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Decius Its an usuall scorching day in the Wasteland just outside town, close enough to still see debris from the explosion at the Westgate earlier in the day. Some vermin is scurrying about, the air is as dry as ever and the sun is doing its best to fry ones brain. So far, so normal. Less normal is the man clad in what is a clear imitation of the armor of roman Legionarries standing there, a spear hoist on his shoulder and facing in the direction of a relatively big, if rather dead looking, tree.
Juliet Juliet is walking along with her rainbow hair tucked upon into her cowboy hat. Her revolver currently resting in her holster though she can quickly grab it should she need to. Her eyes curiously studying Decius as he is throwing his spear at the omg deader than dead tree. She rolls her shoulders as she asks "So just out here practicing or watching for someone?"
Decius The man doesn't respond as he instead lifts the spear off his shoulder and throws it, missing the tree only by a few inches. Only then does he acnowledge Juliets presence. "Training. I don't intend to stop decades worth of routine just because I defected from the Legion." With that said he sprints to where his spear landed and makes his way back at the exact same pace.
Juliet Juliet nods a bit before she says "Alright then. I prefer my guns but that is just a me thing I assume. So what made you defect from the Legion?"
Decius "Thats likely not just a 'you' thing. Contrary to what the Legion says guns are good. Their technophobia when it comes to technology is what seriously hampers them the most. I mean, the majority of us are trained solely with archaic weaponry to the point that we are at best unusually disciplined and organised tribals with delusions of grandeur." With that said he lifts his spear up again, throws it and hits the tree. "Ah, still got it. To answer your question... Well, long story, but let me just summary that my first mistake was being born to the wrong people. Things just got worse afterwards."
Juliet Juliet nods at Decius's words and says "I suppose I could understand that point of view. Being used to what you are raised around. Though I can't imagine myself being technophobic. But to each their own. So. Ya got a name?" Her eyes watching him throw the spear once more, successfully hitting the tree.
Decius "Decius Metellus. Former Decanus of Ceasar's Legion. Defected after over two decades of mistreatment of myself, my tribe, the murder of my family and having firsthand watched the Legion's usuall atrocities for the same ammount of time." The legionaire quickly sprints away again to yank his spear out of the tree before returning. "Not to say there isn't any upside, since at least their lands are very safe. Problem is just that you are far too likely to end up drafted into their army, enslaved or crucified. Not to mention their treatment of women."
Juliet Juliet rolls her shoulders as she says "I rather not think about those such things. Makes me want to do some things about that. I just keep to myself mostly in truth. I am sorry they murdered your family though. I don't remember much of mine to be honest."
Decius "I think my tribe was amongst the first dozen Ceasar conquered. Fun times were had by all, truly. Except by the crucified and enslaved. Thankfully they are likely all still bogged down up north." With that said Decius does briefly look between both Juliet and the tree. "Say, I'm curious. How good are you with that gun of yours?"
Juliet Juliet grins as she draws her revolver and aims it at one of the branches. As the gun fires off the branch disconnects from the dead tree and come down. She then looks back to Decius as she says "I am rather decent wuith it. And I am Juliet."
Decius "Ah yes. The ease of use of a good gun. Of course the Legion insists on facing the bullets headfirst with a blade in their hands. Anyway, a pleasure to make your acquaintance Juliet." Having said that Decius goes ahead and throws the spear against the tree again, hitting it in the center and retrieving it again. "At least its consolidation that everything I impale with a thrown spear is also likely to not get up again. Except that I shouldn't use this particular spear for throwing in actuall combat." To emphasize the point he lightly taps against the tip of the spear and some energy cells wired to it, causing to give off a few small arcs of electricity.
Juliet Juliet grins as she watches the sparks and muses "That is indeed very intriguing to say the least. I imagine that someone fighting you dies rather quick hmm?" She holsters her revolver once more and sits down upon a nearby boulder.
Decius "They tend to. I can't compare to most others of my former rank, but it was enough to ensure that I'm still alive. Besides, I usually carry this thing around as well, which has proven itself quite durable." Decius swiftly walks a few steps away and picks up what appears to be a large tower-shield from the ground, wielding it in one hand and the spear, which he partially locks under his arm, in the other. "It can even survive some bullets, unfortunately it requires constant maintenance."
Juliet Juliet nods softly as she says "I imagine so. I try to be quick on my feel in truth. My revolver sometimes needs some maintance. But I try to have a spare for parts sometimes. I just had my last one get all used up so hopefully I can find another for when I need to do some more maintance to my gun. How often do you have to do maintance to your spear?"
Decius Decius quickly lowers his shield and leans it against himself as he points with his now freehand back at the energy cells attached to the spear. "The spear just needs its energy cells replaced every couple of battles when they run out. Fortunately they can be recharged with the fitting tools, just don't expect me to do that since I have absolutely no talent for anything related to maintaining anything. Again something I blame the legion for. More troublesome is the shield though since I need to replace the plates after several hits if they pierce through, but at least the frame only needs to be straightened out every once in a while."
Juliet Juliet nods as she says "I sometimes I have to change out the barrel or the peg. Though I try to keep my gun up to standard as often as I can in truth. It is my baby. So how long have you been in the area? I was born and raised myself."
Decius Decius briefly looks north and then at the sky before he shurgs. "I have arrived this morning, actually. Quite glad that I haven't been shot at either so far considering that that should be everyones natural reaction to seing someone from Ceasar's Legion more or less anywhere."
Juliet Juliet shrugs and explains "I figured if you were dangerous, you wouldn't be practicing with a tree out in the open like this and instead well... hunting hunting if that makes any sense what-so-ever."
Decius "True enough. Or I would be raiding with a bunch of lunatics." Having said that Decius straps the shield and spear back over his back and begins to head back to town. "Anyway, I'll be going now before it gets late or any wildlife decides that I look tasty. Besides, at this point the gate should've stopped like roasted beef... or human. Take care."
Juliet Juliet nods a bit and says "No problem, I am just patrolling after all. Be well Decius." She then begins to walk back towards the direction of the town.