not many people are fond of the idea that someone thinks of them as food." Kaydin says to Alasa before looking to Sammy. "Well you look cheerful. Get a new rifle?" Kaydin asks with a joking tone before looking to Saeko and nods. "So do you live here also or do you live out there somewhere?"
Sammy     Sammy sidles up to the bar, to the right of a barstool with an 'Out of Order' sign perched on it. Raps his fingers on the bar three times, "Three Nukas..." he then turns to regard the two in conversation about food.
    An imaginary hat-tip to Kaydin, and a nod of greeting, "I don't think that rifle will let me rest anytime soon... But I did just finish this pistol, for a while. I should think it done for a few iterations. But I might tear it down after a few months and start over from scratch... I have a room on the 2nd floor. and Lilly and I have almost got hte bike running and road-worthy."
    To Alasa he tilts his head, birdlike, "I'd recommend bein careful of eatin street pizza. It'll give ya the trots somethin feirce, unless you've already eaten enough vultures to have the gullet of one."
Alasa Alasa blinks, " that is just...weird. I was talking about the plants, small rodents, food someone else had thrown out...but you, eating" As she pushes off from the bar, "Your definately not coming to my next dinner party." She gives a nod of her head and heads out of the saloon.
Saeko "You are a maker of weapons?" Saeko speaks up, listening to Sammy and Kaydin's exchange. It wasn't that she was a user of firearms, but it was still useful to know who might be. After all, she'd obtained a few things out on the road that others might wish to purchase. And even arrows weren't free, they broke plenty of times!
Sammy     Sammy gives a quiet nod, to Saeko, "Firearms are my specialty, but I'm pretty good at general repairs."
    He nods to the bartender as three Nukas are brought out, a short stack of caps slid back across the bar and he takes one of the drinks, pops the top with a bit of a solid wrench of his gloved fingers, and takes a long drag of the liquid, hodling the bottle up to his forehead, wiping a thin line of perspiration, smearing grease from his hand. "Just about got the motorcycle to turn over."
Kaydin     "Gas powered or nuclear powered?" Kaydin asks as he looks to Saeko and nods to her. "I cant even make basic repairs. I just have combat and survival training." Kaydin says with a smile
Kaydin     Kaydin sips his cola and looks to Sammy, waiting for the man's answer to his question regarding the bike being nuclear powered or gas powered. He holds his helmet in his free hand and turns to look to Saeko with a friendly smile. "What is your interest in weapons?" He asks curiously.
Sammy     Sammy finishes a long draw from the first Nuka, it's almost half gone now, doesn't look like it bothered him at all, it was cold, and refreshing, and that's what was important, right? "Micro Fusion Turbine, so technically, ... distilled water and nuke power." he considers, "At least this one is. I found records of ones in a simliar vein that ran on deisel, which would have it's own supply logistics problems. I'd have to spend as much fuel hunting down, draggin back critters, and rendering their fat down into usable bio-deisel... for a one person operation, that's not an effective way to run things."
    To Saeko he smiles, and sets the almost empty bottle down, unholstering his .223 pistol and laying it on the counter. It's ... bigger than most. Easily as much metal as some pre-war SMGs have had.
Kaelyn Been a long couple days, and Kae finds her self wandering into the Salloon. She's a bit dusty, having been out all day looking around and investigating various things west of town. Kae pauses just inside, the girl tilting her head, then those long tapered ears of hers flicker a bit before she wanders on toward bar. Kae smiles slightly and pulls up a stool, before leaning against said bar while waiting to be tended to by the bartender.
Sammy     Sammy finishes the first of the three sodas, and ighs a little bit, leaning on the bar, he stretches his legs, as if he's not been using them that much, indeed, as he stretches his calves a little bit, one might catch the glimpse at bandages above those boots where they weren't bloused. It gives him a painful reminder that he needs to take it slow, and he snaps back to his rest against the rail, glancing down the bar to Kae, he gives a polite fingerwave of recognition.
Kaydin     "Makes sense." Kaydin says as he watches Sammy and drinks from his own bottle of the cola. He then looks to the pistol and shrugs. "I need to get me a new pistol so I can dual wield them and not use my rifle all the time."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and then smiles at Sammy "How're your wounds and all? feeling better after that whole mess?" she asks curiously, the girl then shifting seats to be a little closer to Sammy so as to better be able to engage him in conversation. She also glances to Kaydin curiously and tilts her head "Prefer close fighting than distance?" She asks curiously.
Sammy     Sammy looks from Kaydin to Kaelyn, then back and smiles, "Well I'm not using my service issued Magnum, It's got a lot of checkering along the barrel. . . I was using it to keep track of well, it's been through three campaigns, including Hoover Dam." he chuckles.
    Then to Kaelyn, "My legs are okay, tender, tense, but OK." he draws in a breath then draws in more breath, then a stich of pain halts it and he coughs, doubling over in pain, and coughing, looking at his hand as if checking to verify there's no blood this time. "But as you can see, not completely back to spec. Lilly's helpin keep me occupied and keep my bandages fresh, I should make another appointment with the doctors to continue treatment, now I'm not in risk of say... bleeding out."
Kaydin     "I have been through two campaigns myself. Fought at Hoover dam the first time. Took out my fair share of Legion." Kaydin says as he nods to Sammy. "What I would like is the ranger sequioa, but that requires 20 years of service." Kaydin says with a sigh.
Kaelyn Kae looks from Sammy to Kaydin curiously "I've not been 'round here long enough to really get in part of a bunch of that stuff. I've just helped out here 'round town where I could." Kae says with a slight smile then glances from one to another, then offers a hand to Kaydin "I'm Kaelyn."
Sammy     Sammy smiles, and sets the drained bottle on the back of the bar, takes the two unopened bottles, holds one to his cheek, and beams, "Mmm... Have a good night then Kaelyn." he nods to Kaydin, "Be seeing you." he muses, and waves to Saeko as well and then ascends the stairs, one hand on the bannister and carefully stepping up the stairs to not have a good thing go bad, either dropped bottles, or ripped stitches. And he's gone, the deftness of a cat returning to his actions.